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The Hague: ATMs destroyed in solidarity with anarchists accused of expropriating banks in Aachen, Germany

“Solid(A)rity is not just a word; it’s the way we live”; July 7th demonstration from the centre of Amsterdam to the police headquarters where the comrade accused in 2013 Aachen bank robbery case is currently held

Received July 9th 2016:

Last night we demolished 8 ATM machines in The Hague, the Netherlands in solidarity […]

Greece: Church property tagged and banks sabotaged by anarchists in Komotini

Early hours of Monday 21st December:





In the context of Black December, we carried out an artistic intervention-desecration at “holy sites” of Komotini. We also sabotaged bank ATMs and […]

São Paulo, Brazil: Carlo Giuliani Cell of M.I.A. join the call for a Black December through fire

—We claim responsibility for incendiary attacks against four banks in the city of São Paulo. The attacks occurred at the Santander bank branches in Largo da Batata, another in the Liberdade area, and the other two in the central region and in a peripheral region.—


The “Carlo Giuliani” cell of the Anarchist Insurgent Movement (M.I.A.) assumes […]

Poland: Communiqué and video of bank arson attack


On the 11th of November, while fascist scum held marches throughout Poland, we decided, as anarchists, to give free rein to our hatred of the State and capitalism.

We express our support to the struggle against the oppressive apparatus on all fronts, from trade unions to direct actions.

We hope this symbolic act of setting fire to […]

Mexico City: Incendiary attack against a Banamex bank branch

June 12th, after midnight.

Using a simple weapon we decided to attack against the Banamex bank branch located at the junction of Sullivan Avenue and the inner-city motorway Circuito Interior, in the heart of the city. We stood right in front of their vigilance system: patrol cars that move around surveilling the avenue one after another, […]

Berlin: Santander bank smashed in Prenzlauer Berg

During the night of 18th-19th March, we took action with hammers and stones against the Santander bank on Schönhauser Allee. Eight windows were broken.

We stand in solidarity with all the chosen forms of protest that were supported yesterday [March 18th 2015] in the street in Frankfurt. Against the repressive authorities and the dominant conditions here […]

Bern: Swiss Credit attacked with paint

In the night of 21st to 22nd January 2015, we attacked with paint the Swiss Credit Agency in Köniz, Bern.

Swiss Credit is again like every year a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos [1]. The rich and powerful of this world meet once again this January in Davos to discuss together […]

Volos, Greece: Responsibility claim for attack on bank branch with molotovs and stones

In the early hours of June 6th, we launched an attack on a branch of Alpha Bank at the intersection of Athinon and Larissis streets. We chose this action as means of attack against the state advances for the creation of type C prison on the one hand, and as token of solidarity with imprisoned […]

Berlin: Attacks on Santander bank branches

Two attacks on Santander bank for solidarity and against prison and military equipment: We have destroyed the Santander branch’s glass windows facing to the Jungstraße (at the corner with Frankfurter Allee, in the district of Friedrichshain), and paint-bombed its branch located in Pankstraße.

Santander bank is involved in prison-related investments, as well as investments relating to […]

Greece: Responsibility claim for sabotage of 66 cash machines in 21 different areas of Athens

We live in an era when the State is becoming more and more totalitarian, authoritarian and exploitative. It no longer wraps itself in the mantle of the ‘social state’ but rather brings its real face out in the open: an instrument of oppression and domination, an institutional exponent of bourgeois power, a guarantor of wage […]

Volos, Greece: Arson attack on an ATM

In the early hours of Monday morning, May 5th, 2014, we placed an incendiary device at the ATM of the National Bank branch which is located in Larissis Street. By doing this, we salute the mobilizations of prisoners against the construction of maximum security prisons, and those outside the prison walls who stand in solidarity […]

Greece: Revolutionary Struggle claims responsibility for car bomb explosion in Athens city centre

In the early morning hours of Thursday, April 10th, 2014 —after two warning phone calls to the media— a car bomb with 75kg of explosives was detonated outside one of Bank of Greece’s offices, located at Amerikis Street in Athens, causing extensive material damages in the surrounding area (but no injuries).

Fifteen days later, the urban […]

Granada, Spanish State: Branch of Banco Sabadell paint-bombed

In the evening of March 20th (at around 17:30) a branch of Banco Sabadell, located in San Pablo II street in the city of Granada, was attacked with paint. Red paint was spilled on its glass facade and the ATM screen, rendering it useless until they clean or replace it. We also left pamphlets at […]

Berlin: Arson attack on Santander bank branch

On the night to March 6, 2014, we set fire to a Santander bank branch in Neukölln, Berlin. We destroyed a windowpane and ignited a delayed-action incendiary device. We dedicate this action to the captured and murdered by the capitalist system in Chile and Spain.

First off, to Tamara Sol and Sebastián Oversluij Seguel:

‘On the morning […]

Thessaloniki, Greece: Bank branches attacked

On Thursday, February 20th we took advantage of street traffic, and attacked two bank branches (the Hellenic Postbank, and the National Bank) at the junction of Tsimiski and Pavlou Mela streets, smashing their glass facades and ATMs.

This action is dedicated to: Tasos Theofilou, who was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment; Alexandros Mitroussias and Giorgos Karagiannidis, […]

Barcelona: Attack on Deutsche Bank central branch

Solidarity, unity and action. And don’t get caught!

On January 17th, 2014 we smashed all of the glass windows of the Deutsche Bank central branch, located in Barcelona’s major avenue Passeig de Gràcia, in solidarity with the struggle of residents in the neighbourhood of Gamonal, in the city of Burgos, and in solidarity with the comrades […]

Greece: Solidarity with arrested Kostas Sakkas

Freedom for Kostas Sakkas (threatened with pretrial detention and due to appear in the Athens appeals court on 21.1.2014)

Solidarity from Corfu

On January 18th we smashed an ATM of Emporiki Bank (Commercial Bank of Greece) in the area of Messonghi on Corfu Island, in solidarity with Kostas Sakkas and against all vengeful practices […]

Porto Alegre, Brazil: Incendiary attack in solidarity with Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar

Solidarity is a living force! Light it up!

On Monday, December 16th, 2013, as a hot sun of 34°C was setting and the full moon was rising against the sky that covers us, we paid a visit to a Santander bank branch located on Osvaldo Aranha Avenue, right in front of a police station. We entered […]

Berlin: Individuals in solidarity salute the 5 prosecuted anarchists in Spain

On the night from 25 to 26 November 2013, we attacked the Santander Bank located on Frankfurter Allee in Friedrichshain, Berlin. This action intended to send solidarity greetings to the 5 anarchists in Spain who are suspected to have attacked a church.

We chose the Santander Bank because it is one of the largest banks of […]

Greece: Sabotage of 6 ATMs in Thessaloniki

At Friday dawn, July 26th, 6 ATMs were sabotaged in the area of Stavroupoli in Thessaloniki.

Strength to the two remanded anarchists from Thessaloniki, who are accused of participation in the project ‘Phoenix.’

Strength to the anarchists of Nadir squat, who were assaulted in their infrastructure by the petty hooligans of the EKAM antiterrorist force.

Strength to anarchist […]

Barcelona: Suspension of the proceeding against the Expropriated Bank in Gracia

July 1st, 2013: Today we’re happy; today we feel strong. Catalunya Caixa has requested the paralyzation of the proceeding against the Expropriated Bank (a squatted former bank branch). Our joy is due in part to this, but what makes us really happy is how we got here: it’s mostly been thanks to all […]

Barcelona: Catalunya Caixa bank branch attacked

On the night of June 26th, 2013 we smashed the front windows of a Catalunya Caixa bank branch in the Cantabria street of the Barcelona neighborhood of Sant Martí.

On that night we did not only break some windows but, even for a few seconds, we also broke the social peace and the commodified and authoritarian […]

Madrid: BBVA branch attacked with explosives

In the early morning of April 10th, we placed an explosive device in the BBVA on Paseo de Husares in Madrid. Our objective is to do the most harm possible to these temples of money, in order to destroy everything that divides and represses us.

Our hate is stronger than theirs. Struggle is necessary for the […]

Veria, Northern Greece: Direct action in solidarity with anarchist prisoner Kostas Sakkas

In the early hours of Wednesday, June 19th, we paint-bombed six ATMs in downtown Veria as minimal display of our solidarity with anarchist Kostas Sakkas, who is on hunger strike since June 4th.


We live to dance on the ruins of this rotten world (A)



L’Hospitalet, Catalonia: Five banks attacked in solidarity with the 5 prisoners of Sabadell (Barcelona)

We have been active as a group for around a year, during which time we have seen a slight increase in the kind of actions with which we identify. We also have taken similar actions and have decided to make them public through this indymedia, to encourage their replication.

Besides us, there was recently an attempt […]