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Callout: May Day 2017 – We are poor because they are rich… and it’s right to revolt!

As part of our call-out for an Anti-Capitalist May Day we would like to provide some information about an event we will be holding, as well as some general information and ideas surrounding the initial call-out.

We are an initiative made up of various individuals who are working towards organising an Anti-Capitalist themed May Day […]

London: Latest communique by Squatters and Homeless Autonomy (SHA)

Received November 14th:Against Apolitical Squatting

Coming to Terms

In Camden, an eight-month squat is evicted by pigs and three are arrested under Section 144, the 2012 ban on residential squatting. A man in a SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SQUAT t-shirt waits for NELSN to forward a text. Two arrive from a council-estate squat further north. Builders […]

Germany: KSW estate agents attacked in Leipzig

In the night of the 30th–31st December, the headquarters of KSW on 2 Karl-Heine-Strasse in Leipzig were paint-bombed and the words “Fire protection OK?” were affixed. KSW is one of the large local real estate companies who ensure their profits by practicing aggressive evictions, revaluation and suppression at the expense of tenants.

The case of the […]

Wales: Call to action from Stop NATO Cymru, part of the Anarchist Action Network

Banner action, South Wales, 20.1.2014

“This year NATO will have their next summit at Celtic Manor Resort, in Newport, south Wales. In early September 2014, “world leaders” – all directly responsible for untold death, illegal torture flights, and wars fought purely to protect Western business interests and resource supply routes – […]

Netherlands: News from Nijmegen

Friday the 14th of February 2014 a group named Muitelingen (Mutineers) placed a table loaded with stolen goods in the shopping street Ziekerstraat in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

A card with a text was attached to each product, saying that the goods were recently stolen. Also the people were encouraged in the text to take some goods […]

Barcelona: Attack on Deutsche Bank central branch

Solidarity, unity and action. And don’t get caught!

On January 17th, 2014 we smashed all of the glass windows of the Deutsche Bank central branch, located in Barcelona’s major avenue Passeig de Gràcia, in solidarity with the struggle of residents in the neighbourhood of Gamonal, in the city of Burgos, and in solidarity with the comrades […]

[Greece] About the revolutionary practice of sabotage on the occasion of the “Green Nemesis” project

While the proclamation of the Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front (Nicola and Alfredo Cell) about the sabotage on Coca-Cola and Nestle products hadn’t even been widely spread yet, and despite the fact that the activists had totally achieved their goal in just a few hours, since the Coca-Cola Bottling Company announced a precautionary removal of […]

Greece: Reportback from protest in downtown Athens against the “White Night” on December 28th, 2013

Liberalization of shop opening hours, work on Sundays; they’ve stretched our whole life to the limit… Workers’ interests come first!

They speak of gains and losses — We speak of human lives

Luxury display windows — Unpaid workers

On Saturday evening, December 28, 2013 the Attica […]

Espoo, Finland: ATMs vandalized in response to the killing of Pavlos Fyssas

Banner in Arta, Greece: “State + Nazis = same business”

During the night between the 18th and 19th of September 2013 several ATM screens were smashed in Espoo (city of the Helsinki metropolitan area). This act was a response to the murder of Pavlos Fyssas by a member of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn.

Antifascist […]

Montreal, Canada: Flyposting in memory of Pavlos Fyssas

Click image to read the text (poster available in English+French).

Belgium: Small disorder news

Attack on the construction sites of Power – State and Capital are continuously constructing to adapt the environment to the needs of control and exploitation. From new transport axes for the economy, over offices buildings to prisons and new industrial sites: the cancer is now everywhere. In Charleroi, some surgeons used their incendiary scalpel […]

Hamburg: Attack on ThyssenKrupp company in solidarity with imprisoned comrades Sonja and Sibylle in Germany, and with the revolt in Turkey

Summer for Sonja and Sibylle!

The night from the 31st July to the 1st August the building of the ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions AG in Hamburg was attacked. The entrance windows and doors were smashed and around two dozen bottles were thrown at the building to mark it. The street in front of the building […]

Bremen, Germany: Deutsche Telekom van torched and Siemens car destroyed

In the night from 29 to 30 of May 2013 we set fire to the Telekom parking lot which is located on Mary-Somerville-Str. (close to the university), to burn down a Telekom vehicle. Deutsche Telekom is only one of the many inhumane firms. They acquired large shares of the Greek OTE already years ago, and […]

Amsterdam: Public wall reclaimed for public information over Oosterparkstraat

“Silence is complicity” —in solidarity with and

Squatters and anti-system warriors throughout Europe realize that inactivity among us will be the best opportunity for the capitalists to wait until the crisis explodes, and for the fascists to rise.

This is 2013, bad luck. The only way to make a change in society is […]

Setúbal, Portugal: Reportback from MayDay

Nearly 120 persons participated in the anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist demonstration in the city of Setúbal. This was the 4th year in a row that comrades from various libertarian tendencies marched in the streets of Setúbal, in order to vindicate MayDay and promote the fight against the State/Capital.

In 2011, comrades actively resisted the detention of a […]

Belgium: Recent attacks and disorder

Incendiary expedition – In Farcienne, a vehicle belonging to the city administration was put on fire on the parking just behind the Administration Building. A bit later, a bit further, a 4×4 was also wrecked by fire. The State is a monster, but a monster with tentacles and weak points. To attack it, there’s no […]

UK: Self-Organised London buzzing with activity

The Self-Organised London (SOL) squatted social centre continues to resist eviction at Elephant and Castle despite a court of their Order awarding its corrupt owners a possession order three weeks ago.

In truth, the current occupiers never held any hope in the current State-Capital system to yield any justice to the local […]

Berlin: Incendiary attack against the Deutsche Bahn in solidarity with anarchist prisoners in Greece

The DB burns as a solidarity token for imprisoned anarchists in Greece!

In the early hours of February 27th, in search of a suitable target for a solidarity action with Nikos Romanos, Dimitris Politis, Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos and Yannis Michailidis, we spotted a vehicle belonging to the Deutsche Bahn in the neighbourhood of Prenzlauer Berg, in […]

Northern Greece: Struggle against the gold-mining projects in the Halkidiki Peninsula

OUR SILENCE… THEIR GOLD: Video of the Open Coordinative of Thessaloniki against the goldmines that was first screened in an event of counter-information at Aristotelous Square in the city of Thessaloniki (April 26, 2012) —press cc button to enable English subtitles (trans. by Contra Info)

Argentina: The Indignity of Normalcy

From Boletín La Oveja Negra:

While in various places around the world an incipient aggression begins to materialize, show itself and organize, in the Argentine State the mass of the population is living in a kind of bubble. Simply criticizing the government is enough to put you on one side, and you are put on the […]

Leipzig, Germany: Freedom must be fought for – Decentralized action day, 2 March 2013

Demo banned downtown – Evade repression – Decentralized action day instead

The bulls (aka cops), the pigs, they go nuts

According to local mainstream media, the unauthorized demonstration for liberated spaces that was planned in solidarity with anti-authoritarian structures, squats and social centres in Greece for the 2nd of March 2013 was prohibited by the municipality of […]

UK: Self-Organised London squatted social centre

Click on photo for audio message…

Self-Organised London in Elephant and Castle has amassed over a dozen activities over the last week, to highlight the injustices caused by gentrification and regeneration of the area. The SOL space located at the South Bank University building Eileen House, is run by a number of collectives, […]

Uruguay: Solidarity demo at the Greek embassy in Montevideo

Freedom for the prisoners of Capital! Revenge! For the revolt in Greece and the whole world!

Long live the revolt in Greece…

… freedom for anarchist prisoners from Greece to the whole world!

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

In the framework of the international campaign in solidarity with […]

Athens: Workers’ protest against the Eurovision Song Contest

EUROVISION, LET’S GO! This year’s Greek Eurovision Song Contest: Courtesy of the suffering laid-off employees of the Metropolis Stores

Andreas Kouris (owner of MAD Media Group and the Metropolis Stores) claims that he has no money to pay wages and compensations owed to his laid-off employees, nor his debts towards the State; well, he sure seems […]

Amsterdam: Solidarity actions with anarchist spaces

The lower banner reads a message against the redevelopment plans in a community of squatted buildings: ‘Tabakspanden stays in our hands!’

In January several actions took place in solidarity with the evicted and threatened spaces in Greece:

• On five houses and social centres banners were placed with solidarity messages for Villa Amalias and […]