La Paz, Bolivia: Communiqué by Henry Zegarrundo, who is being held in pretrial detention in San Pedro prison

Terror seeks to impose itself through prosecution, repression and incarceration for those of us who break through its ideology of fear, an ideology reinforced by the ‘communication’ media, an ideology reinforced by those who slavishly accept it whether they disagree or not.

Power seeks the SOCIAL DEATH through incarceration, seeks to diminish an individual through the MORAL ANNIHILATION. But up until now I have not experienced any of these two ‘phenomena’ designed by the State; the only thing they have managed to do is make me feel freer than ever before despite being locked up behind these thick walls.

Most of the time we think that Power is the only enemy, but we have other enemies disguised as anarchists; such enemies are those who make up accusations or false allegations on the basis of suppositions against those of us who are imprisoned; then these unethical subjects release statements of support and deny having made declarations against me, so long as they please everyone, they keep lying and making up stories in order to save their filthy ass, as filthy as their very own existence.

Nina and I were accused by Renatto Vincenti (who is one among the May 29th arrestees and member) of OARS (‘Anarchist Organization for the Social Revolution’), and he has even pledged to continue ‘collaborating’ with the investigation, while the worst thing of all is that the State employees blindly believe him. In the end, everyone has desperately opted for declarations based on assumptions; they have been defeated without ever having fought. I hope that Vico has not entered into this game of fear.

I want to clarify something: politically, I have always distanced myself from hierarchical, patriarchal, speciesist and activist organizations (typical of political parties). I do not believe in dogmas, martyrs or heroes, so I’m not part of OARS, I’m not part of RED VERDE (‘Green Network’), as those in Power like to believe, based on what Renatto asserted in his statement, since members of OARS also participate in RED VERDE. What a contradiction, right?

I only know FAI-FRI through the communiqués they release. Surely, though, the writing with ‘x’ (one use of inclusive language in Spanish) will stand as further evidence against me, once the investigators read this communiqué.

Anarchy is not about keeping ourselves in theoretical seclusion; it is about putting freedom into practice in our everyday lives. We need to split off from traitors and treacherous subjects, because to betray the anarchist struggle is to kneel down, lie, blame others, cause sedation of fear; in theory, treason is to betray someone who had something to do with you but, in this particular case, treason through lying is the same or perhaps even worse, it is to betray oneself albeit having a discourse before, that has only stayed on words.

What makes me happy is that, out there, one can breathe solidarity, freedom and the spirit of struggle, which must go on in spite of these incarcerations. It is now more important than ever to keep fighting, debating, disseminating, discussing and publishing. It is quite unpleasant to know that some have distanced themselves although they used to have radical discourses, but this doesn’t grieve me at all as it is better to be few than being a herd that simply follows the decisions of others.

This is all for the time being; I express my solidarity with all hostages of the States, I send them lots of strength, greetings, kisses and hugs.

The echo of solidarians in Peru, Ecuador and elsewhere in the world has reached this place.

Strength to TIPNIS (struggles in defense of the ‘Isiboro Sécure National Park and Indigenous Territory’); even though I disagree with the carrying out of the 9th (‘national indigenous’) march, I watch everything that happens from inside here, hoping that wise decisions will be taken, because we know that the State is going to deceive and will sow discord in order to impose its pro-capitalist laws. The best strategy I see is to fight on the very same scene of the conflict, in the Isiboro Secure itself.

Thanks to my family, to friends, well-known and unknown to others, who paid me a visit; I reiterate my regards to all those who have opted to be the everyday warriors that have been able to confront fear and terror.

Henry Zegarrundo
Anti-authoritarian Anarchist

Source: ABC Mexico
Some background info to the case: i, ii