Bolivia: Painted slogans in solidarity with anarchist prisoner Tamara Sol Farías Vergara

Your vengeance is our vengeance. Freedom for Sol Vergara.
Sol, your impulse is our breath.
Strength, solidarity and action. For a combative memory. Sol, you are not alone.
Sol’s action is part of our war.
Sol, your vengeance bonds us together in struggle.

While citizens are preparing themselves for the carnival festivities, our thoughts are crossing the distance, breaking the borders that separate us…

With this small night walk, we want to value your courage and impulse, an impulse that marks the history of our struggle, nourishes and strengthens us. For, with only a single cry of vengeance, you proved that no warrior will ever be forgotten; because it is impossible to keep silent before your courage, so with this small gesture of solidarity we let the walls do the talking…

Keeping the memory of comrade Sebastián Oversluij alive, because dead is the one who is forgotten. We know that a life in combat is still nourishing and will keep nourishing our struggle!

For a combative memory, for anarchy!
Long live Sol Vergara! Long live Sebastián Oversluij!

source: contrainformate