Thoughts from somewhere

Received December 20th:

From the hands, to the legs, to the neck-
lets break the stability of the authority of the State!
Solidarity means to attack!

We see the recent operations against anarchists in Spain as a continuation of the States’ authoritarian blow against anarchist and anti-authoritarian individuals and structures. This repression, however, doesn’t exist in isolation. There have been attacks against anti-authoritarian structures and individuals during last years in a wider European and worldwide context.

This wave of repression no longer exists simply to persecute and punish specific acts or attacks, but also aims to destroy dynamics of struggle, attack the personal relationships between individuals and prevent revolutionary processes from being developed.

The institutions of authority are experimenting with terms like defensive/aggressive democracy. Within this discourse they attempt to attack, paralyse and create long-term harm to the relationships of rebels and revolutionaries in accordance to the level of conflict and tension. An effective attempt of this strategy can be seen as comrades are being accused for incitement of terrorism; the authorities try to use these cases to send comrades and rebels to jail, even if only for the spreading of propaganda and ideas. Another aspect of these operations is to spread a clear message within society that everything is under control whilst also sending a warning to other rebels to beware. We understand these repressive operations, thus, not simply to be reactions of the State towards rebellious struggles and dynamics, but also as a long-term tool to be used against every rebellious and/or critical individual.

The rebellion we desire is one which destroys the entire system and its social order, destroying a system based on domination and oppression. Our perspective demands nothing less than freedom for everyone. This is what we are fighting for, although we know that the enemy of our freedom will do everything in its power to prevent our struggle, in an attempt to protect itself and maintain the current existing social order. We have, however, strong relationships with our comrades, relationships based on solidarity. We will never abandon our comrades and we will always continue to fight. One problem existing within our struggle against repression is that we are constantly one step behind the authorities, reacting to their efforts and are often bound into a disempowering dynamic. When it comes to specific blows against revolutionaries, their struggles and the repression of their ideas, there is also an attempt to normalise oppression and provide a sense of stability. It is precisely this stability that we need to attack. It is precisely this normality which needs to be challenged. A normality in which everyone and everything works, where everything is in the right order and nothing and no one can break the noise or silence, or the monotony of life.

It is precisely in these moments of difficulty, when the authorities take hostage of individuals in struggle and shatter their projects to protect the stability of their system, that we can attack the very stability which they are trying to preserve and consequently give a meaningful expression of our revolutionary understanding.

Whether traffic lights or important transport routes, bomb threats, fire alarm or the glueing of locks in buildings belonging to big companies or public authorities, important train tracks or electricity lines…. The flow of goods, of manpower and money, the running fluidity of production and consumption, of exploitation and oppression…. Attack is possible. And the system is vulnerable.

This society depends upon the flow of goods and information. So for us as anarchists it is important to understand the context we are living in, we need to understand the structures of society and its authority in order to attack it effectively and to open space for rebellion.

The authority and its instruments of repression are well coordinated within a vast international network.

Let’s hit it and attack it everywhere to destroy step by step the stability of this rotten system and the boring monotony of daily life.

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