Athens: Reportback from demo in solidarity with the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and all anarchists accused in the same case


On Friday evening, October 12th, a demonstration was held in downtown Athens in solidarity with the imprisoned members of the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and the other ten anarchist comrades accused in the same case, under the new trial which began on October 8th. The demo had been called for October 6th, but was caught in the middle of last week’s state reprisals against the antifascists of a motorcycle patrol and their solidaritarians (30/9 and 1/10), thus the solidarity assembly for the CCF case decided to reschedule the event for this Friday.

People gathered from 19.30pm at Propylaea, where texts and fliers were shared out to pedestrians, slogans were painted on walls and statements were read through a sound system. At about 20.30pm, some 300 comrades passed along Panepistimiou street in the direction of Omonia square. At the junction with Patission street, DIAS police motorized units and MAT anti-riot squads attempted to cut off the march. Things heated up a bit due to the presence of cops, but no clashes broke out. The protesters walked on Patission street causing traffic confusion, then continued on Solomou street and finished the demo in the neighbourhood of Exarchia.

Those who expressed their unconditional support to anarchists prosecuted for the CCF case were only a few, considering the gravity of the situation that the judicial mafia has shaped against our comrades. Nevertheless, they hit the streets as wolves.

Some of the slogans chanted aloud were:
“Freedom for the Cells of Fire”
“The passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons”
“Theofilos Mavropoulos is our brother; rebel in prison, our comrade in the street”
“Kalashnikov fire shots should do just right for cops”
“Fascists, pricks, you’ll soon be hanged on gallows”
“From Mexico to Indonesia, long live FAI-FRI and new anarchy”
“States are the only terrorists; solidarity with armed guerrillas”
“International insurrectionary struggle against States and the Capital”
“Listen up you humanguards: get your hands off the fighters”
“Dendias (public order minister), you creep, we’re going to burn down the city”
“Rage and consciousness, denial and violence; we will sow chaos and anarchy”
“Solidarity is the peoples’ weapon; war on the bosses’ war”
“Cops, do you remember Gyzi? One – three, Christos Tsoutsouvis” (In memory of acratist urban guerrilla Christos Tsoutsouvis, who executed three cops on May 15th, 1985 in Athens, during a shootout in the neighbourhood of Gyzi, before he fell by police bullets.)
“And now let’s shout a slogan that unites everybody: COPS–PIGS–MURDERERS”
“From Athens to London, and from Santiago to Turin, fire for the laws, bullets for the cops, and for every Nazi gasoline and wick”
“Forward anarchists, forward nihilists, to bury in the dirt all statists”
“Solidarity with comrades in Italy – Anarchy, destabilization, direct action, insurrection”
“Freedom for all who are in prison cells”

The CCF case trial was adjourned to Monday, October 22nd, in the special court of Koridallos female prison.

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