Poland: Meeting for an anti-capitalist counteroffensive

Last weekend (3-4/3) members from various anti-capitalist organizations in Europe visited the territory controlled by the Polish State to participate in an international meeting related to a new counteroffensive against the Capital and the governments. Activists, mostly members of anarcho-syndicalist and anti-authoritarian groups, came from various countries, such as Greece, Italy, Austria, Ukraine, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Portugal. For safety reasons, the place of the meeting wasn’t disclosed.

The meeting focused on the strategy of escalating public protests and direct action across Europe. Among many topics, the activists talked on how to find weak points in the structure of local authorities, how to effectively take direct action against the banks and corporations, and provide safety against police repression during mass demonstrations. People also talked about the police techniques (in different countries) used to suppress riots, and other issues related to secure network infrastructure and decentralized organizational structure. The meeting appointed methods of impact in the system of capitalist injustice.

Protest ‘Days of Rage’ which will be held on March 31st in Warsaw will make part of a new counteroffensive. Most likely, there will be more direct actions in four or five of the aforementioned countries on that day.