Catalonia: Events in regards to the trial against the torturers of Quatre Camins

Friday, April 19 in Casal Okupat Atzur (Arquimedes street, 89 Terrassa)
7pm, Talk: Trial against 13 jailers because of tortures after the riot at Quatre Camins (the Cuatro Caminos prison in Barcelona)
Exposing the FIES Regime: letters, poems, drawing, complaints… from inside

Thursday, April 25 at La Reina de África (Bolivar street, 10, metro station Lesseps or Vallcarca, L3)
9.30pm, Screening of the documentary “X-Ray of Carabanchel” by Marío Malventi and Álvaro Garreaud (2007)
Presentation of the campaigns “Cárcel = Tortura” and “Tortures Quatre Camins 2004
Talk: Trial against the torturers, by Jose Solís

Friday, April 26 in CSOA La Revoltosa (Rogent street, 82, metro station Camp de l’Arpa, L5 or Clot in L1)
“Freedom is imprisoned”
8pm, talk: Trial against the torturers, by Jose Solís
10pm: Dinner
10:30pm: Flamenco and poems night

Saturday, April 27:
Barcelona, talk: Torture in Quatre Camins
7pm: Fella – Joaquim Costa, 34

Calls: marches, demos, gatherings…

Sunday, April 28 at 10am: March to Quatre Camins prison (Carretera BV5002 KM 11, Vilanova del Vallès)
The march will start in the open lot next to the town market, located in the crossroads of Quatre Camins, next to the patrol station

Saturday, May 4 at 5.30pm: Demonstration in Rambla del Raval in front of UGT-Presons (prison branch of one of the two biggest business unions in Spain)

Monday, May 6 at 9am: Gathering at the Provincial Courts of Barcelona, day when those who were repressed will testify

13 to 19 May: Week of decentralized actions in and out of the prison walls

Trial to the torturers

The democracy needs torture to perpetuate itself

On May 6th 2013, in the Province courts of Barcelona (Pg Lluís Companys, 5th section) it will start the collective trial against 9 prosecuted jailers charged for systematic tortures after the so-called “Quatre Camins mutiny” in 2004. Also, the technocrats who were in charge of the general prison direction will be testifying in order to explain the existence of torture and brutal repression that, imprisoned comrades are still suffering today throughout the Spanish prisons, some of them in FIES 1 CD (direct control), in isolation and many other different tortures.

The 2004 riot started spontaneously when jailers beat some prisoners and those prisoners practiced legitimate defense to protect their lives. Besides, jailers used to torture prisoners with impunity in the prison of Quatre Camins. These tortures had been filed to the institutions of the murderous democracy that covertly protected and protects torturers. All the jailers’ impunity flows from the executive, legislative and judicial Powers of the State. In the first trial that took place in December 2008, the comrades, innocent of the charges pressed by the judicial farce, were sentenced to many years of imprisonment, more than 200 years in total. Some of them saw their sentences increased by an additional 19 years. Thus, their imprisonment turned into a life sentence simply because they didn’t allow themselves to be tortured in isolation cells. The prisoners, sick of being tortured by jailers, sick of filing complaints for torture, and sick of seeing how those complaints were simply filed and put away, found themselves in a dead end, where they chose self-defense. It is because of their resistance actions that we are in a political context today that sees 13 jailers prosecuted for torture.

The company trade-unions UGT-Presons, CC.OO. and CATAC are taking care of the legal defense of the torturers, being the armed wing of the torturing and murderous State from their union companies. The prosecution requests years of imprisonment for Xavier Martínez, Medical Deputy Chief of Quatre Camins in 2004, because of having participated and covered the tortures on the prisoners. This is a clear case of collaboration and covering tortures up by the prison medical services within the penitentiary service. After such a serious event as torture, the Ombudsperson in Catalonia looked away and decided not to stand as private accusation in the legal process. During the last few years, two infamous prison technocrats have been the Ombudsperson in Catalonia, Ignasi García Clavel and Ángel Gómez Muñoz. The first one is the ex-general director of the Catalonian penitentiary services and the second one, the deputy chief of the department of transfers and dispersion of prisoners.

Prisons are the tool of the privileged to end any kind of dissidence that might risk their privilege. This is why prisons hold the poor, deprived people who refuse to resign and rebel against Power, Order and Laws.

For them, for us, and for the destruction of everything that oppresses us. No prisons, be they migrant detention centers, youth detention centers or psychiatrics. We call for solidarity against the retaliation for this case and all the imprisoned people who are subjugated to tortures in prisons worldwide.

Dynamite to the walls of all prisons!
For an end to all forms of domination!

Resistance fund for the trial: 0182 1473 16 020 1510363

Further information: torturesquatrecamins2004