[Spanish prisons] Immediate release of Gabriel Pombo da Silva, without further delay!

Let’s not allow the State to keep rebels in its clutches!

There seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel for comrade Gabriel Pombo da Silva, who has spent more than 30 years in Spanish and German prison cells.

He was extradited from Germany to Spain to serve a sentence of 3 years and 7 months thanks to a European detention order issued by the court of Albacete, which he has just completed following the application of a judicial decree. The same court in Albacete therefore issued an order for his immediate release on May 17th, and comrades went to the prison to meet him on the outside over the days that followed. In vain, however, as he is still behind bars.

The management of the prison where he now finds himself (La Moraleja prison in Dueñas, province of Palencia) and various judicial bodies such as the court of Girona lost no time in submitting a number of dubious procedures to prevent Gabriel’s release. These procedures are aimed at prolonging his imprisonment indefinitely, despite the fact that he has several appeals in course.

The fact that the State makes the laws for its own benefit and is the first to trample them is nothing new, regardless of what those who defend democracy say. It is also no surprise that the State’s cops are prepared to use any means to crush those who refuse to bow down before them.

In Spain, as elsewhere, the tightening of laws and penal codes, the repressive waves against “subversives” and the frenzied brandishing of the “terrorist” threat are ways of straightening out the world and forcing it into accepting a system based on exploitation and domination at any cost. Imprisoning and keeping imprisoned those who, like Gabriel, continue to express their refusal of authority and oppression come wind or high water is a way of kidnapping them and a clear message to those who, one way or another, attack this social order.

Voices from inside the prisons denouncing conditions, the guards’ constant extortions and even enclosure in and of itself, are heard regularly. If repression and prison restructuring have contributed to stopping collective struggles inside momentarily, they haven’t succeeded in completely stamping out revolt, which at times has found echoes beyond the walls. It is this spreading and breaking of atomisation that scares power, against which the State and its lackeys are carrying out a dirty war using physical and psychological pressure in conjunction with the usual judicial and prison based manoeuvres.

The situation of anarchist comrade Gabriel Pombo da Silva shows clearly that he is still in the sights of the institutions, which want to bury him in their dungeons for what he is, what he thinks and continues to express.

Solidarity is one way of responding to this war being unleashed against rebels.

May each individual express it in the way he or she considers appropriate.

Freedom to all. Immediate release of Gabriel Pombo da Silva!

Anarchists without borders
May 25th 2016

Fax campaign for the immediate release of Gabriel Pombo da Silva

Following the above communiqué, where the situation of kidnapped anarchist Gabriel Pombo da Silva was updated, an international fax campaign was proposed as one way of making pressure for his release.

The idea is to concentrate this form of protest from Wednesday June 8th until Saturday June 11th, coinciding with June 11th, the day of solidarity with long-term prisoners.

Below is a proposal for the fax to be sent to the contacts written at the end.

En enero del 2013, Gabriel Pombo da Silva fue extraditado de Alemania bajo una orden europea de extradición (OEDE) emitida por la Audiencia de Albacete por una condena de 3 años y 7 meses.
Contestando a la petición de la Fiscalía de Colonia, esta misma audiencia de Albacete, reconoció que Gabriel había cumplido su condena y el 17 de mayo, aplicándole las redenciones que le corresponden desde que llegó al estado español, emitió una orden de excarcelación inmediata.
No obstante, nuestro compañero, a quien ni siquiera le fue notificada esta orden por la dirección del centro penitenciario de La Moraleja (Dueñas, provincia de Palencia), sigue allí detenido de forma totalmente ilegal, dado que esta detención va en contra no sólo de un auto judicial, sino también de los tratados europeos que rigen el procedimiento de extradición.
Por lo cual, exigimos la inmediata puesta en libertad de Gabriel Pombo da Silva sin más dilaciones.

In January 2013, Gabriel Pombo da Silva was extradited from Germany under a European Extradition Order issued by the Court of Albacete for a 3 year and 7 month sentence.
Answering an appeal from Cologne’s prosecutors the same court in Albacete recognized that Gabriel has served his sentence and on the 17th of May, after the application of the judicial decree, issued an immediate release order.
However, our comrade, who was not notified of this order by the management of La Moraleja prison (in Dueñas, province of Palencia), is still being illegally detained, as his detention goes against not only a judicial decree but also the European treaty that ruled his extradition.
For this, we demand the immediate release of Gabriel Pombo da Silva without further delay.

C. P. La Moraleja, Dueñas (Palencia)
Fax: 0034-979 71 63 15

Instituciones Penitenciarias
Fax: 0034-913 35 40 52

Subdirección General de Penas y Medidas Alternativas Myriam Tapia Ortiz
Fax: 0034-913 35 40 63

Juzgado de lo penal n°2 de Girona
Fax: 0034-972 18 17 94