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Greece: Text by anarchist Stella Antoniou after her detention in Thessaloniki

On July 14th, I traveled from Athens to Thessaloniki to stay there until the 16th of July, when I planned to return to Athens; personally, when I got bail conditions, I was not banned from exiting Attica.

There I was hosted by a couple of comrades. Thanos Chatziaggelou, who is one of the comrades that hosted me in their home for one night, had an arrest warrant against him for refusing to do military service, and he had let me know about it.

The next afternoon, specifically at 2pm, as we were coming out of their home, 20 hooded men of the anti-terrorist force flung themselves at us, having blocked the surrounding alleys with vehicles beforehand, and staged another infamous super-blockbuster operation to arrest us.

During the house search that followed, the cops seized a laptop, a pc and personal items of both comrades as well as my own.

During the arrest they beat comrade Chatziaggelou, handcuffed us and transferred us to a room located in a basement, where we were handcuffed continuously for five hours, with the constant presence of anti-terrorist cops inside the room. All this time, I had absolutely no idea why I’d been arrested.

Finally, at 7pm, I was informed that I’m being accused of breaking the bail condition regarding my permanent residence.

We were taken to the detention section, where there were around 80 prisoners, some of whom have been there for up to six months. They had to pay themselves for food and water; there were no televisions or radios inside, although these cells have become a regular prison by now, since they are being held in that section for months, deprived of hours out in a yard all this time.

As for the accusation brought against me, it’s the same prosecution that was ‘staged’ against comrade Kostas Sakkas, who was falsely accused of having violated the condition relating to permanent residence, because he stayed overnight at the house of one of his friends.

Later of course he was acquitted at trial, as the residence term obliged him to register a fixed and permanent home, and did not ban him from staying overnight at another home.

Now that the court case in Athens against me and my comrades Mitroussias, Karagiannidis, Sakkas comes to an end, it is no coincidence that there’s an attempt to create such frenzy with new charges and proceedings imposed against me.

The clearest of all is the State’s effort to unleash a show of force, as well as the ever increasing repression against fighters, part of which is the creation of maximum security prisons.

On Wednesday morning, July 16th, we were taken to court on additional charges, that of contemptuous resistance to authorities, because we refused to give fingerprints. Comrades had called for a solidarity gathering, and attended the courtroom that morning.

The hearing at the court in Thessaloniki was postponed to the 28th of July.

We were still in court having the trial postponed, when I was informed about the shootout between comrade Nikos Maziotis and the cops, and his injury and arrest. I stand in solidarity with comrade Nikos Maziotis, who has fought for his life and freedom.

Solidarity with armed fighters Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa, members of the Revolutionary Struggle. Our comrades are not alone!

Stella Antoniou
July 18th, 2014

Translator’s note:
Stella Antoniou and Thanos Chatziaggelou were both released on the 16th of July, and will stand trial on Monday, July 28th. Chatziaggelou also awaits court-martial.
Kostas Sakkas is still a fugitive.
After Nikos Maziotis was recaptured, state agents have unleashed a hysterical manhunt to track down Pola Roupa, who is currently on the run.

Thessaloniki, Greece: Bank branches attacked

On Thursday, February 20th we took advantage of street traffic, and attacked two bank branches (the Hellenic Postbank, and the National Bank) at the junction of Tsimiski and Pavlou Mela streets, smashing their glass facades and ATMs.

This action is dedicated to: Tasos Theofilou, who was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment; Alexandros Mitroussias and Giorgos Karagiannidis, who await court decision in yet another terror trial; and the participants in the Network of Anarchist Prisoners [in Greece].

Comradely greetings to Kostas Sakkas [who has gone on the run from cops]…

Let’s organize ourselves, and attack the State and capitalism by any means necessary.

Athens, Greece: Statement of ten anarchists from the 4th wing of Koridallos prison (26.1.2014)

We are forced once again to talk about things which should be obvious, hoping and wanting this to be the last time we do so. We refer to two texts published on Monday night, January 20th, on ‘Inter Arma’, one by Gerasimos Tsakalos and another by people in solidarity with the CCF; both texts insinuated heavy accusations against us. Of course, the fact that we position ourselves on both texts in one open letter does not mean in any way that we blame one person for what was said by the others, or vice versa.

First off, the update about the disciplinary sanctions imposed on the CCF mentioned that, according to the prosecutor, those were based on testimonies of prison staff and the first informative text we released, as we wrote that the CCF ambushed our comrade. After that, first thing we did was to go to the prison prosecutor herself, who was told not to sow discord but, instead, to assume her own responsibilities and better watch what she says, to which she replied that the disciplinary punishment was not based on our text but rather solely on the incident itself, which happened openly out of the 1st wing. Of course, we are not so naive to believe that she never said the disciplinary sanctions were based also on our text, but her unreliability is shown in her very words, which are so contradictory, and her very role, which is so inherently hostile toward anarchists. Therefore, no anarchist should ever chew the sayings of a prosecutor; specifically in an attempt to support such heavy accusations.

Thus, in our initial update, we mentioned the CCF without naming anyone of them in particular (precisely because we needed to ensure that our text could not be used as incriminating element against them), and we did so because the incident took place with their faces uncovered in the presence of prison guards (hence their testimonies and obstruction charge), but also under surveillance cameras that were recording. In short, we exposed a fact that was already more than exposed in the controlled environment of the prison, so should the administration decide to call the CCF to appear before a disciplinary board, they’d easily rely on information they already obtained, and it’d be completely irrelevant to them whether or not we wrote the text.

Judging from the above, and most of all because we thought that the beating after ambush had an enormous political gravity, we decided to mention this fact and particularly the CCF, to not allow it to be buried within the confines of the prison (which of course, whether we spoke out or not, could not eventually happen) but also to attribute to the subjects that were involved their political identity, so that everyone was able to judge. Continue reading Athens, Greece: Statement of ten anarchists from the 4th wing of Koridallos prison (26.1.2014)

Athens: Update on CCF comrades from Koridallos men’s prison

Today, January 20th, 2014, 6 comrades of the Conspiracy* were called to appear before the prison prosecutor, who imposed disciplinary sanction against them after prisoners from the 4th wing released a text which pointed them** out as culpable for the beating of another inmate, as she told them, and after the prison staff reported the incident. The penalty amounts to one year of disciplinary sanction for obstructing and immobilizing a prison guard, and thirty prison points for beating another inmate. There is likely to be criminal continuation of the case. For whatever comes up, we will let you know.

People in solidarity with the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

Translators Notes:
* The title of this post as well as all links are ours.
** To our knowledge, the ten prisoners did not explicitly name 6 comrades, as shown here.

Koridallos prisons: Anarchist prisoner Yannis Naxakis beaten and hospitalized

Today, Sunday 5/1 at 18.30, outside the A wing, our anarchist comrade Yannis Naxakis was ambushed and beaten up by at least 5 members of the CCF, who were holding stakes. The comrade has been transferred to a hospital outside the prison.

Babis Tsilianidis
Yannis Michailidis
Tasos Theofilou
Dimitris Politis
Fivos Harisis
Argyris Ntalios
Giorgos Karagiannidis
Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos
Alexandros Mitroussias
Grigoris Sarafoudis

Greek prisons: Seven captive anarchists on hunger and thirst strike in Koridallos

Previous updates.

Anarchist demonstration at Koridallos prisons, in Athens, on the night of December 14:


As of Sunday, December 15, 2013 seven anarchist prisoners are on hunger and thirst strike at Koridallos.

Specifically, Fivos Harisis, Argyris Ntalios, Yannis Michailidis, Dimitris Politis and Giorgos Karagiannidis find themselves on hunger and thirst strike already since the 13th of December, Babis Tsilianidis conducts the same strike since the 14th, and Grigoris Sarafoudis joined them on the 15th of December.

The 7 hunger and thirst strikers demand the return of themselves and Yannis Naxakis to the 1st wing of Koridallos men’s prison.

Over the last hours, many gestures and activities of solidarity have been expressed across the territory controlled by the Greek State. Additionally, gatherings were scheduled for December 15th outside the prison of Diavata near Thessaloniki, at the prison of Aghios Stefanos in Patras, and another demo in front of Koridallos prisons, as well as counter-informative assemblies in the Athens Polytechnic School in Exarchia, and at Evangelismos squat in the city of Heraklion, on Crete.

Anarchists Tasos Theofilou, Alexandros Mitroussias, Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos and Stefanos Amilitos (all incarcerated in the 1st wing of Koridallos), as well as imprisoned comrade Elias Karadouman (on Corfu Island) have released open letters in immediate solidarity with the strikers.

Comrades Spyros Stratoulis, Rami Syrianos, Ergün Mustafa and Michalis Ramadanoglou—who conduct hunger strike since November in four different prisons, fighting to vindicate the demands of Spyros Stratoulis—have published a joint communiqué in solidarity with the 7 anarchist strikers in Koridallos.

Every passing minute is extremely crucial for the 7 comrades who are currently on hunger and thirst strike. Therefore, we call for maximum dissemination of their struggle beyond borders.

Stand with the anarchist community in Greek prisons!

Greek prisons: Anarchist prisoners on hunger and thirst strike in Koridallos

As of Friday, December 13, 2013 anarchist prisoners Fivos Harisis, Argyris Ntalios, Yannis Michailidis, Dimitris Politis and Giorgos Karagiannidis are on hunger and thirst strike after their disciplinary transfer for assaulting a jailer —read their open letter here.

Currently the five of them are isolated in the disciplinary section of the 3rd wing in Koridallos, while comrades Yannis Naxakis and Babis Tsilianidis were transferred to the 4th wing, and comrade Grigoris Sarafoudis to the 5th wing (the latter was brought to the 4th wing on 14/12).

All eight were previously at the 1st wing of the same prison, alongside other captive anarchists. The prison administration is trying to break up their community on the inside.

On Saturday, December 14, anarchist Babis Tsilianidis joined the struggle, and went on hunger and thirst strike, too.

The six hunger and thirst strikers demand the return of themselves and the other two comrades to the 1st wing in Koridallos men’s prison, and they salute the ongoing struggle of hunger strikers Spyros Stratoulis (in Larissa), Rami Syrianos (in Domokos), Ergün Mustafa (in Malandrino) and Michalis Ramadanoglou (in Grevena).

More updates as they come.


Greek prisons: Text by anarchist prisoners Alexandros Mitroussias and Giorgos Karagiannidis

freedom for all

‘For sure, contradiction holds lead in our detractors’ criticism. Thus, the alleged “defeat” of claiming responsibility is used at the same time by innocent imprisoned anarchists, and solidarians of theirs, as main alibi for proving that they are not associated with what cops accuse them of (take the trial for the 250 attacks of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire for example, in which other, unrelated individuals are accused along with us). So, if it weren’t for the “defeat” of our choice to claim responsibility, and we had had recourse to vague silence—since there is legally no evidence against us (fingerprints, DNA samples, or recognition by eyewitnesses)—some would probably raise “complaints”…’

The specific excerpt is part of a text of the CCF published on October 15th, 2013. From our side, we would like to clarify any issues raised in this paragraph, in their attempt to create a false impression through fuzzy expressions that exacerbate confusion. First off, it is highly problematic to use the term “solidarians of theirs,” as it is offensive to any comrade who has participated in gestures and initiatives of solidarity with us to be cited as a person in solidarity “belonging to us.” The use of the possessive pronoun is incorrect because it conveys a sense that every prisoner has solidarians exclusively of their own.

Just to be clear, we do not have solidarians “of our own” because we do not think in those terms. Additionally, on no occasion have we ever referred to the prosecutions we face using the legal polarity of innocent and guilty, because it’s a derivative of bourgeois legality, so under no circumstance do we invoke our innocence in a general and vague way for the sole purpose of obtaining more favorable sentences. Courts may convict us, but they cannot judge us; courts may acquit us, but they cannot vindicate us. We have accepted our share of deeds, and we have declared that the weapons found in our possession are not associated with the organization’s activity. For us, our presence in court serves the purpose of exposing the tactics and manipulations by the police and the judges that have resulted in our indictment on the heaviest possible charges, with four different accusatory instruments filed against us so far, with perhaps another forthcoming from the Italian State.

Nevertheless, the CCF insist—either in the courtroom or in writing—to demean us, as well as others, by referring to us as “innocent defendants.” Only concerned can one be about the fact that the polarity of innocence and guilt is embodied in the discourse of a revolutionary organization, a hostile polarity introduced by the state power on which numerous brochures and texts have been written.

In our opinion, the act of claiming responsibility for participation in an organization is not a defeat, nor do we share such a mindset. Either way, no one claims that they are innocent because other anarchists have claimed responsibility for their participation in an organization. It is really an insubstantial position to allege that the responsibility claim of the CCF members is presented as—main, they say!—alibi by those who are accused along with them. Do they allege that, instead of invoking the lack of evidence on the part of the police, we claim that some others are members in order to confront every indictment? This has never happened.

We have remained in prison for almost three years, facing lengthy prison terms and allegations on which we haven’t even been tried in the first instance. Whenever we want to make a public intervention using indymedia, we do not aim to take part in a public arena, but in the context of counter-information. We realize that this particular intervention does not offer anything per se; however, to let an imaginary fact be rendered as true, recounted in a deliberately abstract manner, would only create confusion and allow for insinuations.

Alexandros Mitroussias, Giorgos Karagiannidis
Koridallos prisons, October 22nd, 2013

Athens: New trial against the anarchist revolutionary organization Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

On the 5th of April 2013 begins yet another court-martial inside the women’s prisons in Koridallos on the case of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (recall that already a third CCF trial is underway on the incendiary package mailings, etc.).

This new proceeding deals with the 250 bombings and arsons of the organization (among others, the attacks on the Golden Dawn’s offices, the Athens Administrative Court, and Koridallos prisons).

A total of 18 comrades will stand trial this time: the 9 admitted members of the R.O. CCF, Theofilos Mavropoulos, Yannis Michailidis, Dimitris Politis, Konstantina Karakatsani, Panagiotis Masouras, Stella Antoniou, Alexandros Mitroussias, Kostas Sakkas and Giorgos Karagiannidis.

Our support to all the comrades is nonnegotiable, and our presence in court is required.

Meeting for organizing a solidarity rally at Koridallos prison court
on Tuesday, March 26th at 19.00pm in the Athens Polytechnic School

Assembly of solidarity with the R.O. CCF
and those prosecuted for the same case

Greek prisons: Solidarity to hunger striker Spyros Dravilas, incarcerated in Domokos

All my life, I’ve never learned how to bow my head or to swallow injustice. So, starting from Monday, February 4th, I conduct a hunger strike until my struggle is vindicated and my stolen right to days of leave from prison is given back to me, so as to reclaim a breath of freedom which I deserve after so many years of incarceration at the hellholes of the Greek “correctional” system.
—Excerpt from the recent letter of Spyros Dravilas

Dignified prisoner Spyros Dravilas had successfully conducted another hunger strike in April 2012, when the prison administration finally granted him the first temporary leave to which he was entitled long ago. After some time, and according to the prison regulation, Spyros was granted a second leave. Today, on the pretext of a 2007 case file for bank robbery in the city of Nafplion (in which Spyros states he had no involvement whatsoever), the prison prosecutor deny him the days of leave, even though it is clear that he has this right just like in the past months. The prison administration states that ‘there is a proceeding pending against him, so he is not allowed to be released even for a few days’. Tasos Theofilou, incarcerated in Domokos hellhole as well, and the imprisoned members of the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, all support the struggle of Dravilas. Below is another message of prisoners in solidarity:

‘ We stand in solidarity with Spyros Dravilas, who has begun hunger strike since February 4th, 2013 choosing to fight with dignity for a breath of freedom, as he has declared.

Our solidarity to Spyros, and every other prisoner who chooses to stand up against the repressive policy of the State, is non-negotiable.

Babis Tsilianidis, Kostas Sakkas, Alexandros Mitroussias, Giorgos Karagiannidis, Spyros Stratoulis, Rami Syrianos, Ergün Mustafa ’

In addition, 94 inmates of Koridallos women’s prisons sent an open letter to the Greek ministry of Justice, demanding that hunger striker Spyros Dravilas receives his days of leave as provided by law.

Koridallos prisons: Text in solidarity with Savvas Xiros

December 7th, 2012

On December 18th, 2012 the Piraeus court will examine the appeal/motion which was filed by Savvas Xiros, who requests anew his release from prison on health grounds and home hospitalization.

His health condition presents multifactorial symptoms, from his eyes (he is practically blind), ears (he is almost deaf), circulatory system (he suffers leg swelling caused by venous insufficiency), nervous system (he suffers dizziness, unsteadiness, cerebral vascular accident, and the beginning of multiple sclerosis), to the amputation of his right hand.

In other words, we are practically dealing with a man on the verge of survival. After several denials by prison administration boards, Savvas received a positive court order which enabled him to be admitted in the AHEPA hospital in Thessaloniki, in the summer of 2012, and be hospitalized there for five months (needless to say he was constantly guarded). The antiterrorist unit intervened in the proceeding and interrupted the treatment within nine days. Savvas was thus transferred back to the (chicken-coop called) hospital for prisoners in Koridallos. In this case—as is always the case with guerrillas who were caught wounded—the medical and nursing staff left the field clear for the police forces; in fact, the staff openly collaborated with cops who imposed their own terms on hospitalization.

This repressive approach is in accordance with the ongoing physical and political isolation that the establishment enforced after the 2002 arrests in the case of the revolutionary organization 17 November (17N).

Especially as far as Savvas is concerned the establishment is taking a step further, aiming at his physical extermination. The authorities wait for the moment when his medical condition will have become irreversible (which is already the case in most aspects) to release him from prison; and even then they would free him only to avoid that the annihilating policy of the prison system is linked to his death.

This is no innovation of the Greek State in particular, since the slow death of heavily injured or gravely ill guerrillas/fighters is an international line of action of the democratic totalitarianism —e.g. Joëlle Aubron in France (Action directe member; born in 1959; died in 2006, two years after she was finally granted release from prison on health grounds).

What stands for Savvas’ case is not just about him. It also reminds and warns us of what fate is reserved for those who choose to respond with violence to the violence of the regime.

For this reason, we consider Savvas’ case one which must be claimed, not in some humanitarian way, but in terms of revolutionary solidarity.

We must claim his release from prison as him being a fighter and injured guerrilla, and leave no ground for oblivion.

Don’t forget the fight; don’t just stand and watch its hostages sink into oblivion.

Anarchist prisoners of war:
Alexandros Mitroussias
Giorgos Karagiannidis
Kostas Sakkas
Babis Tsilianidis
Dimitris Dimtsiadis
Sokratis Tzifkas

PS. This text was shaped through collective processes in the past week, and was given for publication while the latter two comrades were still in prison.


Athens: Reportback from demo in solidarity with the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and all anarchists accused in the same case


On Friday evening, October 12th, a demonstration was held in downtown Athens in solidarity with the imprisoned members of the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and the other ten anarchist comrades accused in the same case, under the new trial which began on October 8th. The demo had been called for October 6th, but was caught in the middle of last week’s state reprisals against the antifascists of a motorcycle patrol and their solidaritarians (30/9 and 1/10), thus the solidarity assembly for the CCF case decided to reschedule the event for this Friday.

People gathered from 19.30pm at Propylaea, where texts and fliers were shared out to pedestrians, slogans were painted on walls and statements were read through a sound system. At about 20.30pm, some 300 comrades passed along Panepistimiou street in the direction of Omonia square. At the junction with Patission street, DIAS police motorized units and MAT anti-riot squads attempted to cut off the march. Things heated up a bit due to the presence of cops, but no clashes broke out. The protesters walked on Patission street causing traffic confusion, then continued on Solomou street and finished the demo in the neighbourhood of Exarchia.

Those who expressed their unconditional support to anarchists prosecuted for the CCF case were only a few, considering the gravity of the situation that the judicial mafia has shaped against our comrades. Nevertheless, they hit the streets as wolves.

Some of the slogans chanted aloud were:
“Freedom for the Cells of Fire”
“The passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons”
“Theofilos Mavropoulos is our brother; rebel in prison, our comrade in the street”
“Kalashnikov fire shots should do just right for cops”
“Fascists, pricks, you’ll soon be hanged on gallows”
“From Mexico to Indonesia, long live FAI-FRI and new anarchy”
“States are the only terrorists; solidarity with armed guerrillas”
“International insurrectionary struggle against States and the Capital”
“Listen up you humanguards: get your hands off the fighters”
“Dendias (public order minister), you creep, we’re going to burn down the city”
“Rage and consciousness, denial and violence; we will sow chaos and anarchy”
“Solidarity is the peoples’ weapon; war on the bosses’ war”
“Cops, do you remember Gyzi? One – three, Christos Tsoutsouvis” (In memory of acratist urban guerrilla Christos Tsoutsouvis, who executed three cops on May 15th, 1985 in Athens, during a shootout in the neighbourhood of Gyzi, before he fell by police bullets.)
“And now let’s shout a slogan that unites everybody: COPS–PIGS–MURDERERS”
“From Athens to London, and from Santiago to Turin, fire for the laws, bullets for the cops, and for every Nazi gasoline and wick”
“Forward anarchists, forward nihilists, to bury in the dirt all statists”
“Solidarity with comrades in Italy – Anarchy, destabilization, direct action, insurrection”
“Freedom for all who are in prison cells”

The CCF case trial was adjourned to Monday, October 22nd, in the special court of Koridallos female prison.

Athens: Statement of the nine members of the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and Theofilos Mavropoulos in the first session of the new CCF case trial

October 8th, 2012: Konstantinos Papadopoulos and comrades Stella Antoniou, Giorgos Karagiannidis, Alexandros Mitroussias and Kostas Sakkas attended the first hearing of the new CCF case trial. At the start of the process, the nine members of the R.O. CCF and anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos left the courtroom and were taken back to prison cells, after CCF member Olga Ekonomidou insisted on reading out loud the following statement in the courtroom of Koridallos women’s prisons.

The trial was adjourned to Wednesday, October 10th.

“Before your court-martial begins, I will make a statement on behalf of the members of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

We are captives of the Greek State and make it clear that we do not recognize any authority, let alone the judiciary, and naturally none of your laws. The fact that we are prisoners of war does not mean that we have surrendered, nor we regret anything.

We remain proud of our organization. Every action of the Conspiracy, each word that we wrote in our communiqués is and will always be an unrepentant piece of each of us.

CCF is path of the new urban guerrilla warfare, is part of an expanded global conspiracy against institutions and society’s moral that enslaves the human for centuries.

Our captivity does not halt our cause or the new urban guerrilla, which is transformed daily into practice, and lastly will never halt our incessant struggle for freedom, that you, puppets of the system, are unable to stop.

CCF is the nine of us, who have taken responsibility for it, and no other defendant has any relation to the organization and neither of them could ever have.

We still go along with our comrade Theofilos Mavropoulos in the incessant course towards an everlasting anarchist insurgency without looking back.

We abandon inhibitions and excuses, and throw ourselves into the fire of action for now and forever. From where we stand, we send our warmest greetings to Yannis Michailidis and Dimitris Politis, wanted for CCF. Let the fire of new anarchy cover your tracks forever. Until we meet at the point of no return. We also send strength and solidarity to the insurrectionary comrades that are prosecuted by the Italian authorities, as well as to our FAI comrades at large.

Finally, with our thoughts and hearts, we stand close to anarchist comrade Mario López, arrested in Mexico after being injured in the explosion of a homemade incendiary device he was carrying, and anarchist Felicity Ryder, who chose the clandestine paths and is prosecuted for the same case.

Long live Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI)
Long live International Revolutionary Front (FRI)
Long live Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF)”

sources: i, ii

Athens: End of the 2nd ‘Halandri case’ trial – New CCF case trial in Koridallos prisons’ court underway

Solidarity with the members of the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and those prosecuted for the same case

On October 2nd, 2012, in the last session of the 2nd ‘Halandri case’ trial (with all four defendants absent from the courtroom), Damiano Bolano, Michalis Nikolopoulos and Giorgos Nikolopoulos were each sentenced to 7 years’ imprisonment for their participation in the R.O. CCF and 10 years’ imprisonment for each of four acts of fabrication, supply and possession of explosives. They were also convicted of simple complicity by instigation, and thereby each sentenced to 7 years’ imprisonment for each of three explosions by unknown perpetrators which emanated danger to things and people. To sum up, each received 68 years’ imprisonment. Each sentence was merged into 34 years, but the maximum prison term is 25 years, which are typically served either as a full sentence (or by day wages in prisons), or after the completion of 3/5 of the prison term, when a prisoner can be granted conditional release under specific conditions.

Christos Tsakalos was sentenced to 7 years’ imprisonment for his participation in the R.O. CCF. On 3/10 he released a statement (in English here), explaining that he refuses to accept any judicial discrimination between him and his CCF comrades, and thus throws his ‘softer’ conviction back in the judges’ faces.

The court also ruled that Damiano Bolano (comrade of Albanian origin) must be deported from Greece after serving his prison term.

For all four comrades, the judges’ decision provided for five years’ deprivation of political rights and non-suspensive effect of appeal.

English summaries of all trial sessions here.

Another CCF case trial begins on Monday, October 8th, 2012 to cover four separate accusatory briefs: the sending of incendiary parcels on November 1st, 2010 (claimed by the R.O. CCF), the arrests made during the December 4th, 2010 antiterrorist operation, the arrests made in Volos in March 14th, 2011, and the May 18th, 2011 shootout with police in Pefki (Athens). Nineteen people are facing charges, among whom are the nine imprisoned members of the R.O. CCF, imprisoned anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos, four anarchists arrested on December 4th, 2010 (Stella Antoniou, released with precautionary measures since June 2012, as well as the imprisoned comrades Giorgos Karagiannidis, Alexandros Mitroussias and Kostas Sakkas), Konstantinos Papadopoulos (released under restrictive terms since March 2011, after being caught in Athens on the same day as the five CCF members in Volos), and the two fugitive comrades Yannis Michailidis and Dimitris Politis. In addition, anarchists Christos Politis and Dimitris Michail are prosecuted on misdemeanor charges.

In the UK, Chile and Greece, Black International Editions released the brochure Mapping the Fire – International Words of Solidarity with the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire as an act of solidarity and confrontation to this court process (in Greek, English and Spanish).

Lesvos Island, Greece: ‘Interventionist’ direct action in Mytilini by some comrades

Yesterday evening (13/4) in the city of Mytilini we shared out under doors, at houses and blocks of buildings, 500 texts concerning those prosecuted for participation in the CCF as well as the organization’s members.

We took care to ‘foist’ our discourse in such a way that it would not be instantly understood of what it was, so we added our text in the layout of a local newspaper.

We chose this form of action to break the city’s regularity, but also to highlight the issue of political prisoners in this small way.



Greek prisons: A few updates on comrades’ hunger strikes (ongoing)

Eight comrades are on hunger strike to date. You may read previous short notes here

Update, April 27th
In an announcement from Koridallos prisons on their end of hunger strike, the imprisoned anarchists Alexandros Mitroussias, Giorgos Karagiannidis, Kostas Sakkas mention, among others, that ‘we were objectively defeated since none of our requests was met in practice’ and add the following: ‘To those who stood in solidarity with us during our ​​effort, to those who acted at nights, we say that a thankyou does not fit with solidarity but only a raised fist’.

From inside the walls, prisoners in solidarity with the three comrades and Stella Antoniou from five different men’s prisons (2nd wing of Larissa, Alikarnassos, Chios, 2nd wing of Patras, Malandrino) had stated on April 25th: ‘We won’t bend even if they want to exterminate us’.

Kostas Sakkas (26/4) and Giorgos Karagiannidis (27/4) were transferred from the hospitals back in Koridallos prisons. After their joint motion as well as the requests of Stella Antoniou were rejected, Mitroussias, Sakkas and Karagiannidis decided to suspend the hunger strike. They have begun their recovery and remain strong.

Note that the prisoner Spyros Dravilas conducts hunger strike since 4/4, while the CCF imprisoned members, anarchists Gerasimos Tsakalos, Panagiotis Argirou, Christos Tsakalos (since 8/4), Damiano Bolano, Haris Hadjimihelakis, Giorgos Polidoros (since 17/4) and Giorgos Nikolopoulos (since 26/4) are still on hunger strike, too. Until the demand of Gerasimos Tsakalos and Panagiotis Argirou for their definite transfer in Koridallos prisons is granted, the rest of the CCF members are expected to join gradually the hunger strike, along with the anarchist revolutionary Theofilos Mavropoulos.

Solidarity gathering on Friday 27/4 by 6pm at Eleftherias Square in Koridallos, Piraeus (see also i, ii, iii)

As the ‘Assembly of solidarity to the anarchist R.O. CCF and those prosecuted for the same case’ has already explained, the implementation of new arbitrary pretrial detentions against Karagiannidis, Mitroussias, Sakkas only give the Greek judicial mafia the time to prepare, whenever and however they want, indictments for emergency courts-martial —like the special court in Koridallos women’s prisons. On the other hand, anarchists Stella Antoniou, Takis Masouras and Nina Karakatsani have not been ordered to be remanded again (!) but the authorities imposed unprecedented restrictive conditions on them, such as obliging them to stay within the borders of Attica, refusing them entry to universities (so that, obviously, they won’t participate in political processes taking place there) and banning any kind of relationship with their co-accused in the same case.

Stella Antoniou’s motion was denied on 26/4. The comrade was seeking the amendment of specific restrictive conditions imposed on her after the recent prosecutions of the 250 CCF attacks, namely the restrictions concerning the banning of higher education institutes and their forecourt spaces, as well as the lifting of prohibition of communication/contact with the co-accused in the same case. Negative was also the answer to the fifth consecutive application for release on health grounds that Stella had filed since March 8th.

Press release (26/4) on Sakkas, Karagiannidis, Mitroussias by their two defense lawyers who announced, among others, that the appellate judges’ council dismissed the motion filed by the three imprisoned comrades regarding their unjust prosecutions and their latest new pretrial incarcerations; the struggle will go on, inside and outside courts, by the comrades themselves and their supporters.

In Thessaloniki (26/4), late in the evening, a group of comrades made an unannounced intervention in the new city hall; they stormed the city council chamber (at the time, the organizing steps for the Thessaloniki European Youth Capital 2014 were being machinated), chanted slogans such as ‘The passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons’, threw fliers all over the place, shared out leaflets and unfolded two solidarity banners for all revolutionary prisoners on hunger strike.

In Athens (26/4) a group of comrades, who were sharing out texts for the anarchists Sakkas, Mitroussias and Karagiannidis at the Court of Appeals, were bullied by large police forces. The comrades reported the incident with rage and noted that the silencing of anarchists’ hunger strike in Koridallos prisons, the tortures during hunger strike (placing food on a 24hour time base next to hunger strikers), the falsification of medical tests, as well as the particular repressive attempt at the Court of Appeals, which aimed at blocking one of the many solidarity actions across Greece, but also a series of similar incidents show clearly the State’s policy choice. In the current systemic crisis, the mask of democracy has fallen, and the system’s totalitarianism makes overtly its appalling appearance.

In Athens, a PA’s gathering was held in the university campus in Zografou (26/4), which included distribution of thousands of solidarity texts and leaflets, flyposting and chants for all combative imprisoned hunger strikers.

News (26/4) on the health condition of the CCF members who conduct hunger strike for many days, demanding the definitive transfer of Panagiotis Argirou and Gerasimos Tsakalos in Koridallos prisons – On hunger strike since April 8th: Panagiotis Argirou (currently admitted in hospital), Gerasimos Tsakalos and Christos Tsakalos have lost 9, 12 and 13 kilos, respectively. On hunger strike since April 17th: Haris Hadjimihelakis, Giorgos Polidoros and Damiano Bolano have lost 11, 9 and 9 kilos, respectively.

On April 26th the CCF member Panagiotis Argirou was transferred from Koridallos prisons to Elefsina’s Thriassio Hospital, because his health condition was at risk. The comrade continues the hunger strike.

Statement of the CCF imprisoned member Giorgos Nikolopoulos about the beginning of his hunger strike: ‘from April 26th I will also join the hunger strike, until the requirement of our comrades is met.’

In the evening of Wednesday, April 25th, the anarchist Kostas Sakkas was admitted urgently to the ‘hospital’ of Koridallos prisons. A few hours later, the comrade was transferred to Attikon Hospital (hospital on duty). Despite health complications, he continues the hunger strike along with Mitroussias and Karagiannidis (the latter is still in Nikaia hospital), insisting on their demands. Continue reading Greek prisons: A few updates on comrades’ hunger strikes (ongoing)

Athens/Piraeus: Struggle for dignity and freedom inside and outside the walls

The poster reads:

Struggle for dignity and freedom inside and outside the walls

From April 6th the comrades Giorgos Karagiannidis, Alexandros Mitroussias, Kostas Sakkas are on hunger strike demanding: i) the lifting of the arbitrary and vengeful pretrial detentions imposed on them by the Inquisitors Mokkas and Baltas after their “apology” about the 250 incendiary and bombing attacks for which the R.O. CCF has claimed responsibility; ii) the immediate release of their co-defendant Stella Antoniou on health grounds.

From Sunday, April 8th, the members of the CCF Imprisoned Cell Gerasimos Tsakalos and Panagiotis Argirou are on hunger strike seeking their definite transfer to Koridallos prisons, to stop the repeated vindictive transfers from prison to prison and the physical and psychological wear and tear. In solidarity with their comrades, on hunger strike are also Christos Tsakalos (since 8/4) and Damiano Bolano, Haris Hadjimihelakis, Giorgos Polidoros (since 17/4 –and Giorgos Nikolopoulos joined the hunger strike on 26/4). Until their comrades’ requests are met for the definite transfer in Koridallos, the rest of the R.O. CCF members will join the hunger strike, too, along with the anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos.


Until we are all free

Solidarity demo FRIDAY 27/4, 18.00, Eleftherias Square, Koridallos

Assembly of solidarity to the Anarchist Revolutionary Organization
Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and those prosecuted for the same case

Belgrade, Serbia: Solidarity action with Stella Antoniou and four comrades arrested after the February 12th demonstration in Athens


Between the 16th and the 22nd of April 2012 we placed banners near the Greek embassy and the Hellenic Foundation for Culture in Belgrade as a symbolic act of solidarity with the imprisoned anarchist Stella Antoniou and four comrades arrested after the demonstration of 12th February in Athens.

Stella Antoniou was arrested on December 4th, 2010, in Athens, along with the comrades Kostas Sakkas, Giorgos Karagiannidis and Alexandros Mitroussias, who are also imprisoned, accused of alleged participation in an armed organization, namely the anarchist R.O. CCF. Stella is held in pretrial detention for 16 months now, although she denies (as do the other three comrades) the charges, which are constantly adorned with new prosecutions. The real reason why the State keeps her imprisoned is because of her political choice to stand in solidarity with Alexandros Mitroussias (who was wanted by the authorities prior to the arrests), as well as her political actions and views; in other words, because of her involvement in the anarchist space and social struggles. Stella suffers from a rare disease which cannot be treated in prison. She needs special medication and regular medical treatment, but this has been repeatedly denied to her. As a result, her health has deteriorated dramatically. For this reason, Stella has already applied five times for her release on bail, without any success as of yet. However, despite her serious health condition, she has never ceased to struggle with courage inside the prison cells of the regime, fighting claims for better conditions for all prisoners as well as against the very system of prisons. For example, in June 2011 Stella took part in the collective mobilizations inside Koridallos prisons against the voting of the ‘mid-term memorandum’ imposed by the IMF/EU/ECB Troika and Greek government.

On February 12th Greece witnessed a massive proletarian eruption, on a day when parliament voted for the second ‘bailout’ memorandum. The rage of the people broke out simultaneously in many places, with generalized riots which declared the negation of the policy promoted by the Greek State and its EU partners. The social explosion saw massive demonstrations, occupations of many public buildings, the destruction of capitalist targets (burning of banks, luxury shops, pawnshops, etc.), attacks on political parties’ offices and police stations, fierce clashes with the hounds of democracy and order, who tried but failed to counter the people’s rage. Thousands of people participated in these events and large parts applauded when banks got smashed or set on fire, with spontaneous and active solidarity among protesters. Scared by the intensity of the riots which were reaching a level of uprising, before, during and after that day, leaders of political parties, corporate media and all other advocates of subjugation and obedience condemned protesters and the widespread social counter-violence, aiming to create false divisions among demonstrators. The State and its forces carried out a repressive and ideological witch-hunt, in a panic attempt to stop further questioning of the existent and to scare off fighting insurgents. First who have found themselves under attack in this wave of repression were four comrades arrested on 12th February in Athens. Our comrades are not held captive because of any ‘incriminating evidence’ but because of the very fact that they proved their dignity and took to the streets against enslavement imposed by the State and the Capital, just like thousands of other people did. Continue reading Belgrade, Serbia: Solidarity action with Stella Antoniou and four comrades arrested after the February 12th demonstration in Athens

New York: Brief report from the anarchist rally outside the Greek Consulate in solidarity with imprisoned hunger strikers in Athens

from our brothers and sisters in NYC:

“We were a small but lively group of about 20 Anarchists assembled outside the Greek Consulate yesterday evening (19/4).

We had two banners, and we passed fliers to bring attention to the corrupt matter of the imprisoned political Anarchist hunger strikers and the poor conditions and pre-trial detentions.

We stand in solidarity and we struggle beside you to bring the fall of the capitalist state and the restrictions of all prisons, as they are concentration camps of the fascist state.

Fire to the prisons, Love in the parks! Anarchy for a free humanity!

Destruction of all prisons!

Athens/Piraeus: Solidarity demo on Friday, April 27th, outside Koridallos prisons

‘war to the bitter end … our release from prison
shall be done by ourselves and our comrades’

Christos Tsakalos, April 18th (radio98fm recording)

Immediate fulfillment of the demands set forth by the anarchist hunger strikers in Koridallos prisons

Kostas Sakkas, Alexandros Mitroussias, Giorgos Karagiannidis, who are on hunger strike since 6/4/12 demanding the immediate release of anarchist Stella Antoniou on health grounds, as well as the lifting of their new pretrial incarcerations; the comrades are accused of the 250 actions claimed by the R.O. CCF, although they deny having any participation in the organization …

CCF members Gerasimos Tsakalos, Panagiotis Argirou, who are on hunger strike since 8/4/12 demanding their final transfer from Domokos prisons to Koridallos prisons, where they are at this moment; other CCF members went on hunger strike too, demanding their comrades’ transfer

Freedom to those prosecuted for the CCF case
Struggle for dignity and freedom inside and outside the prisons

DEMO on Friday, 27/4/12, at 6pm in Eleftherias Square, Koridallos

Assembly of solidarity to imprisoned and prosecuted fighters

USA: Solidarity rally at Greek Consulate in New York – Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Solidarity Is Praxis Not Just Words

rally outside the Greek Consulate (69 East 79th Street)
Thursday, April 19th, at 6.30pm (NYC time)

Over the course of the past two weeks, eight imprisoned Greek comrades have declared a hunger strike that has spawned a growing wave of resistance throughout Greece. Continue reading USA: Solidarity rally at Greek Consulate in New York – Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Athens: Attack with paints on the offices of the social democratic PASOK and the far-right LAOS parties in Halandri and Holargos

On Saturday, April 14th, while all decent citizens were in the temples of indolence for Easter, we decided to hit with paints the political office of LAOS and Batsok* in the northern suburbs of Halandri and Holargos, as minimum token of solidarity with Mitroussias, Sakkas, Karagiannidis, who are on hunger strike for 12 days now.



* PASOK + batsoi (cops) = Batsok

Greek prisons: Short notes on comrades’ hunger strikes and prison food abstentions (ongoing)

April 4th – Hunger strike declaration of Spyros Dravilas (inmate of Domokos prisons, who is currently held in the hospital of Koridallos prisons), titled ‘The State and its institutions get revenge on those who don’t succumb to their system by depriving them of the acquired right of temporary leave’. Authorities deny Spyros Dravilas the temporary leave from prison he is entitled to for two and a half years now.

April 6th – Hunger strike declaration of Giorgos Karagiannidis, Alexandros Mitroussias and Kostas Sakkas — ‘as of today 6/4 we go on hunger strike demanding the lifting of our arbitrary and vindictive pretrial detentions and the immediate release of our co-defendant Stella Antoniou on health grounds’ — cosigned by S.Antoniou (who is currently protesting with prison food abstention).

April 6th – Hunger strike declaration of CCF imprisoned members Panagiotis Argirou and Gerasimos Tsakalos, who request their final transfer and stay into Koridallos prisons, in order to put an end to their repeated vindictive transfers and physical–psychological wear and tear.

April 7thSolidarity abstention from prison food by anarchist Vaggelis Kailoglou (who is one of the four arrestees of February 12th that were remanded in custody)

April 7th – Solidarity abstention from prison food by the anarchist captives of war Sokratis Tzifkas (Diavata prisons), Giannis Skouloudis (Avlona prisons), Babis Tsilianidis and Dimitris Dimtsiadis (Koridallos prisons)

April 8th – Hunger strike declaration of CCF imprisoned member Christos Tsakalos, in solidarity with the two CCF comrades on hunger strike

April 8thSolidarity abstention from prison food by 130 prisoners in the 1st wing of Koridallos men’s prisons

April 9th – Solidarity assembly at Athens Polytechnic School, in Gini building, with telephone intervention by the hunger strikes from inside prisons

April 9th – The rest of CCF imprisoned members and the anarchist revolutionary Theofilos Mavropoulos declare they will gradually join the hunger strike of their brothers Panagiotis Argirou, Gerasimos and Christos Tsakalos.

April 11th – Stella Antoniou’s statement on recent developments: The prosecution authorities did not order that Stella be remanded in custody again; nevertheless, they ordered the remand of Sakkas, Mitroussias, Karagiannidis, based on fabricated charges against them concerning the older 250 CCF arson attacks. Given these facts, and in agreement with her three comrades, Stella explained she broke off her participation in the hunger strike, and despite her health problems, will abstain from prison food until their demands are met.

April 11th – Solidarity abstention from prison food by the imprisoned anarchist Rami Syrianos

April 14th – An assembly in solidarity with G.Karagiannidis, A.Mitroussias, K.Sakkas and S.Antoniou released the following news (among others): ‘Currently, the three comrades Karagiannidis, Mitroussias, Sakkas have been accused for the case of the 250 CCF arsons by the appellate–interrogation experts Mokkas and Baltas, who ordered that all three as well as the members of the R.O. CCF be remanded in custody once again. Stella Antoniou was charged in the case too, but wasn’t remanded in custody again, and so is expected to be released at the end of the 18-month period of her first pretrial incarceration (in June 2012) while her 5th request for release on health grounds has not yet been answered’.
Let us remind that Stella is held in pretrial detention for 16 months already, with the possession of a fake ID as sole evidence against her.

April 14thNews on the three CCF imprisoned comrades after one week on hunger strike: Gerasimos has lost six kilos, Panagiotis five kilos and Christos seven kilos.

April 15th – Three more CCF imprisoned comrades, Haris Hadjimihelakis, Damiano Bolano, Giorgos Polidoros, will go on hunger strike from April 17th: Continue reading Greek prisons: Short notes on comrades’ hunger strikes and prison food abstentions (ongoing)

Athens: Responsibility claim for arson attack on ministerial building in the neighbourhood of Neos Kosmos

‘Among so many nights, so many rocks, so many killed – s/he said –
you, Revolution, opened up the wide avenues for a universal meeting. […]
If nothing else we gained – s/he said – at least we learned
that we shall meet tomorrow.’

Yannis Ritsos, No Politics

We claim responsibility for the attack of April 9th, 2012, on the building that housed the Special Secretariat of Public Administration and Electronic Government, located on the corner of Kallirrois and Theofilopoulou streets in Neos Kosmos (‘New World’, in the southwestern part of the city of Athens).

The Special Secretariat of Public Administration and Electronic Government is empowered to manage ‘malfunctions’ of public administration in terms of shaping and implementing the state policy on human resources, structures and systems of the public sector. Recently, PASOK MP and current minister of Administrative Reform and e-Government Dimitris Reppas, along with the rest of the heads of executive ministries, took part in discussions with the IMF/ECB/EU Troika on labour issues, such as layoffs and suspension of staff, as well as working conditions in the public sector (wage cuts and flexibilization of working hours).

We integrate our attack into the context of practical resistance against structures of dominance, seeking to contribute towards that end, which will lead to an ultimate deconstruction of the existent.

The dominance is watching the social consensus’ destabilization, at a rapid pace, as a result of the generalized systemic crisis, and knowing that the social–class struggles are increasingly intensifying the forms of resistance, not only aims at the military destruction of revolutionary forces and every single fighter, but also seeks the de-signification of the fight itself and its ultimate assimilation by the very system. It is the revolutionary movement’s duty to transform this entire process under a rebellious perspective, keeping an open war against the State and the Capital, and constantly highlighting the political and classist features of the crisis nowadays. The formation of a front without tutelage from the ranks of the oppressed will eventually build levees against the plans promoted by the dominance, having the ultimate aim of social revolution for the overthrow of capitalism, which is able of being reproduced through its destructive and inhumane structure and function.

Functional and basic cell of this front is the revolutionary violence, a political choice that is neither an end in itself, nor an existential outlet for the fulfillment of (self-)referentiality, but is used as a liberating means of struggle against the violence of the capitalist edifice. State violence is a daily condition of capitalist society. It is expressed on many levels and in all aspects of everyday life. It is demonstrated directly, by the obvious, the repressive state apparatuses of army and cops, but also indirectly, by labour coercion, the relationship between employment and consumption, the standardization of everyday life, social inequalities, racial segregation, poverty and wretchedness.

Analyzing today’s conditions and making retrospection to the history of capitalism, our political projectuality becomes much clearer now in the eyes of every individual: Capitalism must be overthrown. Only then will capitalism stop being reproduced through its crises, by which it can shape new relentless living conditions. Real freedom will emerge where there will be no coercion, where work will not be converted into a commodity but will stand as an end in itself and a means allowing each person to express their creative abilities. Thus, only by promoting capitalism’s overthrow, through the social revolution, will we be able to move towards a classless society, of equality and freedom.

We dedicate this blow to the four fighters, comrades Kostas Sakkas, Giorgos Karagiannidis, Alexandros Mitroussias and Stella Antoniou, who are being held in pretrial detention since December 4th, 2010. The first three have gone on hunger strike demanding the release of the anarchist comrade Stella Antoniou on health grounds, as well as the lifting of the new vindictive prosecutions against them.

Revolutionary Action


Solidarity actions for Stella Antoniou in Amsterdam

On April 6th, in the context of the day of actions in solidarity with the imprisoned anarchist, a group of comrades put a banner in downtown Amsterdam, on the Singel, for the immediate release of Stella Antoniou and in solidarity with political prisoners across the world —a banner which has remained in place for two whole days (what seemed unlikely to happen). Also, we shared out texts to passersby with passage of Stella’s letter. The same text was pasted as poster in the city’s streets.

Solidarity with the three hunger strikers, K.Sakkas, G.Karagiannidis and A.Mitroussias! Immediate release of Stella Antoniou.