UK: Greek anarchist prisoner and squat benefit gig in Nottingham

“Let’s not give free reign to our jailers, strike the tiger’s heart every day, in every way, according to our differences, against the sadness and solitude of our cells of confinement.” —Os Cangaceiros

Our Solidarity Is Non-Negotiable

Doors kicked in at the early hours of the morning by armed thugs, fascists roaming the streets for migrants, systematic torture implemented by the para-military police, social cannibalism in everyday life; this is the cold hard reality in Greece.

Over the last few months, the Greek State has made its intentions clear, to eradicate all insurrection against the maelstrom they have unleashed upon the streets, particularly aiming at the liberated spaces, where the control of everyday life is defied.

Our solidarity in non-negotiable when it comes to our fellow anarchists, our conflict with the prison society is one and the same. Through this benefit we are breaking the cells they have put around us, reaching across borders that do not exist for us, an eternal embrace for our comrades.

We know that fundraising and words are not enough alone, that the words must become praxis in order for them to enter through the prison bars. It is only until we put fire to the cells on the outside and the inside can we truly speak of solidarity.

Solidarity to squats, open and liberated spaces in Greece, to all the prisoners in the cells, you are never forgotten, our continued resistance will remind you that we will one day burn them altogether.

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