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Kavala, Northern Greece: Counter-demo against inauguration of Nazi offices

On Saturday October 22nd 2016, the Golden Dawn inaugurated their new offices in Kavala in presence of Artemis Matthaiopoulos (one of the many Nazis accused in the trial concerning the murder of Pavlos Fyssas and other cases).

Around 40 antifascists held a counter-demonstration and approached the location of the new offices as much as possible. Four antiriot police squads were protecting the fascists (some 30 scumbags) by blocking the street, and prevented the comrades from moving closer. The antifascists remained near the Nazi offices for about 20 minutes, shouting antifascist and anticop slogans as well as chants in solidarity with migrants and imprisoned fighters. They were carrying a banner reading: “The indifferent petty bourgeoisie arms the hand of every Nazi – September 17th 2013; farewell to Killah P – Let’s crush the fascists and the system that nurtures them.” During the counter-demo there was a strong police presence in the area, and more cops were deployed close to the Vyronos 3 squat.

Let’s isolate the killers before it’s too late!
Neither in Kavala nor elsewhere; crush the fascists in very hood!
Cops, TV, neo-Nazis, all the scumbags work together!

via Anarchists-Antiauthoritarians in Kavala

in Greek | German

Egaleo, Athens: Benefit gig for arrestees of the 17/09 demo that ended in clashes in Exarchia

Spread the word!

Monday, September 21st 2015, inside the occupied Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Athens in Egaleoten minute walk from Aghia Marina metro station

Graffiti Festival + Open Mics (bring your spray paints) at 16:00
Rap Live by ‘to miasma’, ‘ex nihilo’, ‘ola denoun’ at 20:30

Assembly of anarchists/antiauthoritarians at the occupied TEI of Athens

Note of Contra Info:

The TEI of Athens has been occupied by comrades since September 13th, putting forward demands such as the immediate granting of educational furloughs to the anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos, the immediate release of the hunger striker Evi Statiri, and the lifting of the restrictive measures imposed on Athena Tsakalou, as well as the necessity of crushing fascism in all its manifestations, of factually supporting refugees/migrants, of sabotaging and attacking every institutional and electoral process.

In the context of the occupation’s activities and info-meetings, this is an event of urgently-needed financial support for legal expenses of arrestees of the antifascist-antistatist-anticapitalist demonstration that took place in central Athens on Thursday 17/09. The particular protest was organised by the ‘Assembly of anarchists against the State, Capital and fascists’ on occasion of the second anniversary of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas.

That night, some 150 anarchists gathered at Canningos Square and took to the streets of Exarchia neighbourhood where clashes erupted, after the local police station on Kallidromiou Street was attacked with Molotov cocktails. Footage: 1, 2 (+ photos and reportback in Spanish).

A total of 9 people were arrested, most of whom were heavily beaten up by cops. Five arrestees (2 adults and 3 minors) are still being held at the Athens police headquarters facing felony charges. The 5 captives are expected to appear before investigating judges at the Evelpidon courts (building 9) on Monday 21/09, at 12:00, and Tuesday 22/09, at 10:00.

No comrade left alone in the hands of the enemy! Solidarity is our weapon!

Athens: Incendiary attack at fascist-owned business

In the early morning of October 24th, 2014, we attacked the “Bristol” bar, located in Davaki street in Ambelokipi, with an incendiary device. This business is owned by Christos Zervas, a known Golden Dawn member and candidate in the last municipal elections, in addition to being a place frequented by Golden Dawn MPs and other fascist scum.

We dedicate this action to the memory of Pavlos Fyssas, Shehzad Luqman and the innumerable migrants who were victims of state violence as manifested on sea and land borders.

We continue the antifascist struggle in the streets and squares, and do not expect anything from the statist “anti-fascism” and its followers; on the contrary, they are our enemies.

We do not forget the captives and prosecuted of the struggle. Preventive arrests, persecutions and tortures will not remain unanswered.

Thessaloniki: Responsibility claim for explosive device placement in the house of Golden Dawn member

On Tuesday night, October 14th, 2014, we made home delivery of an explosive device to the building located on 28, Lahana street (2nd floor) in Thessaloniki, where Golden Dawn member Stathis Valakos lives. The specific fascist was a candidate for municipal council with the “Greek Dawn” in last elections. Scums like Stathis stand no chance of hiding. We will keep finding them and treating them as they deserve.

PS.1. Not only do we not trust or rely on any statist “combating” of fascism, but to the contrary, we are hostile to it. Fascism can only be combated by constant presence on the streets, and fascists can only be fought by continuous visits at their homes, their offices and other occasions of their everyday life.

PS.2 The face of this guy can be found by simply googling his name.

In memory of Shehzad Luqman and Pavlos Fyssas.

We take – and send – strength from those who continue to FIGHT inside and outside the prison walls.

Street group for the diffusion of direct action

Cyprus: Demo in memory of murdered antifascist Pavlos Fyssas

Below is footage from the antifascist demonstration in memory of Pavlos Fyssas (aka Killah P) that took place on Thursday, September 18th, 2014, in the city centre of Nicosia, Cyprus


The banner of the anti-authoritarian student group Skapoula reads:
“Wrath and Rage for Pavlos Fyssas – R.I.P Killah P”

Athens: ‘How and why we smashed up the “Greek Dawn” electoral offices in Alimos’

In the early hours of Wednesday, May 7th, 2014, we attacked offices rent by the Golden Dawn party for its combined list of candidates named “Greek Dawn for Alimos” ahead of municipal elections. We approached the offices located in Dodekanisou Street, and after smashing the glass facade, we threw paint inside in an attempt to make them as “beautiful” as possible.

By carrying out this direct action we declare in every direction that the murderers of Pavlos Fyssas, the descendants of the Organization X and the Security Battalions, the retinues of cops, those who get nocturnal emission from Hitler, Mussolini and Metaxas, and rejoice in totalitarianisms, Dachaus and Auschwitzes, will face an insuperable obstacle with every step they take: decisive people will constantly stand in their way and strike them at any cost, by all forces and means available. So, we strike the misanthropic fascists everywhere: in the streets, the squares, the schools, the demonstrations, the stadiums, the workplaces, not leaving them an inch of space.

No freedom to the enemies of freedom.

Friends of Academic Hooliganism Club “Juan José Borrelli”

PS. Solidarity and combative greetings to all militant antifascists

Piraeus, Greece: Fascist attack on the anarchist hangout Resalto in Keratsini


On Saturday morning, January 25th, in the district of Keratsini in Piraeus (port of Athens), a large assault militia of neo-Nazis desecrated the entire place where Pavlos Fyssas was murdered by Golden Dawn member in September 2013. Shorty after that, nearly 80 Golden Dawn members attacked the Resalto self-organized space. The neo-Nazis were repelled by some 15 comrades, who were inside the Resalto. According to first estimates, the fascists showed up at the neighbourhood in threes, and attacked the outside of the Resalto with stones, bricks and paints under the supervision of police officers. All this lasted a few minutes. The nationalist thugs went away as soon as a cop from DIAS motorcycle team was heard saying to them “you’re done here”… Then the police helped the fascists flee the scene of the attack from Lambraki street. During the fascist attack on the Resalto, windows of the house next door were smashed, and even bricks were thrown into a kid’s bedroom. Some of the fascists were recognized; their force came from the areas of Piraeus, Perama, Nikaia and Athens. The great majority of them were young men, and some had helmets with them. All comrades are in good health, while several fascists were probably hit in the head with various objects. The incident lasted for ten minutes at most, in the presence of DIAS cops who offered protection to the Golden Dawn neo-Nazis the whole time. In the meantime, groups of anarchist comrades and other antifascists from Piraeus and Athens were informed of what happened, and arrived in Keratsini enraged and prepared to chase away the neo-Nazis, but the thugs had already vanished from the area. A half hour after the fascists left, more of DIAS motorcycle units as well as MAT anti-riot squadrons were deployed to the district. The Resalto collective called for a local spontaneous demonstration at Laou square, in response to the attack. The demo, with more than 400 protesters, began after 2pm and moved through the streets of Keratsini, also passing from the place where antifascist Pavlos Fyssas was stabbed to death.


Below is a text (featured in the following video) about the fascist provocations in Keratsini:

Four months after the murder of Pavlos Fyssas in Amfiali by an assault battalion of the Golden Dawn party, approximately 100 bullying fascists made their appearance once again in Keratsini, at the neighbourhoods of Amfiali and Tabouria. Walking down the Tsaldari street, the fascists desecrated the place where Pavlos Fyssas was stabbed to death—a murder which they themselves committed—erasing painted slogans, poems and dedications of dozens of people in his remembrance, and destroying the banner of the ‘Ploumpidis’ local association of school teachers. This was a clear ‘assumption of responsibility’ for the murder on their part, an assassination they had not confessed publicly before, having their ripper Roupakias ‘disavowed’.

In their wake, they torn down several other banners of the teachers local association, they smeared antifascist graffiti and sprayed walls with vomiting fascist-nationalist slogans, and when they reached the Laou square (‘People’s square’) in Tabouria they moved aggressively toward the Resalto self-organized space of solidarity and rupture (situated 100m from that square). Apparently, in their attempt to reemerge in districts of Piraeus over the past few weeks and rerun their offices in Nikaia, they were deeply annoyed by the forceful resistance they encountered from people in struggle (hence they launched their provocations already since the previous week, by painting a slogan on the wall of the Pasamontaña self-managed social space in Koridallos, showing up their faces again in the areas of Nikaia and Koridallos during one of their usual pathetic parades).

Nearly half of the fascists went up Ermou street and attacked the hangout, simultaneously causing damages to homes, cars and motorbikes of dwellers, while the rest of them had blocked the Konstantinoupoleos road, preventing vehicles from passing, and thus securing their assault group. The 15 comrades, both women and men who were inside the Resalto at the time, defended themselves and the project, and after a five minute clash they managed to repel the fascists. They demonstrated that collective comradely fight, without classifications of one’s ‘capacity’ or sex, is able to cope with the Nazi assault battalions when the forces of repression do not actively lend them a hand. Needless to say that the many DIAS police motorcycles, that escorted the fascists after their attack until their withdrawal from Keratsini, made no detention whatsoever, despite the fact that the first police forces arrived at the spot while the assault-clash was underway, and even though many fascists (those who were at the forefront) retreated with paint on their clothes. It is important to note that the principal fact which confirms the antisocial, thuggish and murderous nature of fascists was the destruction of glass windows and facade of the house next door with stones, although the owner was yelling that this is a home and there’s a small child inside. Most of the dozens of stones that were thrown on this residence fell into the kid’s room, so if the small girl had not been quickly moved by her parents, she would have been seriously or fatally injured.

An antifascist concentration was immediately called in Laou square, and more than 400 antifascists held a spontaneous demonstration in Tabouria and Amfiali (taking to the streets where the fascists had made their appearance earlier), wiping out also the fascist slogans from the walls. Many people from the area participated in the march, which was also supported by people in solidarity and struggle from the surrounding districts of Piraeus and various neighbourhoods of Athens.

The fascists are the loyal dogs of the State and Capital—no matter if they continue to play the ‘antisystemic’—who fell into disfavor with their bosses (which is likely a temporary phase) due to standalone tendencies and a series of uncontrollable moves-choices of their own, such as the murder attempt on trade unionists of PAME [Stalinist syndicalist organ] in Perama and the murder of Pavlos Fyssas in Keratsini. We’ll say it once again: in the hoods of refugee population, of resistance, dignity and solidarity, the fascists, their assault battalions and their supporters are not just undesirable but enemies. Fascist murderers, there’s no place for you in our hoods. And we will confirm this every moment, in every way.

Saturday 25.1.2014
Resalto self-organized space of solidarity and rupture
Keratsini autonomous antifascist assembly
Keratsini-Drapetsona square assembly

Below is footage from a neighbour (the neo-Nazis are shouting “blood-honour-golden dawn” and “anarchists, sons of a whore”), footage from inside the Resalto, and moments of the spontaneous demonstration in Keratsini:

Video link: dai.ly/x1abj6v. More photos, showing demonstrators from the anarchist/antiauthoritarian milieu but also from the left-wing spectrum, alongside several neighbours: Social-Revolution

Antifascist march in KeratsiniFriday, January 31st, 2014, at 6pm
Gathering in Nikis square, on Tsaldari street, Amfiali

Athens: Responsibility claim for explosion at the Kifissia tax office

In the early hours of Thursday, September 26, 2013 we placed an explosive device at the tax office located in Kifissia [a northern suburb of Athens], as a first response to the efforts of the State to be portrayed as the referee and punisher of its Golden-Dawn employees, and its creation of a spectacle that can serve as a smokescreen, aiming to conceal its own fascist style of governance, as well as the murderous new austerity measures. Fascism, just like presidential parliamentary democracy, is a model of Power that’s based on the current economic organization and promotes capitalist interests. The policies which are implemented are those mandated by the free market, interests of which will never be democratic—in reality, we neither see democracy and freedom applied in working environments, nor in everyday life, which is organized by capitalism. Modern totalitarianism is imposed by concentration camps, shootings of migrant farm workers, as happened in Manolada [in the Peloponnese], the shutdown of public hospitals, layoffs, movie-inspired invasions of squats, starvation wages, the imprisonment of fighters, the defamation of leaderless social struggles, the public stigmatization of [alleged] HIV-positive women, tax raids, and the existing and future memoranda with the IMF/ECB/EU Troika.

The murder of Pavlos Fyssas—which caused a torrent of righteous wrath against fascism to break out—has become something to be exploited by the government. The government has weighed the political costs of covering up another fascist assassination, and has artfully put a democratic-antifascist facade on display, highlighting two theories: the theory of two extremes, and that of the democratic arc. As for the first one, it is obvious that they attempt to tar actions against totalitarianism and the actions of the far-right with the same brush. This hard line against the anomie of the Nazis, an approach that is imposed by the current political balance, tends to also include acts of those who revolt, paving the way for a new wave of attacks against people that keep up the struggle. The “democratic arc”—worse still, the “antifascist front”—has the exact same objective. It is yet another political game, which teams up the systemic forces against every “extremism”. We would like to remind those who suddenly discovered the antifascist front that antifascist struggle, which has existed well before the Nazis entered the Greek parliament, is carried out by thousands of people, who have been attacked by fascists, and attacked fascists, for decades. This struggle must grow enormously; in order to do this, an essential requirement is to exclude all forces of the authoritarian spectrum that opportunistically proclaim themselves antifascist. The Golden Dawn, the ruling political parties, and the eternally apologetic and self-victimizing Left are the flies that adorn the turd of Power.

Being on the same wavelength as the government, TV channels alongside the rest of the conservative Press portray themselves as antifascists. The descendants of mavragorites [black marketeers during the Nazi occupation in Greece], costumed in their ministerial positions, hypocritically condemn the fascist stabbings, taking part in a game that is presented as fight against fascism. Well-paid journalists, arm in arm with politicians, thunder “No to fascism”. It is tragically ironic that those petty parrots dare to speak of antifascism when they have promoted the Golden Dawn for decades through systematic propaganda against the “foreign national criminals”, and bolstered national pride after some goals were scored by the national football team. Television, which lightly stupefies its viewers, has played its part in creating voters confident that they originate from the balls of Plato, and that their fate is none other than to accomplish great things because of their “white skin”.

This is how a climate of tolerance towards aggressions and tortures against people, both on the streets and at police stations, was created; even tolerance to murders, such as the fatal stabbing of 26 year old Shehzad Luqman on January 17, 2013 in Petralona by the fascists Christos Stergiopoulos and Dionisis Liakopoulos. The ticket inspector, who killed 19 year old Thanassis Kanaoutis on August 13, 2013 in Peristeri during a bus ticket inspection, is the typical cannibal created by the labour jungle, social insecurity and a tempest in the brain. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the murder of Pavlos Fyssas on September 18, 2013 in Amfiali at hands of Golden Dawn member Giorgos Roupakias, which initiated the chain reaction that the government now attempts to turn to its advantage.

Capital gives birth to fascism, the State raises it, and a critical mass of voters, who are idiots, but responsible all the same, provide the principle fuel. The logic of turning over responsibilities to politicians or trade unionists on the one hand, and the brainwashing by mass-domestication media on the other, has led to the current fascistization of a significant portion of the society. Individuals that live in fear because, even though they stepped over corpses, they did not ascend to the upper class, and hope to be saved by a messiah-leader, are the perfect supporters of a fascist party.

The role of the Golden Dawn has always been, and still is, to do the system’s dirty work, to make up the vanguard of the most extreme policies of the State. Nationalist formations exist to terrorize and enforce discipline on parts of the population, when the fear inflicted by the lawful means of the State doesn’t suffice to keep them away from radical solutions. We should not forget the dozens of attacks with homicidal intent, not only against migrant and local workers, but also more targeted parastatal attacks that for reasons of luck and operational inadequacy failed to deliver the desired (by them) results. The hand grenade which exploded outside the Immigrant Hangout [Steki Metanaston] in Exarchia, during a meeting of the association of conscientious objectors on February 24, 2009, the bomb at the [former] Xenia hotel on Mount Parnitha, which was detected on July 10, 2010, a few days after a two-day event organized by anarchists (a case which resulted to the arrest of henchman Christos Loukopoulos, an associate of the Golden Dawn), are some examples of the far-right action.

Obviously, organizations such as the Golden Dawn and the sort must be confronted accordingly, especially when they themselves raise the level of violence, but this must be done without forgetting that the target is primarily their employers: the State and the bosses, the financial establishment; capitalists such as Bobolas, Vardinogiannis, Kouris, and politicians that support them, and are supported by them, like the political families of Venizelos, Karamanlis, and Mitsotakis, those who hold key positions of the state machinery, consultants and chief executive officials such as Provopoulos [current governor of the Bank of Greece] and Kranidiotis [close advisor to the current prime minister, Antonis Samaras], and the designated scientists and journalists in their service.

Being an antifascist means being against the system that breeds fascism. The only front that will confront fascism is the same that will combat the bosses and the State.

Forces of the Revolutionary Arc

PS. We send our comradely regards, and solidarity, to captive fighters. Strength to those accused of the double robbery in Velventos, Kozani, whose trial begins [in Athens] on November 29, 2013.

İstanbul: Painted slogans in Turkish and Greek on the walls of Şişli by anarchists

A group of anarchists painted slogans on walls and billboards around Mecidiyeköy–Şişli area, in İstanbul, about the murder of Pavlos Fyssas in Greece, antifascism, anarchy, rebellion, animal massacre in Romania, animal liberation, and the Gezi uprising.

With this action, which reflects on the ongoing struggle in Athens, İstanbul and every other city in the world, it is reminded that the fight against fascism, against the State and the Capital, should be intensified and expanded.

source/more photos: sosyal savas (social war)

Athens: Responsibility claim for arson on diplomatic corps vehicle

In the early hours of Friday, October 11, 2013 we torched a diplomatic corps van, with vehicle registration plates DC 93-3, at the intersection of Pyrras and Delacroix streets in the area of Neos Kosmos, Athens.

This action is dedicated wholeheartedly to our comrades who are prosecuted for the double robbery in Velventos, Kozani, and will stand trial in late November* and also in memory of the murdered antifascist Pavlos Fyssas.

We should not get used to the idea of fear and death. We should resist the contemporary totalitarianism by all means available.

We create our own structures, we strengthen and extend our comradely relationships, and we set the stage for anarchy and communism. Social revolution, the only solution…

Arsonists with a conscience

* The trial for the double robbery in Velventos is scheduled to take place on November 29, 2013 in the Court of Appeals on Loukareos street in Athens. Accused comrades are Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos, Dimitris Politis, Nikos Romanos, Yannis Michailidis, Fivos Harisis-Poulos, and Argyris Ntalios.

Espoo, Finland: ATMs vandalized in response to the killing of Pavlos Fyssas

Banner in Arta, Greece: “State + Nazis = same business”

During the night between the 18th and 19th of September 2013 several ATM screens were smashed in Espoo (city of the Helsinki metropolitan area). This act was a response to the murder of Pavlos Fyssas by a member of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn.

Antifascist struggle means also action against capitalism. Fascism is a symptom of capitalism and a growing threat to, among others, the working class, immigrants, and sexual minorities.

Helsinki, Finland: Greek embassy vandalized

(Athens, Greece 25.9.2013)

During the night between the 23rd and 24th of September 2013 the facade of the Greek embassy in Helsinki was vandalized.

“In memoriam of Pavlos Fyssas, the fight continues!” was sprayed on the outer wall. In addition the embassy’s wall was decorated with anarchist symbols and windows of the staircase were paint-bombed, too.

With this act we remember Pavlos Fyssas, murdered by a member of the neofascist Golden Dawn party. Every day, nation states and the European Union are fomenting war against poor and insurgents. Nazis do the dirty work on behalf of the policy makers. Every oppressor is our enemy.

We do not forget our comrades who’ve been targets of attacks and repression. For this kind of action you need only a spray can and willingness to act.

The continuation of struggle is the best way to remember our comrades!

Finland: From Athens to Tampere, solidarity never dies

We gathered on Sunday 29.9.2013 in Tampere, Finland at Pispala esker next to the Memorial of the Red Guards to remember and show our solidarity to all antifascists fighting in Greece. The memory of Pavlos shines bright in our hearts, and will continue to feed us in the struggles against oppression, tyranny and fascism everywhere! From Athens to Tampere – not even one step to fascists! Solidarity to antifascists in Greece.

Memorial of the Red Guards who died in the Finnish Civil War in Pispala, Tampere. The inscription in the stone reads: “On this Pispala Ridge the red guard in Tampere last stood with weapons in hand defending their cause in 1918.”

Berlin: Large demonstration in solidarity with the antifascist struggle in Greece

The demonstration for solidarity and remembrance, on Friday evening the 27th of September 2013 in Berlin, started by 7pm at Heinrichplatz in Kreuzberg, marched through Neukölln and reached an estimated number of 1,000 people during the whole march. Due to a lot of banners the anger about the murder of Pavlos Fyssas by neo-Nazis got present, as well as solidarity and strength to the migrants.

Chants in English, Greek and German were shouted the whole way, supported by a megaphone. Flyers in English and German were spread on the streets, and several speeches were hold to inform about the racist and fascist attacks.

While some fireworks were lighted during the demonstration, the cops stayed quite calm. However, there was one short arrestment at the endpoint and another at the start in Heinrichplatz, where a person got a fine for ‘violation of the Press Law.’ The cops found flyers in the person’s pockets that didn’t have any signature for the content. So, they also imposed a fine against the unknown author ‘because of slander,’ based on sentences of the flyer stating that Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn are rapists and fans of Hitler.

All in all it was a dynamic demonstration even though the time of preparation was short. Another interesting aspect is the fact that it was organized by an open assembly instead of antifa groups as usual. The result was a turnout of anti-authoritarian, leftist and anarchist antifascists.

Attack the fascists and the State! Everywhere!
Solidarity to the victims of racist violence!
Side by side against fascism!

German reportback here.

Exarchia, Athens: Fundraising kit for medical expenses of the demonstrator who suffered severe eye injury on September 18, 2013

Inside the squatted social centre VOX, which is situated on the corner of Arachovis and Themistocleous streets at Exarchia Square, there is now a fundraising kit for the comrade who was shot by a cop with tear gas canister straight in his eye, during the evening march in response to the murder of Pavlos Fyssas in the district of Keratsini.

The comrade needs to undergo another surgery, and the total amount to be raised is 5,000 euros.

Solidarity is our weapon. No one alone.

Squatted social centre VOX

Bielefeld, Germoney: Another dead, another reason to fight

In memory of Pavlos Fyssas there is a banner at the autonomous center (AJZ) in Bielefeld, which reads: “Athens: Antifascist Pavlos Fyssas murdered by fascists. Another dead! Another reason to fight!”

Also posters appeared in the streets of Bielefeld. The text on it explains how Pavlos Fyssas (Piraeus) and Clément Méric (Paris) were murdered by fascists, and how Ahmet Atakan (Antakya) was killed by a teargas grenade from cops in Turkey. It reads:

“What do these dead have in common? They are only three of the many who died; the many who remain nameless, but whom we do not want to forget. Victims of racist and fascist attacks. Victims of state terror, or both at once.

All three—Pavlos, Clément and Ahmet—were politically active and were killed for that reason.

We don’t want to be scared off by their death. But we want to confer dignity on their death by continuing the struggle against oppression.”

received from Infoladen Anschlag Bielefeld

Lesvos Island, Greece: Antifascist demo in response to the killing of Pavlos Fyssas

On Wednesday afternoon, September 18th—hours after the assassination of Pavlos Fyssas by parastatal scumbags of the Golden Dawn was made known—an antifascist demonstration took place in the city of Mytilini, on Lesvos Island. The “Assembly for generalized self-determination” held a pre-gathering at Sapfous Square by 6pm. An hour later, the Association of Secondary Education State-School Teachers (ELME), student unions, and Stalinists of the PAME syndicate gathered at the same location.

The bloc of the Assembly for generalized self-determination, carrying the front banner that read “Fascists your days are over!” counted with the presence of 450 persons from the wider antiauthoritarian spectrum, alongside autonomous protesters who did not wish to march with the other blocs (ELME and student unions were nearly 250 demonstrators).

The demo was quite lively. Numerous slogans were chanted, and graffiti or stencils were painted on the streets. Walking through the city centre of Mytilini, the protest march made a stop at the prefecture building, where a municipal council regarding migration concentration camps was underway. Fascists do not maintain official offices on the island, so antifascists paid a visit to the municipal authorities instead, in order to check if Nazis were also present at the anti-migration meeting. As soon as demonstrators verified the complete absence of fascists, the march moved on and ended at Sapfous Square.


Aveiro, Portugal: Tribute to Pavlos Fyssas

‘Cops, TV, neo-Nazis, all scum work together’
‘Pavlos Fyssas, antifa killed by neo-Nazi knife – Not a step back’
‘The more silence is imposed, the more our voices scream’

Action in the city of Aveiro in honour of Pavlos Fyssas, antifa comrade killed in Athens following an ambush by fascists of the Golden Dawn party.

Death to the fascist scum in any of their forms



Karditsa, Greece: Antifascist hip-hop gig in memory of Killah P

(Melissia antifa graffiti, Athens)

An antifascist gig with local hip-hop bands took place last night, September 23d, in the city centre of Karditsa. The concert was organized by the Antifascist-Antiracist Solidarity Front. Even though everything was hastily prepared for the DIY live, Pafsilypo Square was crowded with people, sending a clear message to the Goldendawners that there is no room for them in the city of Karditsa.

Pavlos lives. Smash the Nazis!

Berlin: Anti-fascist demonstration on Friday the 27th September 2013 at 18.30 in Heinrichplatz, Kreuzberg

On Wednesday the 18th September the 34-year Pavlos Fyssas was murdered by a member of the neo-Nazi party in Greece. This is by far not the only murder lately. Freedom-loving people, like Fyssas or the countless migrants who are fighting for a better life for themselves and for all, are on execution lists of the Greek State and its voluntary helpers. But resistance is taking shape: for days, thousands of people hit the streets to halt the rise of fascism.

Let’s take the streets also here! Together against fascism and its breeding grounds! For freedom, for life!

Remember Pavlos Fyssas

Solidarity greetings
The open meeting about the fascist murder in Athens