Athens: Antifascist acts in Zografou and Halandri – Two self-organized centres went under attack

‘Yes to love, no to turnoff; beat the fascists ten times a day’ (slogan which rhymes in Greek)
‘Yes to love, no to turnoff; beat the fascists ten times a day’ (slogan which rhymes in Greek)

Below is a short summary of the events in Zografou, based on raw reports that were transmitted here:

Late in the evening of February 2nd (day that fascists commemorated the ‘Imia conflict’, and particularly the Golden Dawn party held its annual nationalist march), two self-managed social centres were attacked by fascists/cops in the suburb of Zografou.

At first, neo-Nazis smashed the front windows of the social centre Mperntes, trying to violate the space. Immediately neighbours notified people who were gathered nearby, in the occupied Villa Zografou, where an attempted attack by fascists on motorbikes followed. The scum were successfully repelled by combatant antifascists, while one of the fascist attackers who got injured in the clash and was hospitalized, is said to be a cop.

Soon thereafter, heavy police forces made their presence in the vicinity of Villa Zografou. All sorts of cops encircled the squat, besieging it for hours. Nearly 500 people assembled there in factual solidarity and resistance, prepared to prevent a police raid in the space.

At about midnight, the anti-riot squadrons finally left the location. A large assembly took place in Villa Zografou after the cops had left, while people safeguarded the social centre Mperntes, too.

On the same night, small-scale clashes broke out between antifascists and neo-Nazis in the suburb of Halandri. More than 20 fascists were gathered close to the Halandri metro station, and started persecuting one immigrant. They were soon chased off by several comrades who rushed to defend the neighbourhood, while at least one fascist was beaten up.