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Italy – ‘Operation Boldness’: Comrade Sergio Maria Stefani released from prison

On December 20th, 2013 anarchist Sergio Maria Stefani finally walked out of the Italian galleys, having completed 18 months of pretrial detention. Sergio was the last one of the prosecuted in operation ‘Ardire’ that remained incarcerated. As was the case with the rest of his co-accused comrades, he was released under restrictive conditions (regular appearance to the authorities, and obligatory stay within the community of his permanent residence).

Solidarity to the prosecuted comrades! For anarchy!

Perugia – Operation Shadow: Sergio Maria Stefani sentenced to 3 years and 3 months

On the 22nd of October 2013 the court of Perugia issued the first-instance judgment in the so-called operation “Shadow”. The accusatory construct collapsed entirely. However, comrade Sergio Maria Stefani was sentenced to 3 years and 3 months for car theft. All other accused comrades were acquitted because the alleged facts had never occurred.

This time the public prosecutor of Perugia, Manuela Comodi—who distinguished herself as usual with her deliria in the courtroom, that were readily thwarted by Sergio, who participated in the proceeding (instantly denounced by her for contempt)—has 90 days to challenge the decision and lodge appeal.

Sergio remains a prisoner in Ferrara on charges relative to the operation “Ardire (Boldness)”—again, brought forth by the public prosecutor Comodi. Meanwhile, the Ardire investigation has been split in two accusatory instruments: a nationwide section assigned to the Milan prosecutor’s office, and another part of Umbria/Perugia. The preliminary hearing concerning the Perugia section of the Ardire operation will take place on the 6th of November 2013, as always at the court of Perugia.

Solidarity with all prosecuted comrades!

Italy – ‘Operation Boldness’: Stefano Fosco and Elisa Di Bernardo released from pretrial detention

In September 2013 anarchists Stefano Gabriele Fosco and Elisa Di Bernardo, editors of Culmine arrested on June 13, 2012 during operation ‘Ardire,’ walked out of prison upon request for release on expiry of their pretrial detention. Both comrades—just as Giuseppe Lo Turco and Alessandro Settepani, who were released in mid-June 2013—are subject to restrictions such as the obligation of signing in and mandatory residence.

At the moment Sergio Maria Stefani is still remanded in Ferrara prison, being the last prisoner of this repressive operation.


Italy – ‘Operation Boldness’: Alessandro and Giuseppe released from pretrial detention; Paola and Giulia free from house arrest

Cassa di solidarietà Aracnide (solidarity fund against repression) reports that comrades Alessandro Settepani and Giuseppe Lo Turco were released from Ferrara prison on June 12th, and now have an obligation to stay in Montegabbione (Terni) and Catania (Sicily), respectively, as well as the restrictions of signing in at the nearest police station (for Alessandro twice a day) and being subjected to ‘oral warning’.

In addition, Paola Francesca Iozzi and Giulia Marziale are finally free from house detention and no longer have restrictions.

Three anarchists accused in the Ardirecase are still imprisoned:

Elisa Di Bernardo
C.C. Rebibbia Femminile, Via Bartolo Longo 92, IT-00156 Roma

Sergio Maria Stefani, Stefano Gabriele Fosco
C.C. Via Arginone 327, IT-44122 Ferrara

Italy – ‘Operation Boldness’: The Milan prosecutor asked for further extension of the precautionary measures against 5 imprisoned anarchists

The public prosecutor of Milan has requested another six months of pretrial incarceration for Alessandro, Stefano, Sergio, Elisa and Peppe [all incarcerated since June 13th, 2012]. In the prosecutor’s request it is specified that, despite their imprisonment, the comrades continue to communicate with members of the same space outside the prison, and promote ‘solidarity campaigns’ against the ‘repression’ with certainly alarming tones for the exaltation of acts marked by violence, and not only verbal. Then the prosecuting authorities explain better these concepts by citing several communiqués retrieved from RadioAzione, Contra Info, and Informa-Azione.

They also cite the communiqué of Stefano against the pseudo-nihilist carrions, and mention among other things: ‘The letter of S. Fosco from the high security wing of Ferrara was integrally published by the site RadioAzione, which has in fact replaced the role of Culmine after the closure of the latter, with the intent to perform the same function as “sounding board” in the nationwide anarchic area’.

As long as there’s life in this blog, it will never miss out on solidarity and complicity toward imprisoned comrades, as much as it will never lack direct actions that are done in solidarity with the same comrades or against the existent in general. If someone don’t like the ‘tones’… well, that’s their fucking problem! Finally, RadioAzione did not take over the legacy of Culmine, but has always wanted to send a clear message to the persecutors: no bars can ever imprison Counter-information and solidarity… you can imprison the body but never the ideas!

Death to the State and its minions
For direct action

Solidarity and complicity with imprisoned comrades
all over the world!


Elisa Di Bernardo
C.C. Rebibbia Femminile, Via Bartolo Longo 92, IT-00156 Roma

Sergio Maria Stefani, Giuseppe Lo Turco,
Alessandro Settepani, Stefano Gabriele Fosco

C.C. Via Arginone 327, IT-44122 Ferrara

Italy – ‘Operation Boldness’: Giulia Marziale released from pretrial detention

After Katia Di Stefano and Paola Iozzi, Giulia Marziale was also released from prison!

The court of review, whose hearing was held on Friday, March 15th, dismissed the council chamber’s ruling on Tuesday morning, March 19th, and thus ordered the release of Giulia and her transfer under house arrest. So, Giulia was able to walk out of Rebibbia prison, and was taken to her parents’ home near Teramo.

Five other anarchists are currently incarcerated awaiting trial on the ‘Ardire’ case. You may send solidarity letters to:

Elisa Di Bernardo
C.C. Rebibbia Femminile, Via Bartolo Longo 92, IT-00156 Roma

Sergio Maria Stefani, Giuseppe Lo Turco,
Alessandro Settepani, Stefano Gabriele Fosco

C.C. Via Arginone 327, IT-44122 Ferrara

Italy – ‘Operation Boldness’: Paola Francesca Iozzi released from pretrial detention

Our fire burns for freedom

After Katia Di Stefano, Paola Iozzi was also released from prison!

Currently Paola, who was arrested on June 13th, 2012 in the context of ‘Operation Boldness (Ardire)’, is held under house arrest with all possible restrictions (no visitations, no telephone calls, no internet access, etc.), but at least she is out of the hellhole.

Six other anarchist comrades remain incarcerated awaiting trial on the same case. Continue to send solidarity letters to the ‘Ardire’ hostages until we take them all back:

Giulia Marziale, Elisa Di Bernardo
C.C. Rebibbia Femminile, Via Bartolo Longo 92, IT-00156 Roma

Sergio Maria Stefani, Giuseppe Lo Turco,
Alessandro Settepani, Stefano Gabriele Fosco
C.C. San Michele, Strada Casale 50/a, IT-15122 Alessandria

Alessandria prison, Italy: Alfredo Cospito interrupted his hunger strike after obtaining the right to visits – Sergio Maria Stefani still on hunger strike

Today, February 18th, I interrupt my hunger strike having been notified that in March I will be able to meet with Anna — without, of course, putting my trust in what my declared enemy promises.

Sergio continues the hunger strike; in solidarity with him, I broke the air vents of my prison cell (opaque panels which prevent the view outside the windows).

My thanks go out to the brothers and sisters of the Panagiotis Argirou Insurrectionary Anti-authoritarian Cell FAI/FRI in Chile, the brothers and sisters of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire FAI/FRI, who have supported me with their actions and words.

An embrace of solidarity to Marco Camenisch and Gabriel Pombo Da Silva.

Only action sets us free. Destroy what destroys you.

Alfredo Cospito

Santiago, $hile: Responsibility claim for incendiary action against the jailers

Door with minor damage (unfortunately not the whole of the device was ignited)

The days of this hot summer go on and on, and most people are still withdrawn, thinking about where they’ll go for a vacation. Meanwhile, Power and authority don’t rest, incarcerating Mapuche brothers and warriors in southern Chile, perfecting repressive laws, and meeting in ostentatious political-business summits like the CELAC 2013 [a summit of Latin American and Caribbean business and political interests in conjunction with the European Union]. And us? We go into the streets to give life to insurrection, with our lives under stress, conscious that there are and always have been individualities that will not adapt to this sick society, and make every second of their lives an attack against the oppressors.

And this is the challenge: to give life and continuity to the anti-authoritarian insurrectionary offensive, support and reinforce complicities, reactivate the attacks, and with our contribution ignite the fire of insurrectionary and liberatory action through revolutionary violence!

Conscious of the fact that discussion and dialogue between affinities should start with action, during the week that spanned the 28th of January to the 3rd of February we attacked a property belonging to the Chilean Gendarmerie, located on San Francisco street just before Avenida Matta, to one side of a juvenile prison (SENAME) and a few blocks from where our anarchist comrade Mauricio Morales was killed in action in 2009. We attacked with an incendiary device, which left some damage at the door of this torturers’ lair — since it didn’t come out in the Press, we’re sending photos. This property of the Gendarmerie is linked with the supposed social action of the jailers and their collaborators, promoted through institutions like the Evangelical Church of the Chilean Gendarmerie and the Prisons’ Confraternity of Chile, an institution that on the Internet defines itself as the creator of incarceration projects ‘in which the inmates live, without hunger strikes, without riots or escape attempts; instead they are living out their prisonization in peace and harmony while repaying their social debt with spiritual aid.’ Continue reading Santiago, $hile: Responsibility claim for incendiary action against the jailers

Italy: Imprisoned anarchists Alfredo Cospito and Sergio Maria Stefani on hunger strike

As of Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 anarchists Alfredo Cospito and Sergio Maria Stefani, who are incarcerated in the AS2 wing of Alessandria prison, are conducting a hunger strike until communication and visits from their respective companions are granted.

We recall that Alfredo has never been authorized to talk to or meet with his companion since the time of his arrest, on September 14th, 2012 because officially they were both being investigated in the same case.

Sergio was typically allowed meetings with his partner, but since she was also remanded as a result of the same investigation, they didn’t see each other until her release on December 21st, 2012. Ever since Sergio had been granted three visits, until the investigation was transferred from the public prosecutor’s office of Perugia to the one in Milan, which banned visits from his companion.

What follows is a brief message through which Sergio and Alfredo wanted to make their gesture public:

‘The mercantile world, the techno-industrial society, the civilization itself rest on foundations which are not made up of individuals—by their very nature different and unpredictable—but a mass that’s homogenized by education, morality and law. In this world, all sincere and deep relationships become suspicious, and ties of affinity become synonymous with “criminal” association, while solidarity is reduced to mere execution of a command. But we refuse to reduce our desires to realism or to tame our passions. We live our lives without mediation, with discontent which draws the smile of joy to our faces that never abandons us. For this reason we can’t allow anyone to cut off our ties, thus we begin this hunger strike relishing the sweetness of our companions’ embrace.’

Italy – ‘Operation Boldness’: Katia Di Stefano released from pretrial detention


Informa-azione transmits that an appeals court decided to release Katia Di Stefano from prison. She was arrested on June 13th, 2012 in the context of ‘Operation Boldness (Ardire)’.

However, seven other comrades remain imprisoned in the Italian hellholes awaiting trial on the same case. We must take them all back!

Please continue to send solidarity letters to anarchist prisoners of ‘Ardire’:

Sergio Maria Stefani, Giuseppe Lo Turco,
Alessandro Settepani, Stefano Gabriele Fosco
C.C. San Michele, Strada Casale 50/a, IT-15040 Alessandria

Giulia Marziale, Paola Francesca Iozzi, Elisa Di Bernardo
C.C. Rebibbia Femminile, Via Bartolo Longo 92, IT-00156 Roma

Germany & Italy: Anarchist prisoners conduct hunger strike in solidarity with Marco Camenisch, who is still held in the Swiss dungeons


RadioAzione reports that, as of December 15th, imprisoned comrade Gabriel Pombo Da Silva is on hunger strike in solidarity with anarchist Marco Camenisch, who is facing yet another proceeding starting from scratch regarding his just request for conditional release.

Gabriel will be on strike in the prison of Aachen, Germany, until the 21st of December. Then it will be the turn of comrade Elisa Di Bernardo, who is held in the prison of Rebibbia, Italy. She will conduct hunger strike in the week from the 22nd to the 29th of December. A confirmation of a third round is awaited, which will likely include a strike by comrade Sergio Maria Stefani, incarcerated in the prison of Alessandria, Italy.

As Gabriel already suggested, the solidarity strike can be continued even in January 2013, if fellow prisoners are willing and able to participate in this protest for the immediate liberation of Marco.

Elisa (editor of Culmine, along with prisoner Stefano Gabriele Fosco) as well as Sergio are among the eight comrades who have been remanded in custody in the context of ‘Operation Boldness (Ardire)’. The particular anti-anarchist construct was initiated by the Italian State in June 2012, and implicates Marco and Gabriel, too, among others.

To all the comrades outside the prison walls, who want to feel closeness with Marco and other imprisoned anarchists: you do just that; let solidarity with imprisoned comrades shine.

Strength to prisoners in struggle!

Italy: Contribution from the AS2 wing of Alessandria prison

Informa-azione and RadioAzione have received and disseminated a letter sent by five anarchist prisoners from the second high security section (AS2 wing) in the prison of Alessandria to those in Tolmezzo prison, in response to the solidarity expressed by the latter with them through a prison food abstention, as announced in the communiqué ‘From Tolmezzo to Alessandria’. The following text is also the first one released from prison by Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito.


‘[Out of the five indispensable elements for an insurrection] we only have two… the word and the writing… you have the knife, the rifle and the dynamite.’
A FIES prisoner

Some brothers in the prison of Tolmezzo are offering us their solidarity with a simple and direct gesture: a trolley-food denial.

Their acting shows that no form of coercion can really be effective when faced with a sincere desire of rebellion.

Only going on the attack will give true sense to our words.

Only direct action performed outside these walls can really make a difference.

Too often, the solidarity of anarchists is just limited to rallies in front of prisons, ending up delegating the action to prisoners themselves, the only ones who put up with repression, beatings and isolation.

We don’t understand how it is possible to transform solidarity into a search for consent, a creation of an imaginary political (subject)object, a cross to which the immigrant, the proletarian or the prisoner of the day, who take away the sins of the world, are nailed by means of a ‘political project’.

We thus refuse to accept solutions that stink of politics and search for ‘consent’; to all this, we counterpose the urgency of rejecting any hesitation by persisting in believing that solidarity means attack.

Let the fear change camp.’

Alfredo Cospito, Alessandro Settepani, Giuseppe Lo Turco, Nicola Gai, Sergio Maria Stefani

AS2 wing, Alessandria prison, November 27th, 2012

Italy: Note of Anarchaos.org regarding two communiqués by the eight prisoners of ‘Operation Boldness (Ardire)’ against the publication of the Ordinance of remand in custody

We are sorry that the publication of the Ordinance has been a cause for so many polemics. In fact, we did so* on the recommendation of the companion of one woman among the prisoners. We apologize and hope the incident is resolved.

We regret that the only information must be kept always by the enemy.


Raw translation of both communiqués by Stefano, Sergio, Alessandro, Giuseppe and Paola, Katia, Elisa, Giulia can be found here.

* Anarchaos.org deleted introductory phrases in their related call for solidarity and dissemination of the case (original statement was released on June 28th) and also removed from their download section the case file’s pdf —ordinanza di custodia cautelare, which is a state document initially disclosed on June 13th by media such as Tgcom24.it.

Italy: To write to anarchist prisoners of ‘operation boldness’

July 24th, 2012: Currently the eight Italian anarchist prisoners of ‘’ (Alessandro Settepani, Sergio Maria Stefani, Katia Di Stefano, Stefano Gabriele Fosco, Elisa Di Bernardo, Giuseppe Lo Turco, Paola Francesca Iozzi, Giulia Marziale) can receive mail ONLY IN ITALIAN, so anyone who wishes to write to the comrades in another language can email us the letter, and we provide to translate and send it to them.

Aracnide/Arachnid – Solidarity fund against repression

Contact the solidarity collective at aracnide@autistici.org

Prison addresses are:

Stefano Gabriele Fosco & Elisa Di Bernardo
Via Don Bosco, 43, IT-56127 Pisa

Alessandro Settepani & Paola Francesca Iozzi
CC Capanne, Via Pievaiola 252, IT-06132 Perugia

Sergio Maria Stefani
CC Regina Coeli, Via Della Lungara, 29, IT-00165 Roma

Katia Di Stefano
CC Rebibbia Femminile, Via Bartolo Longo, IT-00156 Roma

Giuseppe Lo Turco
CC Marassi, Piazzale Marassi, 2, IT-16139 Genova

Giulia Marziale
CC Teramo, Contrada Castrogno, IT-64100 Teramo

Greece: ‘Chaos just around the corner’ –by the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and Theofilos Mavropoulos

(Italy, Mexico, Greece)

On Wednesday, June 13th, the international anti-anarchist campaign under the name ‘operation boldness’ was set up. The Italian antiterrorism forces of ROS and carabiniers were put under the command of the Inquisitor-prosecutor of Perugia Manuela Comodi, and proceeded to arrest eight anarchist comrades. In parallel, investigations are conducted against other comrades as well (among them are the comrades of Edizioni Cerbero).

We neither know the details of the case, nor are we lawyers to speak the language of documentary evidence or not. All we know is that the world’s police want to strike down the new anarchy.

Judges, prosecutors, interrogators and antiterrorism cops want to kneel down and chain in handcuffs the indomitable insurgents that illuminate the nights with their rebellions and paint the cities with the colours of a lasting anarchist insurrection.

However, all we anarchists of praxis, nihilists, chaotics, and antisocialists have definitively crossed the point where any return to the peace of normality is no longer feasible. The new anarchy looks like the tidal outburst overwhelming countries, borders and languages. Comrades that we haven’t ever met with each other, who do not speak the same language, and thousands of miles, barbed wires and prison walls separate us, are laughing and fall into melancholy with our shared joys and sorrows, and our anarchy burns like the light of one thousand suns that erupt in the frosty night of the crowd.

The world’s police want to strike down this very international rebellion. It is no coincidence that, shortly before the ‘operation boldness’, antiterrorist forces in Bolivia proceeded to arrest people in relation to FAI-Bolivia attacks. It is by no coincidence that the ‘operation boldness’, apart from affecting the eight anarchist comrades in Italy, expanded to Germany and Switzerland, setting its sights on the already imprisoned comrades Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and Marco Camenisch. These alchemies of cops were carried out at the precise moment that our two comrades are on the verge of release after 18 and 21 years in prison, respectively.

But the performance of the prosecutorial marionette M.Comodi does not stop here. With the ‘operation boldness’ six of us, Conspiracy of Cells of Fire comrades, are under judicial investigation due to the correspondence we had with some of the arrested comrades.

Naturally, the wire-pullers of the Greek terror unit did not miss the opportunity to talk about their supposed contribution to the ‘operation boldness’ by alleged information collected from monitoring e-mails between us. Of course, their Italian colleagues never gave a confirmation of that, since the alleged information via e-mails (included in the Italian case file) was translations of political texts that have been published in the anarchist counter-information networks Culmine and ParoleArmate.

But, in order not to leave even one inch of suspicion of legalistic ‘excuses’, we make it clear that: Regardless of the judicial inquiry, we declare that we support all FAI-IRF insurrectionist violent actions with all our rage and heart.

We are wholeheartedly endorsing every word from FAI and carry it within us, seeking ways to make it into praxis from our own hands. FAI-IRF was, is and will be the essence of the lasting anarchist insurrection. We support, promote and participate in the informal anarchist federation–international revolutionary front (FAI-IRF).

However, the enemy’s propaganda and military-police operations, such as the ‘operation boldness’, in addition to arrests, are aimed at constructing a climate of fear. They wish to convey the fear of prison and the image of the all-powerful police, so as to suspend the new anarchy’s warfares against the system.

What’s important to us right now is to fight fear. It is our own way to go first on the counter-attack. “This means to sink the knife further into the heart of the enemy, without fear of the consequences that this entails, with the fury and iconoclastic joy that we always carry with us, in our smiles and in our eyes” (Tomo – Brother Comrade under judicial investigation in the context of the ‘operation boldness’)

We don’t look back, we fix our eyes only straight ahead…

Let those who got afraid, or tired, descend now from the train. There is no return ticket. Neither Delay, nor stopovers… We are clenching our hands into fists and walk against our era, having our comrades as brothers and sisters.

“Enough, enough, enough!
As the poet transforms his lyre into a dagger!
As the philosopher transforms his probe into a bomb!

It is time, it is time — it is time!
And society will fall.
The fatherland will fall.
The family will fall.
All will fall after the Free Man is born”

Renzo Novatore

Giuseppe, Stefano, Elisa, Alessandro, Sergio, Katia, Paola, Giulia

to our brothers Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and Marco Camenisch

The imprisoned members of the R.O. CCF of the first phase
And anarchist of praxis Theofilos Mavropoulos


PS. At the time of writing these words, bad news reached our ears. In Mexico, the anarchist comrade Mario López was wounded when an incendiary device he was carrying went off.

Mario López was arrested, while prosecution has been exercised against his companion Felicity Ryder.

Our brother Mario López, in the public letter he released from the hospital where he is being treated, claimed responsibility for transporting this incendiary device, stating that as anarchist he is at constant war with the State and Power.

We hear his voice… A steady, happy, angry voice…

We nihilists, who bear the fire in the icy solitude of the crowd, are the anarchoindividualists that kill the silence of the mute mass; we are the chaotic anarchists of praxis that have the stars in our eyes and hearts. The five arrows of the symbol of the FAI and the Conspiracy show the point where everything becomes real. The point of a lasting anarchist insurrection…


“Never defeated, never repentant!”

please spread with all links included~/the text in Greek

see also Dark Nights #22 and Anti-One, as well as the
Assembly of solidarity with the R.O. CCF and
those prosecuted
for the same case/Athens (
contact mail: sal.spf[at]gmail[dot]com)

Italy: More updates regarding the ‘operation boldness’; reports on police raids; all prison addresses

The new Inquisition, anarchists hunting

The witch hunt continues!

Just like the inquisitions once, yet this time the victims are not women suspected of witchcraft but anarchists accused of terrorism, word that is very much in vogue for nearly 12 years.

This time, however, the news we receive upset us somewhat more than usual as it also affect us of punk4free.org.

This morning (13/6), at around 4am, the ROS carabiniers raided in over forty Italian households, from north to south, carrying out the so-called ‘ardire’ crackdown against the anarchist movement.

The operation resulted in about a dozen arrest orders, including one in Germany and another in Switzerland, and in as many as 24 investigated people.

The accusations include criminal conspiracy with the intent of terrorism and subversion, association with the intent of international terrorism, as well as charges of single attacks, like the ambush on the CEO of Ansaldo Nucleare.

Immediately, like vultures, all the newspapers and nationwide television newscasts have spread the word, releasing (in a cowardly way) names of ‘extremely dangerous’ Informal Anarchists, including one editor of Informa-Azione and two of Culmine, among whom is our very own Sghigno.

We express total solidarity to all the comrades affected by the raids, investigations and arrests!

Free Sghigno! Free them all!

This text was shared out during a spontaneous protest march in Catania on June 13th:

More than 40 house searches, 24 investigation warnings and 10 arrest orders are the interim budget of a repressive operation orchestrated by the public prosecutor of Perugia Manuela Comodi and executed by the ROS carabiniers on June 13th.

Our friends, acquaintances and/or comrades are accused of subversive association with the intent of terrorism. In these hours, newspapers, TV channels and radio stations continue to bombard with news that are sibylline as much as they are alarming, attributing the responsibility of some explosive parcels and various direct actions on them. In this moment of crisis, the State appears to be very preoccupied, but its attentions are not drawn by the high cost of living, the unemployment, the abrupt diminution of purchasing power, the critical situation of social services, the new poor and the disadvantaged. Its fear is rather growing on whether someone might unmask the role and connections that the State and the system of Capital bear in human misery, which is rampant in the existing way of life.

We do not care if the ten arrestees are guilty or not, what we want to make evident is that locked up, deprived of their freedom and their dearest loved ones are ten people who have dedicated effort and all their energy in struggle, without ever sparing anything and without asking anything in return. Their struggles, those against the concentration camps for immigrants and against racism, against the unchallenged dominion of banks that are ruling the economy, those against the arrogant multinationals and their damaging system of production, those against the State and other authorities that are ruling our lives, are also struggles of our own.

Our solidarity goes not only to the arrestees and investigated people but also to all relatives, friends and housemates whom the law enforcement units did not hesitate to inconvenience by harassing, frisking and badgering with the aim of terrorizing and isolating them, in pure mafia-style.

The customary judicial fabrications will not quench the social conflict; detention will not halt the struggle for a world free of hierarchy and exploitation.

Photos of the mess that the ‘dirty operations division’ ROS left behind after yet another house search on June 13th, this time in Florence.

On June 13th, at 5am, the Digos (Italian political police) raided activists’ places in Reggio Emilia. In related announcements, the Collettivo AutOrganizzato R60 clarifies that the specific police searches have nothing to do with the so-called operation ‘ardire/against international anarchist terrorism’, despite the fact that they took place on the same day.

First the cops searched the residences of two activists, who are affiliated with the R60 space, and seized personal items of theirs. Then the operation extended to the social space itself. Computers, cameras, memory cards, etc. were confiscated. Both detainees were released by midday. R60 members mention, among others, that the police in Reggio Emilia have been persecuting political activists, and in particular those who engage in struggles against environmental devastation and support self-organization and direct solidarity with earthquake sufferers.

As a first response to the incidents of 13/6 in their city and as a token of solidarity with all arrestees of the ‘operation boldness’, the NO TAV arrestees, the struggle in Susa Valley and other prosecuted comrades, on June 15th the collective held an evening anti-repression rally in Piazza del Monte (Reggio Emilia), and later people gathered in the R60 space to collect materials for earthquake sufferers.

In Emilia Romagna, the party CARC (Committees to Support Resistance-for Communism; nothing to do with anarchism) has also expressed solidarity with the R60 collective, with the NO TAV movement, as well as all comrades arrested and investigated under the ‘operation boldness’.

The poster reads:

Back off, you scoundrels!
Anarchism is not sullied by your aptitude for disgracefulness and neither by the pen of the scribes. It is defended against everything and everyone instead, even when the storm sweeps away all the hard work put into it grain by grain.
—Severino Di Giovanni

Boldness for our revolutionary dignity!
Boldness for conserving the traditions of our history!
Boldness for enhancing our realizer will!
—Severino Di Giovanni

FREEDOM for Stefano, Elisa, Alessandro, Sergio, Katia, Giuseppe, Paola and Giulia! FREEDOM for Marco and Gabriel!
Radical Ecologist Group ‘Il Silvestre’ & Pisan Anarchist Garage

Given below (last updated: June 15th) are all know prison addresses so you can send letters or telegrams to the eight comrades arrested within the ‘operation boldness’, including imprisoned anarchists Marco and Gabriel, who have also been ‘implicated’ in the case.

Stefano Gabriele Fosco
& Elisa Di Bernardo

Via Don Bosco, 43, IT-56127 Pisa

Alessandro Settepani & Paola Francesca Iozzi
CC Capanne, Via Pievaiola 252, IT-06132 Perugia

Sergio Maria Stefani
CC Regina Coeli, Via Della Lungara, 29, IT-00165 Roma

Katia Di Stefano
CC Rebibbia Femminile, Via Bartolo Longo, IT-00156 Roma

Giuseppe Lo Turco
CC Marassi, Piazzale Marassi, 2, IT-16139 Genova

Giulia Marziale
CC Teramo, Contrada Castrogno, IT-64100 Teramo

Marco Camenisch
Justizvollzugsanstalt Lenzburg, Ziegeleiweg 13, CH-5600 Lenzburg District

Gabriel Pombo da Silva
Justizvollzugsanstalt Aachen, Krefelderstr. 251, DE-52070 Aachen

read also ‘The Triumph of the Destroyer Genius’ by one of the two comrades of Edizioni Cerbero (contact mail: VerticeAbisso@distruzione.org)

a compilation of statements in Italian, in solidarity with the comrades affected by the repressive operation ‘Ardire’, can be found here

more info as it comes / follow the tag of feartosleep

Italy: A few updates regarding the ‘operation boldness’

Informa-Azione receives and transmits:

June 13th: In the context of the operation ‘ardire’, which resulted to arrest warrants against ten comrades this morning, we’d like to mention the raids in homes of three comrades in Naples and one in Spigno Saturnia (Latina). The ROS carabiniers have seized computers, hard disk, usb pens, cell phones, brochures, monthly journals, leaflets and letters of correspondence with prisoners. House searches were carried out against two comrades in the province of Lecce, too, where letters and one computer were confiscated by the police. Also in Rome one comrade’s residence was searched by cops, who seized various electronic and printed materials.

An embrace of solidarity with arrested comrades

June 14th: From the first news we received, we now know that Sergio Maria Stefani is being held in Regina Coeli prisons (Rome) and Katia Di Stefano is being held in Rebibbia (Rome), and these two cannot meet with defense lawyer before the custodial interrogation, which for them is set for Friday (15/6).

Alessandro Settepani is incarcerated in the prisons of Perugia, and until this morning, his meeting with defense lawyer has been confirmed.

Paola Francesca Iozzi is also in Perugia prisons, while Giulia Marziale is being held in the prisons of Teramo.

All are in isolation and cannot receive correspondence.

Solidarity with the arrestees and those who underwent investigation and house search

New update (14/6): In Perugia prisons, Alessandro and Paola have already stood the custodial interrogation, have seen their lawyers and can now receive letters. This is their current address: Alessandro Settepani & Paola Francesca Iozzi, casa circondariale Capanne, via Pievaiola 252, 06132 Perugia, Italia/Italy.

Sergio and Katia, locked up in Regina Coeli and Rebibbia prisons respectively, will undergo interrogation tomorrow (15/6), when they will get to see a defense lawyer; in the meantime, they cannot receive correspondence. Also Giulia, imprisoned in Teramo, has not yet been interrogated.

They are all in isolation wings. More info as it comes.

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Anti-terrorist ‘operation boldness’: Arrests and house searches across Italy

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At 4 o’clock in the morning of June 13th, 2012, the carabiniers of the Special Operations Group (Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale, ROS) raided about forty homes, implementing the so-called ‘operation boldness’ (operazione ardire), a crackdown against people from the anarchist movement ordered by Manuela Comodi, public prosecutor of Perugia. According to the regime’s media, a total of 10 arrest warrants were issued—eight within Italy, one sent to Germany and one sent to Switzerland—while 24 suspects have been put under judicial investigation. The Italian bourgeois Press did not hesitate to connect the arrested with ‘the anarcho-insurrectionist FAI/FRI’.

The eight comrades, who were arrested in Pisa, Roma, Perugia, Genova, Terni and have been remanded in custody, are Stefano Gabriele Fosco, Elisa Di Bernardo, Alessandro Settepani, Sergio Maria Stefani, Katia Di Stefano, Giuseppe Lo Turco, Paola Francesca Iozzi and Giulia Marziale.

As for Germany and Switzerland, the precautionary measures were ordered against two anarchists that have already been kidnapped by the State several years ago, namely Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and Marco Camenisch.

Among the names of investigated suspects are also those of some imprisoned comrades that are prosecuted for the CCF case in Greece.

Informa-Azione will try to publish the addresses of Italian prisons in which the eight arrestees have been incarcerated, inviting anyone who has relevant information to contact them.

In addition, according to the independent Radio Azione, it is possible that house searches have taken place against three comrades in Naples, too.

Among the raided houses—where the police were officially in search of explosive materials and electronic and printed documents—was the residence of an editor of Informa-Azione; apart from other items, the cops confiscated the editor’s computers that were necessary for updating the website. The homes of comrades from Culmine (who are now under arrest) and ParoleArmate (one of them is under arrest, the other one is investigated) were raided as well.


Chaos is just around the corner… (about the operation ‘ardire’)

The same story repeats itself.

In the context of a maxi-operation (‘operation boldness’… but what the fuck is that name?) against anarchists and arsonists of social peace, at 4am in the night from 12th to 13th June, my house was raided by the ROS units of Perugia and Bologna, backed by a couple of local carabiniers (unlike the last time my house was searched, now they didn’t find anything). They were looking for the same stuff they wanted to find the other time: computers, explosive material, etc.

This time, however, there was a charming surprise: the gentlemen in uniform, following the orders of the renown nun M.Comodi, informed me that I’m now under investigation on the basis of the customary Article 270bis of the Italian Criminal Code.

I would like to clarify that, although I have been currently assigned a duty solicitor, I intend to refuse any legal defense because I do not recognize any authority, be it judiciary or other.

I also want to specify that as an individual at war with society I support the practice of direct action and, therefore, support the actions of the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI).

In any case, this was a classic raid in grand style which, among others, led a dozen anarchists under pretrial detention and more than twenty people under judicial investigation, including some comrades of the CCF· nevertheless, it’s still too early to get a general picture of the situation.

What can one say? Needless to point out that, in spite of all the years of imprisonment under which they can bury us, the fire we carry within us is by now unstoppable.

It’s expanding, fierce, and meets the flames of our comrades in affinity everywhere; those who, in a world like this, accept a single position: that of attack.

These wonderful comrades, whose hatred burns like one thousand suns shining in the sky, are the friends and the brothers and sisters with whom we share rage and pain, tears and smiles, doubts and passions that weigh as boulders and whistle as lead; those that threaten society, its laws and its defenders with their very existence; the indomitable rebels that illuminate the nights and paint the cities with colours of destruction and rebellion.

Even from behind prison bars or inside the courts, their gazes, their words and their thoughts are dangerous weapons and become sharpened handy files for escape, despite the fact that judges and public prosecutors attempt to suffocate any glimmer of individual strength in them.

But these human wastes cannot halt the iconoclastic fury that’s spreading like a virus.

We are the infection… and there is no cure; neither for the ‘masters’, nor for the ‘servants’.

Chaos is just around the corner…

A gigantic, incandescent, complicit embrace of fire to you, comrades.





Tomo, June 13th, 2012, dal mio Nulla
… from my Nothing.

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