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Brazil: Why some anarchists are in the streets (even if nobody called us…)

A position about vandalism, black bloc and smashy-smashy…

It should be clear that we’re not taking to the streets to defend a government, nor Dilma’s nor any other. We’re not demonstrating against the coup, let alone to defend democracy. We are on the streets because today, like every other day, we’re fighting against the Capital, the […]

Athens, Greece: ‘The Barbarian’ #3 out now

The Barbarian Anarcho-Tourist Review

Click image to read the third issue (1/2014).

Turkey: Anti-government protest on February 25th, 2014 in Kadıköy, İstanbul

The demo started at 7pm. Thousands of people gathered around the bull sculpture in Kadıköy. Demonstrators blocked the road for a few hours. At one side of the road were two TOMAs (antiriot control vehicle), and cops at the other side; a huge banner reading ‘hükümet istifa’ (government resign) was unfolded. More protesters were at […]

Few aspects of the ongoing struggle on the streets of Brazil

Finally the Brazilian metropolises are living the moments that they haven’t seen since long ago. Since the beginning of June 2013, hundreds of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of dozens of cities in the context of a struggle against a fare hike for public transit, as well as the devastating consequences of […]

Italy – October 15 repression: Call for a day of mobilization in solidarity with accused and arrested

April 4, 2013. Nationwide day of mobilization in solidarity with arrested and accused of October 15, 2011

On April 4, first hearing for 25 people accused for destruction and looting and resistance during riots that broke out in Rome on October 15, 2011 will be held. Sixteen other people have been convicted in the first instance […]

Athens: Workers’ protest against the Eurovision Song Contest

EUROVISION, LET’S GO! This year’s Greek Eurovision Song Contest: Courtesy of the suffering laid-off employees of the Metropolis Stores

Andreas Kouris (owner of MAD Media Group and the Metropolis Stores) claims that he has no money to pay wages and compensations owed to his laid-off employees, nor his debts towards the State; well, he sure seems […]

Wave of refugee protests across Germany

Message from activists in Magdeburg: “Solidarity with the Iranian hunger strikers in Würzburg – For the abolition of the racist asylum policy in Europe and the abolition of mass shelters”

Here follows an incomplete transcription, with the basic aim of disseminating the news in brief:

The wave of strikes started in Würzburg (Bavaria) on […]

Torun, Poland: Protests against cutbacks and government policy

On May 26th a demonstration under the slogan “Enough of antisocial government policy” took place in Torun. The demonstrators marched through the city centre ending at the city council office. The demonstration that was attended by anarchists, trade unions and residents, gathered together about 150 people. The Rhythm of Resistance samba accompanied protesters and […]

Illinois, USA: Arrests of anarchists during the 2012 NATO Chicago summit

In the context of the 2012 NATO Chicago summit, on 20th and 21st May of 2012, many counter-protesters were detained during anti-NATO protest marches. Several anarchists were arrested ‘preemptively’. They were accused of scheduling and preparing militant actions against the summit meeting of the world’s largest warmonger. There are yet no reliable information from friends […]

Lamia, Greece: Pre-election Nazi salute

Golden Dawn thugs left the city council hall with Nazi salute, while the municipal authorities rushed to condemn the prompt antifascist intervention as ‘undemocratic’…

Already on March 21st, in the small city of Lamia, some neo-Nazis had provoked people’s collectivities by removing posters for the international day against racism (i, ii).

In the evening of […]

Cairo, Egypt: Two walls down; six to go…

On March 30th, in Cairo, protesters pulled down some of the almost five-metre concrete walls that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) of Egypt had built at the entrances around Tahrir Square, in order to defend governmental buildings and to stifle the fierce clashes.

Poland: Meeting for an anti-capitalist counteroffensive

Last weekend (3-4/3) members from various anti-capitalist organizations in Europe visited the territory controlled by the Polish State to participate in an international meeting related to a new counteroffensive against the Capital and the governments. Activists, mostly members of anarcho-syndicalist and anti-authoritarian groups, came from various countries, such as Greece, Italy, Austria, Ukraine, […]

Italy: Upcoming NO TAV actions in Genoa

People’s assembly on Thursday, March 8th, at 21.00 in CAP in via Albertazzi 3

Protest demo on Sunday, March 11th, at 18.00 in Piazza De Ferrari & solidarity gathering outside Marassi prisons at 20.00

Russia: Updates from anti-election protests in Moscow (March 5th)

On March 5th anarchists gathered at Lubjanka and Manege squares in Moscow. When anarchist blocks realized that in Lubjanka Square only around 100 people was gathered (and soon half of them got arrested by a huge force of special mobile police units, OMON), at 7pm Russian time they decided to walk to Pushkin Square. During […]

Russia: Prosecutions and detentions of demonstrators amid anti-election protests

Comrades chased by police during St. Petersburg anti-elections demo

Correspondents of avtonom will spread photos and videos of events on March 5th in Moscow, as well as in St. Petersburg.

According to recent reports, during protest action in Pushkin Square in Moscow about 25 anarchists were arrested. Three more young men were detained in the beginning […]

Magdeburg–Dessau, Germany: No impunity for police brutality and institutional racism

Today, March 5th, the district court of Magdeburg has announced its intention to close the criminal case against the cop Andreas Schubert, who was reportedly involved in the murder of the detainee Oury Jalloh in 2005. Oury, a 36-year-old refugee from Sierra Leone, was burned alive on January 7th, 2005, in a cell inside a […]

Brazil: Brief notes on an ongoing social war

On Monday, February 27th, the prosecuting authorities of Rio de Janeiro attempted to intimidate activists associated with the wider social movement against the increase in public transportation fares. Specifically, political activists were summoned to appear in the 76th police department of Rio de Janeiro, after circulating a video via Internet which propagated the ideas of […]

Germany: A-Netz supports the mobilizations of March 31st

The Anarchistische Netzwerk Südwest* (Anarchist Network Southwest) supports with the following call the Europe-wide day of action, the mobilizations against capitalism in March 31st, 2012. On that day there will be actions in numerous European cities. The M31-alliance is supported by anti-authoritarian, anarchist and grassroots groups. In the FRG, a central action will be held […]

Spain: Solidarity with Greece

In Barcelona on February 3rd, at 22.40, several CCTV cameras were smashed throughout the metropolitan area as a solidarity gesture to the call in Athens for the next day against the ‘state of emergency’ imposed in Greece. On February 6th, at 20.30, a group of 10 comrades burned five street trash bins and made some […]

Volos: Wild day and night on February 12th

People gathered outside the University (Tholos) by 5pm. More than 4,500 people started marching and chanting slogans. With a feeling of rage in the air, demonstrators attacked the local offices of the parliamentary party PASOK, smashing all windows. Also, the windows of two central supermarkets (Carrefour and Vassilopoulos) were smashed. The Eurobank on Iasonos […]

Romania: Thousands in angry protests against social service cuts

In the last days, protests were held in various cities of Romania against the health bill that has been submitted by the government. Extensive privatization of the entire health sector will be enforced with this new law. By Sunday, January 15th, 2012, the social protests climaxed. In Bucharest it came up to street clashes that lasted […]

Athens: Koridallos prisons 2011/2

Our passion for freedom is stronger than any prison of New Year’s Eve noise demos outside prisons, jails and detention centers worldwide by War on Society

Germany: Direct action against prisons in Hamburg

On December 30th a crowd of people gathered shortly — but well seen and heard — in front of the custody and deportation prison of Holstenglacis in Hamburg. A banner with the words ‘Freedom for all – Against all walls’ (in German) was held and a few words against all prisons and greetings to the […]

Greece: Communiqué of political prisoners who abstain from prison food in solidarity with anarchist Stella Antoniou

The last two years, the number of political prisoners in the prisons of the Greek State has increased rapidly, while dozens of activists of all tendencies have been arrested, accused either for participation in the revolutionary organizations that were active in the previous period, or for their general anti-systemic action.

One of those is Stella Antoniou, […]

Egypt, December 2011

December 17th: The video shows military–police forces attacking relentlessly and killing protesters.

December 16th: Testimony of a young protester who was viciously beaten by the army (with Greek/English subtitles).

December 16th–19th: Four Days of Death (by mosireen)