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Greece: Being a member of the parliament and an anarchist is not ever possible

Alexis Tsipras, the head of Syriza parliamentary group, working closely with the Greek army high command (pre-election period, May 2012)

Below is a communiqué that was published in early February 2013 by the Assembly for the Antispeciesist Action in response to statements by an MP of the main opposition party Syriza (so-called ‘Coalition […]

Athens: About Skaramaga squat (evicted by police on January 9th)

A total of 8 arrestees from the Skaramaga squat raid (of whom four declared they were residents of the squat, while one is a minor) were released on January 10th. Below is a text of the Assembly for the Antispeciesist Action (a group of participants in the squatting project) as well as an update by […]

Athens: Antispeciesist protest against the fur and leather industry

Furs are dripping blood – Action Against Fur

Until every cage is destroyed – Antispeciesist Action (A)

Arson for each fur scumbag

Arson for each fur trader

This is the right thing to do: Choke the fur trade with . . .