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Greece: Update on the recently arrested comrades Kostas Sakkas and Marios Seisidis

“Strength to the comrades Sakkas and Seisidis – Nothing is over – The struggle for revolution and Anarchy continues” (paper-banner by Terra Incognita squat in Thessaloniki, Greece)

On August 17th 2016, Kostas Sakkas and Marios Seisidis stood trial in Athens concerning the circumstances of their arrest in Sparta (August 4th).

During the trial, which lasted several hours, there was a constant presence of comrades in solidarity with Marios Seisidis and Kostas Sakkas, who stated to the court that they are anarchists and explained their reasons for becoming fugitives from the law. Both denied the charges and exposed the lies of the prosecution witnesses (three cops). The prosecutor stated that, based on the beliefs of the two accused alone, there is sufficient evidence that they committed a punishable act. Marios Seisidis was sentenced to 32 months in prison for using forged ID card and vehicle registration plates, stealing a vehicle and resisting authority; Kostas Sakkas was sentenced to 33 months for the same offenses, and also received a 200 euros fine for traffic violation.

Kostas Sakkas is now held in Koridallos prison (Athens), and Marios Seisidis is currently incarcerated in Malandrino prison (Phocis).

Karditsa, Greece: Banner in solidarity with Marios Seisidis and Kostas Sakkas

I keep my heart flaming, courageous, restless.” [Nikos Kazantzakis]
Solidarity with anarchist fighters Kostas Sakkas and Marios Seisidis!

Banner hung in the central square of the city of Karditsa as a minimum display of solidarity with Marios Seisidis and Kostas Sakkas. Strength to our comrades! Nothing is over, everything continues. The passion for freedom is stronger than all prison cells!

Solidarity means attack!

Self-managed Hangout of Karditsa

Greece: Captive comrades Marios Seisidis and Kostas Sakkas to stand trial on August 17th

Banner in the Athens district of Zografou which reads: “Fire to the prison cells! Strength to Sakkas and Seisidis!” (Anarchists expropriated material from the Zografou municipality for the purposes of this banner.)

On August 5th 2016, Kostas Sakkas and Marios Seisidis were brought to the Athens police headquarters and subsequently to the court, where their hearing was postponed. The two comrades have now reportedly been transferred to separate prisons far away from Athens; Marios Seisidis to Malandrino prison, and Kostas Sakkas to Domokos prison. Both will stand trial in Athens on Wednesday August 17th concerning the circumstances of their arrest in Sparta.

Greece: Fugitive comrades Marios Seisidis and Kostas Sakkas arrested in Sparta

In the early hours of Friday August 5th 2016, it became known that Marios Seisidis and Kostas Sakkas were arrested in the area of Sparta, Peloponnese. Following their refusal to give fingerprints and pose for mug shots, they were badly beaten by police. The captive comrades are expected to be transferred to Athens.

Anarchist complicity with Marios Seisidis and Kostas Sakkas!

Greece: Text by anarchist Stella Antoniou after her detention in Thessaloniki

On July 14th, I traveled from Athens to Thessaloniki to stay there until the 16th of July, when I planned to return to Athens; personally, when I got bail conditions, I was not banned from exiting Attica.

There I was hosted by a couple of comrades. Thanos Chatziaggelou, who is one of the comrades that hosted me in their home for one night, had an arrest warrant against him for refusing to do military service, and he had let me know about it.

The next afternoon, specifically at 2pm, as we were coming out of their home, 20 hooded men of the anti-terrorist force flung themselves at us, having blocked the surrounding alleys with vehicles beforehand, and staged another infamous super-blockbuster operation to arrest us.

During the house search that followed, the cops seized a laptop, a pc and personal items of both comrades as well as my own.

During the arrest they beat comrade Chatziaggelou, handcuffed us and transferred us to a room located in a basement, where we were handcuffed continuously for five hours, with the constant presence of anti-terrorist cops inside the room. All this time, I had absolutely no idea why I’d been arrested.

Finally, at 7pm, I was informed that I’m being accused of breaking the bail condition regarding my permanent residence.

We were taken to the detention section, where there were around 80 prisoners, some of whom have been there for up to six months. They had to pay themselves for food and water; there were no televisions or radios inside, although these cells have become a regular prison by now, since they are being held in that section for months, deprived of hours out in a yard all this time.

As for the accusation brought against me, it’s the same prosecution that was ‘staged’ against comrade Kostas Sakkas, who was falsely accused of having violated the condition relating to permanent residence, because he stayed overnight at the house of one of his friends.

Later of course he was acquitted at trial, as the residence term obliged him to register a fixed and permanent home, and did not ban him from staying overnight at another home.

Now that the court case in Athens against me and my comrades Mitroussias, Karagiannidis, Sakkas comes to an end, it is no coincidence that there’s an attempt to create such frenzy with new charges and proceedings imposed against me.

The clearest of all is the State’s effort to unleash a show of force, as well as the ever increasing repression against fighters, part of which is the creation of maximum security prisons.

On Wednesday morning, July 16th, we were taken to court on additional charges, that of contemptuous resistance to authorities, because we refused to give fingerprints. Comrades had called for a solidarity gathering, and attended the courtroom that morning.

The hearing at the court in Thessaloniki was postponed to the 28th of July.

We were still in court having the trial postponed, when I was informed about the shootout between comrade Nikos Maziotis and the cops, and his injury and arrest. I stand in solidarity with comrade Nikos Maziotis, who has fought for his life and freedom.

Solidarity with armed fighters Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa, members of the Revolutionary Struggle. Our comrades are not alone!

Stella Antoniou
July 18th, 2014

Translator’s note:
Stella Antoniou and Thanos Chatziaggelou were both released on the 16th of July, and will stand trial on Monday, July 28th. Chatziaggelou also awaits court-martial.
Kostas Sakkas is still a fugitive.
After Nikos Maziotis was recaptured, state agents have unleashed a hysterical manhunt to track down Pola Roupa, who is currently on the run.

Thessaloniki, Greece: Bank branches attacked

On Thursday, February 20th we took advantage of street traffic, and attacked two bank branches (the Hellenic Postbank, and the National Bank) at the junction of Tsimiski and Pavlou Mela streets, smashing their glass facades and ATMs.

This action is dedicated to: Tasos Theofilou, who was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment; Alexandros Mitroussias and Giorgos Karagiannidis, who await court decision in yet another terror trial; and the participants in the Network of Anarchist Prisoners [in Greece].

Comradely greetings to Kostas Sakkas [who has gone on the run from cops]…

Let’s organize ourselves, and attack the State and capitalism by any means necessary.

Athens, Greece: Statement of ten anarchists from the 4th wing of Koridallos prison (26.1.2014)

We are forced once again to talk about things which should be obvious, hoping and wanting this to be the last time we do so. We refer to two texts published on Monday night, January 20th, on ‘Inter Arma’, one by Gerasimos Tsakalos and another by people in solidarity with the CCF; both texts insinuated heavy accusations against us. Of course, the fact that we position ourselves on both texts in one open letter does not mean in any way that we blame one person for what was said by the others, or vice versa.

First off, the update about the disciplinary sanctions imposed on the CCF mentioned that, according to the prosecutor, those were based on testimonies of prison staff and the first informative text we released, as we wrote that the CCF ambushed our comrade. After that, first thing we did was to go to the prison prosecutor herself, who was told not to sow discord but, instead, to assume her own responsibilities and better watch what she says, to which she replied that the disciplinary punishment was not based on our text but rather solely on the incident itself, which happened openly out of the 1st wing. Of course, we are not so naive to believe that she never said the disciplinary sanctions were based also on our text, but her unreliability is shown in her very words, which are so contradictory, and her very role, which is so inherently hostile toward anarchists. Therefore, no anarchist should ever chew the sayings of a prosecutor; specifically in an attempt to support such heavy accusations.

Thus, in our initial update, we mentioned the CCF without naming anyone of them in particular (precisely because we needed to ensure that our text could not be used as incriminating element against them), and we did so because the incident took place with their faces uncovered in the presence of prison guards (hence their testimonies and obstruction charge), but also under surveillance cameras that were recording. In short, we exposed a fact that was already more than exposed in the controlled environment of the prison, so should the administration decide to call the CCF to appear before a disciplinary board, they’d easily rely on information they already obtained, and it’d be completely irrelevant to them whether or not we wrote the text.

Judging from the above, and most of all because we thought that the beating after ambush had an enormous political gravity, we decided to mention this fact and particularly the CCF, to not allow it to be buried within the confines of the prison (which of course, whether we spoke out or not, could not eventually happen) but also to attribute to the subjects that were involved their political identity, so that everyone was able to judge. Continue reading Athens, Greece: Statement of ten anarchists from the 4th wing of Koridallos prison (26.1.2014)

Koridallos prison, Athens: Open letter of Gerasimos Tsakalos concerning attempted charges against Kostas Sakkas in the CCF case (20.1.2014)

Ever since the escape of urban guerrilla fighter Christodoulos Xiros,* the anti-terrorist force, that promotes itself as the police elite of Power, has unleashed a witch-hunt in an attempt to get revenge and restore their wounded prestige.

In parallel, the mainstream media as if they were the exclusive proprietors and manufacturers of truth consolidate their falsehood through a communicational war against our organization. This time the journalists’ propaganda opted to display us as “mafia guys”, “prison leaders”, “doorkeepers”, exploiting an act of self-redress —the beating of slanderer Y.Naxakis— as well as a couple of texts of his comrades which are exposing situations and facts, thus making them available to any prospective enemy —cops, judges, journalists. We won’t talk more about this issue; from now on acts will do the talking if necessary.

Within this context, on January 16th** we were informed that Kostas Sakkas was rearrested, accused in the Halandri case on the basis of fingerprints found in trash bags.

From the very first moment we have made it clear in every way and every tone that none of the individuals arrested for alleged involvement in the CCF, those who never claimed responsibility for participation, have ANY KIND of relation with the organization and our practices. We have stated this fact in courts, we have written the same in texts, and most importantly, it’s evident because of the distinct paths, values and convictions that we have chosen, which contrast with the choices of most of them.

So, we find ourselves back in a period of intensive anti-terrorism campaign against the CCF.

The cops have “randomly” discovered, after 4.5 years, fingerprints of K.Sakkas on a trash bag with residues of an explosive device associated with the CCF case. But the cops themselves know the truth; it just doesn’t serve the purpose of their planning.

The truth is that K.Sakkas neither had nor could ever have any kind of relation with the CCF. His only link to this whole story is the former friendly connection with me personally —as this is anyway known to both the police and the judicial authorities.

Therefore, the reason why fingerprints of the specific individual were found on trash bags —if indeed they ever were found— is that I had personally used these plastic bags, when I took them from the common home where both K.Sakkas and I lived as housemates. So, it is very likely that he could have touched one of these bags, since they were kept in a shared space of that home. Continue reading Koridallos prison, Athens: Open letter of Gerasimos Tsakalos concerning attempted charges against Kostas Sakkas in the CCF case (20.1.2014)

Greece: Solidarity with arrested Kostas Sakkas

Freedom for Kostas Sakkas (threatened with pretrial detention and due to appear in the Athens appeals court on 21.1.2014)

Solidarity from Corfu

On January 18th we smashed an ATM of Emporiki Bank (Commercial Bank of Greece) in the area of Messonghi on Corfu Island, in solidarity with Kostas Sakkas and against all vengeful practices of the State and every ruler.


PS.1 Health and strength to prisoner Spyros Stratoulis

PS.2 Good luck to fugitive Christodoulos Xiros


Poland: Tribute to the fight of anarchist Kostas Sakkas in Greece

The solidarity banner reads: “Our struggle has no borders. Tribute to Kostas.”

On the night of 15th to 16th of July 2013 we placed a banner in the city of Toruń, in solidarity with anarchist Kostas Sakkas in Greece.

Kostas was arrested in December 2010. Early summer of 2012, he had already spent 18 months on remand, but his pretrial detention was extended for another year (until June of this year). Then, the Court of Appeals in Athens ordered a further extension of six months of his incarceration, exceeding by far the limits that the legal apparatus itself has set. So Kostas Sakkas went on hunger strike on the 4th of June, demanding his immediate release.

On the 11th of July, the Athens Court of Appeals decided to grant release on bail to the anarchist hunger striker, who was hospitalized in serious condition, and is currently extremely exhausted after 38 days of fasting.

We want to support Kostas and all political prisoners who are still being repressed.

This is a struggle we share in common, no matter whether we are in Poland or Greece.

Always against police and fascists. No pasaran!

Antifascists in Toruń

Athens: Anarchist Kostas Sakkas was ordered released from prison – 30,000 euro must be raised for his bail

On Thursday, July 11th, 2013 a council of appellate judges decided to grant the release of anarchist Kostas Sakkas. The comrade completed 38 days of hunger strike, and is still in the Nikaia hospital.

The restrictive conditions imposed are:
– a monetary bail of 30,000 euros (he must pay this amount to walk out of prison),
– a ban from leaving the country,
– a ban from leaving the region of Attica,
– an obligation to present himself every Monday at the nearest police station,
– an obligation to reside only in the home he has declared as permanent residence,
– a prohibition on communicating or meeting with any of his co-accused in the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire case (this order was imposed despite the fact that the comrade is currently standing two trials for the same case).

This evening, at 19.00, there is yet another assembly in solidarity with Kostas Sakkas in the Athens Polytechnic School (entrance from Stournari Street) to organize this large fundraising, because the comrade must pay the bail to get out of prison.

Sources: i, ii, iii

Fire to the prisons!

Hamburg, Germany: Solidarity action with hunger striker Kostas Sakkas in Greece

Solidarity with the imprisoned anarchist Kostas Sakkas! Since the 4th of June on hunger strike! Fire to the prisons! (A)

On the afternoon of the 4th of July, a solidarity banner was hung (at the Schwarzmarkt infoshop) in Hamburg for comrade Kostas Sakkas, who is already a whole month on hunger strike at this stage. Also, a solidarity leaflet and a poster were distributed and disseminated.

Solidarity knows no borders! Freedom for all prisoners!


Athens: Update on the health status of anarchist hunger striker Kostas Sakkas

On July 4th, after 31 days of hunger strike for Kostas Sakkas, the doctor who has been examining the comrade all this time mentioned, among others, that he has lost 13kg (15% of his initial body weight) and is in very critical condition. His treating physician from the general hospital of Nikaia specifically stressed out that “it is a mathematical certainty that the continuance of his complete abstention of ingesting food will lead to certain death.”

In addition, the Athens assembly of solidarity to anarchist hunger striker Kostas Sakkas released the following clarification note:

“There has been intense misinformation over the last couple of days in relation to the health status of comrade Kostas Sakkas, as well as announcements on various sites which have nothing to do with reality. Any development in regards to the comrade’s health condition will be announced via official medical reports. In addition, at every assembly which is regularly held for the anarchist hunger striker, we provide updates concerning his condition as soon as they come.”

In the meantime, trial sessions at Koridallos prison court have been postponed consecutively because Kostas Sakkas, as one of the defendants, is clearly unable to attend the proceedings.

The comrade is awaiting response to his second motion for immediate release, and continues the fight. It is expected that the appellate judges’ council will finally issue their decision within the next week. A solidarity gathering is called for Monday, July 8th, at 12pm outside the court of appeals (Efeteio) on Loukareos street, in Athens.

Greece: Immediate release of anarchist Kostas Sakkas, on hunger strike since the 4th of June

“In Greece, Turkey, Brazil… struggle with body and soul until social liberation” (banner from the large demo in downtown Athens, on the 29th of June, in solidarity with the comrade)

Friday the 5th of July: Call for motorcycle demonstration to the General State Hospital of Nikaia, in Piraeus, where the hunger striker is still held on remand (awaiting response to his second motion for release)

Gathering at Propylaea (Panepistimiou Street, Athens), by 18.00
Solidarity rally at the General State Hospital of Nikaia by 19.30

Below are only few among gestures in Greece and Cyprus in solidarity with the anarchist prisoner.


Continue reading Greece: Immediate release of anarchist Kostas Sakkas, on hunger strike since the 4th of June

Agrinio, Greece: Responsibility claim for arson on vehicle of the Public Power Corporation


Last night, June 29th, 2013, we torched a vehicle of the Public Power Corporation (DEI) in downtown Agrinio.

Strength to our captive brothers and sisters
Rage and consciousness

Irregulars Cell

Lisbon, Portugal: Action in solidarity to anarchist hunger striker Kostas Sakkas in Greece

On Thursday the 27th of June 2013, during a protest march in the city centre of Lisbon in the context of the general strike launched by trade unions in Portugal, we held an interevention of solidarity with anarchist Kostas Sakkas, prisoner in Greece (since December 2010). The comrade has started a hunger strike since the 4th of June, demanding his immediate release from prison. June 4th was also the day when the period of his pretrial detention ended —according to the Greek law, 30 months are the maximum time that a prisoner accused in two cases may spend on remand.

During the demonstration, 400 anarchist posters were pasted and hundreds of fliers were thrown or stuck up on walls, as a minimum gesture of solidarity to our comrade in his ongoing fight for freedom and life.

The perils of freedom are worth much more than the safety of servility.

From Brazil to Turkey, we organize the attack against apathy.

From wildcat strike to revolutionary unemployment.

We do not ask anything, because what we want is the end of a world where we cannot have everything.

Solidarity, self-organization, attack.

Immediate release of anarchist Kostas Sakkas, on hunger strike from June 4th in Greece.

Rage, stones, barricades; for a life without masters or slaves. (A)

Thessaloniki: Flaming barricade for Kostas Sakkas, anarchist prisoner on hunger strike since June 4th

On Wednesday noon, June 26th, a group of comrades headed to Tritis Septemvriou Street in Thessaloniki, where we placed tires and blocked the traffic in both directions for a few minutes. As soon as the street barricade was engulfed in flames, we threw fliers regarding the hunger strike of anarchist Kostas Sakkas, and then left.

We chose to interrupt, even for a while, the smooth flow of the metropolis in this way, sending a signal of solidarity and strength to the comrade.

War with the State and capitalism
Solidarity with anarchist captive Kostas Sakkas

PS. Comrade, the struggle continues…
Stay strong.


Athens: Update on the situation of anarchist prisoner Kostas Sakkas, on hunger strike since the 4th of June

On the 25th of June, the council of appellate judges rejected the motion of Kostas Sakkas. At the same time that judges ratified his prolonged pretrial incarceration for another 6 months, a treating physician from the general hospital of Nikaia reported that the anarchist hunger striker has lost 10kg of weight.

A demonstration for the immediate release of Kostas Sakkas has been called for Saturday the 29th of June, by 11.30am, at Monastiraki Square in Athens. The solidarity assembly’s poster reads: ‘2.5 years imprisoned without trial. The comrade puts his body on the line to resist the modern totalitarianism of the State and Capital. His struggle is a struggle of the whole movement, a struggle of all the oppressed.’

Veria, Northern Greece: Direct action in solidarity with anarchist prisoner Kostas Sakkas

In the early hours of Wednesday, June 19th, we paint-bombed six ATMs in downtown Veria as minimal display of our solidarity with anarchist Kostas Sakkas, who is on hunger strike since June 4th.


We live to dance on the ruins of this rotten world (A)


Athens: Responsibility claim for arson barrage in solidarity with anarchist hunger striker Kostas Sakkas

Hunger strike from the 4th of June – Immediate release of anarchist Kostas Sakkas

Anarchist Kostas Sakkas is on hunger strike from the 4th of June 2013, claiming his immediate release from pretrial detention, since he is held in custody more than 30 months due to a judicial coup d’état, while he has already served two terms of remand. We stand next to our comrade going on the offensive, as we deem appropriate under the circumstances. Thus, during four days, from 15 to 18 June, we torched the following:
– the local office of the main ruling party, Nea Dimokratia, in Keratsini,
– 2 ATMs in Palaio Faliro,
– 1 ATM in Ano Kypseli,
– the private motorcycle of a cop in Zografou,
– the private vehicle of a cop in Ano Glyfada,
– the private motorcycle of a cop in Ano Petralona.

Everything goes on…


Greek prisons: Anarchist prisoner Kostas Sakkas admitted to hospital on June 17th

Solidarity banner in Agrinio: “Immediate release of anarchist Kostas Sakkas, who is on hunger strike since 4.6.2013”

On the morning of June 17th, Kostas Sakkas was evacuated from the Koridallos prison’s hospital to the general hospital of Nikaia, in Piraeus. The comrade is in critical condition.

Message from a fellow prisoner in struggle, on Corfu Island, in solidarity with Kostas Sakkas:

I stand in solidarity with the struggle of hunger striker Kostas Sakkas, and as a minimal display of my solidarity, I stop receiving prison meals as of today, June 17th. As is known, Kostas Sakkas is on strike since the 4th of June, and puts himself in the ultimate test of not taking food, fighting against the attempt of Power—targeted against any anarchist militant—to destroy its enemies… The extension of his 30-month pretrial detention shows the audacity of authorities to violate their own laws in order to serve terrorism and abolition of every individual right.

The passion for freedom is stronger than all prison cells!
Solidarity with the hunger striker Kostas Sakkas!

Elias Karadouman
Corfu prison

Greece: Responsibility claim for arson attack on bank ATMS in downtown Athens

Banner in Kavala (northern Greece): “Solidarity to comrade Kostas Sakkas, hunger striker from 4/6”
Banner at Kamara, in Thessaloniki: “30 months pretrial incarceration - Hunger strike since 4/6 - Freedom for anarchist Kostas Sakkas - Fire to the galleys”
Banner at Kamara, in Thessaloniki: “30 months pretrial incarceration – Hunger strike since 4/6 – Freedom for anarchist Kostas Sakkas – Fire to the galleys”

For 30 consecutive months, anarchist Kostas Sakkas remains in custody. The comrade is on hunger strike since 4/6 fighting for the obvious, his immediate release from prison. On Thursday night, 13/6, as a minimal display of solidarity, we set four ATMs near Canningos Square on fire. Strength, comrade!



Greek prisons: Kostas Sakkas’ fight for freedom

[Northern Athens] Freedom for anarchist Kostas Sakkas, hunger striker as of 4/6
[Chania, Crete] Immediate release of Kostas Sakkas, on hunger strike since 4/6 – Nobody hostage in the hands of the State

Over the past few days, numerous acts of solidarity took place throughout Greece in solidarity with imprisoned anarchist Kostas Sakkas, who is on hunger strike since the 4th of June 2013 fighting for his immediate release. On the 11th of June, a treating physician reported that clinically he has profound weakness, fatigue after minimal exertion (e.g. walking from his cell to the prisons infirmary), discomfort, mild dyspnea, dizziness, headache, abdominal pain, and he has lost 3.5kg of weight.

In the meantime, fellow prisoners have declared their unreserved solidarity with the hunger striker. Since the 4th of June, four comrades that are held in the dungeon of Koridallos women’s prison wing, Kostas Gournas (Revolutionary Struggle member), Christoforos Kortesis, Vaggelis Stathopoulos, as well as Dimitris Koufontinas (17 November member), have refused prison meals.

On the 5th of June, in the session of the 3rd CCF trial at Koridallos women’s prison court, co-accused comrades left the courtroom supporting the decision of Kostas Sakkas to go on hunger strike.

Since the 6th of June, the comrades from Larissa prison second wing Rami Syrianos and Spyros Stratoulis have abstained from prison food to support Kostas Sakkas in his struggle, stating also their solidarity with CCF member Gerasimos Tsakalos, who received an extension of his pretrial detention.

On the 7th of June, anarcho-communists Tasos Theofilou (Domokos prison) and Polykarpos Georgiadis (Corfu prison) published a joint statement for their comrade Kostas Sakkas, saying ‘we will meet again soon, at the battlefields of social/class war.’

On the 11th of June, a total of 290 women and men incarcerated in Larissa, Patras, Corfu, the first wing of Koridallos, Alikarnassos, and Eleonas–Thebes released an open letter in defense of Kostas Sakkas and the destruction of every prison.

On the 13th of June, Kostas Sakkas was brought to the Athens appeals court (on Loukareos street), where a council of appellate judges examined his objection against his prolonged pretrial incarceration for another 6 months. (Their decision is yet to be announced.) In the same morning, three other prisoners were brought before a judicial council in the same court, namely anarchists Fivos Harisis, Argyris Ntalios and Dimitris Politis. During their stay at the appeals court, cops attacked Fivos Harisis throwing him to the ground, kicking him repeatedly, and handcuffing him even in the transfer van. When all of the prisoners, including the hunger striker, were taken back to Koridallos an intense clash broke out with cops and jailers at the prison, in response to the earlier police assault at one of them. The comrades turned the entrance unit into a battlefield for a while (fire extinguishers, drawers with documents and chairs were thrown in the air, and windows were smashed), proving in practice that no attack of the dogs of Power will be left unanswered.

Strength to all prisoners in struggle! Immediate release of hunger striker Kostas Sakkas!


Hunger strike declaration by Kostas Sakkas, Koridallos prison, May 29th, 2013:

On the 4th of December 2010 I was captured along with the comrade Alexandros Mitroussias in the district of Nea Smyrni, Athens, while I was leaving a rented warehouse where arms were being stored.

Since the beginning, I have admitted my connection with this place as well as the weapons found there. I have stated, since the first moment, that I am an anarchist and that my presence in this specific place was related to my political identity and the choices I make as a consequence of this. Continue reading Greek prisons: Kostas Sakkas’ fight for freedom