Germany: KSW estate agents attacked in Leipzig

In the night of the 30th–31st December, the headquarters of KSW on 2 Karl-Heine-Strasse in Leipzig were paint-bombed and the words “Fire protection OK?” were affixed. KSW is one of the large local real estate companies who ensure their profits by practicing aggressive evictions, revaluation and suppression at the expense of tenants.

The case of the evacuation of 28a Holbeinstrasse has been made known over the months, by which KSW has actively driven out the inhabitants by inhumane strategies. Amongst other things, fire doors were removed by KSW, and then the City indicated that fire protection is no longer guaranteed. Thereafter, the City of Leipzig prohibited its use as housing space (more in the blog cited below).[i]

We ask KSW: At home, is there fire protection?

Revaluation, suppression and gentrification or not: the problem’s called capitalism. Identify and attack the agents and ideologies – always and everywhere.

On the case of 28a Holbeinstrasse:…[i]

Further reading on “Leipzig – City for all”:…[ii]

We do not dissociate ourselves from the call to violence.[iii]

(Originally translated from German from Linksunten Indymedia into French on Le Chat Noir Émeutier, then into English.)

Translators’ notes:

i. The communique was disclosed on December 31st, 2014, making mention also of this case, and providing a link to In response to this, the blog’s authors (some 28a Holbeinstrasse “rental parties”) have humiliated themselves by posting a pathetic message on January 1st, 2015, reading: “Not in our name… We dissociate ourselves from violence and property damage. Happy New Year!”.

ii. A network which campaigns “for a social and democratic urban development”; yet again, nothing to do with radical activity.

iii. In support of this callout, and still in the city of Leipzig, another attack targeted a branch of Deutsche Bank.