Greece: Call for solidarity gathering at the courthouse in Amfissa

Almost seven years after the Malandrino prison riot, some of the rebellious prisoners stand trial in the town of Amfissa.
The poster reads:

When spring began at Malandrino prison…

Thousands of prisoners flourished on rooftops, in dark corridors and fetid wings almost in every prison across Greece’s territory. A spark was enough for them to shake off the everyday oppression, humiliations and absolutely demarcated unfreedom, like hell and high lightning, by crossing even temporarily the liberating paths of resistance and struggle.

The black smoke from the burnt mattresses, the damaged prison cells, the smashed physical infrastructure of the prisons, but also clouds of tear gases, a rain of plastic bullets and merciless beatings with the batons of humanguards and anti-riot squadrons, bear witness to the battles that took place.

However the vengefulness of Power toward those who challenged its rule did not limit itself to the broken and wounded bodies of prison inmates or the disciplinary penalties imposed on them inside the hellholes. Over the years, until today, Power dragged dozens of rebellious prisoners to civil courts, accusing them of various “offenses” that took place during the combatant mobilizations of those days in April 2007.

After nearly 7 years, some of the rioters of Malandrino prison are asked to pay the same price for those amazingly beautiful and strong days and nights, when the struggle met springtime without the distorting lens of walls or barbed wires.


Gathering at Amfissa courthouse
February 11th, 2014 at 9am