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Kavala, Northern Greece: Counter-demo against inauguration of Nazi offices

On Saturday October 22nd 2016, the Golden Dawn inaugurated their new offices in Kavala in presence of Artemis Matthaiopoulos (one of the many Nazis accused in the trial concerning the murder of Pavlos Fyssas and other cases).

Around 40 antifascists held a counter-demonstration and approached the location of the new offices as much as possible. Four antiriot police squads were protecting the fascists (some 30 scumbags) by blocking the street, and prevented the comrades from moving closer. The antifascists remained near the Nazi offices for about 20 minutes, shouting antifascist and anticop slogans as well as chants in solidarity with migrants and imprisoned fighters. They were carrying a banner reading: “The indifferent petty bourgeoisie arms the hand of every Nazi – September 17th 2013; farewell to Killah P – Let’s crush the fascists and the system that nurtures them.” During the counter-demo there was a strong police presence in the area, and more cops were deployed close to the Vyronos 3 squat.

Let’s isolate the killers before it’s too late!
Neither in Kavala nor elsewhere; crush the fascists in very hood!
Cops, TV, neo-Nazis, all the scumbags work together!

via Anarchists-Antiauthoritarians in Kavala

in Greek | German

Marseille: Short report-back on the night-time wild demo of April 16th

Pictures of the Action Française [French Action] office on Rue Navarin

After many hours sat down at the Up All Night [Nuit Debout] (?!), a few people spoke to call to leave as a wild demo. A good part of the gathering got up for a little tour in town…

Two hundred people descended Rue Estelle around 11:30pm shouting “strike, blockade, wild demo”, “Marseille, get up, stand up” and “Law, work, withdraw the two”. The demo headed towards the Socialist Party office, that was coated in small messages, whose windows are very well protected. Not a long pause, leaving towards the well-hidden Front National small office, not far from Place Castellane. Shutters closed, and a few nearby passers-by encouraging the demo, even join for a short distance.

We leave again towards the Plaine, this time via Rue Navarin. And this time, Action Française fash* don’t have the anti-riot cops to protect their office. So the windows aren’t protected, and their door is quickly destroyed, to shouts of “No fash in our neighbourhoods, no neighbourhoods for the fash”, with smiles from the neighbourhoods residents that see everything take place.

Still shouting slogans against the El-Khomry law, work and police, the demo quickly joined the Plaine, then Cours Julien, where the Up All Night is ongoing.

*Note: fash as slang for fascists, similar to ‘fachos’ in French.

Source: Marseille Autonomous Info | in Portuguese

Hamburg, Germany: 12.9. – United against Racism. Stop Nazis and their marchings!

Call out in Polish, Spanish, French, Czech, Russian, Italian, German (original)

On the 12th of September 2015 Nazis, right-wing hooligans and right-wing populists want to carry out a “Day of German patriots” in Hamburg, Germany; with which they want to resume and connect on the racist marchings of Hogesa (right-wing alliance of hooligans against salafists) and Pegida (right-wing alliance of „patriotic Europeans against the islamization of the Occident”).

Last winter ten-thousands of Pegida supporters showed their long existing racist potential openly on the streets. Furthermore, with the AfD (“Alternative for Germany”-party) the right-wing spectrum found an parliamentarian representation that – contrary to the NPD (“Nationalistic Party of Germany”) – is not (directly) associated with the NS.
Following the presence of AfD, Pegida and Hogesa there is a drastically increase in attacks against Refugees in Germany. According to ProAsyl there were 35 arson attacks and 118 cases of vandalism against Refugee-accomodations as well as 256 manifestations against Refugees and their accomodations.

Just as well in Hamburg and the neighboring states these tendencies can not be left out of attention. Since 2014 there is a racist mobilization against a Refugee-accomodation in Farmsen (neighborhood in Hamburg), while at the same time “upright citizens” in Harvestehude (another neighborhood in Hamburg) try to prevent the built of a Refugee-accomodation with juristic measures. In Escheburg and Lübeck (both towns in Schleswig-Holstein) in February & June 2015 arson attacks against Refugee-accomodations were commited.

The German and European governments failed in dealing with Refugees. In 2014 worldwide 60 Million people were trying to escape from miserability and missing perspectives – on which the Industry nations of the West also have an account for. Increasing european-”shield” and a harder deportation-regime are used as answers against masses of deaths during the escapes across the Mediterranean Sea.
Instead of a welcoming culture, politics of deterrence are being used.
Pegida, ‬HoGeSa, „‬Nein zum Heim“‬-initiatives (“no to HEIM”) and racist attacks can be seen as consequences of a political discourse that is reaching far into a middle-class camp or even arise from it.

Together with the HbgR (Hamburgs alliance against the right-wing) we are calling for protest against the marching of the Nazi-Hooligans.

Stop Nazis and their marchings!

Lets travel together to the HbgR-demonstration against the “Tag der deutschen Patrioten” from Pinneberg on the 12.09.2015.

Frankfurt: Antifascist Action Day against right-wing scum

It was supposed to be one of the largest mobilizations of far-right scumbags in the region for quite a while. By Saturday, 20 June 2015, the ‘Resistance East / West’ called for a demonstration in the city centre of Frankfurt in order to “unite all patriots” agitating well-known recipients of their racist message. The organizers Ester Seitz and Michael Stürzenberger are well-known from their Pegida-offshoot in Bavaria (Bagida) planned to gather at Rossmarkt, Frankfurt’s central square. Especially neo-Nazi hooligans from different areas of southern Germany but also those from Erfurt, Leipzig and Berlin responded. All together, the crude mass did not exceed 180 participants.

The venue is well-known to antifascists from Frankfurt. For weeks the likeminded Pegida offshoot and the split off “free citizens for Germany” organized rallies repeatedly around here. The cops always cordoned widely the area so that this racist speech could be disseminated undisturbed. To prevent this scenario, this Saturdays actions aimed to thwart the passage of right-wingers. Hundreds of people gathered from the morning to reach the venue and occupy the route of the planned march that finally did not happen. In a first try to reach the demonstration route, the cops brutally attacked antifascists stealing various banners and using battons and pepper spray. The protest de-centralized afterwards so that each access was blocked. In the area around the train station several militant antifascists awaited the neo-Nazi hooligans. Scuffles broke out repeatedly and at least a dozen experienced physically that they would be better off at home.

Provocations repeatedly by the cops triggered offensive responses by antifascists. Exemplary for Frankfurt police tactics, they kettled arbitrarily around 150 antifascists, arresting severals and checking all IDs. Such smaller scale police operations happened several times. Lately, since the militant protests against the ECB, they are fiercely investigating antagonist structures. The legal aid team counted 23 antifascists detained.

The gathering was finally not stopped entirely but a good number of participants will think twice to join such nationalist gatherings. Despite largest efforts in their mobilization, fascists could not gain ground on the streets of Frankfurt. On the other hand, 1000 cops used the occasion to settle old scores. They even denied medical attendance to one badly injured woman.

Once again antifascists ousted militant Nazis, bourgeois racist agitators and police brutality on the streets of Frankfurt. No matter what disguise, fascists have no chance in this city.

Bulgaria: Antifascist march in Sofia

Neither in Sofia nor anywhere…

Last Saturday, February 14, 2015, around 150-200 antifascists demonstrated in Sofia against the annual march in honour of general Hristo Lukov, Nazi collaborator and leading figure of the Bulgarian national-socialism, executed by partisans in 1943.

Fascists from all over Bulgaria take part in the march in memory of Lukov, and previously up to 1,000 people were participating in it. This year, the fascist gathering was attended by 300 invertebrates.

The antifascist demonstration was also directed against the rise of racism observed in Bulgaria in recent years, after the appearance of refugees (from Syria) for the first time in the country. Furthermore, demonstrators chanted slogans against homophobia (in 2008, fascist hooligans killed 25-year-old student Mihail Stoyanov at a park in Sofia because he “looked gay”).

In a display of internationalist antifascist solidarity, also 15-20 comrades from Greece, Romania and the Republic of Macedonia participated in the antifascist march.

Cyprus: Demo in memory of murdered antifascist Pavlos Fyssas

Below is footage from the antifascist demonstration in memory of Pavlos Fyssas (aka Killah P) that took place on Thursday, September 18th, 2014, in the city centre of Nicosia, Cyprus


The banner of the anti-authoritarian student group Skapoula reads:
“Wrath and Rage for Pavlos Fyssas – R.I.P Killah P”

Germany: Reportback from antifascist demonstration in Dortmund

On March 29th, 2014, around 400 people took part in an antifascist demonstration in Dortmund. People took to the streets in remembrance of punk Thomas “Schmuddel” Schulz, who was murdered by the neo-Nazi Sven Kahlin 9 years ago, and in memory of Mehmet Kubaşık, who was one of the victims of a series of murders by the Nationalist Socialist Underground (NSU).

The demonstration started in front of the main railroad station and went to the Dorstfeld district, where many neo-Nazis live, in their so-called “home zone” (for years they’ve been trying to take control over this part of Dortmund). Right before getting into Dorstfeld, many activists inside the demonstration used umbrellas to protect themselves from fascist photographers. Cops used this pretext to stop the march, arguing that people would mask themselves (to cover one’s face is considered a criminal act in Germany). After a few minutes people closed their umbrellas, and cops allowed the demonstration to go on, even though many protesters now used other ways to disguise themselves. In Dorstfeld, a bunch of neo-Nazis held a barbecue while posting pictures in social networks and bragging about themselves. Obviously, cops protected the fascists and blocked every way to them.

It was a loud demonstration and it was nice that so many people took to the streets (demos in previous years were attended with nearly 200 people). But it was also disappointing to see 400 antifascists getting stopped by cops because of umbrellas, and not really doing anything against it…

Switzerland: Communiqué about the spontaneous demonstration in Bern

Tonight, February 9th, 2014, around 600 people gathered in the city of Bern to protest the anti-immigration ballot results in Switzerland.

As a racist initiative was once again accepted by the majority of eligible voters, numerous people took to the streets to demonstrate against this racist policy. Fear propaganda has agitated against foreigners for years. Racism and xenophobia are widespread in society. Xenophobia is only covering up the true causes of housing shortage, competition at the workplace, etc. The capitalist economic system—and not foreigners—is responsible for the fact that people compete with each other. Neither are foreigners to blame for the fact that houses are renovated and rented at higher prices; the profit-oriented system is responsible for all this. The parliamentary left has little to nothing to out-argue the right-wing populists, and they were so pathetic that they went along with business representatives and their arguments in the voting campaign.

After a gathering at the Church of the Holy Ghost, the noise demo moved through the main streets of Spitalgasse and Marktgasse. After a brief detour to the Waisenhaus Square, the march paused in front of the Federal Palace, where a speaker over megaphone pointed out the xenophobic climate in Switzerland and throughout Europe. The protest against the tightening of regulations for the right of asylum is, however, just one step in the struggle against dominant capitalist relations, and should be seen as part of a general resistance.

With antifascist slogans and several stop-and-go’s the protesters left the Federal Square, and headed to the train station. At the train station we made more noise, before the demonstration dispersed at the Schützenmatte stadium. Then it was reminded that we need to take a stand against racists on March 29th, 2014: On this day, in Bern, a right-wing nationalist alliance is planning to protest against “Kuscheljustiz” (“soft justice”).


source: bern bleibt nazifrei via switzerland indymedia

Switzerland: Communiqué about the spontaneous demonstration in Zurich

Translators’ Note: On February 9th, 2014, following an initiative of the far-right populist party SVP/UDC (Swiss People’s Party/Democratic Union of the Centre, the largest party in Switzerland’s federal parliament), a referendum was held “for or against mass immigration”. The majority of citizens who went to the polls voted in favor of the xenophobic SVP/UDC proposal. As the results were being announced, spontaneous anti-racist demonstrations took place in different Swiss cities. In Zurich, people took to the streets carrying a banner which read “Against racism and repression – international solidarity!” Below is a reportback from that protest.
In the evening of February 9th, 2014 some 1,600 people demonstrated for international solidarity in Zurich. This was in response to the adoption of the racist SVP initiative.

Between 7.30 and 8pm, participants of the spontaneous demo gathered at Helvetia square and then marched through Langstrasse and Lagerstrasse towards the city centre. At the Gessner Bridge the police used water cannon to prevent the demo from moving further downtown. As a result, the demonstration continued through the district 4. At the same time, several storefronts were damaged and police vehicles attacked. At about 9.30pm we ended the demo in Helvetia square in self-determination.

We thus brought our rage on the streets.
Our rage over a further tightening of Switzerland’s migration regime.
Our rage over the condensed right-wing populism that has instrumentalized foreign infiltration fears and fueled xenophobia.
Our rage over an attempt of class separation hidden in racism.
Our rage over a capitalist system.

Our solidarity goes out to all people who are forced to migrate by the capitalist system; no matter where from, no matter where to.

As long as this economy deprives people of their means of existence all over the world, we will continue to protest against capitalism and for the right of residence; everywhere.

Whether peaceful or militant, resistance is what matters.

The organizers

Athens: Demonstration against the concentration camps


On Saturday, January 11th, 2014 people carried out a demonstration in the neighbourhoods of central Athens against the detention centres for migrants and the statist “Xenios Zeus” sweep operation. The demonstration was organized by several collectives who are active downtown (From the neighbourhoods of Aghios Nikolaos, Kypseli and Patissia, Antifascists from neighbourhoods of central Athens, Kypseli-Patissia antifascist action, NoLager assembly), and was supported by other groups and individuals from the city centre, but also the western, eastern, northern and southern suburbs of Athens. There was also significant presence of migrants who participated in the protest from the beginning, or joined the march spontaneously. Nearly 800 demonstrators walked from Amerikis square to the streets of Mythimnis, Acharnon, Skiathou, Epidamnou, Sifnou and Patission, and returned to Amerikis square.

During the march, hundreds of leaflets were handed out in seven different languages, thousands of fliers were thrown, and protesters sprayed slogans and painted graffiti stencils along the route. No problem occurred, and the demonstration was very warmly received by migrant residents. Among others, the following slogans were shouted:

Migrants are our class brothers and sisters / No concentration camps, never and nowhere

Concentration camps, pogroms and Manolada / This is Greece if you’re a migrant
[reference to migrant farm workers, who protested the slavery imposed by strawberry landowners, and got shot by foremen in Manolada, Peloponnese]

Let are professors be Albanian, our teachers Roma, and our classmates from Tehran

Terrorism is job hunting, having no health insurance, and living without documents

That’s right, papers for migrants, kicks at the bosses

Goldendawnist cops / nationalist patriots / we are the traitors of national unity

posters of the demo: i, ii / source: nolager

Berlin: Large demonstration in solidarity with the antifascist struggle in Greece

The demonstration for solidarity and remembrance, on Friday evening the 27th of September 2013 in Berlin, started by 7pm at Heinrichplatz in Kreuzberg, marched through Neukölln and reached an estimated number of 1,000 people during the whole march. Due to a lot of banners the anger about the murder of Pavlos Fyssas by neo-Nazis got present, as well as solidarity and strength to the migrants.

Chants in English, Greek and German were shouted the whole way, supported by a megaphone. Flyers in English and German were spread on the streets, and several speeches were hold to inform about the racist and fascist attacks.

While some fireworks were lighted during the demonstration, the cops stayed quite calm. However, there was one short arrestment at the endpoint and another at the start in Heinrichplatz, where a person got a fine for ‘violation of the Press Law.’ The cops found flyers in the person’s pockets that didn’t have any signature for the content. So, they also imposed a fine against the unknown author ‘because of slander,’ based on sentences of the flyer stating that Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn are rapists and fans of Hitler.

All in all it was a dynamic demonstration even though the time of preparation was short. Another interesting aspect is the fact that it was organized by an open assembly instead of antifa groups as usual. The result was a turnout of anti-authoritarian, leftist and anarchist antifascists.

Attack the fascists and the State! Everywhere!
Solidarity to the victims of racist violence!
Side by side against fascism!

German reportback here.

Lesvos Island, Greece: Antifascist demo in response to the killing of Pavlos Fyssas

On Wednesday afternoon, September 18th—hours after the assassination of Pavlos Fyssas by parastatal scumbags of the Golden Dawn was made known—an antifascist demonstration took place in the city of Mytilini, on Lesvos Island. The “Assembly for generalized self-determination” held a pre-gathering at Sapfous Square by 6pm. An hour later, the Association of Secondary Education State-School Teachers (ELME), student unions, and Stalinists of the PAME syndicate gathered at the same location.

The bloc of the Assembly for generalized self-determination, carrying the front banner that read “Fascists your days are over!” counted with the presence of 450 persons from the wider antiauthoritarian spectrum, alongside autonomous protesters who did not wish to march with the other blocs (ELME and student unions were nearly 250 demonstrators).

The demo was quite lively. Numerous slogans were chanted, and graffiti or stencils were painted on the streets. Walking through the city centre of Mytilini, the protest march made a stop at the prefecture building, where a municipal council regarding migration concentration camps was underway. Fascists do not maintain official offices on the island, so antifascists paid a visit to the municipal authorities instead, in order to check if Nazis were also present at the anti-migration meeting. As soon as demonstrators verified the complete absence of fascists, the march moved on and ended at Sapfous Square.


Berlin: Anti-fascist demonstration on Friday the 27th September 2013 at 18.30 in Heinrichplatz, Kreuzberg

On Wednesday the 18th September the 34-year Pavlos Fyssas was murdered by a member of the neo-Nazi party in Greece. This is by far not the only murder lately. Freedom-loving people, like Fyssas or the countless migrants who are fighting for a better life for themselves and for all, are on execution lists of the Greek State and its voluntary helpers. But resistance is taking shape: for days, thousands of people hit the streets to halt the rise of fascism.

Let’s take the streets also here! Together against fascism and its breeding grounds! For freedom, for life!

Remember Pavlos Fyssas

Solidarity greetings
The open meeting about the fascist murder in Athens

Kavala, Northern Greece: Antifascist demo on September 21

“Your democracy stinks fascism. Antifa means attack” —banner by the Autonomous Hangout of Kavala and Vyronos 3 squat.

On Saturday, September 21, anarchists and antiauthoritarians called for an antifascist demonstration in the city of Kavala against the programmed inauguration of Golden Dawn local offices on that same evening. Even though the Nazi event was eventually cancelled—due to the wave of protests in various Greek cities in the aftermath of the assassination of Pavlos Fyssas by the Goldendawner Giorgos Roupakias on September 18—the antifascist protest did take place as scheduled.

People started to gather at around 18.00 in the Faliro skate-park, and the march began two hours later counting with the presence of more than 500 demonstrators. Police presence in the city of Kavala was too heavy but the antifascist contingent, mainly composed of locals, was well safe-guarded by groups of comrades. It is worth mentioning that reformists from the SYRIZA opposition party never showed up, although they had initially called for a gathering at the same location.


Ioannina, Greece: Antifascist intervention on the outskirts of the city

“Neither in Kardamitsia, nor anywhere – Bash the fash in every neighbourhood”

An antifascist intervention was carried out on September 21st in the zone of Kardamitsia, on the outskirts of Ioannina. This was an action organized by word of mouth, with the participation of around 60 antifascists. Lately, the area has become a neo-Nazi breeding territory. Mainly nationalist youths, who had a hard time promoting their shit in the city centre of Ioannina, hang out in the local park where they oftentimes bully antifascist youths and spray fascist slogans. Some months ago, the same nationalists even pulled a knife on a person.

A public address system was set in that central park. Shortly afterwards, the protesters marched down the streets of Kardamitsia chanting slogans, throwing leaflets, and spraying various antifa slogans. The march made stops outside the houses of well known Nazis as well as a gym where the scum (uniformed or not) usually work out.

The demonstrators also shared out an antifascist/anti-election text in the neighbourhood, in order to counter-inform about the recent assassination of Pavlos Fyssas, and raise awareness of the neo-Nazi activities in the region.


Karditsa, Greece: Spontaneous antifascist demo in the aftermath of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas

(Montreal solidarity action, Canada)

A spontaneous antifascist demonstration took place late in the evening of Saturday, September 21st, in Karditsa (central Greece). After the end of a programmed film screening at Pafsilypo Park, an antifascist group of more than 50 persons started to march in the city centre. Antifascists passed outside the local offices of the Golden Dawn party, and came across four neo-Nazis (one of them is the owner of a video rental store on the ground floor of the same building). The fascists intended to bully protesters, to show how genuinely braves they are. As a result of this, one of them was bashed and left lying on the ground, while the other three had to flee the scene.

No Nazis in Karditsa, or anywhere else.


Patras, Greece: Clashes with cops on May 17th – Antifascist demonstration on May 19th

On the evening of Friday, May 17th in Patras, large-scale clashes took place between anarchists and wild youth, on one side, and law enforcement on the other. It kicked off when cops surrounded the Olgas square, in the centre of the city, in order to break up a group of people who had gathered there, set up a sound system and were playing music.

For several decades, Olgas square has been a meeting point for the subversive youths of the city, and it has functioned as a space for both the free exchange of ideas and undertaking organized actions against the system. For this reason, the State has forced the drug trade into the square, and made sure that undercover cops are always present in the nearby bars, with the consent of their owners. Recently, anarchist groups have attempted to re-appropriate the square, and force out both the drug dealing and the snitches. To this end, an open-air self-organized party has been taking place each week. The intention of this is to promote solidarity and non-commercial relationships, in place of the consumerist leisure that the system, mafia, exploiters and businesspeople offer.

On Friday night, 17/5, using the excuse that, “the music was too loud”, the lapdogs of Power attacked the people who had gathered, as well as a traditional café in the square which is frequented by comrades. During this attack both the waiter and the owner were first hit and then arrested (on yet unknown charges). The police attack was answered by riots in multiple downtown streets, which were lit up by fire for nearly four hours. The clear goal of the police was to not allow the square to be retaken. However, once the cops were distracted by the street fighting, the comrades were able to reoccupy the square.

This incident occurred two days before the planned rally of the Nazi party of Golden Dawn outside their local office on Germanou street, in the Ano Poli neighbourhood. As this was intended to be the first public Golden Dawn rally in the city of Patras, the local anarchist space as well as several left-wing groups had called for an antifascist demonstration that same afternoon, May 19th.

From 17.00 on, people began to gather in Georgiou square and at about 19.30, more than 500 antifascists took Korinthou street, and began marching towards the local office of the Nazis. The police presence was tremendous, and local cops were joined by riot squads sent from other cities in order to protect the fascists. The forces of order both nearly divided the city in two and made a cordon along the sides of the antifascist demo.

More people joined the demonstration and by 20.15 there were more than 800 participants, approximately 400 from the anti-authoritarian/anarchist space (the anarchist block lead the demo) and the rest from various leftist and antiracist groups. The groups defending the demo were both well organized and equipped, and the mood of the march was combative, with continuous chants against the police, the State and the fascists.

The antifascist march ended at the point from which it had begun, Georgiou square, where hundreds of people hung around for hours, until the miserable Nazi party was over. It should be noted that the Goldendawnists were less than 100 (about 30 thugs, and some 50 elderly lovers of the dictatorship).

At the end of the fascist rally the police reopened the streets where they had been diverting traffic, and groups of comrades swept through the city to prevent any undesirable appearances. At about 23.00, in the neighbourhood of Agia Sofia, one of these groups on motorcycles was attacked by a DIAS motorcycle unit. Four comrades were arrested, on yet unknown charges. On May 20th, at noon, they were brought to the prosecutor and were all released, but the hearing was postponed to Wednesday, May 22nd; therefore a gathering in solidarity is called that day, at 12.30 in Patras courts.

Additionally, at around 3am of May 20th, more detentions of comrades (nearly 45) were reported. The first crackdown took place at Olgas square and unfolded just opposite from the Parartima squat (which was closed at the time), where people were trapped after a police chase. Many of the detainees were beaten, but all were released after a while.

Greece: Recent antifascist action

On April 26th, 2013 comrades held their third antifascist motorcycle demo in Kavala:

In the town of Igoumenitsa, neo-Nazis threaten regularly with carrying of weapons, and put up flags of their party to spread their poison in the local community. On May 8th, one such flag of the Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn was ripped off by some antifascists who made sure to burn it, and also sent their combative greetings to antifascists in Agrinio.

On April 3rd, 2013 at midday in the centre of Agrinio two members of the Golden Dawn, Spyros Floroskoufis and Giorgos Koutroubas had attacked a 17-year-old antifascist using expandable baton and wooden board with nails.

On May 7th in the hospital of Agrinio some comrades came across Floroskoufis, thug of the Golden Dawn’s local branch, and they immediately attacked this fascist that has already perpetrated numerous racist and parastatal attacks in the region. At round 10 that night the Golden Dawn’s Member of Parliament Konstantinos Barbarousis with his gun in hand as well as Spyros Floroskoufis with at least four other thugs stormed restaurants, bars and cafés in the town in search of antifascists. Once they disturbed and terrified people that were in the shops at the time, they went on to the municipal park, where they began searching with flashlights into the darkness. It is said that for some time the fascists were accompanied by DIAS police motorcycles and a police jeep of the OPKE crime prevention units. All this happened even though it was known, in this rather small town, that already a spontaneous gathering of about 100 antifascists and youths was underway elsewhere, in Dimadi main square.

On May 8th, in response to the bullying of the Golden Dawn’s scum, nearly 150 antifascists held a nighttime demonstration through the main streets of Agrinio, holding a banner that read ‘Fascist Barbarousis is armed and terrorizes people’ and chanting militant slogans.

Madrid: Mayday antifascist demo reportback – Comrades detained


Brief chronicle of the counter-demonstration in the neighbourhood of Chueca on May 1st

At 6pm on May 1st, various fascist organizations, every one cheesier than the last, called a demonstration that began in Tribunal, a central area in Madrid, very close to Chueca.

On the same day, at 5pm, an antifascist gathering was called in the Plaza de Chueca. The call was put out just a few days in advance, and it was unknown what response it would bring.

Well before 5pm, there was already a large police deployment in Chueca, and the antifascist gathering was surrounded from the beginning. The strategy seemed clear: To wear out the counter-protesters and keep them there until the fascist demonstration would be over. But the shouts, good humor, resistance, and dignity didn’t wear out, and the comrades stayed united and combative while surrounded by police for two hours. Around the edges various groups went around and around without being able to join the gathering, but waiting the whole time for the group of their comrades and the fascists.

There were two encounters that we know of with unsuspecting Nazis. In the first, two of them who were arriving late to their demonstration along Fuencarral street (a main pedestrian street, very commercialized and filled with people and cops) ran a flat 200 meters trying to escape a group of antifascists, but had such bad luck that further down they ran into another group. One of the Nazis was hit in the face with a helmet that a compa graciously offered him. They were rescued by a police patrol, but it was priceless to see a Nazi with an ACAB patch on his jacket begging for protection from the pigs. The other was the Nazi who appears in the pictures (or disappears, because he blends in with the boys in blue he likes so much). He was given a good scare, but of course he was saved by the arrival of a van from the anti-riot squad. As you can see from the pictures, they got along well. He opened the door to let the cops out, and got right in…

Where is the Nazi?

When all those who were in the gathering in Chueca got out after being frisked, having their IDs checked and (for many) being photographed, some of them met up with other groups that were outside the cordon and headed to Tribunal, where there was a scuffle with the police and two comrades were held. Since it looked like they were going to be detained, the rest barricaded the street and pulled stones from a dumpster to throw at the cops.

The cops charged hard, shooting rubber bullets and chasing the demonstrators, detaining one person; we don’t know if this person was with the group or not. The two comrades who were held earlier have been released, but other detentions were added to the tally in the Plaza de Jacinto Benavente, far from the gatherings and long afterward.

Solidarity with the detained.
Against the system, democratic or fascist. For anarchy.

Update: A total of four detainees from the antifascist Mayday in Madrid remained two nights in the cells, and were all released on Friday, May 3rd after standing before prosecutor (restrictive conditions were imposed against at least one of the comrades, who is awaiting trial).

Finland: Solidarity to antifascists in Greece from Helsinki and Tampere

Helsinki, 12.1.2013: Action at the Embassy of Greece in Finland, in solidarity with antifascists and squatters in Greece

Tampere, 19.1.2013: ‘Say no to fascism and racism!’ demonstration —video with English subtitles

London: Reportback from antifa demo at Holland Park

Over 150 people protested against the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn outside the Greek Embassy last Saturday (19.1.2013). The demonstration drew a large contingent of comrades who held a banner declaring solidarity with the squats Villa Amalias, Skaramaga and Lelas Karagianni 37 in Athens.

Only around 20 fascists turned up in the declared counter-demo, and the manipulative ways of the police liaison team managed to push them along and away from the howling chants and abuse being thrown at them by the antifascists.

Despite the success of the demo, a large contingent of Socialist Workers Party parasites had besieged the protest with their tents and SWP propaganda. The idea they own the Unite Against Fascism in the UK allows them to exercise their authoritarian tendencies, the more honest ones beavering away for the good of the ‘revolution’ and the party (or should we call it the ‘SWP club’). And this despite all the recent scandals concerning the Central Committee’s own constant ‘fascist’ tendencies, which make a mockery of people’s dreams and illusions to find more equality and justice in this new far-right Britain.

Clearly the time has come for those who want to be little short of a slave to rise up and throw off the pretense of reformism in all its ways. Calls to politicians, in this advanced time of Conservative elitist control, will always be met by deaf ears, and as some of these liberals took their stand they asked the impossible: that a far-right government should act against other far-right interests in a State controlled by a Nea Demokratia regime (head of the Greek tripartite government), moving ever-increasingly to the right to appease those who see migrant communities as the cause of economic difficulties, not looking at those who wield the power as the most voracious parasites of all, willing to steal even from the poorest.

In essence, the situations in the States of Greece and the UK are similar except that in the Mediterranean there has been more stick and less carrot than on this frozen island. Recent revelations concerning Aufheben and Libcom’s partnership with police consultants show that the movement is riddled with the same liberal worms that in the same way pollute political life in the streets of Athens. Authoritarian communists and compliant power-hungry Trots destroy the life blood of any real protest in the streets, forcing the hooded to resort to defending Exarchia, while all the forces of ‘dis’order take apart its bases one by one. Mass arrests are becoming all too frequent and many people are deciding to remember they have to breathe a bit freer some of the time.

The neo-liberal world oppression is truly upon us in all its forms and persuasions. The elite have established and routinely eliminated every threat to its supremacy and continue to do so on an everyday basis, using fascism as a tool to repress the antagonist movement at every turn and in every country they experiment a similar degree of control and resultant servitude.

Europe has entered into one of its darkest periods, and not even chaos theory can help us now.

Berlin: Reportback from the 20th commemorative demo for the killing of antifascist squatter Silvio Meier (1965-1992)

Anti-authoritarian Silvio Meier was stabbed to death by neo-Nazi scum on November 21st, 1992 at the Samariterstraße metro station in Berlin.

The State tried to water down the murder, presenting it as if it were a common bar brawl among youths. Furthermore, the German police and the mainstream media spread lies based on false statements by the neo-Nazis, who claimed that Silvio attacked them first with a knife, and they allegedly stabbed him in self-defense. Initially Silvio’s three companions, who survived the attack, faced charges and were questioned by cops even while in hospital (two of them suffered serious injuries). The police attempted to hold them responsible for the death of their own friend.*

Only thanks to the huge collective efforts of friends and comrades, these allegations collapsed and it became known to the public that Silvio was indeed assaulted and murdered by neo-Nazis in the subway, thus the State was forced to investigate the case. Two annual commemorative actions emerged from these efforts: the Silvio Meier picket at the Samariterstraße metro station, as well as the Silvio Meier commemorative demonstration. The latter is one of the biggest annual antifa demos in Berlin, accompanied by varying slogans. This year’s slogan, marking the 20th anniversary of Silvio’s death, was ‘Remembrance means fighting: Attack, smash, suspend the Nazis, the State and the Verfassungsschutz intelligence agency!’



The evening demo on November 24th started with a delay of almost two hours, waiting for antifascist comrades to return from counter-actions against the neo-Nazis’ mobilization for a march in the Berlin district of Rudow, which was called against a scheduled refugee centre.

Approximately 5,000 people participated in the Silvio Meier commemorative demo, and almost from the beginning protesters were terrorized by countless cops, who took several hostages (also on charges of alleged disguise or ‘application of mummery materials’). Some of the arrests were made with brutal violence, as cops also beat their way inside the demo.

The protest march was due to return to the district of Friedrichshain and end at the Frankfurter Allee railway station. However, probably because of the escalation of police persecution, the organizers decided to dissolve the demo in front of the Lichtenberg railway station (despite the fact that the whole of the Lichtenberg area is a stronghold of the neo-Nazis).

When the demo did end in the Lichtenberg district, cops almost completely surrounded the square and first blocked all the entrances to the train and metro station in sheer provocation. Soon thereafter, the police opened the metro gates, but then started to attack those who chose to remain at the square. It’s being reported that the cops took more hostages there, and pepper-sprayed one train wagon. The total number of detentions mounts to 22 people, but there are no more updates about the arrestees by now (25/11).

Nevertheless, protesters were able to attack a meeting point of the neo-Nazis in their stronghold, the Lichtenberg district. Colours, stones, bottles and firecrackers were thrown on the neo-Nazi shop in Lückstraße, which was well guarded by cops. Firecrackers flew from time to time also during the entire demo.

Throughout the action, slogans were loudly chanted, including anarchist/anti-authoritarian slogans in different languages, and the ‘Cops, Pigs, Murderers’ was heard a couple of times, too.

* Background information in German: i, ii

Volos, Greece: Take to the streets and smash fascists!

In the evening of October 6th, an antifascist demo took place in the city of Volos (central Greece). By 18.00pm, approximately 300 protesters gathered at the square of Aghios Nikolaos, including comrades from the anarchist/libertarian space but also many local leftists. Shortly before the beginning of the march, some comrades kicked a neo-Nazi’s ass. Soon thereafter, the number of participants reached 900 demonstrators.

At the very same time, the neo-Nazis of the Golden Dawn (Chrissi Avgi) had called for a ‘Pan-Thessalic rally against austerity measures’ in front of their informal local offices, located on Skenderani street. No more than a hundred thugs attended the miserable fascist meeting. Apparently, both the nationalists and the police were extremely worried that clashes would break out, so they had deployed heavy repressive forces across the city streets, such as four police buses and several anti-riot squadrons from nearby towns to protect the Golden Dawn members, as well as all of the DIAS motorcycle units and dozens of plainclothes cops from Volos.

Anti-riot squadrons surrounded Aghios Nikolaos square in order to cut off the antifascist demo, but the protesters did not get intimidated. The march started in a combative way and walked down Dimitriados street, where there were small-scale confrontations as soon as cops fired tear gas and stun grenades against demonstrators, in an attempt to disperse the crowd. The antifascists stayed together in one bloc and various bystanders chose to join the march, too. They continued on Iasonos street and ended the demo in the University (Tholos), where an assembly was held to determine future actions.

The big turnout, as well as the passion of antifascist protesters, apart from making fascists a lot more wary and scared of counter-attacks, demonstrated that people can accomplish far more than they ever thought possible when they organize themselves in a serious and decisive manner. Fascists and their poison have no place in Volos, or anywhere for that matter. Even if they will attempt to regroup and make their appearance on the streets, they will be faced with counter-protests, and hopefully next time they won’t be so well-protected by their fellow cops.

Following this demonstration, another antifascist action took place in downtown Volos on October 10th. Nearly 50 comrades took to the streets, carried out flyposting and distributed counter-informative leaflets. They chanted slogans on their way until they reached Skenderani street, wanting to ‘pay a visit’ to the fascist nest. They stayed outside the unofficial headquarters of Golden Dawn for about fifteen minutes, when the local police chief intervened together with DIAS motorized forces. Despite the ‘friendly talk’ of the police chief, the comrades remained in their position for five more minutes. Passersby expressed spontaneous support as the antifascists decided to leave, shouting out very loud the need to smash fascists and make nationalism vanish.

Not even a single millimeter of ground for the enemies of freedom!
Smash patriotism-nationalism-populism-fascism everywhere!

Athens: Text by the 15 arrestees of the 30/9 antifascist motorcycle demonstration

October 18th, 2012

“Today, the State declared civil war. Those who are not killed by fascists’ knives are sent to prison through judicial decisions of the junta.

We call fighters and anyone who feels that DIGNITY, SOLIDARITY, EQUALITY and FREEDOM are not empty words, but a life stance, to realize the historical moment in which we live and act accordingly.

IDEAS cannot be repressed, nor imprisoned.

The 15 arrestees, men and women antifascists

Lately it is becoming clearer and clearer that even the “pretenses of democracy” that the State is constantly using have become not only more shadowy but also more difficult to define. The choice of a full-scale attack against not only those who choose the path of direct confrontation but also even against all those who demand nothing but their self-evident rights, is a clear indication that we cannot talk in the same way as we did five, ten or even more years ago. The continuing economic crisis is pushing every day more and more people towards misery and poverty, while at the same time promoting social cannibalism. Meanwhile inner-class violence and the rise of fascism are evidence of such a social disorder that no one can predict with certainty neither where this is going to lead to nor how, under what conditions, this will take place. Faced with a possible TOTAL social explosion the State is toughening up its tactics of oppression, enforcement and terrorization while it is building up its legal arsenal so as to keep as many “hostages of the legal system” as possible. The methods used are predictable and repetitive. Banning of demonstrations or gatherings, the suppression of strikes, the brutal violence against demonstrators and strikers, the publication of photographs and personal data, the cracking down and the evacuation of squats and social spaces, the invasions of police forces in schools and universities, arrests and detentions, etc.; the list is too big, equal to their perversion.

At the same time they promote the fascist gangs so that they’ll do the dirty laundry, they’ll “sweep” where the official State cannot reach. Along with the pogroms against immigrants, leftists or anarchists, the arson on houses, shops or social spaces, the stabbings and beatings they want to present the extreme right wing as something “anti-systemic”, as a new alternative. What we have to keep on writing in capital letters is that fascism has NEVER presented human societies with something new, that it has ALWAYS functioned as a crutch to the State, and that in periods of crisis (economic, systemic or political) its role was to support the decisions of domination, “buying them time” to regroup, enabling the State to deal with any unrest.

These were the conditions when we as fighters, anarchists and antifascists decided to take part in the antifascist motorcycle demonstration on the 30th of September. The demo was scheduled to meet at Exarchia square and then pass through neighbourhoods where racist and fascist attacks against immigrants are becoming increasingly frequent and more and more violent. Our aim was one of support, to break the fear in everyday lives, to give courage and strength, and at the same time to send those who face racism every day the message of self-organization and resistance. In addition, we wanted to state that such a vague and general thing as the total enchantment of Greek society by fascism is a lie, that there are also people who believe in and fight for EQUALITY, FREEDOM, DIGNITY and SOLIDARITY.

The motorized forces of repression viciously attacked the motorcycle demo that night, and after severe beatings 15 people were arrested, tortured and held in temporary custody facing serious charges. We do not wish, at this time, to give an account as to what took place during our arrest and our detention for five days in the Athens police headquarters (GADA), nor do we wish to participate in any attempt of victimization. For those who haven’t added two and two together, it is time to realize that the State is attacking using any of its auxiliary crutches, it is declaring war, and when you are at war you will have casualties and will face hardships. What is really significant though is the civil-war mentality that is promoted more and more both by the institutional actors and the state security forces, and at this given example by the official (in uniform, but not only) gangs of cops. Their continuous reference to “Grammos and Vitsi” [two mountains in northern Greece where the Democratic Army of Greece (DSE) suffered heavy losses in 1949 battles and the remainder of DSE forces had to flee to Albania, as the Greek Civil War was ended in military terms], to the Greek Civil War and to our grandparents is an indication as to where this story is going. They are trying to terrorize fighters, to push them either towards the underground or in a state of fear (since they were threatening us with “house visits”), with direct threats of assassinations and similar frivolities…

Following the same civil-war mentality, the public prosecutor’s office is intensifying the effort to terrorize fighters by threats of pretrial detention, literally abolishing, in this way, their own penal code, the very same one that they are supposed to observe and defend.

we understand the importance of this historical moment, our duty towards ourselves and towards history as well, there is nothing we can do but shout NOT A STEP BACK!!!

We have to come together, to pick up the glove that they are throwing and slap it back to their faces. We have to strengthen every source of resistance and struggle, everything that fights back against the barbarity that they are trying to enforce. We have to organize the ferocity of human dignity… for ourselves, for everyone.

“Along the way many of us died or were taken prisoner; many others were wounded and permanently put out of action; and certain elements even let themselves slip to the rear out of lack of courage; but I believe I can say that our formation as a whole never swerved from its line until it plunged into the very core of destruction.”
[Guy Debord, In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni, 1978]



Nothing is finished; everything goes on

The 15 anarchists, antifascists, fighters
(some among us, proud progenies of anarcho-communist brigands/symmorites)