Germany: Benefit gig for squats in Athens

On January 25th, 2013 in Witzenhausen, Germany, we organized a concert featuring the band Guts Pie Earshot in solidarity with squats under attack across Greece. We placed a banner in our self-managed student club which read: You can’t evict an idea. Hands off all squats. Solidarity to Villa Amalias, Skaramaga and LK37. Even though the town is small, by the end of the night we raised 835 euros which will be sent directly as financial support to the 152 comrades who were arrested during the recent evictions of squats in Athens. During the gig, we also shared a text explaining the facts of repression against Delta squat in Thessaloniki, as well as Villa Amalias, Skaramaga and Lelas Karagianni in Athens.

Revolutionary greetings to our comrades in Greece!