Italy – October 15 repression: Call for a day of mobilization in solidarity with accused and arrested

April 4, 2013. Nationwide day of mobilization in solidarity with arrested and accused of October 15, 2011

On April 4, first hearing for 25 people accused for destruction and looting and resistance during riots that broke out in Rome on October 15, 2011 will be held. Sixteen other people have been convicted in the first instance from 2 to 9 years in prison. A total of six persons are under house arrest, two in prison, while ten of them are under the obligation to sign in (banned from leaving their place of residence).

After the 2001 rebellion in Genoa, it has become quite apparent that charges on destruction and looting are used as a warning that should discourage the resurgence of popular rebellion and weaken desire for public displays of dissent, as it is also a clear intention of the State to divide defendants and trials separately in order to isolate and ‘destroy’ them, as happened with those that were first on trial and convicted.

There can’t be anymore illusion that we can ask, interact or change something while sitting at the table of democracy or hoping for justice.

It is essential that those convicted and accused for October 15, 2011 don’t stay alone: that no one in prison or within the walls of homes turned into prisons feels alone; to never think that all of that wasn’t worth it. So that the joy of a city lit by the flames of rebellion never be extinguished, so that courage of indulging to the passions of one’s own desires and rage never turn into regret.

It is important to stress that all who participated in the riots on October 15 in Rome did the right thing to be there.

Let a cry of rage in solidarity with prisoners and investigated be heard in many cities. This is about the freedom of all of us! We must not leave anyone alone!

source: informa-azione

Posters/calls of solidarity initiatives on April 4th:
Florence, Piazza dei Ciompi at 15pm & Genoa, Piazza Fossatello at 17pm

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