Mexico: Black December poem from Tijuana

Black December of individualities with the cry of solidarity
of new, anarchic, black and direct solidarity
solidarity by flaming barricades, Molotov cocktails, bullets, daggers
expropriations, explosions, arsons, acts of sabotage
pamphlets, banners, verses, texts
actions claimed or not
multiple anti-hierarchical gestures
and an infinity of attacks

Comrade Sebastian Angry Oversluij
those bullets that entered your body will be avenged
Banks, police stations, transnational corporations, churches
courts, laboratories, institutes, and offices, whichever they are
burned down by the flames of the insurrect December

December of new anarchy’s permanent danger
Black December for the freedom of all anarchist prisoners
December for the solidarity with dignified fugitives
December for the memory of comrades fallen in combat
December for the complicity of individuals and indomitable cells
December by all means against domination

The kidnapped, fugitive and fallen comrades will feel
we accompany them with every blow against passivity.

Anarchist prisoners out to the streets!
We want them free and wild!

Some Solidarian Individuality.

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