Buenos Aires: Friends of the Earth/Informal Anarchist Federation set more than 100 luxury vehicles on fire

We report that over the past month – November 2012 – more than a hundred luxury cars were torched in the city of Buenos Aires, specifically in the neighbourhoods of Recoleta, Palermo, Belgrano, Nuñez, Villa Urquiza and Villa Devoto, because of an incendiary action performed by the anonymous hands of those who call themselves ‘Amigxs de la Tierra’ (Friends of the Earth/FAI).

A gesture of liberation for all beings in this world that suffer the oppression and exploitation of the system, which dominates us all, have also been: the burning of a car on Saturday, December 8th at 2.30am on the 1700, Coronel Díaz Avenue, as well as the arson on a transport vehicle a few minutes later which was located five blocks away, at the 21st department of the Argentina Federal Police, but also the incendiary attack against a Volkswagen dealership on Sunday, December 9th at 3.30am on the 6700, San Martín Avenue.

We wish that the hypocritical and fascist feasts of crappy Christians – who will be vigilant lest the most important thing they got should slip out of their hands – will get completely fucked in December.

We will do anything possible so that our fire torches your cars, banks, police departments, embassies, and even you yourselves.

We urge the other FAI cells in this region to participate in the offensive against the State and the Capital, and carry out the anarchist direct action in the way they deem best.

The strikes that the distinct sectors of Power give against our comrades are not going to restrain the subversive practices that are spread in revolutionary hearts.

Health and anarchy to everyone fighting, especially to the imprisoned comrades in Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Indonesia, Mexico, Chile and Bolivia.


Friends of the Earth / Informal Anarchist Federation