Berlin: Santander bank smashed in Prenzlauer Berg

During the night of 18th-19th March, we took action with hammers and stones against the Santander bank on Schönhauser Allee. Eight windows were broken.

We stand in solidarity with all the chosen forms of protest that were supported yesterday [March 18th 2015] in the street in Frankfurt. Against the repressive authorities and the dominant conditions here and everywhere!

For M18, day of the official celebrations of the inauguration of the ECB [European Central Bank], which were accompanied by an army of 10,000 cops and mass demonstrations throughout Frankfurt, we made use of the calm in Berlin to express our solidarity with anarchists affected by repression (Operation Pandora) in Barcelona, and to send a pleasant greeting to Mainhattan [Frankfurt am Main].

We chose a branch of the Santander bank because it is a role model for many hard-nosed financial and investment institutions. The Spanish Banco Santander is one of the largest banking institutions worldwide; it maintains relations with the arms industry and invests heavily in the arms trade, in companies that manufacture and sell all kinds of weapons, bombs, explosives, missiles, nuclear weapons, etc.; alongside many other controversial investments, such as financing environmentally destructive firms, the Santander bank is involved in the Compañía Española de Seguros de Crédito a la Exportación (CESCE), an export credit agency which is responsible for southern Europe’s external debt (at least 3.5 billion euros per year) and is therefore a factor that causes impoverishment in those countries; the Santander bank is the only financial institution that manages the cash flow in Spanish prisons, which corresponds to approximately a 100 million euros per year; they are likewise involved, as are numerous large banks, in forced evictions which they need to be held accountable for, in the wake of the housing crisis…

Institutions that enrich themselves financially through suffering, impoverishment, war and exploitation, as well as by repression of those targeted, deserve no facade intact!

Our solidarity against their arrogance!

Destroika all the shit!

Smithereens in the night

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