Germany: Greek diplomatic car torched in Berlin

We torched the vehicle of Colonel Grympiris in the parliamentary, government and diplomatic district of Tiergarten in Berlin. Grympiris is Defense Attaché at the Embassy of Greece in Germany, and holds responsibility for:

+ the ostensible hostilities on the border with Turkey, where refugees are tattered and maimed,

+ Greece’s arms deals with Germany, that pays no attention to cuts in the health care sector, to pensions and wages, which drive the population of Greece in a social disaster,

+ the austerity policy of the Greek government, which works like a puppet of the IMF/ECB/EU Troika to ensure only the elites’ wealth,

+ the cooperation of the Greek police with fascists of the Golden Dawn (Chrissi Avgi),

+ the violence against demonstrators in Athens and other cities.

As a military representative of the Greek embassy, Colonel Grympiris is a legitimate target of militant attacks.

In our action, we attacked the goal in the knowledge that the car will be burned down in a garage under a residential house. We thus made sure to rule out the possibility of a ‘blasting’ in the apartments.

We stand in solidarity with the prisoners of the social war in Greece, the striking men and women workers there, the different groups of urban guerrilla warfare, the immigrant men and women who fight together with antifascists against the terror of the junta, and the many desperate people, who hopefully someday will celebrate the collapse of the Greek State and the building of a free world.

Viva la Anarchia
Long live Anarchy

international arsonist union — 15-10/2012

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