Netherlands: News from Nijmegen

Friday the 14th of February 2014 a group named Muitelingen (Mutineers) placed a table loaded with stolen goods in the shopping street Ziekerstraat in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

A card with a text was attached to each product, saying that the goods were recently stolen. Also the people were encouraged in the text to take some goods and start stealing their selves. The table was empty within 15 minutes.

Here is a statement of the Muitelingen:

Let’s play

Once upon a time there was an idea. The idea to destroy the vile capitalism. “Oh, if only…” The story is like this: “Oh, if only we would be free to be happy! If we could just realize that all this problems are not real. That these fictive obstacles on the way to the life that everybody wishes for, can be deleted and rewritten.” The idea was big, the idea was divine, and that was the mistake. It was unreachable and untouchable like all divineness. To gather that much aspects to make the wish come true, on one exact location, at one exact time – impossible!

But there came the Muitelingen. “Step by step, day by day, everything counts, we keep the score… let’s play!” Here we are starting a process to take back our lives. Here we decide that not bravery, but motivation is necessary to choose consciously. Here we decide that fear and control are not part of the dreams of dreams. Obedience is the norm. We embrace the dedicated and stubborn child in ourselves, break with the norm, shake our heads and say; “No!” We are playing truth or dare, and we are enjoying it.

This episode started now, and should be written by many. This time you can participate! To be continued…

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