Athens: ‘How and why we smashed up the “Greek Dawn” electoral offices in Alimos’

In the early hours of Wednesday, May 7th, 2014, we attacked offices rent by the Golden Dawn party for its combined list of candidates named “Greek Dawn for Alimos” ahead of municipal elections. We approached the offices located in Dodekanisou Street, and after smashing the glass facade, we threw paint inside in an attempt to make them as “beautiful” as possible.

By carrying out this direct action we declare in every direction that the murderers of Pavlos Fyssas, the descendants of the Organization X and the Security Battalions, the retinues of cops, those who get nocturnal emission from Hitler, Mussolini and Metaxas, and rejoice in totalitarianisms, Dachaus and Auschwitzes, will face an insuperable obstacle with every step they take: decisive people will constantly stand in their way and strike them at any cost, by all forces and means available. So, we strike the misanthropic fascists everywhere: in the streets, the squares, the schools, the demonstrations, the stadiums, the workplaces, not leaving them an inch of space.

No freedom to the enemies of freedom.

Friends of Academic Hooliganism Club “Juan José Borrelli”

PS. Solidarity and combative greetings to all militant antifascists