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Marseille: Rat Attack – callout for collective works

More info from ratattack.noblogs.org

For the Rat Attack gathering, we will need to open a building. We therefore call for collective works from the 14th of July to start
working on the building together and prepare the gathering. We need help. On top of it, it will be a possibility to meet together, having chill discussions, create links, talk about our struggles and hammer nails.

We will give the address and more details a few weeks before, stay tuned
We need you

in French

Marseille: A small but pleasant wild night-time demo

After the up all night, a hundred people left as a wild demo at around 2am on Friday 22nd April. On the menu, shouts, some mess, street furniture and a few windows in Saint Fe[rréol] damaged, as well as some bins overturned. Nothing extraordinary, but all the same a beautiful and spontaneous collective energy that again shows nothing is finished.

We’ll find ourselves on the 28th and we won’t give in!

Marseille: Message from friends that were in custody following the Manba squat eviction, rue Bel Air

Without repeating here and right now everything that happened, a short recap, we’ll start by informing you that all 3 people have been freed yesterday [April 14th]. Two amongst us have been summoned to the criminal court on June 10th at 2pm for: destruction/criminal damage/defacement of a building intended for worship, as a group, and refusing DNA.

We narrowly avoided having to sign on at the police station, but regardless are under bail conditions. Another friend received a summons to the police station. The driving license of a mate is still in the hands of the cops…

Raw and personal, without having any analysis within, because we haven’t yet really had the time to do so:

We very very very much thank all the friends/people that mobilised, that raced against time, those aware on the outside, that took care of everything, who waited for court appearances, who waiting at the exit of the court, diffused calls for support, yet we didn’t have any info between our four disgusting jail walls, with the light on permanently and the pressure. We won’t say it was easy when we were inside. We’ll just say that it immensely warmed our hearts to know, when in the end the lawyer intervened, when we saw you when leaving the court, and when we found you later.

If they piss us off, if they arrest us to do with squats, if they come find us in plainclothes – when entering the house by passing as mates – it’s very much because we annoy them. This isn’t a local politic: recall the 8 no borders arrested in Calais, in a squat, not so long ago? Time spent in preventative custody, all freed by the judge, not guilty… So we’ll be a little bit careful again, and we’ll continue what we’ve done so far. Because we’re not able to do otherwise, because this is in us, because 24, 48 hours of custody, months of prison with or without suspended sentences, fines, harassment, changes nothing. Our determination yesterday was strong, and is only stronger today.

We’ll continue to burn the borders and house refugees, with or without papers.
We won’t give up on this matter, whatever it costs and despite the ever increasing intimidation attempts. We’ll beat these trials that come with it and we’ll hold our heads high.

Open the borders now, we’re not going back!

via Marseille Autonomous Info | in Italian

Marseille: April 14th demo – No austerity for teargas

Strike breakers – Traitors

A new demonstration in the struggle against the El Khomri Law (but clearly not only) was called for this Thursday April 14th at 10am, in the centre of Marseille, to not give up this dynamic that has been put in place during this month of diverse and varied demonstrations…

Less people than usual, as the calls were not very widely circulated, and a mobilisation in the morning during the week is a bit more difficult to achieve, especially in the quite short time period between the call-outs and the date. But this didn’t stop a lot of people again leaving on a wild demo in the centres streets, after some time hesitating before leaving.

We pass in front of the Medef [Movement of the Enterprises of France], that is still marked from the last encounter with Saturday’s demo, and cops are protecting. This time, they are all smart, completely clean, complete cops, not like their colleagues who don’t know how to look after their uniform. We don’t miss the opportunity to point this out. Next we go back up the streets to kick the ass of the CFDT [French Democratic Confederation of Labour] “unionists” who see nothing wrong with the content of the Labour Law and the world, as it is satisfying. They therefore received lots of paint bombs, and graffiti publicly expressed who they are: strike breakers.

The march carries on, continuing with slogans, with some new little sympathetic attempts: “On the streets? The youth! Under the streets? The cops!” or again “Ah, it’ll be, it’ll be, it’ll be, and the bosses will get it”. The march is fast and mobile, and the cops are generally caught short. We even arrive to the doors of the Prefecture, open, with people in front guarding. At the moment, it’s almost an invitation!

And finally the cops show up, panicking from the moment where we took one step on the road passing in front of the Prefecture. One short one amongst them, runs and comes gassing to no end, while the demonstrators had already arrived until there, with their colleagues throwing teargas grenades pretty much everywhere on the square, even so, nothing special really happen. But their efforts combined with their their quick decision, made them shower the terraces with gas, which the wind sent elsewhere.

From this moment, the demo was stretched a bit and accelerated, the demonstration returned onto Cours Lieutand after abandoning the square of the Prefecture. There, barricades were mounted with bins across the route (and the bins marked out the rest of the route), but they didn’t hold.

None the less , all this caused a nice mess in the traffic, also to allow to slow down the arrival of the police from the station, to therefore protect ourselves, and the march went back up towards Cours Julien, to head to the Canebière.

Once more, without a lot happening at this moment, the CRS [riot cops] launch gas again in all directions on the Cours Julien descent up until Lieutaud, following the demonstrators, that rushed onto Rue de l’Académie to rejoin Rue de Rome, still followed. Special mention to the teargas shot directly into the bins, that fell onto the feet of the cops that were further ahead. It’s always funny to see. […]

Still followed, what remained of the march redirected towards Cours Julien across Rue Estelle to disperse, which was done calmly. Whilst everyone dispersed, several BAC cars (3?) and police vans (4?) raced towards Cours Julien and organised a type of filtering roadblock around it. […]

The days results, it was still good to maintain the dynamic awaiting the forthcoming return of college and school students, in hoping that the lastest demos that took place will continue with a vengeance! It’s nonetheless a shame that the march didn’t manage to physically protect itself from the cop pursuit, that weren’t so many, which as we saw on previous occasions, can be pushed back by collective energy and cohesion. But this is only a postponement, no doubt that the demonstration to come will guard and surround itself from its troublemakers of struggle. In any case, it’s shouldn’t be funny for them to run around in the sun in their armour, and it’s already pretty nice to make them crazy (which they are).

With the Socialist Party, the Medef and the CFDT, that play their role as the brakes on the struggle, there’s lots left to foresee! Given the collective intelligence and inventiveness of the movement, we will continue onwards. It’s enough to want it. And to organise to do it.

Develop blockades, critique and struggle!

Towards an unlimited general strike!

Marseille: Short report-back on the night-time wild demo of April 16th

Pictures of the Action Française [French Action] office on Rue Navarin

After many hours sat down at the Up All Night [Nuit Debout] (?!), a few people spoke to call to leave as a wild demo. A good part of the gathering got up for a little tour in town…

Two hundred people descended Rue Estelle around 11:30pm shouting “strike, blockade, wild demo”, “Marseille, get up, stand up” and “Law, work, withdraw the two”. The demo headed towards the Socialist Party office, that was coated in small messages, whose windows are very well protected. Not a long pause, leaving towards the well-hidden Front National small office, not far from Place Castellane. Shutters closed, and a few nearby passers-by encouraging the demo, even join for a short distance.

We leave again towards the Plaine, this time via Rue Navarin. And this time, Action Française fash* don’t have the anti-riot cops to protect their office. So the windows aren’t protected, and their door is quickly destroyed, to shouts of “No fash in our neighbourhoods, no neighbourhoods for the fash”, with smiles from the neighbourhoods residents that see everything take place.

Still shouting slogans against the El-Khomry law, work and police, the demo quickly joined the Plaine, then Cours Julien, where the Up All Night is ongoing.

*Note: fash as slang for fascists, similar to ‘fachos’ in French.

Source: Marseille Autonomous Info | in Portuguese

Marseille: Eviction of third Manba ends with 3 comrades in custody, as well as home raided

Manba 2 that was evicted last week on Rue Chape. The banner reads: Self-managed social centre Manba.

This afternoon April 12th, the latest Manba was evicted by numerous cops, we faced two arrests and police violence. This squat opening followed the eviction of Manba 2 (last week). Article updated (again), April 16th.

Manba was opened a few days ago on Rue Bel Air, in a building empty for several years. The opening allowed the continuation of events at Manba: welcoming migrants, collective workshops, political meetings, freeshop… This place also wanted to be a meeting point between struggles at this time of social movement.

The police turned up on April 12th and stayed for several hours in front of the building, occupied at the time by five comrades (including one arrested the evening of April 12th). An “expert architect” showed up to pretend that the building was dangerous, although it wasn’t sanctioned as dangerous or unfit. The eviction after 48 hours of occupation was therefore an illegal eviction. People came in support against the eviction, around 20-30, who were then violently handled by cops, so the numbers then swelled throughout the confrontation. After pushing back supporters, cops then completely blocked the street and access to the building, which they eventually entered, bringing out the occupants and proceeding to arrest one of them.

The supporters then tried to avert the arrest by blocking the police van at the top of the street, on [the main road] Cours Lietuad, whilst the cops very violently reciprocated with baton blows and gas. The supporters persisted in resisting, notably trying to protect themselves by overturning bins between the cops and themselves, the former then mounted a wave of violence, not hesitating to gas people non-stop whilst also beating them to the ground. Taking advantage of their numbers they then arrested another person, taking them down and violently beating them with several blows of telescopic batons.

The Municipal and National Cops have shown their violence, and very arrogantly, like last week. The 40-50 people who came in support continued up to the Plaine as a wild march, systematically overturning bins on the route and were again gassed by the BAC [Anti-Crime Brigade] cops before dispersing.

So that Manba lives on, again! Some air, some air, open the borders!
Solidarity and support with the arrestees! Freedom for them!

Note from Contra Info: News from the streets is that a number of police bikes were expropriated during the conflict on Cours Lieutaud, cops were also attacked, including a BAC officer being punched in the stomach.

Summary of news on the three arrestees (including a home arrest):

Yesterday April 13th, the cops embarked on a home visit to a person who was present during the eviction on April 12th of the new Manba. She was subsequently placed in custody to appear [in court] accused of ‘criminal damage to a place of worship’.

Update fom 1:40pm, April 14th: The three people arrested following the eviction of Manba 3 will be brought before the prosecution this Thursday 14th April … Following the consecutive evictions of Manba 2 and 3 in recent days by the police, as well as the 3 arrests (one being a home arrest) which have taken place – call-out for a support gathering against evictions of new social spaces and in solidarity with migrants, Saturday 16th April at 10:30am on the Plaine.

April 14th: Two of the three people arrested around the story of the Manba 3 eviction (one the same day and one the next) were released this evening under judicial restrictions, and a summons for a subsequent trial, for ‘criminal damage of a place of worship’ at least. The third person arrested was released from court the same evening after passing before the prosecutor.

All our solidarity!

French | Italian | German

France: Another agitated demo in the streets of Marseille

Some paint, things broken, overturned bins, gas and at least one arrest* – April 9th

Around 2pm Place de Gaulle; approximately a thousand people pass in front of the CGT parade to take the front of the demo. 10,000, maybe 20,000 people were present in total.

The very classic Canebière to Liauteaud passed calmly. And when everyone awaited the arrival of the demo in Castellane, surprise, the head of the demo went off on a wild demo towards Baille. In an atmosphere distinctly more offensive and masked, 500 people took rue Lodi. An intent to say hello to the small fascists at 14 rue Navarin was attempted but the BAC cops watched over to protect them, and we were prevented from accessing the street.

The march then left again towards the city centre and the tension escalated again. Graffiti became apparent, bins were systematically overturned in the middle of the road, banks and publicity boards now have to change their windows. A beautiful mess rocked St Ferréol shopping street. Further along, in front of the Medef [Movement of the Enterprises of France] a few CRS anti-riot cops seemed less laid-back to see hundreds of people encircle them. Fittingly, as a few minutes later, while receiving cans and stones, they were repainted with an extinguisher, at the same time as the front of the Medef. The tear-gassing started just after.

In the confusion that followed, the BAC cops made an arrest. It would of once again been possible to attempt a de-arrest, but unfortunately not enough people seeked to liberate the person.

The march arrived on the Canebière avenue and steered itself towards Vieux-Port; we sensed it would’ve discomforted the cops to gas everyone on a Saturday afternoon, it would’ve inconvenienced the tourists…

After a pause at the City Hall and a new paint job on the cops, the demonstration went back up Canebière. CRS buses that felt impunity along the march took some kicks and blows from bars. This was followed by a charge of cops. The march then dispersed at Cours Julien.

Contrary to the victimisation discourses we can hear here and there in assemblies, whether it be at this demo or at another, the cops don’t attack us freely for their pleasure. It’s when we become aggressive and dangerous that the State unleashes its guard dogs to restore order. Rather than cry and complain of the repression, let’s organise for the battle!

* The arrestee was released after agreeing to an immediate appearance in court, with six-month suspended sentence and 160 hours of General Interest Works (TIG).

Marseille, France: Prisoner letter writing workshop in solidarity with ELF/ALF prisoner Rebecca Rubin and Gaël in Nantes

Prisoner letter writing workshop – Sunday 10th April 2016 2-6pm. In support of ELF and ALF prisoner Rebecca Rubin, and to Gaël, in prison for 6 months following Nantes demonstration against the El Khomri Law [Labour Minister]

Since the month of January prisoner letter writing workshops have taken place at the Le Kiosque [Marseille], the first occasion for the day of solidarity with trans prisoners, then in support of Osman Evcan, in prison since 30 years old and begins his 4th hunger strike to receive vegan meals, for himself and all prisoners.

This time it’s especially in solidarity with Rebecca Rubin, who’s serving a 5 year prison sentence for arsons, attempted arson, and conspiracy to commit arson in the states of Colorado, Oregon and California in the name of the ELF and ALF between 1996 and 2001 [she also participated in freeing wild horses in California and Oregon]. One of the arsons in 1998 notably destroyed $12 million of a ski resort. She has always refused to provide the names of other participants in these arsons.

In 2006, she learnt she was being sought after for the arsons, whilst the media didn’t hesitate to compare her to Osama bin Laden. Initially she refused to hand herself in and was later arrested in 2012 by the FBI.

And with Gaël: In Nantes, during one of the demonstrations against the labour law, seven people were placed in custody. Two were released with summonses whilst Gaël remained locked up until his trial on Monday 21st March, where he was sentenced to 6 months in prison.

Meet in the afternoon of Sunday 10th April from 2pm at Le Kiosque (38 rue Clovis Hugues, Belle de Mai):

Letter writing workshop
Anti-prison radio shows

Solidarity is a weapon

As of May 2014, Rebecca is now at FCI Dublin:

Rebecca Rubin
FCI Dublin
5701 8th Street – Camp Parks
Dublin, California 94568

in German and Portuguese

Marseille, France: Banner in support of Gaël, sentenced to 6 months in prison after Nantes demo

Freedom for Gaël. Fuck the police.

On March 17th during a demonstration in Nantes against the Labour Law, several people were arrested. Gaël spent 48 hours detained before being being remanded by the court. On Monday 21st, he faced an immediate appearance in court and was sentenced to 6 months in prison.

Today [March 24th] in Marseille, during a new day of demonstrations, a solidarity banner was placed on the bridge.

From Marseille to Nantes: Solidarity!

Freedom for Gaël!

Note from Contra Info: In France, a “comparution immédiate” is a way to swiftly judge and sentence someone immediately after being detained.

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Marseille, France: Banner drop in solidarity with Osman Evcan and translation of text

Solidarity with Osman Evcan, Turkish prisonner on hunger strike. Fire to the cells!

A banner was dropped on the bridge of Cours Julien in Marsielle on March 18th, in solidarity with Osman Evcan and to support his hunger strike. A French translation of More than vegan package … No Surrender! was also produced, which details Osman’s situation.

in German

Marseille, France: Banners for the international day against police brutality

What do the police do? It’s blindingly obvious! ACAB
The police murder! Never forget, never forgive. 1312.

Some banners dropped on March 19th for the international day against police brutality. One for those mutilated and one for those murdered, on two Marseille bridges: Cours Julien and Saint Charles train station.


in German

Marseille, France: Incendiary attack against a GDF Suez car in solidarity with Calais

Received March 19th:

In recent weeks, the State and its “good” army have intensified their attacks against our friends in Calais, between two racist pogroms unleashed by fascists. But those who attack libertarian networks should expect strong reactions.

If the houses built in Calais are destroyed, we’ll destroy the repressive infrastructure, in Marseille like anywhere else.

In response to the destruction and attacks against the Calais Jungle, we burned a van of {Cofely – GDF Suez}, who profit from the management of so-called “migrants” by participating in the construction of detention centres in France and in Italy – Friday 4th March in the neighbourhood of Baille.

The struggle against all borders, States, and the society of exclusion and eviction, will continue.

For a solidarity-based life.

(Insomniac Owls with Internationalist Mood and Incandescent Humour)

in German and Italian

Marseille, France: Week of action in solidarity with resistance in Calais

Received March 16th:

Following the recent evictions in Calais, a week of action in solidarity with the resistance of the ’’jungle’’ took place in Marseille. The various actions contained in this communique were anonymously contributed by numerous individuals and groups. All the targets chosen collaborate in the repression, subjugation and deportation of migrant and/or paperless people in Calais and elsewhere.
Below is the list of actions as they were communicated by those responsible:

* 500 stickers including “No to evictions/deportations(*) – Solidarity with the resistance in Calais”, “Migrants welcome – bring your mates”, “Collaborators – Solidarity with sans papiers in Calais”, as well as various others in French and English, distributed throughout the city.

* Several small actions took place Sunday 6 March:
Posters of FN (Front National) were destroyed and pro migration slogans spray painted on a wall nearby.
Tires punctured of a vehicle belonging to Orange Telecom (linked to the state).
“Collaborator in deportations/evictions” spraypainted on 3 postboxes of La Poste.
One cash point and security camera sabotaged with paint at BNP Paribas bank on Avenue de la Corderie – “collabo” written next to the ATM.
La Poste building also spraypainted with “Collaborator in evictions/deportations”.

* 200 posters pasted around Noailles, Belle de Mai and National (1st and 3rd districts) with four different posters: “Solidarity with the sans papiers in Calais”, “Solidarity with the resistance in Calais” and “Solidarity with the hunger strikes in Calais” (the latter in French and English).

* Wednesday 9th March early morning:
Banner drop reading “Solidarity with the resistance in Calais – no-one is illegal”
Slogans spraypainted “no documents, no deportations/evictions”, “burn the borders, burn the state”, “no borders – no state – no problems” “Vinci collaborators in evictions/deportations” and “No to deportations/evictions”.

* Thursday 10th March at 4.30am: Red Cross building, Rue Baille, 5th district. Windows smashed with rocks and locks sabotaged. Against the ‘humanitarian’ collaborators and their attempts of softening the violence of the borders. There are no peaceful evictions.

* Two collaborating LCL cash machines put out of service.
One metropole car sabotaged and “calais” painted on roof.

* Graffiti against six Groupe SOS buildings in the 1st; 3rd & 7th districts: 200 & 357 blvd national, 3 blvd grigou, 2 rue grigan (locks broken as well), 24a rue fort notre-dame, 1 blvd charles livron.
Also two post offices : 184 blvd national and place bernard de cabinet.
“Collaborator in evictions/deportations”, “Solidarity with the sans papiers in Calais” and “Solidarity with the resistance in Calais”

* Night of Thursday 10th: Graffiti and paint bombs against 3 Red Cross buildings around Boulevard Chave in the 5th district (a charity shop and the headquarters). Messages painted: “Solidarity with Calais” and “Collaborator in evictions”.

* A group of us decided to make a banner reading “Destroy all Borders- Solidarity with the eviction resistance in Calais” in French, Arabic, and English. We took a photo with some comrades holding the banner, as a small gesture to those struggling in Calais. This happened on Friday.

(*) Translators note: the word “expulsions” in French can mean interchangeably deportation and/or evictions, due to this, where the word expulsions has been used in the original French we have decided to always translate in both forms since we do not know the intentions of the contributors. Where specificity was either implied or openly stated, we have used the direct translation.

For the poster of the communique click here

in French | German | Portuguese

Collaborator in evictions/deportations

Groupe SOS collaborate in evictions/deportations in Calais
Solidarity with the resistance in Calais – Collaborator in evictions/deportations
Red Cross France
Collaborator in evictions – Solidarity with Calais

Marseille, France: Incendiary attack against luxury cars

In the morning of Friday 26th February at around 3:30am, we gained access to a ‘secure’ private parking serving a yuppie block in the 7th district, Marseille, and set fire to two luxury vehicles. A box of firelighters were placed under a front tire of each vehicle, which quickly ignited before bursting into flames as we departed, thereby bringing a brief “state of emergency” to the doorsteps of a bourgie few.

We dedicate this attack to the four combatants imprisoned by the Belgian state in the “maxi-prison trial” of the 19th February, and to others accused in the same case.

Fire to the prisons and the world that protects them!

With kisses,
Persons unknown

Note from Contra Info: In fact, four individuals were each given a 10 month suspended prison sentence for a conditional period of 3 years in the trial of the maxi-prison model destruction. Furthermore, the six charged each received €600 fines, making a total of €3,600. The prosecutor’s most relevant piece of incriminating evidence to convict them as a group is the fact that they refused to apologise on the subject.

Portuguese | Italian, Spanish via Attaque

Marseille, France: Nocturnal surprise at the Spanish Consulate

On February 6th 2014, the guardia civil assassinated several dozen migrants who attempted to enter Spain by swimming. On the occasion of this sad anniversary and following the call for solidarity acts sent from Rabat [Morocco’s capital], a few comrades were motivated to express their disagreement with “fortress europe” and their rage against all the violence produced by the murderous entities that are the nation-states. Therefore the consulate was tagged with “06/02/2014 SPAIN KILLS MIGRANTS” and “KILLER”. The facade and the front door also took a few paint bombs.

Solidarity without limits!
Against borders and the world that produces them!

Source: Marseille Autonomous Info (February 20th 2016)

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Learning From SHAC: Winter European Speaking Tour

Poster also in French and Spanish

We are pleased to announce our Winter European Speaking Tour across France, the Basque Country & Spain.

Friday 29th January – Dijon | 7pm | Eternel Detour, 16ter rue de Fontaine-lès-Dijon, Dijon

Saturday 30th January – Grenoble | 12pm | Parpaing Paillette, 104 avenue Ambroise Croizat, Saint Martin D’here

Saturday 30th January – Lyon | 8pm | l’Atelier des Canulars Canulars Workshop, 91 rue Montesquieu, Lyon

Sunday 31st January – Marseille | 7pm | Le Raccoon, Place du Lycée Thiers, Marseille

Monday 1st February – Toulouse | 5.30pm | Self-managed Social Centre of Toulouse (CREA)

Wednesday 3rd February – Pamplona | 6pm | Iruñeko Gaztetxea, Konpania Kalea, 3, Pamplona

Thursday 4th February – San Sebastian | 12pm | EHU Gipuzkoako Kanpusa, Donostia

Thursday 4th February – Zarautz | 8.30pm | Putzuzulo, 20800 Zarautz

Saturday 6th February – Bilbao | 5pm | Izar Beltz Social Centre, Bilbao

Sunday 7th FebruaryGijon | 5pm | Centru Social La Llume. C/Nava 1 (Esq. Avenida de Portugal), Xixón, Asturies

About the Talks

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) was the most powerful and effective international grassroots animal liberation campaign the world has ever seen. After more than a decade of using innovative and groundbreaking activism against Europe`s largest animal testing laboratory HLS, the campaign finally ended in 2014, following years of state repression and the imprisonment of dozens of activists.

This presentation will analyse and critically reflect on the history, tactics and repression of the SHAC campaign. It will look at the importance of SHAC and what can be learned from the successes and failures of the campaign. There will be discussion of the use and effects of repression on the animal liberation movement and how this is affecting our activism today. We will learn about the importance of solidarity and understanding the role of the state when fighting dominant industries and how we can work differently to make our activism more sustainable and resilient to repression in future. The presentation will include the personal stories of one of the SOCPA7 defendants and an ex-prisoner from one of the earlier Conspiracy to Blackmail cases.

There will also be information on the ongoing SHAC case against Sven and Natasha, who are currently waiting to be extradited to the UK for their trial and face up to 14 years in prison.

For more info:


French | German

Marseille, France: Banner drop in solidarity with trans prisoners

In the night of 21st to 22nd January, at midnight, a few people came and hung a banner on the bridge of cours julien in Marseille, in solidarity with trans prisoners to mark the beginning of this day of action. We hope that this will be the start of an international movement for finishing prisons.


German | Portuguese

Marseille, France: Solidarity for imprisoned transpeople

In solidarity with trans prisoners throughout the world, a day of solidarity has been organised on January 23rd from 2pm at Le Kiosque [Marseille] with film-screening, letter-writing workshop and vegan snacks!

January 22nd is the international day of solidarity with imprisoned transpeople. This day was initiated by Marius Mason, a vegan and transperson imprisoned in the US for 22 years, one of the longest sentences for a Green Scare prisoner.

We all know that the prison destroys beings and bodies, wanting to crush revolts and stifle the initiatives, letters and actions of prisoners. Trans prisoners suffer twice the prison penalty and the physical and emotional stress of a real cage. Historically the struggle against prisons and incarceration has always involved transpeople, as a fight led by trans prisoners and their supporters.

Like all precarious persons, transpeople are extensively likely to be incarcerated for their very survival and existence. Too often, imprisoned individuals are forgotten, yet the overwhelming majority of transwomen are still incarcerated in mens prisons, and the entirety of trans prisoners experience violence, rape and humiliation daily, associated with their trans-identity.

Incareration is there to scare us as an attempt to prevent us from fighting. Our best response is to pursue our struggles, display solidarity and continue to fight against all forms of imprisonment and oppression!

Meet Saturday 23rd January at Le Kiosque (38 rue Clovis Hugues) at 2pm!

Against all forms of incarceration!

Solidarity with imprisoned transpeople!

Freedom for all!

French | Macedonian

Marseille, France: SHAC Infotour in support of Sven & Natasha in the Netherlands

SHAC Infotour: A presentation on the SHAC campaign by activists from England in support of Sven and Natasha, two individuals charged in the Netherlands.

Sunday 31st January 2016 at Le Racoon, Place du Lycée Thiers.

Vegan food 7pm, presentation 8pm.

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) was the most powerful and effective international grassroots animal liberation campaign the world has ever seen. After more than a decade of using innovative and groundbreaking resistance against Europe’s largest animal testing laboratory HLS, the campaign finally ended last year, following years of state repression and the imprisonment of dozens of organisers.

This info talk will analyse and critically reflect on the history, tactics and repression of the SHAC campaign. It will look at the importance of SHAC and what can be learned from the successes and failures of the campaign. There will be discussion of the use and effects of repression on the animal liberation movement and how this is affecting our work today – including the implications for all political struggles.

We will learn about the importance of solidarity and understanding the role of the state when fighting dominant industries and how we can work differently to make our fight more sustainable and resilient to repression in future.

The talk will include the personal stories of an ex-prisoner who served 3.5 years for her role in the SHAC campaign and one of the recent SOCPA7 defendants. There will also be information on the ongoing SHAC case against Sven and Natasha, who are currently waiting to be extradited to the UK for their trial and face up to 14 years in prison.

French | German

Marseille, France: Rat Attack – animal liberation and radical ecology gathering this summer

Click here for text as flyer in pdf format

This summer, from the 25th to 31st of July 2016, the first Rat Attack will take place in Marseille, a gathering surrounding animal liberation and radical ecology, to meet each other, share and organise together.

We refuse to remain passive faced with this world that has sworn to ensure our misery. When everything’s always rapidly worsening faster, attacks against the earth and the lives that inhabit it are becoming increasingly more violent; while we’re always getting locked up in ever more elaborate ways, with death that spreads even into our hearts.

This misery is also the domestication, exploitation and murder of non-humans which are both ignored and legitimised by those who pretend to be fighting against any form of hierarchy. Yet at the same time, it’s a consequence and a symptom of dominations logic that’s extending all around us. If we refuse the submission imposed upon us, we also refuse to impose it upon others. It’s also why we oppose in any form the fascisation of the antispeciecist movement, from the far-right to their inevitable apolitical apologists who only ever dream of a green capitalism. What they don’t understand, is that the nature of capitalism itself is based on the domestication and exploitation of every being surrounding it.

The rage that consumes us reminds us that it’s every aspect of our lives that are at war. A war against our bodies, our existence and our struggles, making them more necessary than ever. Our hopes have been extinguished, overshadowed by the artificial desires and beacons of capital’s monstrous cities. We’re not waiting for a distant utopia gained by reforms and state requests, we want to transform this entire system into ruins, because there’s nothing to save,from its rotting foundations to its sophisticated tactics to control us.

All of this ignites the fire living inside us and gives us the strength to fight. With you this summer we want to make this fire thrive. So come with your backpack and rage to together build a stronger movement, to share practices and experiences, but also with analysis and info stalls to better understand and fight against our common enemies.

Because we want to build this project collectively we are calling for you to join us, by contacting us to organise workshops and discussions during the camp, as well as support and information events to establish this project.

We certainly won’t be there to reproduce violent situations that we’re already experiencing everyday. Don’t be a scumbag, let’s be mindful of each other so we can be dangerous together.

Contact us at ratattack[at]riseup.net
(our pgp public key available for more security)

in French and German

Marseille, France: New Years in front of Baumettes Prison

Firecrackers, fireworks and solidarity for the prisoners

For the evening of New Years, at midnight we were around thirty people in front of Baumettes Prison, to throw firecrackers, fireworks and shout our solidarity towards the people incarcerated.

We distinctly heard the women in the women’s prison, as well as the men based in the exterior buildings.

Freedom for all!
Let’s destroy all prisons and this horrible system that produces them!

in Italian

Marseille, France: Reportback from the non-mixed night march of March 7th

The following communiqué was written collectively by a small group of participants in a non-mixed night demo that took place in Marseille on 7/3/2015.

No State, No Patriarchy, No Compromise – Feminist Bash Back: Total Liberation

Your hands on my hips = My fist in your face

We are tired of having to deal with this hetero-patriarchal world. Tired of being scared to go out at night; tired of not being listened to, of being crushed, made invisible, and of being discredited.

We vomit on the state, its parity and its tragically comical jokes aimed to make us believe in any small advances. We don’t want that. We long for something that can be born only from the ashes of it all. Our feminism is insurrectional and full of anger, it’s sick of being comprehensive and pacifist, it longs to be effective and it longs to see our aggressors in tears.

The night of the 7th of March, following a callout [“between women, feminists, dykes, meufs*, trans and lesbians”], we therefore decided to make it clear to those who have once more ignored that the streets belong to us.

Listen dude, I’m explaining to you: Shut your mouth!

It was already night time when we met up in front of Longchamp Palace. We were around 400 women, dykes and transpeople. The atmosphere was euphoric; everyone seemed to be pretty pleased at the idea to march into the city without cis males explaining how to do it all. Quite a few different things were organised: banners and placards very creative with clever wording, lists of chants, leaflets explaining why the march was non-mixed and legal information were passed around; a large part of all this was explained in sign language. Unfortunately, some cissexist people had the bad idea to bring a placard in the shape of a cunt, excluding transpeople present.

The demonstration left with lots of motivation towards Réformés under the light of several DIY flaming torches, amidst many slogans and chants, including “The street pleases us; we want to walk in peace” & “Women, join us” (but sadly not people who don’t fit within the gender binary, or transmen…) to motivate people from outside of the demo to join in.

At this moment, our small group, masked up and dressed in black began to tag the walls and spray-paint a passing tram with feminist and trans slogans and symbols. At the beginning, people around us weren’t so happy with this, but in time a few people came and showed their support. Nearby to La Plaine, two BACs [Anti-Crime Brigade plainclothes cops] tried to join the demonstration and stared down at those who were tagging away from the rest of the demo, but they were ejected by demonstrators who reminded them vigorously that the march was non-mixed. Sometime later, with tags continuing to spread out along the route, a branch of Postal Bank received several cans of pink paint.

A lot of men were present on the terraces of bars this Saturday night, trying to yell sexist remarks to piss off demonstrators. Vehement reactions of solidarity from others around us forced these individuals to leave us alone. For example, there was one man on a scooter who tried to pass by forcing through the middle of the crowd and received many hits from placards and a spray of teargas from one participant, or another guy who didn’t want the demo to pass in front of his bar and so received a new paint job. There were, however, some not so nice incidents inside the procession, notably some transpeople who were misgendered or received remarks questioning their presence. And so several rubbish bins were set on fire; other people inside the march decided to play cop/firefighter and extinguished them as they passed. If these people are reading this text, special dedication: we do not need pacifiers. Despite all of this, after nearly three hours of marching we descended to the Vieux Port, where the demonstration ended calmly without any trouble with the cops or arrests (as far as we know).

What came out of this march was notably an alliance against the cops and irritating guys, and a respect for the method of action of everybody much more than elsewhere; even with several reformists who were visibly somewhat lost and who tried to make an issue with other people because they were masked up and tagging. Within our small group, as well as more generally, the organisation and communication between demonstrators worked well. Several precautions were put in place in case of problems with the cops and the justice system, which was reassuring even if luckily we didn’t need to use them. This was a very positive experience for us, which empowered us a lot and, apparently, the majority of participants. We hope that another march like this will happen soon, despite the disappointment of not having had any other stealthy comrades. Let’s spread a burst of collective destruction for the next occasions to come.

We have spent too much time defending ourselves, time to be on the offensive!

We would like to take this moment to communicate our support for Fran Thomson, long-term prisoner and victim of repression from the sexist state.

Solidarity with all victims of hetero-patriarchy!

*The term ‘meufs’ is non-derogatory ‘backwards slang’ for women

Marseille, France: Solidarity with anarchist prisoner Emma Sheppard

“All of Marseille hates the police!”

Thursday 12th March 2015 from 7pm
Vegan food at La Rage Ga, Marseille
For address email : laragega[at]riseup.net

On February 24th, 2015, anarchist prisoner Emma Sheppard was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment at Bristol Crown Court for “committing criminal damage recklessly endangering life.” The charge relates to damage of police cars in the Bristol area. Continue reading Marseille, France: Solidarity with anarchist prisoner Emma Sheppard