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Karditsa, Greece: Spontaneous antifascist demo in the aftermath of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas

(Montreal solidarity action, Canada)

A spontaneous antifascist demonstration took place late in the evening of Saturday, September 21st, in Karditsa (central Greece). After the end of a programmed film screening at Pafsilypo Park, an antifascist group of more than 50 persons started to march in the city centre. Antifascists passed outside the local offices of the Golden Dawn party, and came across four neo-Nazis (one of them is the owner of a video rental store on the ground floor of the same building). The fascists intended to bully protesters, to show how genuinely braves they are. As a result of this, one of them was bashed and left lying on the ground, while the other three had to flee the scene.

No Nazis in Karditsa, or anywhere else.


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