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Greek prisons: A writing by CCF members for the US prison mobilization and anarchist prisoners in Italy (released Sept. 12th)


“Worse than enslavement is getting used to it…”

Life in the modern civilized world comprises false representations, false patterns, and false formalities. Formalities that determine our upbringing within a family, our education, our professional career, our relationships, our emotions, our smiles or tears. Patterns that castrate the scope of our perception so that our thoughts are directed onto a moving walkway going only one direction. Representations that disguise the system’s functions and pathogenies so that we see life unfold only on stage, and never wonder what’s hidden backstage. So, the thousands of suicides of desperate debtors is just another statistic among the unpleasant consequences of the economic crisis, the impoverishment of the so-called third world is just an unfortunate fact, and its wounds will heal by charity organizations, the countless dead of modern crusades, the unfortunate victims of the absurdity of war, and the convict slaves in American prisons are simply antisocial elements that provide social services to Democracy.

Prison itself is exile from life; a non-place and non-time behind the screen of a decent society, to make the ugliness that bothers the eyes of reputable citizens unseeable. Prisons are a proof of the perverse intelligence of authoritarian minds. They’re built onto walls echoing the screaming and weeping of thousands of people who’ve learned to sleep with anguish and despair. Prison is the country of captivity, the country where one learns to kneel before the “Forbidden”, a landfill for the disposal of human waste, an industrial dump where the social machine’s hazardous waste ends up. For most people, however, for all those who never learned to doubt, to question, to look beyond the obvious, prison is a security wall necessary to protect their peaceful and quiet life.

It’s certainly hypocritical on the part of a society to display the supremacy of its democratic civilization, its humanitarian values and social sensitivities so vulgarly, when those deemed unfit to exist within the same society are piled up in souls’ warehouses. But it’s infinitely more hypocritical, and infuriating at the same time, to turn these imprisoned existences, these living dead, into a marketable value through a modern and sophisticated slave trade.

Yet this is the reality for nearly 2.5 million inmates in US prisons, whom the modern Empire has turned into slaves. These prisoners-slaves are the lowest caste of social margins. They don’t only experience the cruelty of captivity, but are condemned to lose their human beingness altogether; to become slaves in the modern galleys of American hellholes to the financial benefit of privatized prisons and multinationals that, using part of this dirty money, support election campaigns of various politicians who promise order and security to their voters. In turn, the voters—predefined coefficients in a rigged equation—fulfill their role, and the solution is always obedience. That’s exactly why the happiest slaves are the greatest enemies of freedom.

But there are other slaves who aren’t so happy. They are the “fallen angels” in a society whose authoritarian perversion treats humans as cogs. But these human cogs are slowly turning against this very society. Throughout the US and the prisons in that territory, an increasingly growing whisper starts to spread. On September 9th, this whisper is transformed into an angry cry of freedom, screaming in the face of the almighty corrections system the ancient cry of rebellion: “Non serviam – I will not serve.”

September 9th is a landmark day for inmates in American prisons because 45 years ago, on September 9th 1971, the fire of Attica prison was lit. Nearly 1,500 prisoners rioted, took jailers hostage, and put forward a series of radical demands. Power replied with zero tolerance: four days later, on September 13th 1971, New York state troops stormed and retook the prison. The crackdown took a heavy toll, killing almost 40 (about 30 inmates and 10 hostages) and wounding 89 others. Because of this exact symbolic character, September 9th is a landmark day for the new coordinated prisoner mobilization, too.

Struggles as this one, despite their intermediary nature, are qualitatively upgraded—compared, for example, to strictly personal claims or unionist demands. Because this particular struggle concerns the total abolition of an institution that’s a pillar of repression and economy, social control and the security doctrine policy. Moreover, prisoners are waging a struggle under extreme and multifaceted oppression, so even calling it an intermediate struggle is something that may not eventually apply to the situation. Because forced labor in prisons is an institution that serves the system in many parallel ways. This is precisely the institution that defines a gray-zone status of millions of slaves for a limited or lifetime tenure. The fact that these are humans designated criminals one way or another, legitimizes this gray zone in the eyes of the rest of society, that don’t care to express some moral or values-related objection and, worse still, benefit from its existence. A struggle for the abolition and the denial of such an institution, a fight which also includes a form of sabotage against the interests served by this very institution, is nothing but a barricade of the most basic dignity against the cruelest face of Power. Certainly, this struggle alone will not determine the entirety of the repression policies that domination may adopt. Regardless of its outcome though, this struggle can be a civil disobedience beacon against the system, and the fact that this beacon will owe its strength to all the damned, the outcast, the socially disinherited—who nowadays receive “revolutionary” anathemas on some occasions—has its own special meaning.

Of course, we don’t seek to make any idealization or embellishment of the entirety of prisoners. Being exiled in the country of captivity for several years already, we’ve seen the composition of a prison population up close, and we don’t harbor any illusion whatsoever that they’re deterministically some kind of revolutionary subjects. In most cases, in fact, an abyss of values separates us from other inmates because of their choices or contradictions over the course of their lives. However, being captives ourselves, we cannot but feel the agony of all those prisoners in the US.

Beyond all this, it’s also a lucid political composure that allows us to put aside any differences we feel we may have with the subject of detainees, as these differences are not enough to make us stand indifferent and unmoved in front of the size, the moral implications, the stakes, the historical and political legacy of such a struggle. In other words, our solidarity reflexes haven’t been activated by emotional and experiential criteria only, but also originate in a political consistency. For all these reasons, we feel the need to express our support to the concerted campaign that began inside the US prisons from September 9th onwards, during which prisoners deny the role of the slave imposed upon them by the democratic society, and factually demonstrate defiance and disobedience. And, as has been said: “Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty.”

The internationalization of this struggle through callouts of prisoners themselves, who ask support from every solidarity initiative, enhances the dynamics of international solidarity in total, making it, even coincidentally, another piece in the mosaic of international solidarity calls such as June 11th or the International Solidarity Week every August. But, for us, it’s not about limiting solidarity to dates marked on the calendar; instead, it’s about highlighting the beauty and authenticity of an informal anarchist coordination. That’s why we’ve endorsed the proposal of ABC Anarchist Solidarity Cell, to coordinate solidarity gestures on an International Solidarity Day (October 1st), as we believe their callout contributes to this direction.

Finally, we want to send our warm greetings to all anarchists and all politicized prisoners willing to be part of this struggle, regardless of their reasons for doing so.

PS: Words are sometimes not enough to capture all the intensity of one’s emotions in certain circumstances. The truth is we were struck at the news that the filth of the Italian counterterrorism unit (DIGOS) launched yet another anti-anarchist attack against comrades in Italy, under the imaginative name “Scripta Manent” (written words remain). Raids, house searches, persecutions, suspect lists, arrests, pretrial detentions…

Once again the target of repression is the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI), but now they remembered to dig up cases concerning the placement of explosive devices back in 2006 and 2007. Anna Beniamino, Marco Bisesti, Emiliano Danilo Cremonese, Valentina Speziale and Alessandro Mercogliano passed the prison threshold, while a new detention order was issued against our incarcerated brothers Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai, members of FAI’s Olga Cell (that claimed responsibility for the shooting of Roberto Adinolfi, the chief executive of Ansaldo Nucleare). In a separate investigation, during a house search where police found an electrician’s manual and some batteries, another comrade, Daniele Cortelli, who’s active in Croce Nera Anarchica (Italian Anarchist Black Cross), was charged with possessing materials for potential manufacture of explosive devices, and then sent to custody, too. We may be familiar with the notion of captivity, but we will never be able to accept the bad news of comrades’ arrest, no matter how far they are, without feeling tightness in our heart. Our thoughts are with them and everyone else who’ve abruptly entered into a new chapter in their life—the prison chapter.

Finally, we send our warmest salute to our brother Alfredo Cospito. On August 30th 2016, with complete disregard for any consequences, he smashed the glass partition window of the visitations room in the security wing of Ferrara prison in solidarity with the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in Greece, after the 115-year prison sentence that was recently imposed on all of its imprisoned members.

Comrade, your act brightened our hearts and filled us with emotion. Such fraternal gestures prove the real beauty of authentic anarchist solidarity. We wish you strength to go through whatever might come next.

The Conspiracy of Cells of Fire members:
Haris Hadjimihelakis
Theofilos Mavropoulos
Damiano Bolano
Panagiotis Argirou
Giorgos Nikolopoulos
Michalis Nikolopoulos

September 12th 2016
Koridallos prison (Athens, Greece)

in Greek

Athens – CCF hunger strike: Words of Evi Statiri from prison

On April 1st, Athena Tsakalou (mother of the Tsakalos brothers) stated that she refuses to walk out of prison until her daughter-in-law is also granted release. The two women, who were remanded in custody over the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire intended prison escape, are currently sharing a cell in Koridallos prison.

The next day, CCF prisoner on hunger strike Michalis Nikolopoulos was admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit in extremely critical condition. The rest of the hunger striking comrades also find themselves facing life-threatening problems.

In the small hours of Friday, April 3rd, anarchists gathered at Evangelismos hospital in Athens, where Damiano Bolano and Michalis Nikolopoulos are being treated. The banner reads: “Not a step back – We break state terrorism in the streets”

On April 3rd, Evi Statiri (wife of CCF member Gerasimos Tsakalos) published an open letter asking the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire prisoners – including Angeliki Spyropoulou – to quit their hunger strike, and urging Athena Tsakalou to accept her release from prison. Below is an excerpt from Evi’s words:

“(…) From the first moment, Gerasimos and the rest of the people from the Organization Conspiracy of Cells of Fire assumed the responsibility and emphasised that neither his mother nor I had any relation to the escape they were preparing.

When we were sent to pretrial detention, and despite our objections, these people went on hunger strike demanding our release from prison. Thirty three days later, I think that the legislative provision* of the Ministry of Justice provides a solution to the just demand for my release. Knowing their critical health condition (M.Nikolopoulos is hospitalized in ICU, and there are serious health risks for all of them), I URGE them to stop the hunger strike. The moral weight of the damage they cause to themselves is unbearable to me, and the idea of death hovering over their lives overshadows my every thought. I also ask Gerasimos’ mother to accept her release, and it won’t be long until we share freedom instead of prison. (…)”

summary constantly updated

* pending legislative provision that (under certain circumstances) enables the replacement of preventive detention with house arrest in the case of co-accused spouses or first-/second-degree blood relatives

Athens: A total of eight CCF prisoners, on hunger strike since 2/3, currently hospitalised [UPDATED]

Paper banner in Santiago (Chile, March 2015), reading “Internationalist solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike in Greece”

On March 24th 2014, four other anarchists of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, Haris Hadjimihelakis, Giorgos Polidoros, Gerasimos Tsakalos and Olga Ekonomidou, were moved to hospitals outside Koridallos prisons under heavy police presence.

This afternoon, March 25th, two more CCF members, Damiano Bolano and Michalis Nikolopoulos, were transferred to a hospital outside the prison.

A total of eight CCF prisoners, on hunger strike since March 2nd, are currently hospitalised:

Panagiotis Argirou in Attikon Hospital, in critical condition,

Theofilos Mavropoulos in the General State Hospital of Nikaia, in critical condition,

Haris Hadjimihelakis in Gennimatas hospital,

Gerasimos Tsakalos and Giorgos Polidoros in Tzaneio hospital,

Olga Ekonomidou in Sotiria hospital,

Damiano Bolano and Michalis Nikolopoulos in Evangelismos hospital.

According to comrade Panagiotis Argirou, whose words were recently broadcasted by the occupied ‘105.5 FM Sto Kokkino’ radio station in Athens, the 11 hunger strikers – CCF members together with anarchist prisoner Angeliki Spyropoulou – are now awaiting a decision from the competent judicial council on a motion filed for the release of the two remanded relatives of the Tsakalos brothers.

Greece: ‘War Communique’ of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire anarchist prisoners

Note of Contra Info:

In early January 2014, while on furlough, Christodoulos Xiros, convicted member of the Marxist-Leninist revolutionary organization 17 November (17Ν), did not voluntarily return to prison. The Greek police placed a huge bounty on his head, in addition to launching a series of raids in Athens and Thessaloniki at the homes of comrades.

After a year, on January 3rd, 2015, Christodoulos Xiros was spotted and recaptured near Anavyssos, Attica, without resisting his arrest. His ‘safe-house’ was extensively searched by antiterrorist cops who found firearms, explosives and other items inside, including a forged ID card with the photo of a young woman—whose real first name appears to be Angeliki. That same night, the 1st wing of Koridallos men’s prison was raided by state-security agents and the EKAM special suppressive antiterrorist unit, and a short time later two imprisoned members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, Gerasimos Tsakalos and Christos Tsakalos, as well as two other incarcerated comrades accused of alleged participation in the same anarchist revolutionary organization, Andreas Tsavdaridis (who took responsibility for an incendiary package mailing by the FAI-IRF cell ‘Commando Mauricio Morales’) and Spyros Mandylas, were separated from the general prison population and moved to the dungeon cells of Koridallos women’s prison. The morale of the four prisoners remains strong.

Amid pre-election period, the state mechanisms have led a media-feeding frenzy, in search of individuals who may be linked to Christodoulos Xiros and/or CCF prisoners. The cops also raided houses in a couple of other Greek towns, and released the image of the woman pictured in that fake ID. What’s more, the police claimed to have found notes indicating a plan to assault Koridallos prisons in Athens, with the purpose of helping CCF members escape. In response to police reports about the ‘prevention of a terrorist attack’ relating to this prison escape case, the ten imprisoned members publicly sent their strength and solidarity to the unnamed persons who are wanted in connection to the escape plan in support of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

Below is the latest open letter of CCF comrades from Koridallos prisons.


“First I shot him in the mouth to stop him talking crap;
then I shot him in the arm to stop him writing crap”
Jacques Mesrine on the kidnapping of a French journalist

The filthy war and the vulgarity of journalists as regards the case of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire intended prison escape have no end. They have been targeting comrade Angeliki, emotionally blackmailing her parents, and spreading vile lies about her alleged involvement as an intimate friend of the arrestee.

Angeliki is an intimate friend of insurgency, anarchy, freedom.

Struggle and anarchy would be the only feasible reality if there were more people like Angeliki.


SOLIDARITY AND STRENGTH by any means possible to comrade Angeliki
and to all those wanted in connection to the same case.

The Cells will always stand by you…

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire Prisoners Cell

Olga Ekonomidou
Giorgos Polidoros
Michalis Nikolopoulos
Giorgos Nikolopoulos
Gerasimos Tsakalos
Christos Tsakalos
Haris Hadjimihelakis
Damiano Bolano
Theofilos Mavropoulos
Panagiotis Argirou

Translated from Greek from Asirmatista (January 7th, 2015)

Athens: End of the 2nd ‘Halandri case’ trial – New CCF case trial in Koridallos prisons’ court underway

Solidarity with the members of the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and those prosecuted for the same case

On October 2nd, 2012, in the last session of the 2nd ‘Halandri case’ trial (with all four defendants absent from the courtroom), Damiano Bolano, Michalis Nikolopoulos and Giorgos Nikolopoulos were each sentenced to 7 years’ imprisonment for their participation in the R.O. CCF and 10 years’ imprisonment for each of four acts of fabrication, supply and possession of explosives. They were also convicted of simple complicity by instigation, and thereby each sentenced to 7 years’ imprisonment for each of three explosions by unknown perpetrators which emanated danger to things and people. To sum up, each received 68 years’ imprisonment. Each sentence was merged into 34 years, but the maximum prison term is 25 years, which are typically served either as a full sentence (or by day wages in prisons), or after the completion of 3/5 of the prison term, when a prisoner can be granted conditional release under specific conditions.

Christos Tsakalos was sentenced to 7 years’ imprisonment for his participation in the R.O. CCF. On 3/10 he released a statement (in English here), explaining that he refuses to accept any judicial discrimination between him and his CCF comrades, and thus throws his ‘softer’ conviction back in the judges’ faces.

The court also ruled that Damiano Bolano (comrade of Albanian origin) must be deported from Greece after serving his prison term.

For all four comrades, the judges’ decision provided for five years’ deprivation of political rights and non-suspensive effect of appeal.

English summaries of all trial sessions here.

Another CCF case trial begins on Monday, October 8th, 2012 to cover four separate accusatory briefs: the sending of incendiary parcels on November 1st, 2010 (claimed by the R.O. CCF), the arrests made during the December 4th, 2010 antiterrorist operation, the arrests made in Volos in March 14th, 2011, and the May 18th, 2011 shootout with police in Pefki (Athens). Nineteen people are facing charges, among whom are the nine imprisoned members of the R.O. CCF, imprisoned anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos, four anarchists arrested on December 4th, 2010 (Stella Antoniou, released with precautionary measures since June 2012, as well as the imprisoned comrades Giorgos Karagiannidis, Alexandros Mitroussias and Kostas Sakkas), Konstantinos Papadopoulos (released under restrictive terms since March 2011, after being caught in Athens on the same day as the five CCF members in Volos), and the two fugitive comrades Yannis Michailidis and Dimitris Politis. In addition, anarchists Christos Politis and Dimitris Michail are prosecuted on misdemeanor charges.

In the UK, Chile and Greece, Black International Editions released the brochure Mapping the Fire – International Words of Solidarity with the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire as an act of solidarity and confrontation to this court process (in Greek, English and Spanish).

Greece: Solidarity calls for the R.O. CCF and anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos – Brief update on Olga Ekonomidou

The poster reads:

On June 27th, 2012, the members of the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos will stand trial charged with ‘incitement to criminal acts’, according to the provisions of Article 184 of the Greek Penal Code.

The indictment refers to three different texts—of which one does not even belong to those implicated in this prosecution–that repeat the phrase ‘NOT 1 MILLIMETRE BACK; 9MMs IN COPS’ HEADS.’

Beyond the ferocity with which the prosecutorial authorities tackle whatever has to do with this organization, and despite the minor penal significance of the specific criminal prosecution compared to the orgy of repression in the CCF case… this particular trial is of enormous political importance as it paves the way wide open for the criminalization of expression and the oppression of freedom of speech. And it is the road to hell paved with the worst intentions.

Not one step back
Thousands of steps forward against the Power and its expressers


Concentration at Evelpidon courts, at 9am

Assembly of solidarity to imprisoned and prosecuted fighters/Athens

Assembly of solidarity with the R.O. CCF and those prosecuted for the same case/Athens

Mytilini solidarity assembly/Lesvos

Anarchists’ initiative on Zakynthos

Anarchists’ initiative from Cyclades

Self-managed hangout at the University of Piraeus

Kouvelou Mansion squat/Attica

Rabids’ space at the Law School/Athens

Ioannina solidarity assembly

Assembly for the solidarity to imprisoned and prosecuted fighters/Volos

Anarchist solidaritarians from Patras

Comrades from the Self-managed hangout at the Polytechnic School/Athens

Kavala Autonomous Hangout

The aforementioned Article 184 provides that ‘Whoever publicly in any manner incites or stimulates [sic] another to commit a felony or misdemeanor is punishable by imprisonment up to three years.’

Ironically or not, the Revolutionary Struggle case trial was adjourned to the same day, Wednesday, June 27th, and will take place in the courts-martial of Koridallos women’s prisons as always, almost on the other side of the city.

It must be noted that Olga Ekonomidou, one of the imprisoned members of the R.O. CCF, has been in disciplinary/solitary confinement since May 4th, 2012, in Diavata prisons (near Thessaloniki).

On June 22nd, in Athens, during a trial session of the second ‘Halandri case’ Damiano Bolano (in writing, since he didn’t attend the trial in person), Christos Tsakalos, Giorgos and Michalis Nikolopoulos once again pushed for the trial’s suspension because their comrade and sister Olga Ekonomidou was still in a solitary confinement cell, after 50 consecutive days! There, in the courts-martial of Koridallos women’s prisons, after the insistence of the ‘defendants’ it became known that the Central Committee of Prison Transfers of the ministry of Justice had recently convened to discuss the motion filed by Olga’s counsel Frangiskos Ragousis. The presiding judge himself contacted the ministry of Justice to ascertain the committee’s decision, and then announced that Olga’s request had been accepted; thus, he demanded to proceed with the trial. However, the comrades refused the presiding judge’s demand, stating that Olga’s transfer from Diavata prisons back to Eleonas–Thebes prisons wasn’t yet implemented in practice. Indeed, the second ‘Halandri case’ trial was adjourned to Friday, June 29th (updates will follow here).

Despite this prison torture, Olga Ekonomidou is to stand trial at Evelpidon courts in Athens on June 27th, next to her brothers. We will update you further on her situation.

Here follows a call by the solidarity assembly for the CCF case, translated by boubourAs/Act for freedom now!

Greece: Concerning the continuous prosecutions against the CCF members and those accused in the same case

Greek prisons: Update on comrades’ hunger strikes (ongoing)

Ten comrades conduct hunger strike to date, namely the prisoner Spyros Dravilas, eight of the 9 CCF imprisoned members, as well as the anarchist revolutionary Theofilos Mavropoulos.

you may read previous updates: i, ii, iii


Olga Ekonomidou announces beginning of hunger strike as of 30/4:

One year and one month in prison for me.

You never forget the date of your arrest. It is a hub of forced change. It was the point where it looked like you were leaving a home, plans, equipment, ideas for actions, your strategy.

At that moment we were turned into captives of the State, and now kilometers of distance separate my comrades and I, sometimes few and sometimes many. In this brief period of imprisonment, our vindictive consecutive prison transfers seemingly impede the communication between us, and time has allied with the Power, in order to make us feel isolated. But this is not the case in reality.

What we left behind in that home were only the expendable materials, those that you easily replace with others. We constantly carry the rest in our minds and hearts, the plans, the ideas, the strategy, the emotions, the moments, more advanced, more prepared for battle. The distance and the time are of no importance; they are relative terms.

For me, it’s like I was sitting just yesterday at the same table with the rest of my comrades and conspiring against our next target. When we shared the same desire to attack the values ​​and ideals of this authoritarian rotten world, we agreed that we will go on until the end; that we do not abandon one another, and do not retreat. The need of one of us becomes a decision for the rest of us.

On April 8th the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire decided to launch a hunger strike, demanding the definite transfer of Gerasimos Tsakalos and Panagiotis Argirou from Domokos prisons, as well as the cessation of vengeful prison transfers for the remaining members of the organization. The three of my comrades are currently on the fourth week of hunger strike, so the first serious health consequences have already occurred. And time passes by…

In the context of the predetermined strategy for beginning of hunger strike by each of us, on Monday, April 30th, I also begin hunger strike, and I fight to the end by decision.


Olga Ekonomidou
Member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire
Eleonas–Thebes women’s prisons

Greek prisons: More updates on comrades’ hunger strikes (ongoing)

FREEDOM TO THE REVOLUTIONARY ANARCHIST THEOFILOS MAVROPOULOS (solidarity banner in Eleftherias Square, before the solidarity demonstration to Koridallos prisons, 27/4)

Nine comrades conduct hunger strike to date, namely the prisoner Spyros Dravilas (since 4/4) and the CCF imprisoned members, anarchists Gerasimos Tsakalos, Panagiotis Argirou, Christos Tsakalos (since 8/4), Damiano Bolano, Haris Hadjimihelakis, Giorgos Polidoros (since 17/4) and Giorgos Nikolopoulos (since 26/4), as well as Theofilos Mavropoulos as of today.

you may read previous updates here and there

Theofilos Mavropoulos announces beginning of hunger strike:

Because, when you attach yourself completely to a goal achievement, it’s certain that you will succeed.

Because, when you throw yourself into the battle to the bitter end, then you’ve already won.

Because comradely anarchist relationships are what we set forth and what we’re fighting for.

And finally,

because dignity knows no compromise

on Saturday 28/4 I begin HUNGER STRIKE as a token of solidarity with the comrades Gerasimos Tsakalos and Panagiotis Argirou, with the goal of achieving their definite transfer from Domokos prisons.


Theofilos Mavropoulos
Koridallos prisons, April 28th, 2012

info & more photos from the demo in Koridallos (27/4)

Mytilini (Lesvos Island, 27/4): Solidarity and anti-election short broadcast for the anarchist imprisoned hunger strikers. A solidarity initiative of comrades intervened and interrupted the 21.30hour main news bulletin on the corporate local channel ‘TV Mytilini’, which transmits over Lesvos, Chios, Lemnos islands. The banner reads: ‘STOP STARING – EVERYONE TO THE STREETS!’ The first screened text is by Stella Antoniou. Christos Tsakalos’ voice is heard during the featured audio message. The second screened text is the 9/4 declaration by CCF imprisoned members and Theofilos Mavropoulos, stating they will gradually join the hunger strike. Posters, stickers and banners come from various solidarity actions (from Athens, Thessaloniki, Igoumenitsa, to the city of Mytilini), while listed are indicative solidarity direct actions in Greece and the world.

Greek prisons: A few updates on comrades’ hunger strikes (ongoing)

Eight comrades are on hunger strike to date. You may read previous short notes here

Update, April 27th
In an announcement from Koridallos prisons on their end of hunger strike, the imprisoned anarchists Alexandros Mitroussias, Giorgos Karagiannidis, Kostas Sakkas mention, among others, that ‘we were objectively defeated since none of our requests was met in practice’ and add the following: ‘To those who stood in solidarity with us during our ​​effort, to those who acted at nights, we say that a thankyou does not fit with solidarity but only a raised fist’.

From inside the walls, prisoners in solidarity with the three comrades and Stella Antoniou from five different men’s prisons (2nd wing of Larissa, Alikarnassos, Chios, 2nd wing of Patras, Malandrino) had stated on April 25th: ‘We won’t bend even if they want to exterminate us’.

Kostas Sakkas (26/4) and Giorgos Karagiannidis (27/4) were transferred from the hospitals back in Koridallos prisons. After their joint motion as well as the requests of Stella Antoniou were rejected, Mitroussias, Sakkas and Karagiannidis decided to suspend the hunger strike. They have begun their recovery and remain strong.

Note that the prisoner Spyros Dravilas conducts hunger strike since 4/4, while the CCF imprisoned members, anarchists Gerasimos Tsakalos, Panagiotis Argirou, Christos Tsakalos (since 8/4), Damiano Bolano, Haris Hadjimihelakis, Giorgos Polidoros (since 17/4) and Giorgos Nikolopoulos (since 26/4) are still on hunger strike, too. Until the demand of Gerasimos Tsakalos and Panagiotis Argirou for their definite transfer in Koridallos prisons is granted, the rest of the CCF members are expected to join gradually the hunger strike, along with the anarchist revolutionary Theofilos Mavropoulos.

Solidarity gathering on Friday 27/4 by 6pm at Eleftherias Square in Koridallos, Piraeus (see also i, ii, iii)

As the ‘Assembly of solidarity to the anarchist R.O. CCF and those prosecuted for the same case’ has already explained, the implementation of new arbitrary pretrial detentions against Karagiannidis, Mitroussias, Sakkas only give the Greek judicial mafia the time to prepare, whenever and however they want, indictments for emergency courts-martial —like the special court in Koridallos women’s prisons. On the other hand, anarchists Stella Antoniou, Takis Masouras and Nina Karakatsani have not been ordered to be remanded again (!) but the authorities imposed unprecedented restrictive conditions on them, such as obliging them to stay within the borders of Attica, refusing them entry to universities (so that, obviously, they won’t participate in political processes taking place there) and banning any kind of relationship with their co-accused in the same case.

Stella Antoniou’s motion was denied on 26/4. The comrade was seeking the amendment of specific restrictive conditions imposed on her after the recent prosecutions of the 250 CCF attacks, namely the restrictions concerning the banning of higher education institutes and their forecourt spaces, as well as the lifting of prohibition of communication/contact with the co-accused in the same case. Negative was also the answer to the fifth consecutive application for release on health grounds that Stella had filed since March 8th.

Press release (26/4) on Sakkas, Karagiannidis, Mitroussias by their two defense lawyers who announced, among others, that the appellate judges’ council dismissed the motion filed by the three imprisoned comrades regarding their unjust prosecutions and their latest new pretrial incarcerations; the struggle will go on, inside and outside courts, by the comrades themselves and their supporters.

In Thessaloniki (26/4), late in the evening, a group of comrades made an unannounced intervention in the new city hall; they stormed the city council chamber (at the time, the organizing steps for the Thessaloniki European Youth Capital 2014 were being machinated), chanted slogans such as ‘The passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons’, threw fliers all over the place, shared out leaflets and unfolded two solidarity banners for all revolutionary prisoners on hunger strike.

In Athens (26/4) a group of comrades, who were sharing out texts for the anarchists Sakkas, Mitroussias and Karagiannidis at the Court of Appeals, were bullied by large police forces. The comrades reported the incident with rage and noted that the silencing of anarchists’ hunger strike in Koridallos prisons, the tortures during hunger strike (placing food on a 24hour time base next to hunger strikers), the falsification of medical tests, as well as the particular repressive attempt at the Court of Appeals, which aimed at blocking one of the many solidarity actions across Greece, but also a series of similar incidents show clearly the State’s policy choice. In the current systemic crisis, the mask of democracy has fallen, and the system’s totalitarianism makes overtly its appalling appearance.

In Athens, a PA’s gathering was held in the university campus in Zografou (26/4), which included distribution of thousands of solidarity texts and leaflets, flyposting and chants for all combative imprisoned hunger strikers.

News (26/4) on the health condition of the CCF members who conduct hunger strike for many days, demanding the definitive transfer of Panagiotis Argirou and Gerasimos Tsakalos in Koridallos prisons – On hunger strike since April 8th: Panagiotis Argirou (currently admitted in hospital), Gerasimos Tsakalos and Christos Tsakalos have lost 9, 12 and 13 kilos, respectively. On hunger strike since April 17th: Haris Hadjimihelakis, Giorgos Polidoros and Damiano Bolano have lost 11, 9 and 9 kilos, respectively.

On April 26th the CCF member Panagiotis Argirou was transferred from Koridallos prisons to Elefsina’s Thriassio Hospital, because his health condition was at risk. The comrade continues the hunger strike.

Statement of the CCF imprisoned member Giorgos Nikolopoulos about the beginning of his hunger strike: ‘from April 26th I will also join the hunger strike, until the requirement of our comrades is met.’

In the evening of Wednesday, April 25th, the anarchist Kostas Sakkas was admitted urgently to the ‘hospital’ of Koridallos prisons. A few hours later, the comrade was transferred to Attikon Hospital (hospital on duty). Despite health complications, he continues the hunger strike along with Mitroussias and Karagiannidis (the latter is still in Nikaia hospital), insisting on their demands. Continue reading Greek prisons: A few updates on comrades’ hunger strikes (ongoing)

Greek prisons: Short notes on comrades’ hunger strikes and prison food abstentions (ongoing)

April 4th – Hunger strike declaration of Spyros Dravilas (inmate of Domokos prisons, who is currently held in the hospital of Koridallos prisons), titled ‘The State and its institutions get revenge on those who don’t succumb to their system by depriving them of the acquired right of temporary leave’. Authorities deny Spyros Dravilas the temporary leave from prison he is entitled to for two and a half years now.

April 6th – Hunger strike declaration of Giorgos Karagiannidis, Alexandros Mitroussias and Kostas Sakkas — ‘as of today 6/4 we go on hunger strike demanding the lifting of our arbitrary and vindictive pretrial detentions and the immediate release of our co-defendant Stella Antoniou on health grounds’ — cosigned by S.Antoniou (who is currently protesting with prison food abstention).

April 6th – Hunger strike declaration of CCF imprisoned members Panagiotis Argirou and Gerasimos Tsakalos, who request their final transfer and stay into Koridallos prisons, in order to put an end to their repeated vindictive transfers and physical–psychological wear and tear.

April 7thSolidarity abstention from prison food by anarchist Vaggelis Kailoglou (who is one of the four arrestees of February 12th that were remanded in custody)

April 7th – Solidarity abstention from prison food by the anarchist captives of war Sokratis Tzifkas (Diavata prisons), Giannis Skouloudis (Avlona prisons), Babis Tsilianidis and Dimitris Dimtsiadis (Koridallos prisons)

April 8th – Hunger strike declaration of CCF imprisoned member Christos Tsakalos, in solidarity with the two CCF comrades on hunger strike

April 8thSolidarity abstention from prison food by 130 prisoners in the 1st wing of Koridallos men’s prisons

April 9th – Solidarity assembly at Athens Polytechnic School, in Gini building, with telephone intervention by the hunger strikes from inside prisons

April 9th – The rest of CCF imprisoned members and the anarchist revolutionary Theofilos Mavropoulos declare they will gradually join the hunger strike of their brothers Panagiotis Argirou, Gerasimos and Christos Tsakalos.

April 11th – Stella Antoniou’s statement on recent developments: The prosecution authorities did not order that Stella be remanded in custody again; nevertheless, they ordered the remand of Sakkas, Mitroussias, Karagiannidis, based on fabricated charges against them concerning the older 250 CCF arson attacks. Given these facts, and in agreement with her three comrades, Stella explained she broke off her participation in the hunger strike, and despite her health problems, will abstain from prison food until their demands are met.

April 11th – Solidarity abstention from prison food by the imprisoned anarchist Rami Syrianos

April 14th – An assembly in solidarity with G.Karagiannidis, A.Mitroussias, K.Sakkas and S.Antoniou released the following news (among others): ‘Currently, the three comrades Karagiannidis, Mitroussias, Sakkas have been accused for the case of the 250 CCF arsons by the appellate–interrogation experts Mokkas and Baltas, who ordered that all three as well as the members of the R.O. CCF be remanded in custody once again. Stella Antoniou was charged in the case too, but wasn’t remanded in custody again, and so is expected to be released at the end of the 18-month period of her first pretrial incarceration (in June 2012) while her 5th request for release on health grounds has not yet been answered’.
Let us remind that Stella is held in pretrial detention for 16 months already, with the possession of a fake ID as sole evidence against her.

April 14thNews on the three CCF imprisoned comrades after one week on hunger strike: Gerasimos has lost six kilos, Panagiotis five kilos and Christos seven kilos.

April 15th – Three more CCF imprisoned comrades, Haris Hadjimihelakis, Damiano Bolano, Giorgos Polidoros, will go on hunger strike from April 17th: Continue reading Greek prisons: Short notes on comrades’ hunger strikes and prison food abstentions (ongoing)

Athens: Imprisoned and pretrial detainees anarchists are summoned concerning the 250 actions of the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

Wednesday, March 14th, at 19.00, Athens Polytechnic School: third assembly for further discussion on the new political prosecutions concerning older actions against comrades who have been convicted or are accused for the CCF case.

At a time when the people are groaning under the unbearable economic poverty and misery that have been imposed by the local agents of the big bosses of the global capitalist system, and have not yet recovered from the shock caused by multiple blows, at this moment of turmoil like a sneaky wolf the State — aided by its most powerful crutches, the cops and the judges — seizes motive and opportunity to close definitely and irrevocably its accounts with a long-standing enemy: the anarchist combatants who have the courage to fight back in every possible dynamic way, and to defy the — overtly nowadays — fascist dominance of the system.

Thus, taking advantage of the general panic that pervades most people, the authorities are prepared to bury anarchist fighters under tons of cement, super-long prison sentences, prosecutions and generalized repression.

Obeying this frenzy that exceeds hysteria, the state authorities:

– handed out a total of 137 years of imprisonment to those accused for the CCF case,

– they are stalling for many months now, with provocative and unacceptable pretenses, the sessions regarding the obviously justified motion of Panagiotis Masouras and Konstantina Karakatsani for suspended execution of their sentences,

– they arrest demonstrators, pillorying them by releasing their photos and details, and they send them straight to prison, in order to stifle protests,

– they systematically reject, with Mussolinian arrogance and criminal indifference, the repeated applications for release of Stella Antoniou on very serious health grounds,

– and the past few days (using the ‘unbeatable duo’ of the obscurest persecution, the interrogators Baltas and Mokkas) they are preparing to attribute to all combatants, who were captured since November 2010 to date, tons of additional charges related with the total of 250 attacks of CCF, regardless if comrades are members of the specific organization or deny their participation in it.

So, from Monday, March 12th, 2012, all fighters who are imprisoned or pretrial detainees accused for the CCF case are called to appear in the Court of Appeals in Athens, after having been summoned.

In particular, 16 comrades (along with 2 fugitives) accused of involvement in the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, either having claimed responsibility for their participation in CCF or having denied any relation with the organization, have been summoned to appear before the interrogators’ duo Baltas and Mokkas as defendants for about 250 actions for which the CCF has claimed political responsibility with communiqués since 2008.

Given this situation of deep junta, if we do not react, with demonstrations, gatherings and all possible means, tomorrow we may find ourselves in the same exact position with those who are prosecuted today. A heinous crime is being prepared against us all; we should not allow their plans to come to pass!

Immediate release of Stella Antoniou

No prosecution with retroactive charges
based on collective responsibility and moral instigation

Freedom for all imprisoned anarchist fighters,
hostages of social war

Dates on which comrades appear in the Court of Appeals,
Loukareos Street (in the 7th floor, at 9am), Athens

[dates will be updated here, after postponements, etc. since 13/3]

Monday, April 2nd – Stella Antoniou

Tuesday, April 3rd – Christos Tsakalos, Theofilos Mavropoulos, Michalis Nikolopoulos

Thursday, April 5th – Olga Ekonomidou, Giorgos Polidoros, Alexandros Mitroussias, Kostas Sakkas

Friday, April 6th – Takis Masouras, Giorgos Karagiannidis

Monday, April 9th – Nina Karakatsani

Tuesday, April 10th – Haris Hadjimihelakis, Damiano Bolano, Giorgos Nikolopoulos

Wednesday, April 11th – Gerasimos Tsakalos, Panagiotis Argirou

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On March 19th Panagiotis ‘Takis’ Masouras was released from Koridallos prisons, since the motion for suspended execution of his sentence was finally accepted. Freedom now to all!