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Victoria, British Columbia: Benefit gig for Amélie, Fallon and Carlos, imprisoned anarchists in Mexico

We’re doing a solidarity benefit show for anarchist prisoners Amélie, Fallon and Carlos on December 4th, 2014 in Victoria (Occupied Lekwungen Territories). Come out and help support them!

Storm of Sedition – Anti-Civ Anarchist Crust
Azotobacter – Local Punk
Not a Cost – Anarchist Crust

There will also be cheap food and zine distros.

Doors @6PM
No bigots, no assholes. Respect the space!

Ask a punk for the address (storm_sedition@riseup.net)

Germany: Benefit gig for squats in Athens

On January 25th, 2013 in Witzenhausen, Germany, we organized a concert featuring the band Guts Pie Earshot in solidarity with squats under attack across Greece. We placed a banner in our self-managed student club which read: You can’t evict an idea. Hands off all squats. Solidarity to Villa Amalias, Skaramaga and LK37. Even though the town is small, by the end of the night we raised 835 euros which will be sent directly as financial support to the 152 comrades who were arrested during the recent evictions of squats in Athens. During the gig, we also shared a text explaining the facts of repression against Delta squat in Thessaloniki, as well as Villa Amalias, Skaramaga and Lelas Karagianni in Athens.

Revolutionary greetings to our comrades in Greece!

Athens: Villa Amalias re-squatted and re-evicted; mass detentions


Early in the morning of Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 dozens of people re-squatted Villa Amalias.

Heavy anti-riot police forces that encircled the building threw repeatedly tear gas inside. At approximately 9.20am, anti-riot squadrons (MAT, YMET) along with the EKAM special suppressive antiterrorist unit were deployed in the area, smashed the building’s windows and raided it anew, detaining 101 people who were inside.

A banner reading ‘Squat Forever – Villa Amalias’ was placed on the roof
A banner reading ‘Squat Forever – Villa Amalias’ was placed on the roof

Meanwhile, nearly 200 comrades gathered at Victoria Square, near Villa Amalias, in solidarity with the squatters.

At the same time, around 40 solidarians occupied the Metaxourgeio offices of the DIMAR party (‘Democratic Left’, which participates in the tripartite government), also with the aim of calling for the January 12th demo in downtown Athens in solidarity with squats and self-organized spaces that have come under attack across Greece. However, the police raided the party’s offices as well, detaining the occupiers.

While detained by cops, comrades from both Villa Amalias re-occupation attempt and DIMAR offices’ symbolic occupation were reportedly taken with raised fists and loud chants.

An assembly in the Athens Polytechnic School was called for 15.00pm. Also, a solidarity gathering outside the police headquarters on Alexandras Avenue was announced for 18.00pm.

Following the mass detentions of the morning, nearly 150 solidarians held a spontaneous protest rally outside the Ministry of Economy and Finance at Syntagma, where the police attacked the gathering and chased people away.

According to initial reports, all of the kidnapped from Villa Amalias are threatened with charges, while the detainees from DIMAR offices’ occupation will be released from the police headquarters.

Athens: Paint bomb attack against the old city hall, in solidarity with Villa Amalias squat


On the night of December 24th, comrades wanted to add a bit of colour to the miserable Christmas decoration that the mayor of Athens, Giorgos Kaminis, had reserved for the city. We wanted to show him that the lousy political dealings on the repression against Villa Amalias squat will not be left unanswered. He will pay the corresponding price for his choice to cover the back of the prime minister, Antonis Samaras, who wanted to prove that he is equally fascist to the far-right part of his voting audience, which slips off to the Golden Dawn party by now.

This time, we chose paint bombs in order to attack the facade of the municipal administration: the old city hall on Athinas street.

Kaminis will soon have to pay the price for his political choice, and that’s something even he can understand. This is also why our action was completely hushed up by the mainstream media, and why the municipal workers were ordered to rescue the facade of the mayoral prestige over the same night by cleaning up the building as much as they could, and picking up the solidarity fliers which were thrown on the ground.


source ~ translated in collaboration with persona non grata

Athens: Upcoming solidarity events for Villa Amalias (squat besieged by cops)

POSTER_Villa Amalias

The poster reads:

No one can deprive us of what is already ours

Thursday, December 27th
Event at Victoria Square by 17.00pm
– The group “Tsiritsantzoules” will perform Mistero Buffo by Dario Fo
– Video screenings by and for Villa Amalias squat

Saturday, December 29th
– Demonstration in solidarity with Villa Amalias, starting from Propylaea (on Panepistimiou Street) by 12.00pm
– Solidarity gig in Monastiraki by 16.00pm with Waxing Gibbous, Propaganda and Chimeria Narki


Athens: Responsibility claim for arson attack on municipal services branch in Sepolia, in solidarity with Villa Amalias squat

villa amalias building

In the early morning hours of Friday, December 21st we placed an incendiary device consisting of five gas canisters at the building facade of the KEP (so-called Citizens’ Service Centre) which is located at the intersection of Dyrrachiou and Amvrakias streets, in the district of Sepolia.

We were armed with rage and consciousness concerning the latest moves by the class enemy against the anarchist/anti-authoritarian milieu, and in particular by the fascist minister of Citizen Repression, aka minister of Public Order Dendias, and his partners, the prime minister Samaras and the mayor of Athens Kaminis, who raided the squat of Villa Amalias.

In this factual way, we demonstrated our solidarity with the anarchist squat of Villa Amalias and the eight prosecuted comrades who were held in the hellholes of the Athens police headquarters. We targeted the KEP because it belongs to the jurisdiction of the municipality of Athens that took a leading role in the squat’s intended evacuation.

We warn those who contributed to the specific attack that this was only the beginning.


‘Enraged anarchists’

Athens: The 8 arrestees of Villa Amalias squat have been released, 24.12.2012

Solidarity banner in Mytilini (Lesvos Island): “Villa Amalias is each and every one of us. Back off, ruffians! Go forth, comrades!”

The eight comrades, who were arrested on December 20th during the police raid in Villa Amalias squat, have all been released. [Update in Greek:] Three of them walked without the imposition of any restrictive term, while the other five were ordered to register themselves at a local police station once a month. The gathering at the Evelpidon courthouse was attended by nearly 300 solidarians. The squat is still under police guard.

We will take Villa Amalias back.
Nothing is finished… it’s only just beginning.

sources: i, ii

Athens: Brief updates about Villa Amalias and the eight arrested squatters

Flier found in the town of Livadia: ‘Solidarity with Villa Amalias’

• Second communiqué of comrades from Villa Amalias squat, here

• Short reportback from a spontaneous solidarity demo last night (20.12) in downtown Athens, which took place just after the anarchist assembly at the Athens University of Economics and Business (ASOEE), here

Early in the morning (21.12) cops broke in the door of Villa Amalias on Heyden street without the presence of any of its occupants. Typically this means cops barged into the house without a warrant and are still violating the premises. We are warning the authorities that any damage or operation in the occupied space will be answered immediately. Let us also remind that no one is entitled to be inside the building in our absence.” —Villa Amalias

The arrestees (six Greek-born and two German-born) are still held captive. Today, 21.12, they underwent a preliminary proceeding. The eight comrades arrived at the Athens courts under heavy police presence at about 13.45pm. Dozens of solidarians were gathered at the Evelpidon courthouse and greeted them with loud chants and solidarity slogans. For approximately two hours, the eight arrestees were examined by the public prosecutor, who proposed that they should be charged with the felony of manufacturing explosive materials plus some misdemeanors. Thus, the accused were obliged to appear before an examining magistrate who would decide upon the indictment. At 16.00pm it was reported that the eight comrades requested more time to prepare for their defense. The next hearing was scheduled for Monday, 24.12.2012 (aka Christmas Eve). Until then, they will remain incarcerated in the police headquarters on Alexandras avenue.



Solidarity banner by San Francisco punks in the US

Update 23.12: Statement by the Villa Amalias arrested squatters (5) and guests (3) from the detention cells of the Athens police headquarters. Follow updates via OL’s tag.

Athens: Announcement of comrades from Villa Amalias squat, 20.12.2012

State and parastatal scumbags, we are here and we will stay —Villa Amalias squat
State and parastatal scumbags, we are here and we will stay —Villa Amalias squat

Today, December 20th, 2012 at 7am police forces raided Villa Amalias squat. Pretext for this oppressive exhibition of power has been an ‘anonymous complaint’ to the police.

Eight comrades (six Greek-born and two from abroad) who were inside the squat have been arrested and taken to the GADA police headquarters on Alexandras avenue, where they are still being held.

Comrades who came to the area in solidarity with the squatters were also detained by repression motorcycle units, while the same happened to other comrades who were caught inside the Athens City Hall, on Liosion street, where they had gone to make an intervention against the repression mayor Giorgos Kaminis. (The latter were reportedly released after a while.)

From the beginning of the raid, dozens of comrades gathered outside the squat; we remain on Acharnon street till this moment calling out for solidarity.

Mayors and ministers just get it through your head: not even in your wildest dreams could you take Villa Amalias from us.

Keep your hands off squats!
Immediate liberation of our comrades!

Villa Amalias squat
80, Acharnon, and Heyden str.

Hands off Villa Amalias! Solidarity with squats!
Hands off Villa Amalias! Solidarity with squats!

At about 15.30 GMT+2 the squat was not sealed off, and the police search was underway in presence of a public prosecutor and one witness from the anarchists’ side. Approximately 200 people in solidarity were still gathered in front of the squat, which has existed and resisted many repressive attacks for 22 years already.

The Greek police have temporarily evicted the squatters several times in the past, but Villa Amalias has always been (re)occupied. It must be emphasized that the building was built in circa 1860, and since 1990 it has been maintained only thanks to the autonomous action of the squatters themselves and many solidarians. Villa Amalias comrades have declared on numerous occasions that they are consciously opposing exploiters, henchmen, pimps and druglords of any nationality in the downtown neighbourhoods, fighting constantly against fascist and racist violence so as to promote intercultural coexistence and self-organization.

The oldest anarchist squat in Athens, Lelas Karagianni 37, has called out for urgent solidarity with Villa Amalias, demanding also the immediate release of all arrestees of the day.

It is reminded that easy access to the solidarity gathering is recommended via Acharnon street, while anti-riot squadrons are lurking on surrounding streets. Also, today all staff of train, metro and tram services is on strike, meaning that only trolleys and buses operate.

From about midday, solidarity announcements regarding the raid on Villa Amalias have been transmitted through a loud sound system on Patission street by the comrades of Skaramaga squat.

In addition, since early in the morning, many other anarchist collectives, squatters and individuals across Greece have sent their unconditional support to Villa Amalias. Few of the counter-information actions that will take place this evening, by 17–18.00pm, include the cities of Thessaloniki, Veria, Patras and Heraklion (Crete), with surely many more to come…

Everyone to the streets! Villa Amalias will stay!

An assembly has been called for 20.00pm at the Athens University of Economics and Business (ASOEE) on Patission street for more updates and solidarity actions after the police invasion in Villa Amalias squat.

Bolivia: Letter of punky Mayron Mioshiro (Krudo) from Qalauma prison in La Paz

Greetings, comrades; I am still confronting the present here and obviously not giving up.

My intention with this communiqué is the following: to clarify certain conflicts and rumors that have arisen about my person.

I think from what I’ve understood people have been saying that I’m a police collaborator; but if I was a collaborator, I would be enjoying my freedom by now or be under house arrest, and I hope that this is taken into account in a reflective way.

In respect to the latest happenings, I read some communiqués from ‘anarchist’ persons that really got my attention. Firstly, in no communiqué or comment did I ever ask for FAI/FRI individuals to give themselves in so that I could be set free; I don’t believe it is an anarchic attitude to ask that the freedom of one person ends so that another’s can start. This is the opinion of Nina Mansilla and Virginia Aillón, who have written that those responsible for the attacks should hand themselves in, in the interests of their ‘ideology’.* In situations like this, and in different parts of the globe, there is no need for more prisoners, and there has never been such a need.

Also, I never said in my formal statement who could form part of the FAI/FRI (and I prefer not to have any idea who they may be) as some have done, only supposing names and implicating people who have nothing to do with the matter, just to save their own skins. Continue reading Bolivia: Letter of punky Mayron Mioshiro (Krudo) from Qalauma prison in La Paz

La Paz, Bolivia: Letter of comrade Henry Zegarrundo from the prison of San Pedro


Sitting on the bedstead that has become one of the places where I can read and write, I decided to put the worries in my head into words. The bustle from the approximately 50 prisoners with whom I share this space takes over the surroundings; a faint light is shed on this piece of paper where I write to give way to these words, which decided to break the silence by alluding to the informants.

It is necessary to bear in mind—by permanent reflection—that the State intends to deplete the individual, using its known strategies, which are no innovation but the materialization of punishment that has become a routine through incarceration, prosecution and ‘exemplification’. The State seeks to reduce the individual to an ID card, a number or a code; to morally exterminate us, and annihilate any revolutionary practice. But there’s a detail relevant to this: all people who recognize themselves in the libertarian spectrum share the notion of positioning themselves on the side of the barricade opposite to the Power-authority. Nonetheless, there are some others who proclaim themselves libertarians or anarchists that justify and endorse the repression; by this endorsement–justification, this proclamation of theirs mutates into a mere self-hypocritical discourse, and these people end up on the opposite side of the barricade we see in front of us, and not on our side.

If there are hostages, it is not because those ‘responsible’ of the attacks should be held accountable for the fact that the State incarcerates several individuals that support political tendencies or practices;* the State-Power only takes advantage of such incidents to enforce and justify its efficiency or civil ‘security’. It is very clear that the political and repressive entity together with its platformist allies are the only responsible ones for the fact that some of us have to be locked in the jaws of Power. It is thus pathetic to ask people who carried out the attacks to give themselves in or exchange their freedom in the place of others. Those people, who speak of true or fake anarchists, just need an endowment of police uniforms in exchange for their delation and collaboration; they have not yet digested that a struggle is dignified when it holds high revolutionary values, and that a person without moral emptiness does not snitch on another.

Pleading ‘guilty or innocent’ is not even a priority in this debate; what has priority is that no other comrade gets caught, and the pain inflicted on relatives and loved ones is not reproduced.

Throughout the history of struggle in these lands, it’s inevitable to mention the women warriors of the Women’s Syndicate of Various Trades (SFOV) and the Women Workers Federation (FOF). During the years from the 20s to the 50s, the struggle against the oppressing State-bourgeoisie was organized in trade unions where—not only in Bolivia but also in several other countries in Europe and America—initiatives with strong ties of solidarity to political prisoners in other countries were arising. These valiant anarchist cholas** were well aware that there was no need whatsoever to have imprisoned anarchists anywhere. In late 1927, they decided to join the international campaign for the liberation of the Italian-born anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti —it is known that they were two immigrants, workers and anarchists who were taken to court, sentenced and executed by electrocution for the alleged armed robbery and assassination of two people (in the US). A very important fact in this story is that the entirety of the solidarity campaign did not ask for the head of the perpetrators of attacks; the anarchist cholas demanded the release of Sacco and Vanzetti, and maintained an elevated moral concept and practice; they knew all too well that the libertarian struggles were not about blackmailing and requesting the authors to give themselves in so that the amount of political prisoners would keep growing. Although it’s been a long time since those days, dignity and ethical stances remain intact; whenever there have been informants, they have been treated as a scourge that, because of their actions, are very far away from any kind of struggle against Power. The anarchist cholas of the SFOV and the FOF are a good reference point of anti-patriarchy struggle, and very coherently knew how to liberate themselves from the other kind of masters: accusation and delation. Nowadays, the trade unions—at least here—have been seized by Trotskyists. The syndicalist struggle has been converted into a vertical and authoritarian organism, so it has nothing to do with an anarchic stance; it has been institutionalized and only stands for an agglutination of the masses that just follow the agreements between their leaders and the State.

I did not expect that, within this prison chapter, snitches would become the stellar actors. Even though they testified against me, I did not expect that those who call themselves comrades would go as far as to ask for the ranks of anarchist prisoners to thicken. Therefore, I reject any solidarity action in which I might be linked to individuals who support repression.

I am still waiting to get out of this cage, and even though the judicial engine runs so slowly, I am feeling strong and firm. I admire all those who still fight in and outside the prisons; the definite end of the Bombs Case (in Chile) brought a big smile to my face; this is a great victory in our history. Sooner or later, all of the state set-ups shall fall. I reiterate my greetings to all the prisoners of Power who do not give up, to my family and comrades. We must not let them steal our dreams. Solidarity is what encourages a prisoner not to feel alone.

Henry Zegarrundo
Anti-authoritarian prisoner

* On August 28th the solidarity collective Libertad stated the following: ‘We deplore the fact that Nina [Mansilla], in her despair to get out of that extermination centre, harmed comrades Krudo [Mayron Gutiérrez Monroy] and Henry [Zegarrundo] in her amplified plea-statement that she herself requested; likewise, she gave away names of those who, as she would like to believe, are members of the FAI-FRI.’

On September 29th the self-proclaimed ‘anarchist-feminist activist’ Nina Mansilla mentioned, among others, that the perpetrators of 17 attacks must be held accountable for their actions and not let someone else ‘pay for the movement’. Furthermore, in regard to an incriminating video (which, according to the prosecuting authorities, shows Nina during an action), she made reference to distinct details in order to implicate another person, whom—in her own words—‘I used to call comrade and sister at some point, but I cannot say the same now, as she knows my legal and emotional situation, knows I’m in here for her, for having an alleged “resemblance” to her.’ Lastly, N.Mansilla had the nerve to write: ‘Why should I shut up? To protect who? It has been said of me that I’m a snitch, and that people withdraw their solidarity towards me because “I accused others in order to save myself;” from what I see, it’s very easy for anyone to release a mouthful of very radical discourses, to talk about loyalty and resistance behind a keyboard, to write overpowering pronouncements against the State, the society and all who do not think as they do just to make a big deal out of it. But who gets in my place? Who lives with me every day in here? Who bears the humiliations and intimidation I’ve been putting up with for the past four months?’

** The feminine term chola (masculine: cholo) has a long history and abundant cultural connotation in Latin America. In general, the word stands for rural Andean women who wear the pollera (traditional skirt), speak Quechua or Aymara and sell their products in marketplaces (an archetype of Andean women). But cholas can also be characterized by a certain way of attitude reflected in the way they talk and live, features that complement the clothing to identify someone as such. The term was used in a pejorative way by the bourgeoisie to define a woman bellicose, seductive and lewd, thus a sexual object of desire, and moreover the epitome of sacrifice via motherhood and work. It grew to symbolize the triple oppression women were—and are—undergoing: discrimination on grounds of indigenousness, social class and gender. As described in Henry’s text, the term designates the qhateras (petty market traders) and other women workers who rebelled since the 1920s and took part in the anarcho-syndicalist struggle in Bolivia, and particularly in La Paz, making chola a word of their own.

La Paz, Bolivia: Communiqué by Henry Zegarrundo, who is being held in pretrial detention in San Pedro prison

Terror seeks to impose itself through prosecution, repression and incarceration for those of us who break through its ideology of fear, an ideology reinforced by the ‘communication’ media, an ideology reinforced by those who slavishly accept it whether they disagree or not.

Power seeks the SOCIAL DEATH through incarceration, seeks to diminish an individual through the MORAL ANNIHILATION. But up until now I have not experienced any of these two ‘phenomena’ designed by the State; the only thing they have managed to do is make me feel freer than ever before despite being locked up behind these thick walls.

Most of the time we think that Power is the only enemy, but we have other enemies disguised as anarchists; such enemies are those who make up accusations or false allegations on the basis of suppositions against those of us who are imprisoned; then these unethical subjects release statements of support and deny having made declarations against me, so long as they please everyone, they keep lying and making up stories in order to save their filthy ass, as filthy as their very own existence.

Nina and I were accused by Renatto Vincenti (who is one among the May 29th arrestees and member) of OARS (‘Anarchist Organization for the Social Revolution’), and he has even pledged to continue ‘collaborating’ with the investigation, while the worst thing of all is that the State employees blindly believe him. In the end, everyone has desperately opted for declarations based on assumptions; they have been defeated without ever having fought. I hope that Vico has not entered into this game of fear.

I want to clarify something: politically, I have always distanced myself from hierarchical, patriarchal, speciesist and activist organizations (typical of political parties). I do not believe in dogmas, martyrs or heroes, so I’m not part of OARS, I’m not part of RED VERDE (‘Green Network’), as those in Power like to believe, based on what Renatto asserted in his statement, since members of OARS also participate in RED VERDE. What a contradiction, right?

I only know FAI-FRI through the communiqués they release. Surely, though, the writing with ‘x’ (one use of inclusive language in Spanish) will stand as further evidence against me, once the investigators read this communiqué.

Anarchy is not about keeping ourselves in theoretical seclusion; it is about putting freedom into practice in our everyday lives. We need to split off from traitors and treacherous subjects, because to betray the anarchist struggle is to kneel down, lie, blame others, cause sedation of fear; in theory, treason is to betray someone who had something to do with you but, in this particular case, treason through lying is the same or perhaps even worse, it is to betray oneself albeit having a discourse before, that has only stayed on words.

What makes me happy is that, out there, one can breathe solidarity, freedom and the spirit of struggle, which must go on in spite of these incarcerations. It is now more important than ever to keep fighting, debating, disseminating, discussing and publishing. It is quite unpleasant to know that some have distanced themselves although they used to have radical discourses, but this doesn’t grieve me at all as it is better to be few than being a herd that simply follows the decisions of others.

This is all for the time being; I express my solidarity with all hostages of the States, I send them lots of strength, greetings, kisses and hugs.

The echo of solidarians in Peru, Ecuador and elsewhere in the world has reached this place.

Strength to TIPNIS (struggles in defense of the ‘Isiboro Sécure National Park and Indigenous Territory’); even though I disagree with the carrying out of the 9th (‘national indigenous’) march, I watch everything that happens from inside here, hoping that wise decisions will be taken, because we know that the State is going to deceive and will sow discord in order to impose its pro-capitalist laws. The best strategy I see is to fight on the very same scene of the conflict, in the Isiboro Secure itself.

Thanks to my family, to friends, well-known and unknown to others, who paid me a visit; I reiterate my regards to all those who have opted to be the everyday warriors that have been able to confront fear and terror.

Henry Zegarrundo
Anti-authoritarian Anarchist

Source: ABC Mexico
Some background info to the case: i, ii

São Paulo, Brazil: Building a colourful world

On November 4th, 2011, children painted numerous colours and patterns on all external walls of the building of the Municipal School of Infantile Education Guia Lopes, in the neighborhood of Limão in São Paulo, thus covering up neo-Nazi and racist slogans that had been written there a few weeks earlier (17/10) by fascist scum.

The creative event took place from morning until noon. Other children from nearby areas joined the kindergarten pupils, along with teachers, parents, anarchopunks, graffiti artists and neighbours from the local community.

The video brings together images of this activity and testimonials (in Portuguese) of teachers and people responsible for coordination and administration of this school, and also suggests black and African culture as a year-long theme for the small students.

In a world where many worlds fit… Act against fascism and intolerance!

source: anarcopunk.org