Can endemics migrate?

bamMigration poses a high cost in incarceration and mortality exacerbated, inter alia, by outright hunting on the part of opportunistic predators or casual consumers. Migration is most often driven by search of survival resources, but there also exist other reasons why it occurs. Migration has evolved per minority to varying degrees, undertaken by numerous organisms along flyways and several alternate routes. Organisms are supposed to have distinct migration patterns, nevertheless one thing is relatively certain: an immense number of them acquired migratory habits since the last glacial period on the planet called Earth. Various endemics are said to winter on islands, others tend to migrate toward gateways to landmass, while the vast majority moves wherever edible food and potable waters are likely available. However endemic habits sometimes threaten to dominate those of migratory ones. In point of fact, it seems fair to consider the entirety of organisms, that appear to be willing to migrate at any given moment, as endemic to the entirety of dying Earth.