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Victoria, British Columbia: Benefit gig for Amélie, Fallon and Carlos, imprisoned anarchists in Mexico

We’re doing a solidarity benefit show for anarchist prisoners Amélie, Fallon and Carlos on December 4th, 2014 in Victoria (Occupied Lekwungen Territories). Come out and help support them!

Storm of Sedition – Anti-Civ Anarchist Crust Azotobacter – Local Punk Not a Cost – Anarchist Crust

There will also be cheap food and zine distros.

Doors @6PM No bigots, […]

Germany: Benefit gig for squats in Athens

On January 25th, 2013 in Witzenhausen, Germany, we organized a concert featuring the band Guts Pie Earshot in solidarity with squats under attack across Greece. We placed a banner in our self-managed student club which read: You can’t evict an idea. Hands off all squats. Solidarity to Villa Amalias, Skaramaga and […]

Athens: Villa Amalias re-squatted and re-evicted; mass detentions

Early in the morning of Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 dozens of people re-squatted Villa Amalias.

Heavy anti-riot police forces that encircled the building threw repeatedly tear gas inside. At approximately 9.20am, anti-riot squadrons (MAT, YMET) along with the EKAM special suppressive antiterrorist unit were deployed in the area, smashed the building’s windows and raided it anew, […]

Athens: Paint bomb attack against the old city hall, in solidarity with Villa Amalias squat

On the night of December 24th, comrades wanted to add a bit of colour to the miserable Christmas decoration that the mayor of Athens, Giorgos Kaminis, had reserved for the city. We wanted to show him that the lousy political dealings on the repression against Villa Amalias squat will not be left unanswered. He will […]

Athens: Upcoming solidarity events for Villa Amalias (squat besieged by cops)

The poster reads:

No one can deprive us of what is already ours

Thursday, December 27th Event at Victoria Square by 17.00pm – The group “Tsiritsantzoules” will perform Mistero Buffo by Dario Fo – Video screenings by and for Villa Amalias squat

Saturday, December 29th – Demonstration in solidarity with Villa Amalias, starting from Propylaea (on Panepistimiou Street) […]

Athens: Responsibility claim for arson attack on municipal services branch in Sepolia, in solidarity with Villa Amalias squat

In the early morning hours of Friday, December 21st we placed an incendiary device consisting of five gas canisters at the building facade of the KEP (so-called Citizens’ Service Centre) which is located at the intersection of Dyrrachiou and Amvrakias streets, in the district of Sepolia.

We were armed with rage and consciousness concerning the latest […]

Athens: The 8 arrestees of Villa Amalias squat have been released, 24.12.2012

Solidarity banner in Mytilini (Lesvos Island): “Villa Amalias is each and every one of us. Back off, ruffians! Go forth, comrades!”

The eight comrades, who were arrested on December 20th during the police raid in Villa Amalias squat, have all been released. [Update in Greek:] Three of them walked without the imposition of […]

Athens: Brief updates about Villa Amalias and the eight arrested squatters

Flier found in the town of Livadia: ‘Solidarity with Villa Amalias’

• Second communiqué of comrades from Villa Amalias squat, here

• Short reportback from a spontaneous solidarity demo last night (20.12) in downtown Athens, which took place just after the anarchist assembly at the Athens University of Economics and Business (ASOEE), here

• “Early […]

Athens: Announcement of comrades from Villa Amalias squat, 20.12.2012

State and parastatal scumbags, we are here and we will stay —Villa Amalias squat

Today, December 20th, 2012 at 7am police forces raided Villa Amalias squat. Pretext for this oppressive exhibition of power has been an ‘anonymous complaint’ to the police.

Eight comrades (six Greek-born and two from abroad) who were inside the squat […]

Bolivia: Letter of punky Mayron Mioshiro (Krudo) from Qalauma prison in La Paz

Greetings, comrades; I am still confronting the present here and obviously not giving up.

My intention with this communiqué is the following: to clarify certain conflicts and rumors that have arisen about my person.

I think from what I’ve understood people have been saying that I’m a police collaborator; but if I was […]

La Paz, Bolivia: Letter of comrade Henry Zegarrundo from the prison of San Pedro


Sitting on the bedstead that has become one of the places where I can read and write, I decided to put the worries in my head into words. The bustle from the approximately 50 prisoners with whom I share this space takes over the surroundings; a faint light is shed […]

La Paz, Bolivia: Communiqué by Henry Zegarrundo, who is being held in pretrial detention in San Pedro prison

Terror seeks to impose itself through prosecution, repression and incarceration for those of us who break through its ideology of fear, an ideology reinforced by the ‘communication’ media, an ideology reinforced by those who slavishly accept it whether they disagree or not.

Power seeks the SOCIAL DEATH through incarceration, seeks to diminish an individual through the […]

São Paulo, Brazil: Building a colourful world

On November 4th, 2011, children painted numerous colours and patterns on all external walls of the building of the Municipal School of Infantile Education Guia Lopes, in the neighborhood of Limão in São Paulo, thus covering up neo-Nazi and racist slogans that had been written there a few weeks earlier (17/10) by fascist scum.

The creative […]