Marseille: Eviction of third Manba ends with 3 comrades in custody, as well as home raided

Manba 2 that was evicted last week on Rue Chape. The banner reads: Self-managed social centre Manba.

This afternoon April 12th, the latest Manba was evicted by numerous cops, we faced two arrests and police violence. This squat opening followed the eviction of Manba 2 (last week). Article updated (again), April 16th.

Manba was opened a few days ago on Rue Bel Air, in a building empty for several years. The opening allowed the continuation of events at Manba: welcoming migrants, collective workshops, political meetings, freeshop… This place also wanted to be a meeting point between struggles at this time of social movement.

The police turned up on April 12th and stayed for several hours in front of the building, occupied at the time by five comrades (including one arrested the evening of April 12th). An “expert architect” showed up to pretend that the building was dangerous, although it wasn’t sanctioned as dangerous or unfit. The eviction after 48 hours of occupation was therefore an illegal eviction. People came in support against the eviction, around 20-30, who were then violently handled by cops, so the numbers then swelled throughout the confrontation. After pushing back supporters, cops then completely blocked the street and access to the building, which they eventually entered, bringing out the occupants and proceeding to arrest one of them.

The supporters then tried to avert the arrest by blocking the police van at the top of the street, on [the main road] Cours Lietuad, whilst the cops very violently reciprocated with baton blows and gas. The supporters persisted in resisting, notably trying to protect themselves by overturning bins between the cops and themselves, the former then mounted a wave of violence, not hesitating to gas people non-stop whilst also beating them to the ground. Taking advantage of their numbers they then arrested another person, taking them down and violently beating them with several blows of telescopic batons.

The Municipal and National Cops have shown their violence, and very arrogantly, like last week. The 40-50 people who came in support continued up to the Plaine as a wild march, systematically overturning bins on the route and were again gassed by the BAC [Anti-Crime Brigade] cops before dispersing.

So that Manba lives on, again! Some air, some air, open the borders!
Solidarity and support with the arrestees! Freedom for them!

Note from Contra Info: News from the streets is that a number of police bikes were expropriated during the conflict on Cours Lieutaud, cops were also attacked, including a BAC officer being punched in the stomach.

Summary of news on the three arrestees (including a home arrest):

Yesterday April 13th, the cops embarked on a home visit to a person who was present during the eviction on April 12th of the new Manba. She was subsequently placed in custody to appear [in court] accused of ‘criminal damage to a place of worship’.

Update fom 1:40pm, April 14th: The three people arrested following the eviction of Manba 3 will be brought before the prosecution this Thursday 14th April … Following the consecutive evictions of Manba 2 and 3 in recent days by the police, as well as the 3 arrests (one being a home arrest) which have taken place – call-out for a support gathering against evictions of new social spaces and in solidarity with migrants, Saturday 16th April at 10:30am on the Plaine.

April 14th: Two of the three people arrested around the story of the Manba 3 eviction (one the same day and one the next) were released this evening under judicial restrictions, and a summons for a subsequent trial, for ‘criminal damage of a place of worship’ at least. The third person arrested was released from court the same evening after passing before the prosecutor.

All our solidarity!

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