Ioannina, Greece: Antifascist intervention on the outskirts of the city

“Neither in Kardamitsia, nor anywhere – Bash the fash in every neighbourhood”

An antifascist intervention was carried out on September 21st in the zone of Kardamitsia, on the outskirts of Ioannina. This was an action organized by word of mouth, with the participation of around 60 antifascists. Lately, the area has become a neo-Nazi breeding territory. Mainly nationalist youths, who had a hard time promoting their shit in the city centre of Ioannina, hang out in the local park where they oftentimes bully antifascist youths and spray fascist slogans. Some months ago, the same nationalists even pulled a knife on a person.

A public address system was set in that central park. Shortly afterwards, the protesters marched down the streets of Kardamitsia chanting slogans, throwing leaflets, and spraying various antifa slogans. The march made stops outside the houses of well known Nazis as well as a gym where the scum (uniformed or not) usually work out.

The demonstrators also shared out an antifascist/anti-election text in the neighbourhood, in order to counter-inform about the recent assassination of Pavlos Fyssas, and raise awareness of the neo-Nazi activities in the region.