Athens: Responsibility claim for arson attack on municipal services branch in Sepolia, in solidarity with Villa Amalias squat

villa amalias building

In the early morning hours of Friday, December 21st we placed an incendiary device consisting of five gas canisters at the building facade of the KEP (so-called Citizens’ Service Centre) which is located at the intersection of Dyrrachiou and Amvrakias streets, in the district of Sepolia.

We were armed with rage and consciousness concerning the latest moves by the class enemy against the anarchist/anti-authoritarian milieu, and in particular by the fascist minister of Citizen Repression, aka minister of Public Order Dendias, and his partners, the prime minister Samaras and the mayor of Athens Kaminis, who raided the squat of Villa Amalias.

In this factual way, we demonstrated our solidarity with the anarchist squat of Villa Amalias and the eight prosecuted comrades who were held in the hellholes of the Athens police headquarters. We targeted the KEP because it belongs to the jurisdiction of the municipality of Athens that took a leading role in the squat’s intended evacuation.

We warn those who contributed to the specific attack that this was only the beginning.


‘Enraged anarchists’