Petralona, Athens: Direct action against a pawn shop

On Monday, November 28th, a pawnshop (loan shark) in the neighbourhood of Kato Petralona, on Keiriadon Street, had its storefront trashed.

Leaflets with the following slogans were thrown out: ‘Black marketeers* out of our neighbourhoods; not an inch of land to the loan sharks’ / ‘All those who see our poverty and impoverishment as an opportunity to make a quick back, will face the wrath of the revolted. We stand side by side to one another. Solidarity is the weapon of the people’.

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* in Greek mavragorites, term associated with black market traders during the Nazi Occupation of Greece (1940-1944), who got rich by selling staple goods at high prices or earned other great benefits by exploiting starving people; they were known for their willingness to solve immediately survival problems, while their key advantage was their excellent collaboration and commitment to the occupation authorities.