Action and statement in solidarity with anarchist Felicity Ryder

From deep within the belly of the beast we howl our solidarity with our wild sister & comrade, Felicity Ryder. Love, some comrades.

On a wet and cold night we ventured out with paint cans in our pockets and the fierce desire for a free world in our hearts. On this dark winter’s night, our burning hatred for this mechanized undead system, which seeks our total exploitation from the moment we emerge from out of the womb and into the hospital (our first institution) to the moment of our last breath, lit our way through the streets.

We know that the last 7 months must have been far from easy for you compañera, and we can only imagine that the challenges of clandestinity have required immense patience and strength from you.

However, even through the obscuring veil of clandestinity, you remain ever present in our minds, and we stand in irrepressible solidarity with you. As we stand in unbending solidarity with all comrades who fearlessly stand up, face to face with the enemy. So with much revolutionary love we send you our warmest greetings, as well as to all comrades who stand strong in their convictions under immense pressure. You are not alone, we stand beside you.

For all the snarling of this tired system; the various international operations of repression, the incarceration of our comrades, the mass attacks on liberated spaces, as well as the attempts to harass your comrades & family (as we have read), is part of a failed attempt to paralyze us with fear and panic. An attempt that will never succeed. Because our resistance and our passion for freedom is stronger than their prison cells. And it is stronger than their cowardly harassment and attacks on all those who dare to raise their head and stare it in the eye, in struggle and in defiance. Anarchists and anti-authoritarians are targeted, as all who resist are, because we pose a threat to their vapid, rancid system of exploitation. And we shall remain a rebellious threat against the existent deadening order.

So, with much love, affection and respect we salute your strength and resistance. Whatever may come, you have our solidarity as we continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in the struggle against tyranny, oppression and the cowardice of Power. For we recognize in you a wild desire for freedom that reflects our own struggles for liberation against a brutal and joyless system.

We stand firmly in solidarity with you compañera. We share this struggle with you and we send warm revolutionary hugs to you, wherever you may be.

Solidarity is our weapon against the enemy and the soil from which our liberation blossoms.

We send our rebel greetings also to all anarchist fighters both in and outside the cages, and to all comrades on the run.