Italy: Contribution from the AS2 wing of Alessandria prison

Informa-azione and RadioAzione have received and disseminated a letter sent by five anarchist prisoners from the second high security section (AS2 wing) in the prison of Alessandria to those in Tolmezzo prison, in response to the solidarity expressed by the latter with them through a prison food abstention, as announced in the communiqué ‘From Tolmezzo to Alessandria’. The following text is also the first one released from prison by Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito.


‘[Out of the five indispensable elements for an insurrection] we only have two… the word and the writing… you have the knife, the rifle and the dynamite.’
A FIES prisoner

Some brothers in the prison of Tolmezzo are offering us their solidarity with a simple and direct gesture: a trolley-food denial.

Their acting shows that no form of coercion can really be effective when faced with a sincere desire of rebellion.

Only going on the attack will give true sense to our words.

Only direct action performed outside these walls can really make a difference.

Too often, the solidarity of anarchists is just limited to rallies in front of prisons, ending up delegating the action to prisoners themselves, the only ones who put up with repression, beatings and isolation.

We don’t understand how it is possible to transform solidarity into a search for consent, a creation of an imaginary political (subject)object, a cross to which the immigrant, the proletarian or the prisoner of the day, who take away the sins of the world, are nailed by means of a ‘political project’.

We thus refuse to accept solutions that stink of politics and search for ‘consent’; to all this, we counterpose the urgency of rejecting any hesitation by persisting in believing that solidarity means attack.

Let the fear change camp.’

Alfredo Cospito, Alessandro Settepani, Giuseppe Lo Turco, Nicola Gai, Sergio Maria Stefani

AS2 wing, Alessandria prison, November 27th, 2012