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Spanish State: Rabbits liberated in Barcelona



Over recent years in Spain, specifically in Catalonia, rabbit farming has been severely affected by the crisis, and many farms have closed over the past 5 years.

Several times, as we were watching possible targets, we approached to see the security inside and found out they were abandoned.

Similarly we can also confirm that Animal Liberation actions have decreased in the Spanish State since the crisis began. This is probably due to the lack of resources of those of us who take part in this struggle and because of the migration towards other struggles by many people as well.

But on September 20th 2015 we got out of our temporary lethargy; that night we went to a rabbit farm situated in the province of Barcelona and released 20 animals that were inside.

There were 20 in this action but we hope there are more actions to come, by which we could liberate many more and damage this murderous industry. We believe this is a perfect moment to strike blows and cause an industry which barely survives, for several years now, to fall once and for all.

We are aware that this depends on our organizational capacity and our determination but, as has happened in other places where effective campaigns have been carried out, we can close down the few remaining farms.

We dedicate this action to the anarchists who have been repressed by the operations “Pandora”, “Piñata”, as well the prisoners accused of belonging to “Commando Mateo Morral”.

We also send a warm hug to Evi Statiri, who at the time of writing these lines has ended her hunger strike, because the Greek authorities have accepted her release from prison.


ALF – The Boar family, the Zorrilla and the Owl

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Melbourne, Australia: Banner in solidarity with anarchists facing persecution in Spain

In Melbourne on the night of June 13 a banner was hung for the June 13 International Day of Solidarity with Anarchists Facing Persecution from the Spanish state. The banner was hung from a cyclone fence that directly faces busy Punt Rd in Richmond, right near Richmond station and not far from the MCG sports ground.

Solidarity with all anarchist comrades facing persecution via Operation Pandora and Operation Piñata repressive police actions!

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[Spain] Pandora, Piñata and beyond; we will retaliate!

Operation Pandora was launched in December 2014 and Operation Piñata in March 2015 in various cities across Spain. Three of the five comrades who were sent in pretrial detention after Operation Piñata have been released without bail; however, they still face charges and have restrictive conditions. You may read a recent letter from Paul, anarchist prisoner of Operation Piñata, here. Below is a call for international solidarity with anarchists in Spain facing repression.

The last few years have seen an increasing wave of repression against anarchists and other radicals here, in Spain, best characterised by the police operations Pandora and Piñata. Acting in response to movements, uprisings and upheavals across the country, particularly in Catalunya, the state has arrested dozens of comrades, often under the pretext of anti-terrorism. The result has been to foster a climate of fear and inaction.

While most of those held in pretrial detention have been released, all still have pending charges. Now is our moment to show that their attempts to silence us will not work, and that such action will not pass by without retaliation.

The 13th of June is a day of action and solidarity for all those facing charges in relation to these police operations and others. On this day in Barcelona there will be a combative demonstration, and in Madrid there will also be mobilisation along with the beginning of a campaign. We are calling for international solidarity and support from comrades, in whatever form they feel is feasible and appropriate.

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Berlin: Santander bank smashed in Prenzlauer Berg

During the night of 18th-19th March, we took action with hammers and stones against the Santander bank on Schönhauser Allee. Eight windows were broken.

We stand in solidarity with all the chosen forms of protest that were supported yesterday [March 18th 2015] in the street in Frankfurt. Against the repressive authorities and the dominant conditions here and everywhere!

For M18, day of the official celebrations of the inauguration of the ECB [European Central Bank], which were accompanied by an army of 10,000 cops and mass demonstrations throughout Frankfurt, we made use of the calm in Berlin to express our solidarity with anarchists affected by repression (Operation Pandora) in Barcelona, and to send a pleasant greeting to Mainhattan [Frankfurt am Main].

We chose a branch of the Santander bank because it is a role model for many hard-nosed financial and investment institutions. The Spanish Banco Santander is one of the largest banking institutions worldwide; it maintains relations with the arms industry and invests heavily in the arms trade, in companies that manufacture and sell all kinds of weapons, bombs, explosives, missiles, nuclear weapons, etc.; alongside many other controversial investments, such as financing environmentally destructive firms, the Santander bank is involved in the Compañía Española de Seguros de Crédito a la Exportación (CESCE), an export credit agency which is responsible for southern Europe’s external debt (at least 3.5 billion euros per year) and is therefore a factor that causes impoverishment in those countries; the Santander bank is the only financial institution that manages the cash flow in Spanish prisons, which corresponds to approximately a 100 million euros per year; they are likewise involved, as are numerous large banks, in forced evictions which they need to be held accountable for, in the wake of the housing crisis…

Institutions that enrich themselves financially through suffering, impoverishment, war and exploitation, as well as by repression of those targeted, deserve no facade intact!

Our solidarity against their arrogance!

Destroika all the shit!

Smithereens in the night

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Frankfurt: Sabotage of a VGF ticket machine

insurrectionCommuniqué originally published on March 11th:

It’s been 14 days already that we burned an automated ticket distributor of VGF [Frankfurt’s transport company] in Bockenheim and rendered it unusable.

VGF, in agreement with Deutsche Bahn, have once again increased the prices of tickets in the RMV public transport network at the end of last year. Fewer and fewer people can afford public transport: A large number of detainees in the German federal prisons are people who couldn’t afford the prices, which are too expensive. If they get caught, even because of this some will have to spend time in prison. In a society whose contradictions are more and more blatant every day, we see our approach as a practical contribution to the resistance. Special greetings to those affected by the Operation Pandora [in Spain], who are accused of allegedly acting against automated (cash) machines.

Come the 18th March to Frankfurt, there are ticket machines everywhere here!

(Watch out: don’t use any gasoline. Danger to life)

Spain: Solidarity attacks against cash machines for prisoners in struggle

Navarre — ATM sabotaged in Altsasu

We support the struggle of prisoners on hunger strike, José Antúnez Becerra, Xavier Corporales Berruecos and Javi Guerrero.

This is why on February 8th we sabotaged the ATM of Santander bank in Altsasu (Navarre), Basque Country, to be linked with the exploitation of prisoners in the Spanish state. There is no need for a lot of resources; a hammer and a little determination are enough.

Freedom for the comrades immediately.

Death to the state and long live anarchy
Madrid — 113 ATMs rendered unusable

Solidarity action with the three prisoners on hunger strike, José Antúnez, Xavier Corporales and Javier Guerrero.

With this action we tried to break, even if only for a moment, the cash flow, the normal consumerism of this lobotomised and automaton society.

While the powerful continue to profit from their lives of luxury and privilege, from where they run the open-air prison in which we live, we are constantly monitored by cameras, mobiles and social networks… Each step we make is recorded, engraved, stored on the retina of the eye that sees everything, watching in search of suspects, rebels, immigrants, the poor, anyone who might represent a threat to their status quo, for whom only misery, suffering, prison bars and death are reserved.

But we won’t make their task easy, because while they tighten the rope around the neck, we learn ourselves how to undo the knots again and again, until the last walls fall; until the last of these blood-sucking murderers falls, until, one after another, they disappear from the face of the earth without leaving any trace of exploitation, misery and domination anymore; until we are all free, the struggle is the only path.

We want to wish a welcome home the recently released comrades of Operation Pandora, and send a warm solidarity hug to the incarcerated compas Mónica, Francisco, Gabriel, as well as all the rebels kidnapped by the states wherever they are.

So the revolt extends!

Note (translated and slightly adapted from French):

Now 57 years old, José Antúnez Becerra has spent more than 40 years of his life behind bars. He has participated in numerous struggles and revolts on the inside (since the time of the COPEL: Spanish Prisoners in Struggle Coordinating Committee), and was sentenced to an additional 13 years for taking part in the rebellion of Quatre Camins in 2004. After an initial hunger strike last year after which he obtained nothing, he decided on January 23rd 2015 to begin an indefinite hunger strike until his release.

Imprisoned for 11 years, Javier Guerrero Carvajal declared hunger strike since December 12th 2014, and demands the respect of the prison regulations and human rights in the prison of A Lama. On January 5th, he was admitted to the hospital of Pontevedra because of his state of health.

After more than 20 years in the Spanish jails, Xavier Corporales is due to be released on April 14th 2015. On January 2nd 2015, he went on hunger strike to put an end to the FIES (the prisons within the prisons), for the release of prisoners with incurable illnesses, and against the lack of care in the jails. However, due to health problems, he had to end his hunger strike after 20 days.

Since January solidarity with these three prisoners has manifested in various ways in different parts of Spain: painted slogans, banner drops, gatherings, etc.

On February 2nd, anarchists placed a banner in Altsasu (Navarre) to show solidarity with the struggle of Javi Guerrero, Xavier Corporales Berruecos and José Antúnez Becerra. They also gave revolutionary greetings to comrades held hostage by the various states, in Chile (sending courage to the recently convicted Tamara Sol Farías Vergara), Mexico, Greece, Italy, and to Francisco and Mónica, prisoners of the miserable, murderous and torturous Spanish state.

Later in February, anarchists in Zaragoza spray-painted slogans for anarchists implicated in Operation Pandora, and dropped banners to express their solidarity with the two prisoners still on hunger strike, José Antúnez Becerra and Javi Guerrero, “because we want them free and alive.”

Montevideo, Uruguay: A gesture in complicity with Mónica and Francisco

Communiqué received on 7/2/2015:

At dawn on Tuesday, February 3rd, an incendiary attack took place against the office of the Partido Popular (PP) of Spain in Montevideo. This gesture was done in complicity with Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, detained and incarcerated for over a year by the Spanish State, accused of belonging to a “terrorist organisation” and of placing an explosive device.

This party is the current ruling party in Spain, and its politicians are among those mainly responsible for the persecution and initiation of proceedings against comrades of the social war on this said territory, as in the recent case of “Operation Pandora”. These are the ones who also at the end of 2014 promoted and approved the so-called “gag law”, which amongst others provides sanctions and restrictions to diminish street protests, housing occupations and the entry of immigrants.

We are everywhere!

Commando Mateo Morral

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Berlin: Prison industry targeted by Destroika

In the night between the 28th and 29th of January 2015, Destroika struck in Berlin, and two prison industry vehicles turned into ruins. Through these pinpricks, we will limit the flexibility of the relevant companies. A van of Wisag in Lichtenberg and another of Sodexo in Moabit came under attack.

The company WISAG provides, in addition to the exploitative cleaning sector, security staff for transport services such as the BVG transport company in Berlin, and is responsible for filling the Berlin prisons of fare-dodgers, with ticket inspectors plain-clothed as well as in uniform.

The company Sodexo now runs five prisons in the UK under their own responsibility since the privatisation of the British justice system. In addition, Sodexo is blacklisted in Belgium for their involvement in deportation prisons, besides providing facility management services to deportation lagers in Germany. The company is owned by the Zehnacker group, which is presented in this way: “As a partner of the armed forces, we accompany them in their operational areas at home and abroad. Our mission is to take care of both the troops and their command for a better quality of life. Under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice, Sodexo plans and delivers solutions that contribute to smooth operations in correctional facilities. In all our activities, we respect our values and ethical principles. Our work in this domain is further proof of our strong commitment to society.”

Freedom for the prisoners of Operation Pandora and all the others!

On the 18th of March 2015 off to Frankfurt – to reduce the European Central Bank to ruins and ashes!

Autonomous Group “Muslim H.”

(Muslim H., originally from Kosovo, was 28 years old when he was killed by 8 screws in the prison of Landshut on May 24th, 2014, in revenge for his successful resistance to his deportation to Hungary.)

Translation note: On January 30th, the remaining seven prisoners of Operation Pandora were released on conditional bail.

Marseille: Solidarity with those implicated in Operation Pandora

Thursday 12th February, at 18:30:
Film screening of the documentary “Caso Bombas” on anarchists in Chile
(the film is in Spanish but the subtitles are in English)

Vegan food, liberated price
For the address: blancarde2015@riseup.net

International solidarity with those implicated in Operation Pandora

“For those who struggle, the sense of solidarity intends to dismantle the loneliness of incarceration, waging a battle against forgetting our comrades abducted by states, bringing to light the logic of domination that seeks to condemn them to surrender.”

– anarchists of Pandora

A year after the end of the “Caso Bombas” farce, the Spanish and Chilean ministries, judges and cops are working together on a new case, this time on this side of the ocean. Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, both ex-suspects in the “Caso Bombas” case, are arrested in Barcelona, suspected of placing an explosive at the Basílica del Pilar in Zaragoza, planning a similar action and belonging to an alleged terrorist organisation.

On December 16th 2014, 15 houses, squats and anarchist social centres in Barcelona, Sabadell, Manresa and Madrid were raided, and eleven anarchist comrades kidnapped by the Spanish State. Four were released shortly after, the other seven on January 30th on conditional bail. The judge additionally ordered that they each pay a bail of 3,000 euros to be released. Donations are therefore urgently needed in order to pay their bail, a total of 21,000 euros.

This kidnapping of eleven comrades set off a multitude of rallies and demonstrations that same day in different cities. Thousands of people came out in solidarity with the arrested comrades, showing rage and hatred towards the State’s new repressive operation.

en-contrainfo.espiv.net / efectopandora.wordpress.com

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Catalonia: Sabotage in solidarity with those implicated in Operation Pandora

In the morning of Friday 30th January, just after the secrecy of the investigation was lifted and the news disseminated of the impending conditional bailing of comrades, we decided to express our solidarity in the streets. We sabotaged the cashpoints and the windows of the following Santander Bank offices:

In Mataró, the branches in the streets of Camí del Mig, Plaza de Granollers, Plaza Santa Anna, Carrer Sant Cugat, Avenida de América, Via Europa. We also sabotaged the branches of the same bank in El Masnou, Vilassar de Mar and Premià de Mar.

We chose the bank Santander because it is the only entity responsible for managing the cash flow in prisons of the Spanish State, generating around 100 million euros per year, according to official figures. Speculating and turning a profit on the basis of this important amount of money, the fruit of suffering and incarceration of thousands of people.

We celebrate the fact that our comrades are again on the outside, but even so, we are well aware that we still have a long and difficult path ahead, and that as long as resistance exists against the domination of the capitalist system, the state and it’s repressive mechanisms will try to put an end to it.

That the flame of solidarity isn’t put out.

Freedom for Mónica and Francisco!

Spanish State: Conditional bail for comrades detained during Operation Pandora

In the night of January 30th, 2015, the 7 comrades who were still imprisoned following the arrests on the 16th of December 2014 as part of Operation Pandora were released.

One day before, the instructing judge of the Audiencia Nacional (Madrid) permitted access to the investigative file, and what we know at the moment is what has been circulated through the website of Mossos d’Esquadra in a press communiqué. They are facing charges such as membership in GAC (Coordinated Anarchist Groups), attacks against banks, posting parcel bombs (one to the Archbishop of Pamplona, one to a member of the fascist congregation Legionaries of Christ, and others to Italian companies), while “they are linked”—always according to the police—with the explosive attacks against the Cathedral of Almudena in Madrid (February 7th, 2013) and the Basilica of the Pillar in Zaragoza (October 2nd, 2013), the latter having led to the indictment and pretrial detention of our comrades Mónica and Francisco.

The police statement ends with a victorious “according to the investigators, the structure of the GAC/FAI-FRI is disrupted in Catalonia, the stronghold of this criminal organisation with terrorist purposes against the Spanish State”. What these servants of Power do not recognise (and never will) is that they sought to generate fear to all other comrades with this operation, which not only failed, but we can say without a doubt has generated the opposite effect.

No doubt their release from prison and to receive them amongst us is an opportunity to celebrate, because they are no longer locked up, as much because they are with us again to fight shoulder to shoulder against this world of shit. But it is a “celebration” which remains incomplete. The charges remain, as do the bail conditions—obligation to sign three times a week, passport confiscated, etc. Furthermore Mónica and Francisco are still incarcerated… not to mention all the comrades who risk other prison sentences in other cases, and those who have already been convicted.


originally in Spanish

Spain: Operation Pandora prisoners due to be released from prison

Urgent! Money needed for bail!

The seven imprisoned comrades from Operation Pandora are expected to be released on bail this Friday evening, January 30th, 2015. The judge has ordered that they each pay a bail of 3,000 euros to be released on provisional liberty. Donations are urgently needed in order to pay their bail (a total of 21,000 euros). Please spread the news.

Below is the bank account information for sending money:

ES68 3025 0001 19 1433523907 (Caixa d’Enginyers)

A few more details here: efecto pandora

Madrid: ATMs sabotaged

Action in solidarity with Mónica, Francisco and the Operation Pandora prisoners

In the night of January 16th, 2015, responding to the call of solidarity with those who have suffered reprisals in “operation Pandora”, we sabotaged 16 ATMs.

Freedom for all!
We want them home now!

Solidarity is our best weapon

the Pandoras in solidarity

Berlin: Solidarity sabotage with those incarcerated as part of Operation Pandora in Spain

As a sign of our solidarity with projects raided on December 16th, 2014, in Barcelona and in other cities as well as the comrades detained in the course of Operation Pandora, we burnt a vehicle of DHL in the early hours of January 5th, 2015, in the neighbourhood of Neukölln in Berlin.

DHL was attacked not only for their collaboration with the army, but also for the reason of international distribution of vehicles of this company, which constitutes an appropriate target for sabotage actions.

Where European security agencies exchange information and prepare their common fight against the structures of resistance, the fightback and militant solidarity do not stop at borders either.

Happiness and freedom for: L., A., N., A., E., D. [& B.]

Until all are free!

Source: Linksunten Indymedia

Berlin: Solidarity action for anarchists in Spain

Freedom for the 11 captive anarchists in Madrid and Barcelona
Your repression will not stop our desire for freedom

So that the solidarity spreads! With love and strength from Berlin!

On December 20th, 2014, like in Barcelona and several cities of the Iberian Peninsula, we wanted to show a clear sign of our solidarity.

On December 16th, eleven anarchists were arrested in Barcelona and Madrid, of whom seven were sent to pretrial detention and the four walked “free” under restrictive conditions. In spite of the rain and snow, the message was clear; even though we didn’t remain a long-time with the bad weather conditions. We don’t want and we’re not going to forget the anger we felt these past days. We don’t want and we’re not going to forget that, in spite of the distance, we feel close to the prisoners. Fliers were distributed amongst the passers-by and read as well through a sound system. Approximately 50 people gathered at Kottbusser Tor, the heart of Kreuzberg in Berlin.

Freedom for all the prisoners! So that the solidarity spreads!

Some anarchists from Berlin

Buenos Aires: Solidarity action at the Spanish embassy

Freedom for the anarchists arrested in Spain (A)
They’re unable to stop us – Solidarity with the Operation Pandora prisoners (A) – Fire to the prisons – We are everywhere

On Monday, December 29th, 2014, at around 6pm, more than 30 people went to demonstrate in front of the Spanish embassy in Buenos Aires against the incarceration of the 7 anarchists detained in the course of Operation Pandora in Spain.

Spanish State: Words written a few months ago by some of the Operation Pandora prisoners

We are not all here, the prisoners are missing!


For those who struggle, solidarity is not an empty concept, distant from our offensive capacity and the conflicts that develop in the struggle itself.

For those who struggle, solidarity is not an “issue” that emerges only at particular repressive “moments”, because repression is not a “moment”, it’s an otherwise inevitable and permanent part of the state’s mechanisms against those who rebel.

For those who struggle, solidarity between those who rise against the daily misery is a constant which allows the creation and maintenance of combative ties that break the siege of harassment, isolation, imprisonment and/or immobilism.

For those who struggle, solidarity transcends the imposed borders, trying to break through them and destroy them by agitation and action.

For those who struggle, the sense of solidarity intends to dismantle the loneliness of incarceration, waging a battle against forgetting our comrades abducted by states, bringing to light the logic of domination that seeks to condemn them to surrender.

For those who struggle, solidarity seeks to translate itself into a true motive which generates gestures of rebellion that let our own break loose.

For those who struggle, no one should be alone, neither in prison, nor in the open-air prison which we live in.

For those who struggle, everything is to be decided, everything is to be done. We are to take the initiative…

For all the comrades who are still fiercely opting to break every chain.

It is up to each and every one of us to continue the struggle, until no more walls are still standing.


in Spanish (original), French

Maldonado, Uruguay: Graffiti in solidarity with comrades abducted during Operation Pandora

“If they touch one of us, they touch all of us – Immediate release of the 7 comrades abducted by the Spanish terror state – Prisoners to the streets”

A mural in the centre of Maldonado, Uruguay, in solidarity with the comrades recently arrested in the Spanish State; it should be clear that we extend solidarity with all prisoners in struggle in any region of the world.

Canary Islands: Acts of sabotage and painted slogans in solidarity with the prisoners of Operation Pandora


In support of our anarchist and feminist compañeras detained recently as part of the so-called “Pandora case”, and making clear our revulsion at this murderous capitalist and heteropatriarchal system, on the 30th of December 2014 from the colony of the Canary Islands we carried out actions of sabotage against ATMs and painted some graffiti in solidarity with the accused.

In all honesty, the feeling of solidarity that we feel towards our compañeras is an unstoppable destructive force, capable of passing through the walls and reaching their libertarian hearts, today between the bars. We call to continue to fight and support each other, as these are the pillars of our anarchist struggle. That fire burns inside like outside of our bodies.

Neither guilty nor innocent!
“If I can’t dance on the head of a cop, it’s not my revolution!”
Health, Anarchy, and Death to the Heteropatriarchal State!

A.M.O.R. (Anarchist Faggots Organising Rage)

Translated from French, originally posted in Spanish

Leipzig: Deutsche Bank stoned in solidarity with anarchists in Spain

In solidarity with anarchists arrested in Spain, we wrecked the Deutsche Bank branch in Leipzig.

On the 16th December 2014 in Spain, different police forces conducted coordinated raids in 12 apartments, resulting in 11 anarchists arrested. One of the pretexts for why the raids took place was that the accused had destroyed cashpoints.

We stand in solidarity with those affected by the state repression and thus destroyed the cashpoints and broke the windows of Deutsche Bank situated in Lindenauer Markt.

Some are affected – we are all concerned!

We support the call to violence for the 31st December 2014.

(Translated from French; originally in German from Linksunten Indymedia.)

Barcelona: Reportback from demonstration in solidarity with those detained in Operation Pandora

Freedom for prisoners (A)
We do not have fear (A)

On Saturday, December 27th, 2014, at 5pm, demonstrators took to the streets in the city centre of Barcelona in solidarity with anarchists detained in the context of Operation Pandora at the request of Judge-executioner Javier Gómez Bermúdez.

Protesters started to march on broad streets, shouting slogans in solidarity with the detainees, and against the police, prisons and the State. The demonstration ended up in the Gracia area. Upon entering this neighbourhood, hooded comrades uninhibitedly attacked many bank branches, several multinational shops, as well as the 5-star Casa Fuster hotel (which was the Nazi Germany’s consulate in Barcelona in 1936, prior to being the headquarters of the revolution’s defense committee in the spring of 1937, until it was taken by the Falange in 1939, and became a luxury hotel during the Transition, after the associative neighbourhood movement attempted to turn it into social facilities).

Despite several threats from the police to assault demonstrators, a good part of the comrades withstood together to keep attacking the representatives of Capital in the city. We called it a day after disposing the material used for attacks, and then marched in groups away from the area.

No arrests were reported.

Immediate release of our comrades!

Fire to this social peace built on our imprisoned brothers and sisters!

Death to the State and long live anarchy!

Portugal: Solidarity gathering at the Spanish embassy in Lisbon

“Gag Law is a return to fascism” – “Freedom for Pandora case prisoners”

On December 29th, 2014, at about 6pm, people in solidarity with the anarchists arrested in “Operation Pandora” gathered in front of the Spanish embassy in Lisbon. Cops were present during the action, protecting the building, and several police vans were stationed in a side street. We unfurled banners, and distributed fliers as well as pamphlets regarding the “Gag Law” and the 7 comrades who have been kidnapped by the Spanish State. We also handed out texts about the situation of other anarchists, imprisoned by the Greek State.

About two hours later, we pinned copies of a letter by Mónica Caballero on Operation Pandora to a banner opposite the embassy building, which represents the terrorism of the Spanish State. We then marched towards Rossio Square followed by police vans, which were stuck in heavy traffic. So, we had the chance of “redecorating” the square, and continued to distribute fliers to passers-by.

Freedom for anarchist prisoners!
Down with the walls of all prisons!