Athens: Responsibility claim for arson on diplomatic corps vehicle

In the early hours of Friday, October 11, 2013 we torched a diplomatic corps van, with vehicle registration plates DC 93-3, at the intersection of Pyrras and Delacroix streets in the area of Neos Kosmos, Athens.

This action is dedicated wholeheartedly to our comrades who are prosecuted for the double robbery in Velventos, Kozani, and will stand trial in late November* and also in memory of the murdered antifascist Pavlos Fyssas.

We should not get used to the idea of fear and death. We should resist the contemporary totalitarianism by all means available.

We create our own structures, we strengthen and extend our comradely relationships, and we set the stage for anarchy and communism. Social revolution, the only solution…

Arsonists with a conscience

* The trial for the double robbery in Velventos is scheduled to take place on November 29, 2013 in the Court of Appeals on Loukareos street in Athens. Accused comrades are Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos, Dimitris Politis, Nikos Romanos, Yannis Michailidis, Fivos Harisis-Poulos, and Argyris Ntalios.