Brussels: Attacks against prison and the world it protects – for a Black December

Originally published December 26th:

Responding to calls for a Black December through acts. Responding to our desires for freedom. Responding by attack against that which allows this oppressive and destructive system to continue.

During these last two weeks that have passed, at least 5 Eiffage construction company vans felt their tires emptied of the air that fills them. The act is simple, fast and efficient. A small knife concealed in the sleeve, a big whack on the side of the tyre and it delivers a vehicle that won’t go to work on time. Within 30 seconds in this manner, several vehicles can be immobilised. We know that one of these five vans got wing mirrors broken and its bodywork tagged.

If you don’t understand the choice of this target, find out more about Eiffage to understand the role this company holds in building prisons and infrastructure that allows capitalism to continue.

Another act painted a big smile on our faces.

Here are the facts; taking advantage of the night-time complicity of darkness and enjoying the absence of security on the terrain dedicated to the maxi-prison, absence probably due to the Christmas “Holidays”, some people chose to attack the fences that mark out the area of ​​the maxi-prison (which will not happen). With blows from pliers about a hundred fences have been cut and twisted, opening access to the already imprisoned ground. Most fences are held in place by stakes fixed with concrete into the ground (by forcefully shaking these stakes you can make the concrete give way and pop out the stem from the ground).

But a whole section of the fences are only fixed together with small rectangular clips, that you often see to hold fences in place. All these ones have fallen, and can fall indefinitely. If they become secured into the ground, they can be cut.

We will not allow this system to continue. We will attack wherever the opportunity arises. For self-management of our lives. To try and save what could still be. For freedom.

We express our support to those who struggle on the ZAD in Haren and to those who struggle outside the zone. Our support also goes to those attacked by the justice of the powerful. All our support to those locked up in prisons as on the outside. To our accomplices, we embrace you strongly.

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