Halandri, Athens, June 18th: Anti-fur protest

On Saturday, June 18th, at 11am we gather at Eleftheroton Square in the northern suburb of Halandri to continue our protests against the murderous fur trade; against all those who believe that they can continue undisturbed the untold pain and their despicable enrichment.

Anti-fur protest, Barcelona 2006
Anti-fur protest, Paris 2006
Anti-fur protest, Puerta del Sol, Madrid 2009

FUR INDUSTRY: A well hidden death trade

On shop windows one may only see the result. A well kept secret peeks behind their clean windows; drenched in millions of animals’ blood and cries of anguish and horror. Animals that will grow up incarcerated, will be systematically bred, and skinned at a young age so that their fur can be turned into what’s simply called fur coats, cuffs, collars, trim, etc. Fur that is audaciously converted in square metres to decorate human bodies of women, men and children.

Anti-fur protest, London 2010

Fur production is relentless and bloodstained beyond all imagination. The internment, rearing, skinning of animals in order to use their fur is a fact, and no one can no longer question it. For years this vast industry tries to keep away from people’s eyes its appalling production process. For years the same bloodstained industry gets richer by selling products of death and deception to ignorant consumers who happily spend their money for the profit of well-dressed killers, whom the State subsidizes with 8,000,000 Euros per year. Nobody needs the fur anywhere, for no reason whatsoever except for the satisfaction of their vanity.

Immediate cessation of rearing of animals for their fur. Obstinate refusal of all fur products. No tolerance for fur producers and traders.

It is unacceptable that anyone can live in ignorance any longer. Ignorance is consensus. Consensus is guilt. Fur is murder and murder WILL STOP.

Action Against Fur (Greece)

Source: athens.indymedia.org