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Karditsa, Greece: Action for the international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners

Freedom for anarchists all over the planet

The States are the only terrorists… Solidarity with comrades in prison

Until the demolition of the last prison… Solidarity with our imprisoned sisters and brothers!

Hey, beware! The mind is their target…

From Greece to Chile, blast and […]

Karditsa, Greece: Banner in solidarity with Marios Seisidis and Kostas Sakkas

“I keep my heart flaming, courageous, restless.” [Nikos Kazantzakis] Solidarity with anarchist fighters Kostas Sakkas and Marios Seisidis!

Banner hung in the central square of the city of Karditsa as a minimum display of solidarity with Marios Seisidis and Kostas Sakkas. Strength to our comrades! Nothing is over, everything continues. The passion for […]

Greece: Solidarity gestures with the Rote Flora squat in Hamburg

“Solidarity with Rote Flora of Hamburg and all squats worldwide. We are an image from the future. Revolution: inalienable!”

On December 24, 2013 people from the Self-managed Hangout of Karditsa placed a banner at the central square of the city, in solidarity with the Rote Flora squat and all squats in the world.

Terrorism […]

Karditsa, Greece: Antifascist hip-hop gig in memory of Killah P

(Melissia antifa graffiti, Athens)

An antifascist gig with local hip-hop bands took place last night, September 23d, in the city centre of Karditsa. The concert was organized by the Antifascist-Antiracist Solidarity Front. Even though everything was hastily prepared for the DIY live, Pafsilypo Square was crowded with people, sending a clear message to […]

Karditsa, Greece: Spontaneous antifascist demo in the aftermath of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas

(Montreal solidarity action, Canada)

A spontaneous antifascist demonstration took place late in the evening of Saturday, September 21st, in Karditsa (central Greece). After the end of a programmed film screening at Pafsilypo Park, an antifascist group of more than 50 persons started to march in the city centre. Antifascists passed outside the local […]

Karditsa: Antifascist gathering call for July 29th

On July 29th, 30th and 31st, “autonomous nationalists” will camp for the third consecutive year on Lake Plastiras, which is located near the city of Karditsa.

Given that lately they have become even more impertinent in different cities, but also because we consider it unacceptable to let their gatherings unanswered while they guarantee this wretched feast […]