Athens: Paint bomb attack against the old city hall, in solidarity with Villa Amalias squat


On the night of December 24th, comrades wanted to add a bit of colour to the miserable Christmas decoration that the mayor of Athens, Giorgos Kaminis, had reserved for the city. We wanted to show him that the lousy political dealings on the repression against Villa Amalias squat will not be left unanswered. He will pay the corresponding price for his choice to cover the back of the prime minister, Antonis Samaras, who wanted to prove that he is equally fascist to the far-right part of his voting audience, which slips off to the Golden Dawn party by now.

This time, we chose paint bombs in order to attack the facade of the municipal administration: the old city hall on Athinas street.

Kaminis will soon have to pay the price for his political choice, and that’s something even he can understand. This is also why our action was completely hushed up by the mainstream media, and why the municipal workers were ordered to rescue the facade of the mayoral prestige over the same night by cleaning up the building as much as they could, and picking up the solidarity fliers which were thrown on the ground.


source ~ translated in collaboration with persona non grata