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Brussels: Car fires at Saint-Gilles prison

Wednesday evening, 30/03/2016. At the foot of the Saint-Gilles prison wall [in Brussels], two cars were set on fire: a large car of an MEP and one luxury car of an OTAN employee.

Against the militarisation of Brussels, for freedom. Solidarity with the anarchists Mónica and Francisco.


Brussels: Call-out for solidarity with four people charged over the destruction of the maxi-prison model

In its mad race for profits, capitalism throws more and more people into precariousness and makes our environment increasingly unliveable. Faced with scolding anger and misery sown into anything that goes, the state invests in maintaining order and builds new prisons.

At a time when the people are constrained to tighten their belts, the government finds […]

Brussels: Attacks against prison and the world it protects – for a Black December

Originally published December 26th:

Responding to calls for a Black December through acts. Responding to our desires for freedom. Responding by attack against that which allows this oppressive and destructive system to continue.

During these last two weeks that have passed, at least 5 Eiffage construction company vans felt their tires emptied of the air that […]

Belgium: Demolish Forest Prison today! Sabotage the construction of the maxi-prison of tomorrow

The walls of the Prison of Forest resonates loudly…

When we hear the echoes that pierce through the walls of the Forest prison, when we have suffered it’s confinement in putrid cells, when we visit someone close completely ruined by their detention, there is only one possible sane reaction: the scream of rage.

The years […]

Brussels: Down with the maxi-prison – gathering without borders from september 29th to october 3rd

Five days of gatherings and debates September 29th – October 3rd 2015 in Brussels The program of events can be found here.

If the state counted on silently building in Brussels the largest prison complex in Belgian history, it was mistaken. Against this maxi-prison project, a struggle was born and has intensified. An […]

[Zine] The struggle against the maxi-prison in Brussels – A chronology of attack & antagonism

Click here for low-res version or here for high-res and imposed versions.

The Belgian State has been announcing it for some time: building 13 new modern and efficient prisons.

As part of this new master-plan the State wants to build a maxi-prison in Haren, northern Brussels. It is intended as the largest prison in […]

Paris: Eiffage vehicle ablaze

“Design cages, harvest our rage!” – Brussels, May 2015

The night of June 14th, East street, an Eiffage utility vehicle went up in smoke. Because they are building prisons.

Solidarity with comrades in Brussels who struggle against prison.

Build cages, harvest our rage!

Source: Nantes Indymedia


Brussels: Solidarity gathering with the struggle against the maxi-prison

Solidarity gathering with the struggle against the maxi-prison and all those who fight against power Sunday 14th June at 1pm – Clemenceau Metro, Anderlecht

Sabotage against the maxi-prison, its contractors and defenders!

The best defence is attack!

Share our revolts and desires of freedom!

Call-out in French, Greek and […]

Brussels: “Anti-terrorist” raids of comrades’ homes and Le Passage

This Wednesday June 10th 2015, just before 6am, different anti-terrorism teams raided four comrades’ houses as well as Le Passage, the local space of struggle against the maxi-prison. These raids were conducted as part of an operation named “Cavale” [On the run].

Six comrades were shipped off to the federal police offices, then released around 1pm […]

International Poster: Break the ranks

Download the poster here in PDF (A2 format)

Everyone should fall in line. That’s what they want, from our first to our last breath. We should be in line for the classrooms, for the checkouts of the supermarket, for work; we should queue up on the roads, in front of the counters of bureaucracy, […]

Brussels: Struggle against the maxi-prison in Haren – On your marks, get set, go!

Extract from Ricochets n° 4, March 2015, the newsletter against the maxi-prison and the world that goes with it. This is the third in a series of translations by the openly conspiratorial Person(s) Unknown Publications, this time featuring a list of international targets (see notes below):

On your marks

At the […]

Poster: No to the maxi-prison in Brussels – Let’s be uncontrollable!

A new poster originally released in French by La Cavale. Click on image for full size poster. For more information on the struggle against the maxi-prison click here.

Belgium: News in brief against the maxi-prison in Haren and anti-prison struggle elsewhere

Bomb threat against the three buildings of the European Parliament in Brussels that were evacuated due to a suspicious vehicle, February 2nd 2015.

This text was originally published in French by Contra Info, March 2015. The following news round-up is the second in a series of translations by Person(s) Unknown Publications, as part […]

Brussels: The struggle against the construction of a maxi-prison

This analysis was originally published in “Ricochets” n° 1 in November 2014, a newsletter in French on the struggle against the construction of the maxi-prison in Haren, Brussels. The following text is the first in a series of translations by Person(s) Unknown Publications, as part of a new brochure in the making on the struggle […]

Brussels: Solidarity with the revolutionary prisoners on hunger strike in Greece

April 5th 2015

Solidarity with prisoners! Abolition of the 187, 187A, anti-hoodie, and type C prison laws! Abolition of the use of DNA as legal evidence! Freedom for Savvas Xiros! Courage and strength to Nikos Maziotis and to all prisoners on hunger strike!

Brussels, Belgium: Banner drop in solidarity with hunger strikers in Greece

Solidarity with greek political prisoners on hunger strike since 2/3

On April 4th 2015, the International Red Aid (RHI) hung a banner (see video) on Rue du Lombard in Brussels, Belgium.

in Spanish | see updates from the hunger strike


Brussels: Solidarity with political prisoners in struggle in Greece

In response to the call from the Network of Imprisoned Fighters, we tagged the headquarters of Deutsche Bank in Brussels in solidarity with political prisoners in Greece and in support of their demands.

Since March 2nd, 22 anarchist prisoners and 8 (type-C) prisoners of DHKP-C have been on hunger strike in Greek prisons. Many of them […]

Haren, Brussels: Maxi-prison construction site fencing torn down

“In the shadow of a prison, no-one can be free. No to the maxi-prison, let’s be uncontrollable!” Click here for the English version of the poster.

Report published in Ricochets n° 04, the newsletter against the maxi-prison [a massive prison-complex] and the world that goes with it:

In the last week of February, a […]

Brussels: Fire attack in solidarity with anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos

On Tuesday the 2nd of December 2014, we burned three vehicles belonging to members of the European Parliament. The attack took place near the Général Lartigue Avenue in Brussels.

This action is an act of offensive solidarity with anarchist Romanos, currently on hunger strike.

Solidarity with the anarchist and revolutionary prisoners, in Greece and everywhere else.

Solidarity with […]

Brussels: Construction equipment burned in solidarity with the fight in Testet

Bxl — Solidarity arson with Testet

In the night between the 4th and 5th of November, an excavator and a drilling machine were burned on the construction site in Vandenbranden street in the centre of Brussels. A slogan was spray-painted on the spot: “For Rémi”.

They gentrify, we destroy!


Belgium: Anti-prison walk along the canal in Brussels

no maxi-prison – neither in Brussels, nor elsewhere

against the maxi-prison — fire to the slammers

fire to the prisons

fire to all prisons

Source: La Cavale

A video (from 2013, in French) against the construction of a maxi-prison in Brussels here.


Brussels: Greek embassy spray-painted in solidarity with imprisoned comrade Nikos Maziotis

In the night from Thursday to Friday (August 29th, 2014), as part of the International Week of Solidarity with anarchist prisoners, we painted FREEDOM FOR NIKOS MAZIOTIS on the embassy of Greece in Brussels.

Nikos Maziotis is an anarchist prisoner, member of the urban guerrilla group Revolutionary Struggle. Imprisoned several times, he was arrested on July […]


… BEGINNING OF MESSAGE… 18-12-2013… STOP… 32, Square Ambiorix, in Brussels… STOP… arson on BMW of Georgios Papastamkos… STOP… Vice-President of the European Parliament… STOP… member of Nea Dimokratia party, Greece… STOP… solidarity with anarchists kidnapped by the State… END OF MESSAGE…

Athens: Trial of the case of double robbery in Velventos–Kozani

The court date for the double robbery in Velventos (near Kozani) is set for November 29, 2013. Initially the proceeding was due to take place in the Court of Appeals in Athens. However, the location for the trial was recently transferred to the special courtroom inside Koridallos women’s prison, because the defendants Andreas-Dimitris […]

Belgium: Second wave of raids for the “Operation Ashes”

Saturday, September 28, 2013

As a reminder, on May 22, 2013, in the morning, the antiterrorist section of the Belgian federal police conducted a first wave of raids on houses where anarchists and anti-authoritarian comrades live among other people; the anarchist library Acrata was searched as well. The eleven persons present were arrested and led to […]