Berlin: Protest against the European Police Congress, 23/24 February

Against the World of Borders and Control…

On 23/24 February, the European police congress will again be held in the Berlin Congress Center. Enterprises from the armament and surveillance industry will meet on this occasion with international politicians, security agencies and military staff to develop common strategies for the defence of the ruling conditions; for the defence of a world that is falling apart.

The relentless struggle over resources has caused war, poverty and ecological catastrophes in many parts of the world. As a result, millions of people are fleeing. Tragedies with fatal consequences happen daily at the external borders of Europe. Borders are being closed, fences erected, police and military deployed to keep away the “undesirables”.

This is the result of the ignorance of the western society. The crisis is inherent in the system and the conflicts will further intensify. The social control and the state of emergency on behalf of democracy are not glimpses from the future anymore. They become normality that surrounds us.

A normality that we do not want to accept. Let’s fight for a life in solidarity and freedom at the side of those who move on in the quest for a better life and all those who decided themselves for the revolt to topple the existing order. Against the state and its defenders, against every kind of authority!

For Freedom!

Let’s disturb, sabotage, attack the European police congress