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[Greece, 2012] ‘Burnt Brain’ by The Miasma

I turn the page…

Burnt brain made up of burnt cells I heard that tomorrow will come more violent than today Everything around me gets narrow Shackles and circles, compromises, friends and individuals every day

I work like a dog in the mornings and I get crumbs My mom always told me not to be anxious about […]

A poem for Mauricio Morales

Received May 23rd along with the image:

A poem for our insurrectionary comrade Mauri:

by Tsakalaki

for Punky Mauri

…in continuation

Mauricio I don’t profess to know you either your moment of pain in Santiago that night amongst stillness just before the storm returns in the eye of the conflict we are both blown within your poems exposed the wound […]

Thessaloniki, Greece: Poster ahead of the April 20th appeal’s trial

The poster reads:

‘Those waiting on the wooden bench are the poor, our own people; the strong are the peasants and the proletarians; their every word is a glass of wine a crust of black bread a tree beside the rock a window open to the sunlight.

Their fingerprints are not just impressions […]

Mexico: Black December poem from Tijuana

Black December of individualities with the cry of solidarity of new, anarchic, black and direct solidarity solidarity by flaming barricades, Molotov cocktails, bullets, daggers expropriations, explosions, arsons, acts of sabotage pamphlets, banners, verses, texts actions claimed or not multiple anti-hierarchical gestures and an infinity of attacks

Comrade Sebastian Angry Oversluij those bullets that entered your […]


looking around i see misery and hate public thugs and their parastate neo-nazi terror with blunt state support make no headlines in their media of distort

migrants get murdered in the street a result of the nation’s deadly seed ‘the people’ alerted by mass migration cries for fascist laws for the national salvation

hierarchical unions’ are busy […]

Le Havre: Fire(s) at the prison

Beautiful fireworks At the penitentiary of Le Havre Nocturnal and solidarian Notwithstanding the spotlights of the watchtowers On this first day of the year

Inside, the prisoners Not considering it to shut their mouth Taunted authority. Finally, we went away, somehow Hoping they will be able to escape!

Source: Indymedia Nantes

Translators’ note: In the original French acrostic, […]

Chile: In response to the international call for anarchist prisoners of the world

International week of solidarity with imprisoned comrades. We go out decisively and fearlessly to amuse ourselves breaking with their dogma of tranquility and legality. With the rebellion of José Huenante, boy assassinated in democracy, in mind.* Cops, screws, guards and every authority will burn with our warmful joy. Propagate the revolt.

In […]

Athens: Poster in Exarchia, in solidarity with Revolutionary Struggle members Pola Roupa and Nikos Maziotis

Come play with me. I will hand my queen over to you. (She was once my loved one now I don’t have a loved one anymore.) I will hand my rooks over to you (now I don’t shoot at my friends anymore they died a long time ago, before I ever did) And this king […]

Can endemics migrate?

Migration poses a high cost in incarceration and mortality exacerbated, inter alia, by outright hunting on the part of opportunistic predators or casual consumers. Migration is most often driven by search of survival resources, but there also exist other reasons why it occurs. Migration has evolved per minority to varying degrees, undertaken by numerous organisms […]


Ten bread rolls four red apples a green apple a banana dozens of sandwiches rolled in aluminum foil

We try to save what can be saved from this crooked world scavenging your garbage cans scavenging your tourist life

Do you need any towels? Do you need any toilet paper? we ask while diving deep into consumers’ leftovers

My […]

But still, I roll

I carry Anchises on my back

I carry a stone

I come from nowhere

I go to no place

I come in millions

Watching the sad faces losing the ground under my feet

Being alone being nothing

But still, I roll

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Freedom pursued with a price on her head

A blue bird invades national territory

The army is mobilized the cobwebs of a submarine get cleaned…

On every corner a warning Kill ’em! Don’t let the blue bird escape ’n’ come clean!

Wow, you are illegal too?

One thing all people have in common: We’re illegal

We crush the grass with our feet, we set fire to the forest, we spit on the ground, we throw garbage onto the streets, we cross the road when the red light is on. We buy contraband cigarettes, we construct houses without permits, […]

Plastic World

Freedom was taken for granted advertised on giant screens wrapped in colorful plastic packages and sold as cheap staple good amidst the spectacle of brightly lit glass-palaces where people with RFID chips in their necks were busy to catch it.

Plastic world, inhabited by plastic people with plastic dreams their essence ends up being swimming islands […]

Greek prisons: Poem of May 1, 2013

He talks in his sleep at night.

Not only is it annoying. The nightly atmosphere in the prison cell gives a mystery dimension to his muttering.

He wakes him up. He tells him: “Brother, you’re talking in your sleep.”

He answers: “I know, brother. At night. The dead visit me in my sleep.”

He says: […]


In these times of woe only the gangs of wild dogs are on their guard

Wearing cowboy boots monocles, redingotes they howl against the death and zero

Four (a poem)

We were born in the blackened metropolis of a society that served us strychnine with baby fruit puree

We breathed cancer in the open air swallowing hypocrisy and delusion feeling the loneliness of urban psychiatric terrain inside our skin

We danced our sorrows onto pedestrian streets filled with grief and reactionism and ran whenever we had to […]

Crete: Video by Candia::Alternativa in solidarity with squats and fighters

Perhaps the day is approaching when flags will be waving to the rhythm of the wind when the wind will whistle to the liberation’s beat.

Perhaps the day is approaching when we’ll smell the ashes of all the peoples’ prison cells.

And as soon as time reads zero, it will be the time for the raving mad […]

Crete: Video about squats

Squats are our home and to us our comrades are home home of ours is solidarity the street is our own home our home is the fire burning inside us and no one can evict us from this home as many walls as you may seize you will be finding us in front of you […]

Greece: Short poem by imprisoned anarchist communist Tasos Theofilou


Someday all this will be finished and we’re going to say at least we tried. We have neither been brought to life unfairly nor become a burden to the Earth unjustly. We left something behind.

And we’ll have wrinkles on our faces each wrinkle will be a deep cut for every moment of agony for every […]

Anarchist comrades Tortuga ($hile) and Billy (Indonesia) out onto the streets again

On November 19th, our comrades from ‘Viva La Anarquía’ transmitted that Luciano Pitronello received a definitive sentence of 6 years’ supervised freedom, after the Santiago Court of Appeals rejected the prosecutor’s motion for annulment of the first-instance trial. Therefore, Tortuga is no longer under house arrest, but will be under the supervision of […]

Athens: Party for the financial support of our comrade who is facing serious health conditions

The lazy are slaughtered, the world grows industrious./ The ugly are slaughtered, the world grows beautiful./ The fools are slaughtered, the world grows wise./ The sick are slaughtered, the world grows healthy./ The old are slaughtered, the world grows young./ The sad are slaughtered, the world grows cheerful./ The enemies are […]

[$hile] Everything and Nothing (to chaos and love)

-anarchy is the poetry-

The unexpected encounter Violent winds blowing Surprise by assault of sensations setting fire to the interior The muscles, the bones, our heads pouring out yearnings Trying out moments, a concrete instant The fugitive glances Say nothing I already know everything Suddenly a chaos that reveals a crystal […]

One, two… many little piglets

I am a little piglet wallowing in the mud you are a big pig who lives high on the hog reigning over the feeding trough biting off each piglet so that we all remain small and you nice and fat

Looking down on us radiating terror baring your tusks we are running […]