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Prague: Victory of SRB in fight against Řízkárna restaurant

The fight of the Network of revolutionary cells (SRB) against Prague restaurant Řízkárna lasted over a year. The owner of the restaurant Vladimir Krulec didn’t pay wages to his employees. He finally admitted defeat. After pressure of SRB he paid owed wages to some of the employees who worked there.

SRB organized different sabotages of the restaurant since March 2015. Four times restaurants’ cars were set on fire. Few times the restaurant was disrupted with the Butyric acid. There was also dozens of forced evacuations which caused enclosure for the public. The sabotages were an extensive loss for the business. The threat of more damages finally made Krulec to admit his defeat. He did what SRB wanted him to: to pay those owed wages.

The victory of SRB was a product of enforcement. We defined the goal of the struggle and through the direct actions we made Krulec to accomplish it. There was no space for concession. There was no mediation through bureaucracy or politicians. No negotiation or concessions in order to find a compromise. This we commit to others. We prefer the logic of permanent conflict that makes our enemies to do what we need.

There were other direct actions before SRB started its actions. Protests, happenings, pickets or occupations of the restaurant. These were organized by other groups and under specific circumstances it could’ve been successful. But it didn’t lead to a success and that was the reason why SRB started their actions. It was designed to intensify the pressure on Krulec. The autonomous actions and used methods were enforced by circumstances but are not the universal model for all situations.

Organizing pickets can be sufficient for some other struggles. In that case there is no need to set cars on fire. But where the moderate protests are not working the sabotages can be a good way how to win such fights. This one is a good example. Let it inspire ourselves and let’s take advantage from the gained experience. Let’s analyze it and utilize it for the future fights.

Network of revolutionary cells (SRB) – May 23rd 2016

in Greek

São Paulo, Brazil: Carlo Giuliani Cell of M.I.A. join the call for a Black December through fire

We claim responsibility for incendiary attacks against four banks in the city of São Paulo. The attacks occurred at the Santander bank branches in Largo da Batata, another in the Liberdade area, and the other two in the central region and in a peripheral region.—


The “Carlo Giuliani” cell of the Anarchist Insurgent Movement (M.I.A.) assumes responsibility for the four incendiary attacks that consumed bank branches in the early hours of November 16th 2015 in the central region of the city of São Paulo.

On November 15th the proclamation of the republic is “commemorated”, within large and ironic quotation marks. We have this fetish of commemorating historical dates and personages that remind our massacres and subservience. We do not commemorate the insurgencies of slaves or the Canudos Insurrection, nor do we celebrate the epic past of Marighella, Zumbi, João Cândido, Jesuíno Brilhante, Olga [Benário], or Espirtirina Martins. Going against logic, we buy the canned historical version, told by the winners who still continue to dominate us.

The fetid and corrupt monarchy that parasitised Brazil, deposed after the proclamation of the republic, does not differ in absolutely anything from the elite which nowadays parasitises the so admired democratic republic. Bankers, lobbyists, politicians, corporatists, CEOs, speculators and landlords, all worms that accumulate innumerable richness at the expense of others’ sweat.

Republic, presidentialism, monarchy, or even social democracy. There is no alternative to capitalism that is more “humanised” because the problem is capitalism itself. We will be oppressed and exploited as long as there are capitalism, social classes and exploitation of human by human.

Do not believe in magical solutions proposed by demagogues and opportunists. There is no alternative to the capitalist crisis that looms large on the horizon. Impeachment, coup, elections or any other palliative do not solve the structural problems that the Brazilian State presents. Only the autonomous, free and revolutionary organisation of male workers, female workers and youth can guarantee the construction of a new society towards complete freedom.

We reiterate: there is no way to remain a pacifist in the face of one of the most violent societies ever constructed over the course of history. We not delude ourselves into believing that this gigantic pyramid of hierarchised oppressions can be overthrown or even delegitimised through pacifist actions.

We will continue to violently attack the superstructure of capitalist domination. We will make gunpowder and fire our only voice in the face of injustices, for the construction and propagation of anarchist urban guerrillas that today begin to emerge in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul, in parallel with the struggle of the masses that also emerges with new revolutionary subjects.

The struggle of students in São Paulo against the shutdown of public schools by Geraldo Alckmin’s dictatorial and militaristic regime is extremely heroic and remarkable. Our most sincere solidarity, strength and compassion to all 19 schools occupied, so far, by high-school boys and girls. Continue to resist bravely. Do not be intimidated by the attacks of the police, the media or the judiciary. The people are certainly with you.

Our solidarity also goes out to the feminist struggle of women who marched in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro against the scumbag Eduardo Cunha and the entire reactionary mob that nowadays infest the political and economic scene with their rotten conservative and theocratic agendas. Continue to fight the good fight; the people are with you as well!

Our condolences and sincerest solidarity to the victims, their relatives and all those affected by the disaster [at the Germano mine near the town] of Mariana [in Minas Gerais state], perpetrated by the capitalist trio Vale, Samarco and BHP Billiton. An advance warning: your actions that end up resulting in irreparable damage to the environment and the lives of thousands of people, for the sake of your filthy lucre, will not be left unanswered.

Furthermore, we would also like to salute the General Strike that took place in Greece on the 12th day of this month, against austerity, poverty and repression imposed by Europe’s banking elite. Our most sincere solidarity with the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, especially the comrades who are currently imprisoned in Greece: Gerasimos Tsakalos, Olga Ekonomidou, Haris Hadjimihelakis, Christos Tsakalos, Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Michalis Nikolopoulos, Damiano Bolano, Panagiotis Argirou, Giorgos Polidoros [and Theofilos Mavropoulos].

We will continue to progressively increase our attacks in accordance with the increase in our operational capacity. Wait for more acts of sabotage and direct actions in the coming months.

We call in advance all anarchists and communists to prepare materials and equip themselves logistically for the last month of this year. Black December is being organised by revolutionaries from all corners of the world, seeking multiple, continuous and constant attacks, and if everything goes according to our plan it will be marked by chaos and revolutionary energy that will take good care of São Paulo and other Brazilian states.

Let practice and direct action become the evolution of libertarian theory. In an autonomous and decentralised manner, through small groups of intimacy, anyone disposed and organised can carry out their own actions.

Not a step back.

War on the State and the Capital!

Source: Cumplicidade | Greek, Spanish

[London] A song for imprisoned comrade Tasos Theofilou

via ASF LDN – Anarchists in Solidarity (original description in Greek):

“Night has fallen with no moon, it also got dark inside Yedi,*
and yet, one palikari is unable to fall asleep.

Who knows what he’s waiting for from evening till morning
at the narrow window that illuminates the cell…

The door opens, the door closes, but it’s double-locked with key.
What has he done, why was the fellow thrown into prison?”

* in reference to the notorious Yedi Kule prison in Thessaloniki, Greece

(The banner viewed at minute 2:46 reads: “We are all guilty”)

With those who put up strong resistance for all of us;
with those we will always stand in solidarity.

Tasos is currently in prison, after being sentenced on the basis of forged and nonexistent evidence. He was convicted just because he’s an anarchist. He was convicted because he didn’t lose his smile even when the court of first instance announced his sentence.

“I have committed the offence that encompasses all offences. In the class war, I chose to side with those who have been treated unjustly.” (Tasos Theofilou, February 2014)

“I am an anarchist communist. I cherish life as much as I love freedom. Let’s fight to tear down the prisons that bury thousands of living persons inside them. Let’s fight for the vision of social liberation. Let’s fight for the liberation of our class from the power of the Capital.” (Tasos Theofilou, September 2012)

Electric Litany covered the Apostolos Kaldaras song “Night has fallen with no moon (Nychtose choris feggari)” with its original lyrics (before the 1947 censorship) as a gesture of solidarity with anarchist communist Tasos Theofilou, imprisoned in Greece.

This release (recorded in London during September 2015) has the sole purpose of raising funds to support the case of Tasos Theofilou. You can purchase the track by donating an amount of your choosing through PayPal. Contact email: londanfund15 (at) gmail.com

All proceeds will go to cover the legal costs of the case, which will be tried at the appellate level.

More info: solidarity brochure | kontakten2015 (at) gmail.com

Athens: Headquarters of the private sector union GSEE occupied by anarchists and anti-authoritarian communists since 4/12

They told us you’ll conquer when you submit. We submitted and found ashes.” [George Seferis]

As of December 4th, 2014, we have occupied the building of GSEE (Greece’s General Confederation of Workers) in a display of solidarity with anarchist Nikos Romanos, who is on hunger strike since the 10th of November. Anarchist Nikos Romanos is a conscious enemy of the establishment. He has chosen to struggle factually against the State and the Capital inside the prison, as well as outside the walls.

Those who aim at exterminating him or forcing him to capitulate are:

– the government that, being loyal to the orders of the local and international Capital, imposes the implementation of memoranda, a policy of heavy austerity measures and devaluation of our workforce.

– the State that imposes a regime of a state of emergency as a way to extort social consensus and establish fear. Concentration camps for migrants, type C maximum security prisons, arrests and stigmatization of allegedly “HIV-positive” women, violent repression of demonstrations, tortures at the hands of police, the police occupation of Skouries in the Halkidiki peninsula, the targeting of university student mobilizations complete the puzzle of a Fortress-Greece.

Today, the peak of this repressive policy is the case of anarchist hunger striker Nikos Romanos. Through his extermination, the State pursues to neutralize revolutionary projectualities – self-organization, resistance, solidarity – that can trigger class and social counterattack, revolution.

The struggle of Nikos Romanos is not just about winning his educational furloughs from prison. It sets a barricade against type C maximum security prisons, new special conditions of detention, restriction of rights that were won by the blood of prison inmates. It sets a barricade against the murderous onslaught of the State and the Capital. For all of these reasons, we stand by our comrade and in solidarity with his struggle.


GSEE Occupation

İstanbul: DAF and other groups salute comrade Nikos Romanos

“Freedom for Romanos – Long live anarchism – Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF)”
police in front of Greece’s consulate

Today, we were in streets for Alexis who was murdered by Greek State and for Nikos Romanos who is in hunger strike for 26 days against the repression of the same state.

Today, we were in streets for our sisters and brothers who has been murdered while resisting in Greece, in Ferguson, in Mexico, in Kobanê.

Today, we were in streets for Berkin, Ali İsmail, Ethem, Arin, Kader, Suphi Nejat.

While states are killing our sisters and brothers in whole over the world; we, revolutionary anarchists were in the streets with our anger to states, capitalists, companies and murderers. Even police held up our way and attacked us with their plastic bullets, gas bombs and batons; they couldn’t achieve to suppress our anger. We resisted with our black flags while rising out our slogans.

This passion for freedom is getting bigger today; the anger for the ones’ that has been murdered by state flare up our riot.

Revolutionary Anarchist Action salutes comrade Nikos Romanos’ and his resistance.


Today, with all the rage against powers that seizes lives, with the conviction to a free world, the black flags are waved all around the world. Against companies that exploit our labour to profit more; against states that murders many of us in the name of the borders they drew; against all powers that fill their pockets with our lives that they destroy, making us poorer and making the rich richer; rebellion is alive in the rage of anarchism. The rage against bosses, companies, murderers and states, is propagating in full flood with the black flags. The sorrow of being neglected, disappeared and murdered, is now turning into anger, and the street are burning with the rage all over.

Exactly 6 years ago, in Exarchia neighbourhood of Athens, murdered because he was an anarchist, at the age of 16, was Alexandros Grigoropoulos. Murdered by a cop, with the bullet from his gun, because he transformed his anger into rebellion and went on the street, calling to account for the lives being seized, because he didn’t obey the powers and he was resisting at all costs for freedom. On the day of December 6, 2008, The bullet that ran into Alexis’ chest turned in the fire of revolt in the streets. Even though the murderers continued their attacks, the rage against the ones that silenced a heart that was beating for freedom, burned the streets into flames in Athens, in Thessaloniki, in Istanbul and everywhere.

Nikos Romanos, who was with Alexis the day he was murdered and who also had the same conviction for a free world, is now captivated because he is an anarchist. Romanos is captivated because he was not silent against injustice, because he didn’t give up despite state oppression, because with the same conviction of his murdered comrade, he kept on the struggle against all powers. The ones who think they can terminate this struggle by murdering Alexis, are now captivating Nikos hoping to stop another heart that is beating with the conviction for anarchism. Just like in 2008, the streets are filled with anger against the state that continue to attack Romanos with all its isolation, oppression and torture. As Romanos continues his hunger strike since 10th of November, other anarchist comrades in captive also start hunger strikes in solidarity; universities are occupied; and the same voice echoes in burning streets, in cells resisting captive: “As long as we are alive and we breathe, long live anarchy!”

The powers that murdered Alexis in 2008 and that captivate Nikos today think that they can silence the rage against injustice that is growing in every part of the world. They continue to captivate, attack and murder under this illusion.

In Mexico, 43 students resisting politics of the powers seizing their future, had disappeared by the hand of state; and their bodies are found in mass graves after many days. Just because they are black, the people targeted by fascist repression of the power, become the targets of bullets shot by the police; and the ones who resist being taken to custody are strangling and murdered by the police. Many of our brothers like Berkin, Ethem Ali, Ahmet who resisted for their lives, were murdered by the state police. While the ones resisting in Kobanê to create a new life, like Arin, like Suphi Nejat, like Kader, are murdered by the gangs, military and soldiers of the state; the ones who are on the streets in every corner of the region embracing Kobanê resistance, like Hakan, like Mahsun, are the targeted by the murderer police of the same state…

Wherever the ones who call to account for injustice, who resist to win their lives, who struggle with their conviction of freedom are on the streets; there is the address for oppression, torture and massacre. The oppressors who think that they can discourage the ones who don’t obey them by captivating, kidnapping or murdering; a cry of freedom raised in one place is echoed from every direction. From the cells of Athens to Mexico, from the streets of Ferguson to Istanbul, to the free lands of Kobanê, the conviction for a new world is propagating in full flood. Now, this passion for freedom is getting bigger; the rage for the murders is flaring up the fire of revolt in hearts.

This revolt is against the powers that seize our lives, that intend to destroy our freedom, that murder us. This revolt is against capitalism and the states. This revolt is against all kinds of captivity.

With this revolt for freedom in our hearts, anarchism is growing in every part of the world.

And our struggle is growing from one corner of the world to another, carried by the waves of the black flags.

Long live Revolution, long live anarchy!

Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF)
High School Anarchist Action (LAF)
Anarchist Youth
Anarchist Women

Greece: 1st Anarchist Bookfair in Patras

“Anarchist books are a weapon against modern totalitarianism”

Brief presentation of the upcoming anarchist book fair in Patras, Greece
29–31 May 2014, “Esperos”, Georgiou Square

Organizing the first anarchist bookfair in Patras, Greece has been an idea with which comrades currently participating in the self-organized social centre “Epi ta proso”* have been flirting for quite some time. The aim of this festival is to bring out the wealth of anarchist, antiauthoritarian and libertarian concepts, and diffuse anarchist ideas into society, especially to the young people across the city. This is particularly important at a time when state propaganda prevails against those who opt for self-organization and grass-roots initiatives as a means to fight, while racism, social cannibalism and turning to fascism are presented as the sole options to overcome the unfolding crisis. At the same time, even within the resistance movement, political discussion and exchange of ideas to achieve a more in-depth analysis is treated with contempt; we thus believe that promoting self-education, political and theoretical investigation, preserving social and working-class memory against lifestyle anarchism and political hooliganism, are of prime importance in the direction of a wider reconstruction of the radical and revolutionary movement.

This year, the 3-day bookfair will consist of book presentations, discussions, events and screenings on the following topics: crisis and debt, anarchist communism, the history of the Paris Commune of 1871, fascism, the organization of the anarchist movement, teaching Greek to immigrants and refugees, etc. Our aim is to create an event freed from state intervention and commercialism, to transform a public space into a meeting place for open discussion and criticism. Any contribution in money is strictly limited to helping the initiatives that put this festival together keep going and to covering the expenses of the event. The bookfair would not be complete without a cultural session, underlining the need to reclaim public space and transform it into a meeting place full of life, a hub of resistance and creativity. So, on Friday night there will be a live concert and on Saturday there will be a play — “The ugly one” by the theatre group “Tote Pote” (i.e. “Then When”). On Thursday and Friday (29-30/5), the book fair will open at 5pm and on Saturday (31/5) at 11am. During the festival there will be a permanent poster and photo gallery featuring important moments of the anarchist and wider radical movement. There will also be a book display of selected titles in English.

We would like to thank all those that responded positively to our invitation to organize this event, whether publishing collectives, cultural groups, self-managed social centres/squats or political collectives.

Self-organised social centre “epi ta proso” | 87 Patreos St., Patras, Greece

* This was the name of an anarchist newspaper, published from 1896 to the early 20th century in the city of Patras. The group of anarchists running the newspaper had the same name; allegedly, they were the first anarchist-communist group in the country. Epi ta proso can be freely translated as “going forward”.

More Info: Anarchist Bookfair Patras

Athens, Greece: Conviction of anarchist communist Tasos Theofilou

On February 7th, 2014 anarchist communist Tasos Theofilou was sentenced to 25 years in prison, although he has denied all charges from the start. A three-member bench reached a majority opinion (instead of a unanimous verdict) at the trial court in Athens.

Tasos Theofilou was acquitted of severe charges in relation to “formation of and membership in a terrorist organization” (i.e. his alleged involvement in the urban guerrilla group Conspiracy of Cells of Fire), as well as possession of explosives and ordnance (these charges were also dropped, since the judges ruled that he was never a member of the CCF), forgery of five identification cards, use of a firearm, and two attempted homicides.

However he was found guilty of two felony charges: participating in a robbery with his physical characteristics covered, and being an abettor in manslaughter committed in a calm mental state. He was also convicted of three misdemeanors: carrying a firearm, repeatedly forging (accusation relating to vehicles of the robbers), and accepting proceeds of crime (the getaway car of the robbers).

In other words, the court decided that supposedly Theofilou (without being a member of the CCF or another organization) participated in the bank robbery on Paros Island in August 2012, but he was not the one who killed Dimitris Michas (the citizen who attempted to prevent the robbers’ escape). According to one of his defense lawyers, this is a decision taken on the basis of one and only indication (a controversial DNA sample on a hat which one of the robbers allegedly dropped). At least the imposition of life imprisonment was prevented, as he was not convicted of intentional manslaughter…

Many facts of the case and evidence presented to the court argued in favor of his acquittal (e.g. none of the eyewitnesses recognized Theofilou during the trial). Nevertheless, as had happened in the case of anarchist prisoner Babis Tsilianidis, also in this proceeding the defendant was adjudged to be guilty solely on the basis of DNA, which was allegedly found on a mobile object.

The court of first instance imposed: 16 years for abetting manslaughter, 15 years for committing robbery, 3 years for committing forgery, 2 years for carrying a firearm (plus a fine of 5,000 euros), and 2 years for accepting proceeds of crime; total: 38 years. The aggregate sentence is 25 years in prison. The comrade has the right to appeal against his conviction, but the appeal has no suspensive effect; that is, he must remain in prison until his next trial in the court of appeals (but in the meantime he can request that his prison sentence be suspended).


Greece: Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrysochoidis released from prison

Comrades Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrysochoidis were incarcerated since August 2008, accused of robberies and the kidnapping of powerful industrialist Mylonas, which took place earlier that summer in Thessaloniki, Greece. In their appeal trial, in April 2012, they had their sentences reduced from 22 years to a little over 12 years.

Both denied their participation in the kidnapping but have always declared their solidarity with the prison escapee Vassilis Palaiokostas—who was charged in the same case, and today is still on the run.

Vaggelis and Polys were granted conditional release from the hellholes in August and September 2013, respectively.


Athens – 11 November 2013: Trial of anarchist communist Tasos Theofilou in the court of appeals on Loukareos street

Short description of the case by comrades in solidarity:

On 18 August 2012, at 11am, anarchist communist Tasos Theofilou was kidnapped by the anti-terrorist force from Kerameikos Square in central Athens. After being handcuffed and black-hooded by cops, he was brought to the police headquarters in Athens, where his DNA sample was taken by force and he was accused of involvement in the robbery of Alpha Bank on Paros Island (which had occurred few days earlier), and the fatal injury of a citizen who attempted to prevent the robbers’ escape. He was also charged with participation in the revolutionary organization Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. The anti-terrorist force used their most common tactic: they claimed that someone made an “anonymous phone call” to the police few days after the bank robbery, presenting Tasos Theofilou as one of the perpetrators, and this is what led to his arrest…

The comrade has refused all charges from the first moment. He has defended himself saying that the only thing implicating him in the incidents on Paros is a DNA sample from a mobile object (a hat) allegedly found outside of the bank, which in no way implies his own presence in the robbery scene. He has also challenged the validity of collection and analysis procedure for the particular DNA sample. As for the accusation of his involvement in the CCF, in the first text he published after his arrest the comrade stated that it would be impossible to be a CCF member because of huge political disagreements with the organization, clarifying that he recognizes of course that they share a common place in the camp of those who act hostilely toward the old world. This false allegation is based on matters related to the operation-fiasco of December 2010, when six anarchists were arrested for participation in an “unknown terrorist organization,” charges which were later incorporated in the CCF case (two of the six arrestees were acquitted of all charges by decree). In particular, according to the testimony of an anti-terrorist cop, comrade Tasos Theofilou is considered a CCF member because of his comradely and friendly relationship with anarchist Kostas Sakkas (who also denies being a member of this revolutionary organization). Additionally, Tasos Theofilou is portrayed as having provided counter-surveillance measures in the region of Agrinio to another anarchist accused in the same case (Giorgos Karagiannidis), a fact that he denies categorically, explaining that he saw the particular comrade for the first time only in pictures released by the cops after the December 2010 arrests.

The main accusations (among others) that Tasos Theofilou is facing in court are:

1-Formation of and membership in a terrorist organization (CCF)
2-Intentional manslaughter
3-Double attempted serial homicide
4-Armed joint-venture robbery
5-Manufacture, supply and possession of explosives

Solidarity to Tasos Theofilou

Athens: Responsibility claim for arson on diplomatic corps vehicle

In the early hours of Friday, October 11, 2013 we torched a diplomatic corps van, with vehicle registration plates DC 93-3, at the intersection of Pyrras and Delacroix streets in the area of Neos Kosmos, Athens.

This action is dedicated wholeheartedly to our comrades who are prosecuted for the double robbery in Velventos, Kozani, and will stand trial in late November* and also in memory of the murdered antifascist Pavlos Fyssas.

We should not get used to the idea of fear and death. We should resist the contemporary totalitarianism by all means available.

We create our own structures, we strengthen and extend our comradely relationships, and we set the stage for anarchy and communism. Social revolution, the only solution…

Arsonists with a conscience

* The trial for the double robbery in Velventos is scheduled to take place on November 29, 2013 in the Court of Appeals on Loukareos street in Athens. Accused comrades are Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos, Dimitris Politis, Nikos Romanos, Yannis Michailidis, Fivos Harisis-Poulos, and Argyris Ntalios.

Athens – 10 June 2013: First day of the trial against comrade Tasos Theofilou

Banner in Thessaloniki: “Solidarity to Tasos Theofilou – Fire and arson to all prison cells – Trial 10/6”

In August 2012, Tasos Theofilou was arrested in Athens and remanded on grave charges. He is accused of an armed bank robbery on Paros Island that happened previously that summer, and resulted to the fatal shooting of a citizen who attempted to stop the robbers on their escape. In addition, he is implicated in the case against the urban guerrilla group Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. The comrade explicitly denies all charges.

The trial of anarchist-communist Tasos Theofilou will start Monday, June 10th, 2013, by 9am, at the 3rd three-member felony court of appeals (Efeteio) on Loukareos street in Athens.

You may read some thoughts of the comrade ahead of the court proceeding in Greek, English, Spanish.

Greece: Text of Tasos Theofilou from Domokos prison

The following text was written only 24 hours before the magic escape from the prison in Trikala on the 22nd of March 2013.*

Probably it has some interest to comment on the last two attempted escapes from maximum security prisons in Greece: the one with a helicopter from Trikala prison, and the other with a small bluff from Malandrino prison.

In the first case, it became apparent that the police, in order to consolidate the doctrine of zero tolerance, did not hesitate to open fire and endanger the lives of dozens of people, citing the intent to prevent an escape, an act punishable as misdemeanor…

In the second case, we saw what a prisoner can succeed by camouflaging a simple radio device into a remote-control bomb (!) when the mechanisms of law enforcement know he makes no jokes about his freedom. Although he did not manage to escape in the end, he kept the entire prison staff on their toes for 24 hours with decisiveness as his only weapon.

But what really matters in these two incidents is the alteration in the meaning of escape, as well as its mutation into an individual affair of the prisoner. Until the late 90s rebellion and escape were two almost interrelated concepts. A prison rebellion was usually the result of an attempted mass escape. Prison inmates were trying to flee together, some managed to run away, others in their attempt got wounded by bullets of the cops, and the rest were forced to return inside, and they would torch the prison. The causes of this alteration must be sought on the one hand in the upgrading of technology and architecture of repression, on the other hand in the unprecedented individualism of contemporary prisoners.

Modern prisons are designed for the maximum possible control, using both physical and electronic methods. There are surveillance cameras on every corner of each prison wing, which is perfectly squared and devoid of any natural element. There are security doors that open only electronically from the control rooms. Another important detail is that nowadays the roof—the primary refuge of prison rebels—is not accessible in almost any way.

What’s more, the composition of the prison population itself has changed over the last decade, which has largely changed the perception of prisoners as well. The prison population is not composed of bloodthirsty criminals or romantic outlaws. It consists of migrants from Africa and Asia, who in most cases do not even know, not only the Greek language, but also the reason they are in prison. It consists of drug addicts whose place should be in hospitals. It consists of scared petty-delinquents and debtors, the new trend in Greek prisons. It is also composed of godfathers and thugs of the nightlife that, in exchange for some small favors, maintain a balance between corruption and social peace in Greek prisons.

Relationships between prisoners are fake, hypocritical ad nauseum, and diplomatic; a game of domination that acts as a brake on building relationships of trust, a fact that subsequently reduces any combative mood which requires solidarity. Prisoners are being divided in nations and races, in small and large prison sentences, in different offenses that were committed, in personal disputes arising mainly because of dope or petty personal interests, and thus destroy every sense of community of struggle that could have been created among them. Ultimately any prisoner who wants to assert his freedom is encouraged to attempt it on his own or alongside some friends. Collective solutions seem an obsolete romanticism that belongs in the 90s.

And why is all this important?

Because prison is not a mirror of the society. It is rather the ground on which society’s functions, values, traditions, ethics and problems are being condensed. Watching and analyzing what is happening on the inside, one is able to interpret the social inertia outside the walls.

Helicopters for prison escapes are both spectacular and legitimate, but even more beautiful are the flames of prison rebellion. We must not cease to honour those who have succeeded or even attempted to escape, but we must not forget that the aim should not be just to fly over the walls, but to dance on their ruins.

Anastasios K. Theofilou
E1 wing, Domokos prison

March 21st, 2013

* On March 22nd, there was a successful escape of 11 prisoners from Trikala prison (nine are still on the run, while two other escapees were caught by police nearby).

Greece: Short poem by imprisoned anarchist communist Tasos Theofilou



Someday all this will be finished
and we’re going to say at least we tried.
We have neither been brought to life unfairly
nor become a burden to the Earth unjustly.
We left something behind.

And we’ll have wrinkles on our faces
each wrinkle will be a deep cut
for every moment of agony
for every eternity of loneliness.

Those who are afraid of wrinkles
afraid of their past
their meaningless present
their predetermined future
hate themselves. What they’re becoming.

Time leaves its mark
and we shall bear it proudly.

Prison address:
Anastasios K. Theofilou
Domokos prison, B2 wing

P.C. 35010 Domokos
Fthiotida, Greece

Greece: Notes by imprisoned anarchist communist Anastasios (Tasos) Theofilou

postscripts of a plot

Eventually we arrive at Domokos (central Greece). I did not know this city because of its notorious katiki cheese but instead because of the homonymous prison. That’s why I’ve always used the feminine article for ‘Domokos’, since prison has a feminine article in Greek; just like I’ve always referred to ‘Avlona’. In fact, I think both place names are masculine nouns. The journey is interesting. The President of the Republic would have been jealous of such an escort. Only, he wouldn’t have been handcuffed behind his back, with four swaddled heads keeping a close watch on him. Incidentally one of them, the driver, is easygoing. Throughout the four-hour transfer, the handcuffs are tightened too much, so I feel something like electricity hitting my already bloodied wrists. Till this day, my thumbs are still numb.

My reception in the prison wing is so warm that it becomes frightening. Everyone wants to know me and share a handshake with me; neither out of sympathy befitting a victim of fabricated charges, nor out of respect corresponding to someone who did not cooperate with the authorities; instead they’re in awe of a television star. I am beginning to grasp what dimensions the incident of my arrest has taken in the mainstream media.

What we have here is a multicultural feast. A forensic feast, too. An Indian-born man is sentenced to life because he killed one of ‘his own’, i.e. a compatriot of his. He’s got a genial face. He killed that man over a fight. There’s a guy of sixty with one tooth and a darkened face, who looks like a truck driver from some film by Rodriguez. He has served a life sentence already; one month later, he was recaptured and sentenced to life again. He’s currently doing almost his sixth year of his prison time. He claims proudly that, when he was in the D (wing), he nailed a pair of scissors in the ass of Korkoneas (the cop that murdered Alexis Grigoropoulos in December 2008). He was transferred to another wing alright, but he was not been given the prison transfer he had wished for. Something tells me that the prison administration has bought the trick with Korkoneas. There is another man sentenced to 3.5 years, i.e. 3.5 fi in the prison dialect. The ‘fi’, aka filakisi, imprisonment, is opposed to the ‘ka’ which means kathirxi, incarceration. So: this guy doesn’t have any money to bail himself out of prison and sits in here among robbers and assassins. Fortunately, he has a criminal physic, and if you don’t hear his drama out, you think he’s a lifer and so you greet him with some respect. The poor fellow attempted to steal a car but had a bad luck, as it turned out that the vehicle belonged to cops. To father and son! Oh my gee! What he says of his arrest is he was beaten up for three days, every twenty minutes. His face was so swollen that it grew twice its size, yet the investigating judge failed to notice… There are many prisoners who have served their first-instance sentences before they even stand before an appeals court. For example, there are two men accused of a dozen bank robberies: none of them admitted any of the charges. One hundred and sixty witnesses, from customers to cashiers, paraded into the courtroom but none of them recognized the defendants! The testimonies given by cops were sufficient for the judges that sentenced each to twenty years, and now both are only looking forward to an appeal. The appeal trial receives dimensions of a second advent in prison.

Living conditions are sort of like a youth hostel. Many languages, shared kitchen, forced cohabitation. The space is extremely limited. The prison yard is the size of a luxury hotel pool, ten meters depth; just like the height of the walls that surround it. If I want to run a little, I soon feel like an electron, I get dizzy and give up the effort. Concrete and wires prevail everywhere. Looking out from the window of my cell, behind the bar, I see a piece of sky decorated with some barbed wire. The night has no stars; they have vanished under the powerful spotlights.

It’s cloudy today. The wall’s colour is the same as that of the sky. The clouds stand out from the wall only because of the barbed wire. Depression.

Nice evening out here. But the strong lights don’t let this evening feel any different from the rest. I begin to understand the true meaning behind the phrase ‘confinement experience’. Experience! Maybe I’m lucky that I live a mental condition which only a small part of humanity has the misfortune to experience. However, I cannot go out on a balcony to enjoy the autumn evening, and this seems to me little more than depressing. It feels perverse and sadistic. Okay, can’t complain. We’re making History out here; can we feel stuck in prison? No, no, and again no. But since I’m thinking all of this, why don’t I just write it down…

To be continued…


Prison address:
K. Theofilou
Domokos prison, B2 wing

P.C. 35010, Domokos, Fthiotida, Greece

Tasos cannot receive books by mail, only small volumes of letters.

Athens: Text by the 15 arrestees of the 30/9 antifascist motorcycle demonstration

October 18th, 2012

“Today, the State declared civil war. Those who are not killed by fascists’ knives are sent to prison through judicial decisions of the junta.

We call fighters and anyone who feels that DIGNITY, SOLIDARITY, EQUALITY and FREEDOM are not empty words, but a life stance, to realize the historical moment in which we live and act accordingly.

IDEAS cannot be repressed, nor imprisoned.

The 15 arrestees, men and women antifascists

Lately it is becoming clearer and clearer that even the “pretenses of democracy” that the State is constantly using have become not only more shadowy but also more difficult to define. The choice of a full-scale attack against not only those who choose the path of direct confrontation but also even against all those who demand nothing but their self-evident rights, is a clear indication that we cannot talk in the same way as we did five, ten or even more years ago. The continuing economic crisis is pushing every day more and more people towards misery and poverty, while at the same time promoting social cannibalism. Meanwhile inner-class violence and the rise of fascism are evidence of such a social disorder that no one can predict with certainty neither where this is going to lead to nor how, under what conditions, this will take place. Faced with a possible TOTAL social explosion the State is toughening up its tactics of oppression, enforcement and terrorization while it is building up its legal arsenal so as to keep as many “hostages of the legal system” as possible. The methods used are predictable and repetitive. Banning of demonstrations or gatherings, the suppression of strikes, the brutal violence against demonstrators and strikers, the publication of photographs and personal data, the cracking down and the evacuation of squats and social spaces, the invasions of police forces in schools and universities, arrests and detentions, etc.; the list is too big, equal to their perversion.

At the same time they promote the fascist gangs so that they’ll do the dirty laundry, they’ll “sweep” where the official State cannot reach. Along with the pogroms against immigrants, leftists or anarchists, the arson on houses, shops or social spaces, the stabbings and beatings they want to present the extreme right wing as something “anti-systemic”, as a new alternative. What we have to keep on writing in capital letters is that fascism has NEVER presented human societies with something new, that it has ALWAYS functioned as a crutch to the State, and that in periods of crisis (economic, systemic or political) its role was to support the decisions of domination, “buying them time” to regroup, enabling the State to deal with any unrest.

These were the conditions when we as fighters, anarchists and antifascists decided to take part in the antifascist motorcycle demonstration on the 30th of September. The demo was scheduled to meet at Exarchia square and then pass through neighbourhoods where racist and fascist attacks against immigrants are becoming increasingly frequent and more and more violent. Our aim was one of support, to break the fear in everyday lives, to give courage and strength, and at the same time to send those who face racism every day the message of self-organization and resistance. In addition, we wanted to state that such a vague and general thing as the total enchantment of Greek society by fascism is a lie, that there are also people who believe in and fight for EQUALITY, FREEDOM, DIGNITY and SOLIDARITY.

The motorized forces of repression viciously attacked the motorcycle demo that night, and after severe beatings 15 people were arrested, tortured and held in temporary custody facing serious charges. We do not wish, at this time, to give an account as to what took place during our arrest and our detention for five days in the Athens police headquarters (GADA), nor do we wish to participate in any attempt of victimization. For those who haven’t added two and two together, it is time to realize that the State is attacking using any of its auxiliary crutches, it is declaring war, and when you are at war you will have casualties and will face hardships. What is really significant though is the civil-war mentality that is promoted more and more both by the institutional actors and the state security forces, and at this given example by the official (in uniform, but not only) gangs of cops. Their continuous reference to “Grammos and Vitsi” [two mountains in northern Greece where the Democratic Army of Greece (DSE) suffered heavy losses in 1949 battles and the remainder of DSE forces had to flee to Albania, as the Greek Civil War was ended in military terms], to the Greek Civil War and to our grandparents is an indication as to where this story is going. They are trying to terrorize fighters, to push them either towards the underground or in a state of fear (since they were threatening us with “house visits”), with direct threats of assassinations and similar frivolities…

Following the same civil-war mentality, the public prosecutor’s office is intensifying the effort to terrorize fighters by threats of pretrial detention, literally abolishing, in this way, their own penal code, the very same one that they are supposed to observe and defend.

we understand the importance of this historical moment, our duty towards ourselves and towards history as well, there is nothing we can do but shout NOT A STEP BACK!!!

We have to come together, to pick up the glove that they are throwing and slap it back to their faces. We have to strengthen every source of resistance and struggle, everything that fights back against the barbarity that they are trying to enforce. We have to organize the ferocity of human dignity… for ourselves, for everyone.

“Along the way many of us died or were taken prisoner; many others were wounded and permanently put out of action; and certain elements even let themselves slip to the rear out of lack of courage; but I believe I can say that our formation as a whole never swerved from its line until it plunged into the very core of destruction.”
[Guy Debord, In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni, 1978]



Nothing is finished; everything goes on

The 15 anarchists, antifascists, fighters
(some among us, proud progenies of anarcho-communist brigands/symmorites)

Northern Greece: Antifascist motorcycle demo in the city of Kavala

On Friday, October 19th an antifascist motorcycle demonstration was completed successfully in Kavala at about 20.30pm. Comrades riding approximately 35 motorbikes carried out this action in solidarity with the arrestees of the Athens antifascist patrol that was attacked on September 30th.

The motorcycle demo passed through central streets and neighbourhoods, chanting antifascist slogans. The antifascists also made several stops, in order to disseminate counter-informative texts about the recent events that took place in Athens and Patras.

Neither in Kavala, nor anywhere…
Trash the fascists in every neighbourhood!


Athens: Responsibility claim for arson attacks on private vehicles of cops


Following the summer campaign against immigrants, sarcastically named ‘Xenios Zeus’ that continues nationwide to date, with tens of thousands of detentions and arrests, the enemy within was targeted for repression and compliance, just as expected.

So, after the first ‘warm-up’ with the Hollywoodian invasion of special anti-riot and anti-terrorist police forces (MAT and EKAM) in Delta squat, in Thessaloniki, now is the time of strikers and antifascist demonstrators. On September 26th, day of general strike,[i] the pre-gatherings of popular assemblies received repressive blows in the areas of Zografou and Aghios Dimitrios, fighters were beaten and arrested, and their photos were publicly released. The thousands of strikers had to put up with the same and worse shit during the demonstration, in a climate of relentless police violence.

On September 30th an antifascist motorcycle patrol was attacked by the contemporaries of Bourandas,[ii] the rampageous DELTA police teams that rushed to defend their ideological friends, who had prior received a justified treatment by the antifascists. The operation resulted to serious injury of comrades and arrest of 15 people among them. The next day, while the arrestees in the police headquarters (GADA) had been beaten again and tortured, with the renown sadism that permeates the praetors of the Greek police, the solidarity gathering in the—‘sterilized’ and suitable for the circumstances—courts on Evelpidon street was attacked without provocation, and there were more lesions and four additional arrests as a result.

The country’s transformation into a Latin American type of regime reminding us of other eras—of being put ‘in plaster’, if one didn’t understand right away[iii]—was also demonstrated by the prohibition of processions and assemblages in large parts of Attica on October 9th, ordered by the Athens police chief, as well as the orgy of preemptive detentions made on the streets, in front of fighters’ houses and at public transport stations before, during and after the protests against the visit of Kaiser Merkel in Athens; and this development will not be tolerated.

That’s why on the 8th and 9th of October we did our part to torch private cars and motorcycles of cops in the following districts:
∙ 2 motorcycles on Eressou street in Exarchia
∙ 1 vehicle on Leosthenous street in Peristeri
∙ 2 motorcycles on Lyttis street in Egaleo
∙ 1 vehicle on Sporadon street in Kypseli

On this occasion, let us remind the police that this action is only the beginning; and they’re being targeted regardless of their ‘feats’. We will attack them in every way and by any means deemed necessary each time.



i Next general strike was announced for October 18th, 2012.
ii Nikos Bourandas was the head of a motorists’ department of the Greek police during the Axis occupation of Greece, a notorious Nazi collaborator in Athens–Piraeus.
iii During the military dictatorship (1967–74), colonels were describing the country as a ‘patient put in plaster’ to cure the disease of anarchy and communism.

Athens: Letter of the 15 antifascist arrestees from the Evelpidon courthouse – Updates 4-5/10

Below is a text of the 15 arrestees from the courthouse of Evelpidon Street:

“Today, the State declared civil war. Those who are not killed by fascists’ knives are sent to prison through judicial decisions of the junta.

We call fighters and anyone who feels that DIGNITY, SOLIDARITY, EQUALITY and FREEDOM are not empty words, but a life stance, to realize the historical moment in which we live and act accordingly.

IDEAS cannot be repressed, nor imprisoned.

The 15 arrestees, men and women antifascists”

On October 4th, the 15 arrestees of the antifascist motorcycle demo–patrol appeared before an examining magistrate. While two public prosecutors demanded that all 15 be remanded in custody ahead of trial – regardless of whether they’re charged with felonies or misdemeanors – the examining magistrate disagreed with this ruling.

The State’s hostages and their defense counsels literally spent the whole day in the courthouse (from the morning until late at night). At midday, supporters and relatives were assaulted by anti-riot squadrons for attending the court proceedings; no detentions were reported, but several people were injured.

Because of the controversy between the public prosecutors and the examining magistrate and after a long conference, the case was finally referred to the Judicial Council, that will decide on October 5th whether the 15 comrades will be held in pretrial detention or not.

Therefore, a total of 19 arrested comrades remain in the Athens police headquarters (on Alexandras Avenue) and will once again appear in Evelpidon courts, on Friday 5/10.

The 4 comrades of the solidarity gathering in Athens courts (arrested on 1/10) will be transferred to the courthouse at 9.00am.
The 15 antifascists (arrested on 30/9) will undergo a separate proceeding from 12.00pm.

sources: i, ii

All 19 comrades out on the streets (5/10):
The 4 comrades (arrested on 1/10) were finally released. The proceeding was postponed for Friday, October 12th, at 9am in the courthouse of Evelpidon Street.
After an extended session of the Judicial Council, the 15 antifascists (arrested on 30/9) were freed on restrictive terms (and monetary bail, pending appeal).

sources: i, ii, iii

Call for a new assembly by the participants in the antifascist intervention–patrol:
Wednesday, October 10th, 18.00, Athens Polytechnic School (Gini building, entrance from Stournari street)

Athens: Third antifascist motorcycle demo clashed with neo-Nazis; police attacked the demo in retaliation

Anarchist banner in Kamara, Thessaloniki: “Solidarity with the arrestees of the antifascist motorcycle demo – Athens – Evelpidon courts, 4/10”

The night of September 15th saw the first motorcycle patrol through Athens centre with flypostering and protest chants against neo-Nazi attacks. On September 22nd another antifa motorcycle demo was realized successfully.

In the evening of Sunday, September 30th, a third antifascist intervention–motorcycle patrol passed through downtown locations, but was soon hindered by fascist scum. Consequently, comrades trashed nearly three neo-Nazis close to Phylis street in the sector of Aghios Panteleimonas, downtown Athens. At approximately 9pm, while one of the fascists was still lying wounded on the ground, the demo’s last motorcycles were attacked in retaliation by several thugs of the DELTA motorcycle police unit.

Almost all of the antifascists on motorbikes were chased and attacked, first in the vicinity of Amerikis square (not far from the Tanzanian community centre, which was ransacked by fascists only a few days ago), then on Alexandras avenue, but also as they were heading back to Exarchia. There, also, a couple of youths were persecuted and detained by cops. Several motorbikes were left behind and eventually confiscated by the police. Soon thereafter, many comrades gathered in the central Athenian squats in defense of the sites.

Among an unconfirmed number of comrades injured by cops, one antifascist was seriously wounded. Nearly 23 people who took part in the action were initially reported missing. Among them, 15 were arrested at different locations and held in the police headquarters on Alexandras Avenue, without access to any lawyer.

A gathering was called for Monday noon, October 1st, at Evelpidon courts in solidarity with the arrestees. The proceeding was delayed and finally postponed for Thursday, while the gathering was attended by more than 300 comrades. In the evening, various police units attacked furiously the supporters inside the courtyard and persecuted them in nearby streets, resulting to numerous detentions —4 were later turned into arrests.

The 15 antifascists that were arrested on 30/9 are still held in the police headquarters —due to appear in Evelpidon courts in the morning of Thursday 4/10. The 4 comrades arrested on 1/10 will be held in the police headquarters until Friday 5/10, when they will probably undergo trial in Evelpidon courts.

Antifascists who took part in the action have not yet released their own version of events, but notified there is a need to raise more than 10,000euros for legal expenses and monetary bails. Furthermore, in the late evening of Wednesday 3/10, they called for an open assembly in the Polytechnic School to discuss latest updates on the 15 arrestees of the antifascist intervention-patrol (30/9), the 4 arrestees of the solidarity gathering in Evelpidon courts (1/10) and upcoming actions. The assembly was attended by more than 300 supporters.

On the same night, a video of the intervention on 30/9 was released, containing footage shortly before the repressive strike. In addition, all 19 hostages in the police headquarters sent out a first reportback:

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012
A few words from the detention cells on the 7th floor of the Athens police headquarters

Although three days have already passed since our arrest during the antifascist motorcycle demo and flypostering (on Sunday 30/9), we think it’s good to clear up a few things even now.

After a manifest call-out on Sunday 30/9, an antifascist motorcycle demo and flypostering took place in downtown Athens, which started off from Exarchia. This demonstration came as a response to fascist pogroms and attacks against immigrants that are carried out in several areas of central Athens by fascist gangs, who are disguised as ‘committees of residents or shopkeepers’ and act with the assistance of official state gangs.

Right now, we’re not interested in analyzing or explaining here the given and hackneyed relation of Golden Dawn/Chrissi Avgi with the Greek Police.

Just after the patrol was attacked by Goldendawners(-citizens), there was an onslaught by cops of the DELTA motorcycle police unit, who followed the rear of the demo but also drove parallel alleys.

In the end 15 antifascist fighters were caught, both women and men. They were injured to various parts of their bodies, like the head, arms and legs, while cops also used taser guns (electroshock weapons).

We were brought to the 6th floor of the Athens police headquarters, in front of the department of state constitution protection, where the night was accompanied by beatings, threats, hair pulling, and burnings from the DELTA teams who took our picture for their private photo albums while keeping watch to us.

Threats such as ‘Now that we know who you are, we will bury you just like your grandparents in the Civil War’ are indicative of the terrorism that the cretin praetors of the DELTA teams tried to inflict on us. At the same time, we were not allowed to communicate with lawyers or doctors for 19 consecutive hours. The next day, after they made a transfer–show in order to take our suspect profiles, they ultimately brought us to the courts of the former Evelpidon military school.

While we still remained at the courts, anti-riot police forces attacked the gathered solidaritarians, beating up fiercely many of them. A total of 25 people were detained, and ultimately 4 arrestees were indicted. From the moment of their arrest, they were transferred onto the 6th floor of the police headquarters, where cops implemented a similar tactic of intimidation, including humiliating body searches. After an unprecedented vengeful decision, the temporary detention of the 4 arrestees was prolonged for three more days (until Friday), while the temporary detention of the 15 initial arrestees was extended until Thursday.

They brought us to the detention cells on the 7th floor of the police headquarters, in an overcrowded ward (intended for 30 people, while at the moment 80 people ‘live’ there in incredibly squalid conditions), in an attempt to ‘break our nerves’. However, we encountered a truly exceptional feeling of solidarity from people that have been ‘forgotten’ up to three months in this place.

Amidst the ‘economic crisis’ more and more people are driven to poverty and destitution, social cannibalism is being rewarded as virtue, fascism is raising its head in our localities and neighbourhoods, the State’s offensive is being intensified at all levels; amidst this period, options that promote self-organization, solidarity, comradeship and direct action are those that can not only stand in the way of fear, which they try to impose on our lives, but as the prospect of a different social organization.

You need to deeply grasp what fascism is really about.
Fascism won’t simply die on its own; you need to trash it.

Arrestees of 30/9 and 1/10
(Some among us, proud progenies of anarcho-communist brigands/symmorites.)

May Day 2012: A few anti-authoritarian/libertarian calls in Europe and America

May 1st, Berlin 1999

Here follow just a few call-outs for May Day(s) 2012. Your own reports from the streets are more than welcome here, in the comments section, or at contrainfo@espiv.net.

Occupy May 1st
: Black bloc demo
Oakland: Occupy demo
New York
: Anarchist bike bloc
: Anti-capitalist march

Montréal, Canada: Anarchist black bloc, anti-capitalist calls

: Anti-capitalist gathering
Curicó: Anarchist events

Montevideo, Uruguay: Anarchist demo

Colombia: May 1st, Bogota 2011

Nicosia, Cyprus: Occupy Buffer Zone

Setúbal, Portugal: Anti-authoritarian demo + Antifascist call

Dublin, Ireland: Anti-authoritarian bloc + an older mayday leaflet

Prague, Czech republic: Anarchist demo  + Antifascist festival

Zurich, Switzerland: Animal, human & nature liberation bloc

Belgrade, Serbia: Anarcho-syndicalists’ call

, 35 years after the Taksim massacre: Anarchist calls for the demo
Bursa: Anarchist carnival

Athens: Anarchist and other calls
Thessaloniki: May Day calls
Call-outs in major Greek cities

CGT-CNT-SO anarcho-syndicalist call
, Catalonia: Anarchist/libertarian bloc
, Valencia: Anarchist bloc
, Galicia: Anarchist demo

Berlin: 25 years after the riots in Kreuzberg + Insurrection days
Berlin, Hamburg, Fürth, Stuttgart, Duisburg, Nuremberg, Bonn:
Antifascist/anti-militarist/anti-capitalist calls + mobilization video

Hungary: Solidarity appeal for the renovation of the Gondolkodó autonomous second-hand bookshop – winter 2012

The Gondolkodó Autonóm Antikvárium (Gondolkodó Autonomous Bookshop) is the only workers’ movementary distribution place, library and meeting-place in the East Central European region (namely in Hungary) which has been functioning continuously for many years (now for 19 years). Now this place must be renovated because the walls are wet and mouldy, the mortar has been falling, the sets of shelves are rickety, the drainpipe is often clogged up, etc. The condition of the library has been worsening gradually and also the distribution of publications is harder under these circumstances.

Since we cannot pay for all the costs of the general renovation we ask for your financial help so that we could do the renovation during the winter. Please support this aim according to your possibilities (if you can send 10 Euros then do it, but if you have more money you can send bigger amount).

Comrades, activists and sympathizers, please spread our solidarity appeal and support us! Thanks for your help in the name of internationalist proletarian solidarity!

The money should be sent to this bank account: Baki László, HU23 1040 3301 8675 5557 8750 1003, Swift code OKHBHUHB, Swift code OKHBHUHB.

Gondolkodó Autonóm Antikvárium
www.gondolkodo.cjb.net, gondolkodo@citromail.hu