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[Greece] ‘War Against War’ by Xipolito Tagma – English edition 04/2015

‘War Against War’, an antimilitarist brochure by the collective of total objectors to military service Xipolito Tagma (‘Barefoot Battalion’ in Ioannina, Greece), is now available in English.

Click image to read / download / distribute the pdf.

All texts were translated from the 1st Greek edition (03/2011), without any chronological adaptation of the facts and dates […]

France: Open letter to the mother of Rémi Fraisse

The following letter by Farid El Yamni – brother of Wissam, who was killed by police in 2012 – is addressed to the mother of Rémi Fraisse (21), murdered by police in the early hours of October 26th, 2014. Wissam El Yamni (30) was brutally assaulted by cops in Clermont-Ferrand on New Year’s Eve, before […]

Rio de Janeiro: Cops beat to death an 18 year old boy

In the early hours of October 17th, 2013 Paulo Roberto Pinho de Menezes, 18, was beaten to death by officers of the ‘Police Pacification Unit’ (UPP) in the Manguinhos favela of Rio de Janeiro. The cops immobilized the teenager and took him in a dark back-alley, where they fiercely beat him to death. The exact […]

Bolivian prisons rise up

“When a prison riot starts, even those who accept the rules of society are roused by the noble temptation of freedom; when the ceilings of the prisons are pulled off by fire or rebels, we throw their hands off our shoulders and identify the enemy.”

Editor’s note: In their zeal, these words have no […]

Berlin: Racist mob and Nazi mobilization against the opening of a refugee residence in Marzahn-Hellersdorf district

Solidarity with all refugees

On Monday, August 19th, the first refugees and asylum seekers from Syria, Russia, Serbia and Vietnam arrived in the freshly inaugurated ‘refugee shelter’ in Hellersdorf, on the outskirts of Berlin. They were welcomed by antifascist comrades, who opposed a racist mob of residents as well as organized neo-Nazis that […]

Athens: Antifascist acts in Zografou and Halandri – Two self-organized centres went under attack

‘Yes to love, no to turnoff; beat the fascists ten times a day’ (slogan which rhymes in Greek)

Below is a short summary of the events in Zografou, based on raw reports that were transmitted here:

Late in the evening of February 2nd (day that fascists commemorated the ‘Imia conflict’, and particularly the Golden […]

[Greece] Announcement of Athens IMC collective, 22.12.2012

On Thursday, December 20th, 2012 Nikos Stavrakakis, president of the POSDEP (the so-called Pan-Hellenic Federation of University Professors–Researchers’ Associations), made sobbing statements about the occurrence of violence inside Greece’s faculties, asking the State to wipe away any occupied space in universities but also to get rid of Indymedia Athens. These statements were made under […]

Athens: Violent police assault on the 6th of December

On December 9th, another assassination attempt by cops in downtown Athens was reported:

On Thursday, December 6th, 2012, shortly before the commemorative evening demonstration for the killing of Alexis Grigoropoulos, an extremely violent police assault took place at Propylaea, on Panepistimiou street.

At around 19.00pm, during the protest gathering, first the cops of […]

The rebirth of radical nationalism in Poland

The days following the nationalist riots of November 11th, 2012 (marking the ‘Poland Independence Day’) in Warsaw have been a time of solemn reflection for those of us in Poland and our friends watching around the world. We have awoken to a new reality, not in a hyperbolic or theoretical sense, but to a practical […]

Greek prisons: Solidarity with anarchist comrade Olga Ekonomidou, member of the R.O. CCF

Thursday, June 21st, 2012


Society’s violence is everywhere. It’s simply being transformed each time.

It becomes a bullet wedged in the body of a teenage boy, or a forest burned in the name of industrial or touristic development.

It becomes extinction of populations in the democratic expansionist wars, or concentration […]

Callout for solidarity with Montréal social unrest —circulate widely!

“You can cut down all of the flowers but you cannot stop the spring” —poster circulating around the strike

THE LAWS On Friday, May 18th, 2012, two new laws came into effect in Montréal. Their purpose is to stifle the anti-capitalist revolt that has emerged from the student strike that began in this province […]

Challenging convictions: Survivors of sexual assault/domestic violence writing on solidarity with prison abolition

ANTHOLOGY CALL – Submissions due by June 15th, 2012. Read detailed call out here (also in Spanish, German, Polish). Please distribute widely.

Montréal, KKKanada: Police violence and retaliation in the context of the general student strike movement

Since the last February14th, a vast strike movement is shaking the post-secondary studies sector (colleges and universities) in the province of Québec. This general strike movement, mostly lead by a left-wing coalition of student unions – the CLASSE (French acronym for Broad Coalition of the Association for Student Syndicalist Solidarity) – has set itself, as […]

Valencia, Spain: Direct actions for the student mobilizations, in response to repression

On Monday night, February 27th, various actions were carried out in the city of Valencia: – Burning of 2 ATMs located in the university campus – Discarding an ATM by using a cement block – Burning of a tram stop

We undertook these actions because of the situation we are experiencing in Valencia. Police repression during […]

A prison called Honduras

by Organización Fraternal Negra Hondureña, OFRANEH

Last Tuesday night, February 14th, the penitentiary centre at Comayagua burned down, with the deplorable result of more than 355 charred prisoners. This is the third time in less than 10 years that horrific fires take the lives of hundreds of prisoners; many of them without having received any sentences […]

Athens: Presentation–Talk about ‘Archaeology of Violence’ (by Pierre Clastres)

Presentation–Talk about the edition ‘Archaeology of Violence,’ a series of essays by Pierre Clastres Friday, June 17th, at 20.30 in Autonomo Steki (Autonomous Hangout), 95-97, Zoodohou Pigis & Isavron St., Exarchia, Athens in the framework of the Discussions’ Circle in the Self-organized Lending Library